Obituaries from
Navarro County, Texas



Louella (Allen) Barton

Mrs.Louella Barton Dead.
Special to the News.
Corsicana, Tex., June 12. - Mrs. Louella Barton died at her residence in this city this morning at 11 o'clock after an illness of only a few hours. She is the mother of C. O. Barton of Dallas, well known in Texas educational circles, and of Stephen F. Barton of San Antonio. A daughter, Mrs. Sam Hickman of Waxahachie, also survives her. She has three brothers, viz.: Tom Allen of Sherwood, Capt. S. P. Allen of Palestine and R. L. Allen of Fort Worth.


Rosetta (Ralston) Talley
1814 - 1899

Death of an Octogenarian.
Corsicana, Tex., Oct. 4. - At 1 o'clock this morning, at the residence of Mr. William Clarkson in this city, Mrs. R. B. Talley, widow of Rev. John W. Talley, died, and the funeral services will be held at the First Methodist church to-morrow at 10 a.m., the interment at Oakwood cemetery immediately afterwards.
"Grandma" Talley, as she was familiarly known, was born in Savannah, Ga., in June, 1814, her exact age at the time of death being 85 years, 3 months, and 17 days. She leaves one daughter, Mrs. S. T. Gulick, of this city, and a number of grandchildren. The deceased had been confined to her bed for months, but her end was painless.


Nancy (McGee) Gideon

GIDEON - Corsicana, Tex., Oct. 12 - At her residence, in East Corsicana, last evening Mrs. Nancy Gideon, nee McGee, died, and was buried this afternoon at 4 o'clock. The deceased was in her 47th year and had lived twenty-eight of them in Corsicana.


William Gaston Grady

Funeral of William G. Grady.
The funeral service for William Gaston Grady, 32 years of age, who died Tuesday at the home of his father, R. M. S. Grady, was said yesterday afternoon at the parental residence, 55 Crawford street, Oak Cliff. Rev.
C. A. Chasteen, pastor of the Oak Cliff Christian Church, officiated.
Interment was in Oak Cliff Cemetery.
Mr. Grady was born in Corsicana, but had resided for most of his life in Dallas. He is survived by a widow and one child.


M. G. Rush

RUSH - Corsicana, Tex., June 30. - M. G. Rush, a prominent farmer of Navarro county and a moving spirit in the cotton mill enterprise now under way, died at his home six miles west of the city Wednesday night very unexpectedly. He was in apparent good health, eating a good meal, but was taken ill shortly afterward, his decline being rapid until his death a few hours later. The funeral took place yesterday.


Mrs. Lewis

LEWIS - Corsicana, Tex., July 10. - At noon to-day Mrs. Lewis, mother of Mrs. W. R. Burns, died at the Burns residence in South Corsicana, and will be buried to-morrow morning.


Edna Evans

EVANS - Corsicana., Tex., July 10. - At 4 o'clock yesterday morning Mrs. Edna Evans, wife of Hon. Jink Evans, died at the family residence on West Third avenue, after a long illness, age 38 years. The funeral took place this afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Interment at Oakwood cemetery.


Rena D. Berry
abt 1869 - Jul 20, 1899

BERRY - Corsicana, Tex., July 21. - At 6 o'clock yesterday afternoon Mrs. Rena D. Berry, age 30 years, wife of Mr. Albert H. Berry, died at the family residence on West Fourth avenue of consumption, and was buried this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, the funeral services being held at the First Methodist church. Interment at Oakwood cemetery.


Felicia Roxana (Batte) Ransom
May 5, 1827 - Jul 24, 1899

RANSOM - Corsicana. Tex., July 25. - Mrs. J. R. Ransom, died in Ennis yesterday and her remains were brought to Corsicana on a special train this afternoon and interred in Oakwood cemetery. A large number of the leading people of the city met the funeral party at the depot and joined in the procession to the grave.
Mrs. Ransom was the mother of Mrs. John O. Shook and Messrs. S. M. and Will Ransom of this city.

