Obituaries from
Navarro County, Texas



Franklin R. �Frank� Norton
Jun 27, 1900 - Oct 2, 1924




Frank Norton is dead as a result of a gunshot wound in the neck and E. W. Gathright, 29, Corbet farmer is held by officers in connection with the fatal shooting. A shotgun is said to have been used.

The tragedy in which Norton lost his life was enacted, according to officers, near Corbet about 9 o'clock Thursday night. The body of the dead man was brought to Sutherland�s undertaking parlors some time after the tragedy. Gathright was brought to the county jail by Deputy Sheriff Rufus Pevehouse about midnight and locked up. At the jail today he declined to make a statement with reference to the killing. His family, a wife and two children, live with him at Corbet.

Norton in company with a young woman and another man, according to information went to Corbet early last evening in a roadster. At Corbet another woman, sister of Gathright is said to have joined the trio for an automobile ride.

Gathright, it is said, objected to his sister�s going and followed the car along the road north of Corbet.

The pursued car is said to have stopped and Norton�s male companion alighted and came back in the direction of town. The car turned and near the Albritton place Norton and the two women encountered Gathright and the trouble ensued.

The girls went immediately to a nearby farm house for aid. The affair was reported to officers.

All the parties and witnesses to the tragedy were before the county attorney during the morning for questioning.

The cause that led to the killing has not been made known.

Funeral services for Norton will be held at 10 o'clock Saturday morning at the residence of J. T. Newsom, 1544 West Fifth Avenue with Rev. I. T. Jones, pastor of the Third Avenue Presbyterian church, officiating. Active pallbearers will be J. T. Newsom, Roy Albritton, Alva Taylor, Lawrence Huggins, Couley Stovall and W. L. Stovall. Burial will be in Oakwood cemetery with the Knights of Pythias in charge of the ceremonies at the grave.

Norton was 25 years old last June. He is survived by his sister, Mrs. L. K. Chambless, grandfather, W. F. Norton and two aunts, Mrs. J. McPherson and Mrs. Julia Conner, all of Corsicana. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Norton, both deceased.

Norton had been connected with the Wood Battery Company for some years as an electrician.





E. W. Gathright, held in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton Thursday night, made bond in the sum of $4,000 late Friday and was released from jail.

Signers on the bond are G. R. Brown, T. H. Echols, Dr. M. L. Hanks, M. O. Bayless, Lee Gathright, W. D. Waters, Wm. Gathright, J. B. Bryant, Mrs. J. B. Bryant, J. M. Galloway and A. Holland.

Gathright�s counsel waived preliminary hearing and the bond was agreed upon with the county attorney�s office.

The case will probably receive the early attention of the grand jury which convenes Monday.

Funeral services for Norton were held from the residence of J. T. Newsom at 10 o'clock this morning. Burial was in Oakwood cemetery Rev. I. T. Jones, pastor of the Third Avenue Presbyterian church, conducted the services at the home, and the Knights of Pythias had charge of the services at the grave in Oakwood cemetery.



Honorary Pallbearers For Norton Funeral

The following list of honorary pallbearers named to officiate at the funeral of the late Frank Norton last Saturday morning were inadvertently omitted in Saturday�s mention of the funeral: G. W. Summitt, Jack Summitt, Jim Woodward, Hubert Redden, Mr. Parchment, Elmer Keith, Homer Grant, B. W. Mathes, L. J. Sheppard, Sam Batson, August Wendorf, Robt. L. Carson, J. C. Bristow, A. S. Vann, Cal E. Kerr, W. W. Walton, W. L. Allen, Joe Henderson, Charlie Prince, Claud Allen, S. W. Burdine, C. R. Steeley, E. D. McCarver, Farley McCarver, C. B. Haley, C. E. McWilliams, E. P. Zincke, Eugene Denovan, S. F. Bondurant, W. A. Hambleton, Frank G. Curry, D. C. Houston, Jack Berry, Robert Layton and C. G. Davidson.





At press hour this afternoon, only one juror had been selected in the trial of Eddie Gathright on a charge of murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton of Corsicana near Corbet during October 1924, which went on trial in the district court this afternoon.

District Judge Hawkins Scarborough warned the prospective jurors to refrain from reading newspapers as there might be cause for complaint in the event that they read newspaper accounts of the trial.

The state�s attorneys are questioning the prospective jurors concerning whether they are members of the Ku Klux Klan or whether they have ever been members of that organization.

The prospective jurors are also being questioned concerning their stand concerning the suspended sentence law. They are being interrogated concerning whether they believe a man has a right to defend their female relatives under certain conditions.

The lone juror selected at press time is J. W. Cartlidge of Kerens.

Morning Session.
This morning the docket was called and the State of Texas announced ready for trial in the case styled the State of Texas vs. Eddie Gathright and A. A. Hollan on a charge of murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton of Corsicana near Corbet several months ago. The fefense filed motion for a severance of the trial of the two men. District Judge Hawkins Scarborough granted motion. The defense announced ready for trial of Hollan. The state attorneys announces after Hollan would be dismissed and announced ready for trial in the Gathright case. The special venire and petit jurors for the week were excused until 2 o'clock, while attorneys, both state and defense consulted witnesses.

The courtroom was practically filled with spectators and jury men. Scores were in each of the balconies.