RANSOM - Ennis. Ellis Co., Tex. July 25. - Mrs. F. R. Ransom, aged about 70 years, died here last night. She was the mother-in-law of Chief Train Dispatcher J. P. Mann and Conductor J. S. Telfair of the Central. A special train carried the funeral party to Corsicana to-day.


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  • Submitted by Dana Stubbs
  • Jul 25, 1899
  • Felicia R. Batte Ransom, 5 May 1827 Rutherford Co TN - 24 Jul 1899 Ennis, TX
  • w/o John Rosborough Ransom (1828 - 1896)

Thomas C. McCammon

M'COMMON - Tyler., Tex., Aug. 12. - Mr. Tom McCammon, a well-known cotton buyer of this place, died last night of consumption. His remains were shipped to Corsicana for interment.


Gilbert Hawkins

Negro Killed.
Corsicana, Tex., Sept 2. - News reached the city this morning of a fatal affray among negroes at a negro fandango three miles from Cryer creek, in this county, last night. The negroes of that neighborhood had a supper, dance and general jollification, and about 12 o'clock a difficulty occurred and Gilbert Hawkins went down with a bullet hole in the left side, near the heart. He died in a short time, and officers at last accounts from Cryer creek were in pursuit of the man who it was alleged did the shooting.


Nettie (UNKNOWN) Palmer

PALMER - Corsicana., Tex., Sept. 4. - The remains of Mrs. Ed Palmer, who died at Austin yesterday, arrived in this city at 4:35 o'clock this afternoon and were buried at Oakwood cemetery, a large number of Corsicana people meeting the funeral party at the depot and following the body to the grave. Mrs. Palmer at one time was a resident of this city.


Laura (Ender) Smith

SMITH - Corsicana, Tex., Sept. 11. - Mrs. Laura Ender Smith, wife of Mr. Wiley R. Smith, died at the family residence on North Tenth street to-day, and will be buried at Oakwood cemetery to-morrow.


William Brown

Was Working on Pipeline When Oil Reached Lanterns and an Explosion Occurred
Special to the News

McKinney, Tex., Dec. 27. - Last night about 10:30 o'clock William Brown, aged 33 years, was burned to death, about two and a half miles northwest of town. He was in the employ of the Texas Company and was working on the oil pipe line that runs west of town to Southern Texas. There was a leak in the pipe and he was working on it. He had two lanterns with him while at work on the leak, and in repairing the pipe he struck it and gave it an opening, so that the oil rushed out, set his lanterns on fire and caused an explosion which threw him into a fence, enveloping him with flames. He was taken to the residence of Charles Rutledge near by, where medical aid was secured, but despite everything that could be done for him he died this morning about 7 o'clock. The victim of the accident lived in Corsicana, where he has a widow and one child and where his remains were shipped for interment.


Marguerite Martin

Infant Girl Dies.
Marguerite, 16-month-old daughter of Mrs. Lucile Martin, died yesterday at the family home, on Worth street. The body will be sent to Corsicana this morning by Undertakers Ed C. Smith & Bro.


Paul Terretti

Death of Paul Terretti
Special To The News.
Corsicana, Tex., Aug. 28. - Paul Terretti, a well-to-do Italian farmer living on one of Major C. H. Mills' farms, died tonight while in a bath tub in the Two Brothers' barber shop. He had lived here for several years and was highly respected.


W. H. Norton

W. H. Norton, Horseman, Dead.
Special To The News.
Lawton, Ok., March 21. - W. H. Norton, a well known horseman and amusement promoter of Ardmore, Ok., was found dead in his bed here this morning. He leaves a widow and child, also father and mother in Corsicana, Tex.


Ellen E. Molloy
Jan 7, 1837 - Jan 20, 1908

MOLLOY.   Corsicana. Tex., Jan. 20. - Mrs. Ellen E. Molloy, wife of Major Henry Molloy, died today.


Davetta (Nabors) Carter  
d. Aug 1909

CARTER - Corsicana, Tex., Aug. 10. - Mrs. Carter, wife of James R. Carter of Dallas, died in Carlsbad, N. M., Saturday, and was buried here today. Mrs. Carter was a sister of Mrs. J.
H. Jenkins of this city


Mrs. S. M. Kellum

Mrs. S. M. Kellum died at the family residence in this city Saturday night and was buried in Oakwood cemetery yesterday afternoon.


Joe Jacobson

Killed by a Train.
Corsicana, Tex., Nov. 28 - Joe Jacobson, a tank man on the Cotton Belt, died at Kerens last night from injuries received from a train on the Cotton Belt road. He was going from tank to tank on a railroad bicycle yesterday, when he was struck by a train that ran upon him from the rear and was taken to Kerens for medical assistance and died, as stated, last night.


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  • Submitted by Dana Stubbs
  • Nov 28, 1899
  • Joe Jacobson, died Nov 27, 1899
  • Find-a-grave shows Oakwood Cemetery in Tyler but may be Corsicana, need to verify

Mattie Beatrice (Jones) McCall
1873 - 1900

McCALL - Corsicana, Tex., Feb. 9. - At 10 o'clock this morning after an illness of but a few days, Mrs.
Beatrice Jones McCall died at the family residence on West Sixth avenue, and will be buried at Oakwood Cemetery tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.


C. B. Richards, Col.

Col. C. B. Richards Dead.

Corsicana, Tex., Feb 12. - News reached this city of the sudden death of Col. C. B. Richards of Richland, in this county, which occurred on a southbound Iron Mountain train just as it was pulling into Hope, Ark., yesterday morning. He died of heart disease and his death is no surprise to his friends here, as he had had several bad attacks during the past year.
Col. Richards left here last week for Hot Springs, Ark., taking with him $5,000 New York exchanges to arrange the bond for the release of his son, John B. Richards, who was under arrest for the killing of Gus Norton at Hot Springs some days ago, the bond in the case being fixed at that amount. He made the bond, the prisoner was released and Col.
Richards started on his return home, accompanied by his younger son, James Richards. At Hope, while he was seated in the day coach on the train, he was stricken down by heart disease and died before medical attention could be had. The body was taken from the train at Texarkana and prepared for burial and from that point shipped here, where it arrived this afternoon.
Col. Richards was one of the most prominent citizens of the Richland neighborhood and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. His death, while it is no surprise, is a source of much sorrow to all who knew him.


Bettie (Easley) Warren

WARREN - Corsicana, Tex., Feb. 3. - At 5 o'clock this morning Mrs. Bettie Warren, nee Easley, one of the old settlers of this city, died at her home on South Fifteenth street, and was buried at Oakwood cemetery this afternoon, the funeral services being attended by a large number of the best people in the city.


Mrs. Durham

DURHAM - Corsicana, Tex., Jan. 17. - At 11 o'clock this morning Mrs. Durham, wife of Robert Durham, died of typhoid fever, and will be buried tomorrow. The bereaved husband lost a child from the same disease a short time ago.


Ransom Bogy

BOGY - Corsicana, Tex., Dec. 30. - At 10 o'clock this morning Ransom, the 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Bogy, died of dropsy at the family residence on West Third avenue.


Mrs. W. B. Byers

BYERS - Corsicana, Tex., Nov. 28. - Mrs. W. B. Byers of Chatfield, in this county, died at her home yesterday morning and was buried yesterday afternoon. She was a member of the Ladies' Cemetery association and one of the leading ladies in that community.


Mary Jane (Turner) Watkins
Mar 1, 1826 - Nov 26, 1899

WATKINS - Corsicana, Tex., Nov.27. - The remains of Mrs. M. J. Watkins, who died at Fort Worth yesterday, arrived in this city at noon to-day, and were taken to Eureka, where the interment took place. Deceased was the mother of Dr. Watkins of this county.


William Smith

SMITH - Corsicana, Tex., Nov. 20 - Wm. Smith, for eighteen years section foreman on the Cotton Belt road, died at his home in this city after a long illness. He was buried to-day at Oakwood cemetery.


George H. Harding

Dropped Dead.
Corsicana, Tex., Nov. 17. - George H. Harding, the colored cook for Superintendent A. B. Liggett of the Cotton Belt, dropped dead from heart failure in the superintendent's private car in the yards here this morning just as he was preparing to cook the morning meal. An inquest was held and a verdict rendered in accordance with the above.


Joe Robert Moore
1853 - Nov 16, 1899

Died from Hydrophobia.
Corsicana, Tex., Nov. 17. - Forty days ago while J. R. Moore and his family were engaged in picking cotton on their farm, near Blooming Grove, in this county, a stray dog came into the field. When the day's work had been finished the dog was taken to Moore's home and fed and repaid this kindness by biting the elder Moore and on of his sons. No serious thought was given this circumstance at the time, but day before yesterday the elder Moore developed unmistakable signs of hydrophobia. A physician was immediately sent for and on his arrival did all that could be done to relieve the man, who was then in convulsions and suffering terribly. No relief could be given, however, and the convulsion and spasms continuing until yesterday afternoon, when death relieved the sufferer.


Robert ‘Bob’ Borroum
Jul 7, 1917 - Apr 30, 2005

Funeral services for Robert “Bob” Borroum, 87, of Corsicana, formerly of Wills Point and Edgewood, are scheduled for 1 p.m. today at Wills Point Church of Christ with Alvis Nichols and Steve Orbison officiating.
Interment will follow at White Rose Cemetery in Wills Point.

Mr. Borroum passed away Saturday evening, April 30, 2005, at his residence in Corsicana after a lengthy illness.

He was born July 7, 1917, in Hearne, the son of Sydnor Borroum and Mary Marutzky Borroum. He moved to Dallas at an early age. On April 24, 1946, Bob was married to Edith Embrey in Dallas. She preceded him in death and he later married Tommie Coward on May 6, 2000, in Austin. He was a retired truck driver for Whitfield Transportation. In 1970, he moved to Wills Point and later lived in Edgewood and Canton. He enjoyed life on the farm. Gardening was his great joy, not only growing, but sharing with others. Mr. Borroum was a member of the Masonic Lodge No. 1200 in Dallas. He moved to Corsicana and was a member of North Beaton Church of Christ.

He was preceded in death by his wife of 51 years, Wilma Edith Embrey Borroum; parents; and two sisters, Maggie McPherson and Pauline Gayler.

Survivors include his wife, Tommie Borroum of Corsicana; two stepdaughters, Rita Capehart and husband Don of Corsicana and Cynthia Coward of Austin; two brothers-in-law, C.L. Embrey of Pflugerville and Eldon Embrey and wife Dorothy of Lockhart; two sisters-in-law, Martha Davis of Abilene and Sandra Embrey of Mount Pleasant; two step grandchildren, LaQuita Bristow and husband Terry of San Angelo and Shawn Capehart and wife Betsy of Carrollton; two step great-grandchildren, Lené Bristow and Shea Bristow, both of San Angelo; and nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers will be Don Capehart, Eldon Embrey, Larry Embrey, Roy Dent, Jim Harmon and Allan Fuller. Honorary pallbearers will be C.L. Embrey, Lee Womack, Bill Dent and George Aldama.

Memorials may be made to Hospice of Cedar Lake, 625 N. Main St., Corsicana, TX 75110.

Arrangements by Allan Fuller Funeral Home, Wills Point.


John Rutherford ‘Rut’ Stough
Jan 28, 1915 - May 4, 2005

John Rutherford “Rut” Stough, 90, died Wednesday, May 4, 2005, at his home in Heritage Oaks Retirement Village in Corsicana. A funeral service, conducted by the Rev. Mike Alexander and Dr. Jim Cavender, is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday, May 7, at First United Methodist Church in Corsicana, followed by interment at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery.

Pallbearers will be Billy Carmack, Lee Roy Johnson, Jim Gregory, Ken Fricklen, Alex Flores and Ken Williams. Honorary pallbearers will be Jake Allen and Tom McClendon.

Rut was born Jan. 28, 1915, at Barry to the union of William Manley and Jennie Lee Rutherford Stough. He married Louise McKinney Oct. 5, 1938, in Navasota.

He was preceded in death by his father and mother; sisters, Bertha Stough Cox and Ruth Harper; and brothers Lawrence, Allen, and Charles.

He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Louise McKinney Stough; sons, John Rutherford Jr. and wife Mary of Boston, Mass., and William Preston of Iraq; daughter-in-law, Maritza of Venezuela; eight grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; two sisters, Elizabeth Emery of Arlington and Cythia Harwell of Dallas; one brother, Leon and wife Louise of Corsicana; numerous nieces and nephews; sister-in-law and husband, Garner and Jim Cavender; life-long friends, Dial and Eva Martin, Charles and Ruth Lewis and Hugh and Elodia Graham; and a whole host of friends and supporters.

Rut graduated from Blooming Grove High School in 1933 and from Texas A&M University in 1938.

His career began with 15 years in the Soil Conservation Service where he served in the following counties: Denton, Mills, Brown and Pecos. The U.S. Department of Army called for his services for the next 20 years where he worked in land management and entomology. His first assignment was in Puerto Rico for five years and then to Washington, D.C., for the next five years. He spent the next 10 years at the
Continental Army Command in Hampton, Va., where he retired on Feb. 5, 1971.

Rut and Louise came home to the farm in Tupelo which had been in his family since 1900. His first order of business was to rid the farm of mesquites. In speaking of this, he said, “I became reacquainted with the grubbing hoe.”

While restoring the farm to a “Show Place” forage producer, Rut became actively engaged in community service. He served on numerous boards including Rice ISD, Chatfield Water Supply Corporation, Navarro County Electric Coop, Navarro County Red Cross and Navarro County Central Appraisal District. Some of the honors he received were Farmer of the Year of 1975, presented by the Lions Club, Outstanding Forage producer in 1981, Outstanding Older Citizen of Navarro County in 1988, Navarro County Farm Bureau Pioneer Award in 1992 and the Hall of Fame Award, presented by the Navarro County Extension Council in 2001. He was a member of First United Methodist Church of Corsicana.

Rut loved his wife, Louise, his family and friends, Jesus and his Church, his community and friends and he loved being a Texas Aggie. He will be remembered as a Christian neighbor and friend throughout the years to come.

Memorials may be directed to First United Methodist Church of Corsicana, or to Dr. Dan Russell Award with a check to Texas A&M Foundation, 401 George Bush Dr., College Station, TX 77840.
Arrangements by Corley Funeral Home.



Navarro CFB lifetime board member dies
John Rutherford “Rut” Stough of Corsicana, who received an Honorary Life Board Membership from the Navarro County Farm Bureau in 2003, died at the age of 90, May 4, 2005. Services were held at First United Methodist Church in Corsicana, followed by interment at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery.

Stough served continuously as a Navarro CFB board member since 1973. He served as board secretary for more than 20 of those years. Stough was instrumental in the growth of the local Farm Bureau. He helped oversee the purchase of the Navarro CFB facility, which was paid off in 2001. He won the Navarro CFB Pioneer Award in 1992.

Stough graduated from Blooming Grove High School in 1933 and from Texas A&M University in 1938. His career began with 15 years in the Soil Conservation Service where he served in the following counties: Denton, Mills, Brown and Pecos. Following a 20-year career in land management with the U.S. Army, he retired in 1971 and returned to the family farm in Tupelo.

He served on numerous boards including Rice ISD, Chatfield Water Supply Corporation, Navarro County Electric Co-op, Navarro County Red Cross and Navarro County Central Appraisal District.

Some of the honors he received were Farmer of the Year of 1975, presented by the Lions Club, Outstanding Forage Producer in 1981, Outstanding Older Citizen of Navarro County in 1988, and the Hall of Fame Award, presented by the Navarro County Extension Council in 2001.

He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Louise McKinney Stough; sons, John Rutherford Jr. and wife Mary of Boston, Mass., and William Preston of Iraq; daughter-in-law, Maritza of Venezuela; eight grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; two sisters, Elizabeth Emery of Arlington and Cynthia Harwell of Dallas; one brother, Leon Stough and wife Louise of Corsicana; numerous nieces and nephews; sister-in-law and husband, Garner and Jim Cavender; land a whole host of friends.


Margaret Lee (Bacon) Ramsey
Jun 26, 1913 - May 3, 2005

Margaret Lee (Bacon) Ramsey, 91, of Norman, Okla., passed away on Tuesday, May 3, 2005. Mrs. Ramsey was born on June 26, 1913, in Blooming Grove where she spent her early years surrounded by a close, loving family and caring community. Margaret was the third of seven children born to James Howard Bacon and Ida Mary Lee Thompson. Though her childhood and young life was burdened by the reality of the Depression, those family times helped define the values which guided her throughout her life.

In 1945, she married Jim Roger Ramsey (1913-1986), also of Blooming Grove. After the war ended and after a brief time in Ellenwood, Kan., the couple moved to Oklahoma City, Okla., where they resided for most of their adult lives. For health reasons, Margaret relocated to Norman, Okla., in November 2002. Mrs. Ramsey was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Known as a caring and compassionate person, she was totally devoted to her family, her friends and her church. She joined Westminster Presbyterian Church in 1954 where she taught Sunday School for many years and worked actively in her circle. She particularly enjoyed the fellowship of the Wednesday night dinners and was a regular volunteer for this program. Margaret also worked for many years in her precinct for the Oklahoma County Election Board and enjoyed attending the monthly Book Club. She was active in all the activities of her children and participated in their schools and organizations.

Mrs. Ramsey was preceded in death by her parents; husband; sisters, Willie Bacon and Cleo Longenbaugh; and her brothers, James and Selwyn Bacon. She is survived by her sisters, JoAnne Longenbaugh of Harper and Bobby McGowan of Katy; her daughter, Judy Marsh and husband Merle of Oklahoma City; son, Steve Ramsey and wife Sally of Norman, Okla.; granddaughters, Melissa Jay and husband Jeff of Austin and Robyn Marsh of Oklahoma City; and grandsons, James and William Ramsey of Norman, Okla.

Services will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday at Westminster Presbyterian Church Chapel in Oklahoma City. Visitation will be held Friday and Saturday at the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to Westminster Presbyterian Church, 4400 N. Shartel Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73118.

Arrangements by Hahn-Cook Funeral Home, Oklahoma City, Okla.


Donald Ray Rhynes
Sep 16, 1958 - May 2, 2005

Donald Ray Rhynes, 46, of Corsicana passed away Monday, May 2, 2005, at his residence.

Services will be 1 p.m. Saturday at First Independent Baptist Church, 703 E. Fifth Ave., with Bishop K.D. Davis officiating. Interment will follow at Woodland Cemetery.

Mr. Rhynes was born Sept. 16, 1958, in Emhouse. He was a 1977 graduate of Corsicana High School. He attended Navarro College, Bishop College and Cameron University of Oklahoma. He worked in the oil field many years.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Jeff and Viola Rhynes; three brothers, Billie James Allen, Lewis Edward Rhynes and Jim (Sammie) Rhynes; and his grandparents.

Survivors include two sons, Donald Ray Evans and Montray Evans, both of Corsicana; six sisters, Ruby Nell Rhynes, Ruby Faye Evans, Luree Hall, Bessie Rayo and Queenie Rhynes, all of Corsicana, and Annie Pearl Benton of Fort Worth; two brothers, Fred Rhynes of
Corsicana and Willie P. Rhynes of DeSoto; three aunts, Earline Betts and Ethel Mae Berry, both of Corsicana, and Hazel Thomas of Dallas; two uncles, W.C. Thomas and Aubrey Thomas, both of Fort Worth; a special uncle, Joseph Betts Sr. of Corsicana; a special friend, Lela Thompson of Corsicana; and a host of nieces, nephews, friends and other relatives.

Arrangements by Scott Funeral Home.


Martha Ann (Nevill) Johnson

Martha Ann Johnson

Martha Ann Johnson, 87, of Corsicana passed away Thursday, April 28, 2005, in Corsicana.

Services will be 2 p.m. today at Corley Funeral Chapel with Ferman Carpenter officiating. Interment will follow at Dresden Cemetery.

Pallbearers will be Steve Nevill, Randy Nevill, Mickey Nevill, Glenn Beaird, Sonny Loosier and David Loosier.
She was born April 10, 1918, in Navarro County.
She was preceded in death by her mother, Ora Elizabeth Nevill in 1946; father, Ansel Bryan Nevill in 1956; and brothers, Harman Nevill in 1990 and Clarence Nevill in 2000. [2001]

Survivors include her daughters, Shelby Jean Holeren of South Dakota and Mary Elizabeth Pittman of San Antonio; brothers, Dariel Nevill and wife Billie of Barry and Edwin Nevill and wife Doylene of Trinidad; sisters, Lois Turner of Ennis, Daries Loosier and husband Paul of Corsicana and Bessie Jean Bentley and husband Buck of Hereford; eight grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.

Arrangements by Corley Funeral Home.


Linda Darlene Ricketts
Feb. 5, 1941 - Feb 25, 2005

Linda Darlene Ricketts of Bellevue died of respiratory failure Feb. 25, 2005, at Overlake Hospital Medical Center in Bellevue. She was 64.

Born Feb. 5, 1941, in Corsicana, Texas, she graduated from Lynden Union High School in Lynden, Calif. She married Howard Ricketts on Aug. 20, 1960, in Stockton, Calif. She was employed in property management.

She had a love of books and a thirst for knowledge, and was known as a loving, caring person.

Survivors include her son, Dale Sheeler; daughters, Melissa Bakker, Jennifer Sinasohn and Dedra Ricketts; brothers, Dale and Rex Douglas; and two grandchildren.

A service will be held at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at Robinswood House, 2430 148th Ave. N.E., Bellevue.

Remembrances may be made to 13213 100th Place, Kirkland, WA 98034.

Arrangements are by Affordable Services, Inc.

Charles ‘Charlie’ Travis Lake
Jul 19, 1925 — Feb 20, 2005

NAVASOTA — Services for Charles “Charlie” Travis Lake, 79, of Navasota are set for 11 a.m. Tuesday at Christ Our Light Catholic Church in Navasota.

Burial will be in St. Mary’s Church Cemetery in Plantersville.

Visitation will be from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Monday and from 9 a.m. to the time of services Tuesday at the church.

A parish vigil service will be held at 7 p.m. Monday at the church.

Arrangements are under the direction of Lindley-Robertson-Holt Funeral Home in Navasota.

Mr. Lake died Sunday in St. Joseph Regional Health Center.

He was born in Corsicana and lived in Navasota 19 years. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was retired as a chemical worker at Monsanto-DuPont. He was a member of the Navasota VFW Post 4006, the Navasota Knights of Columbus No. 9367, the Noon Lions Club and was a volunteer at Grimes-St. Joseph Health Center. He was a member of Christ Our Light Catholic Church and the AARP.

Survivors include his wife, Freida Swonke Lake of Navasota; three daughters and two sons-in-law, Kathleen and Rayburn Osborn Jr. of Pearland, Lisa McClinton of Lufkin and Carol and Jeff Wilson of Montgomery; a sister, Margaret Hall of Dallas; and six grandchildren.

Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society or the American Heart Association.

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