Several jurors who failed to answer in their names called were fined $50 cash by District Judge Scarborough.

The state is being represented by County Attorney Ballard W. George. Assistant County Attorney W. M. Taylor and w. A. Tarver.

The defense is represented by the law firms of Callicutt, Upchurch & Howell and also by Richard and A. P. Mays.





At press time this afternoon, the selection of the jury in the trial of Eddie Gathright in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton of Corsicana near Corbet on the night of October 2, 1924, was still in progress. Eleven jurors had been selected. W. M. Long of Emmett was the eleventh juror selected and the only juror selected this afternoon. The jury for the week and the special venire summoned for this case was exhausted and the summoning of special tallsmen was ordered by District Judge Hawkins Scarborough.

The special venire and jurymen for the week consisting of approximately fifty men.

This afternoon, the courtroom was filled, many were standing and scores were in the balconies.

It is expected that the twelfth member of the jury will be selected late this afternoon.

Morning Session.
The selection of the jury in the case continued this morning and seven jurors were selected, making the total at noon, today ten. Forty prospective jurors have been examined.

Prospective jurors were questioned by the state regarding their affiliations with the Ku Klux Klan and the defense questioned the prospective jurors concerning whether they were opposed to the law which under certain conditions, gave a man the right to protect their female relatives. The court examined the prospective jurors as to their opinions on the capital punishment under certain conditions and also whether they were opposed to the suspended sentence law under certain conditions.

The following jurors had been selected at noon today: J. A. Cartlidge, Kerens: J. N. Maddox, Brushy Prairie; Wayne Elrod, Drane; Ollie Campbell, Blooming Grove; Sam Marsh, Navarro; L. R. Burger, Rural Shade; J. E. Tyner, Bazette; C. J. Marlowe, Emhouse; W. D. Arnett, Kerens; Eddie Smith, Kerens.





Taking of testimony in the Gathright murder case started in district court at 9 o'clock Wednesday morning before a courtroom crowded with spectators.

The defendant was arraigned by Ballard W. George, county attorney, by the reading of the indictment, to which he entered a plea of not guilty.

Gathright is on trial on a grand jury indictment charging him with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton, Corsicana electrician.

State attorneys started their case by introducing S. G. Ivey as the first witness. His testimony was followed by that of his son, Calvin Ivey, Opal Lewis, Miss Tennie Garner testified and when court took noon day adjournment Jas. A. McMahon, undertaker, was on the stand.

When court adjourned till 2 o'clock announcement was made that McMahon would again take the stand. At this time the prosecution stated the clothes that Norton wore at the time of his death would be offered in evidence.

McMahon testified going to Corbet on the night of the killing and bringing the body of Norton to the Sutherland Undertaking establishment. He described the wounds in Norton�s body and the condition of his clothing. It was then that attorneys for the state announced they would offer the clothing in evidence. The noon hour had arrived and adjournment was taken.

S. G. Ivey, farmer, first witness to take the stand, testified concerning his knowledge of the killing. With members of his family, he testified he drove from Corsicana the night of October 2, and his car reached the junction of the Corbet pike and the Cowhead road in time to notice the roadster in which Norton was riding turn south. He saw a five passenger car stopped in the road a distance towards Corbet and a man who he recognized as Hollan, Gathright�s brother-in-law, waving in an effort to stop it. As the roadster passed the standing car, he said he heard a gunshot, but did not know who fired it.

He said he saw a shotgun standing on the ground leaning against the car, as his car drove past and he looked back. The roadster, according in his statement, sped on ahead of his car and he passed it and drove on to Dr. Hanks. He said he saw one man and two girls in the roadster but knew none of them. The witness said he knew it was Hollan trying to wave the car down, and that he, a little later, had a conversation with Hollan. Calvin Ivey was driving the car and his father was in the rear seat.

When asked to relate the conversation with Hollan, defense attorneys objected, and the objection was sustained.

Calvin Ivey went over practically the same grounds covered by his father, who preceded him on the stand.

Calvin testified seeing the roadster turn south on the Corbet pike off the Cowhead road, with one man and two girls in it. He testified that the five passenger car was stopped about 200 yards south of the road junction, and by it stood Hollan waving at the car as if to stop it, and that it passed by him, and the witness declared Gathright, the defendant, stepped from behind the car and fired on the roadster. Calvin from his position at the steering wheel with the car lights flashing ahead of him, declared he was able to recognize Hollan and Gathright. He testified passing the five passenger car following on behind the roadster and finally passing it when he got an opportunity. He testified hearing the conversation between his father and Hollan, but was not permitted to relate the purpose of it.

Following a short recess at 10:30 Opal Lewis was put on the stand and he testified driving home from Corsicana that night. With him were Jim and Luther Ward and his sister Miss Mabel Lewis.

Lewis lived in the Jester neighborhood. He said as his car approached the five passenger car standing on the side of the road, he saw three people standing on the right side of the car, apparently scuffling or fighting, and the next he heard was the report of a gun shot and women screaming. The witness testified futher that his car, with Jim Ward at the steering wheel, drove 150 yards past the standing car, stopped and went back. There he found Gathright, Mr. Spurlock, who lives nearby, two girls and �the dead boy.�

�The girls were screaming to get him in the car and take him to the doctor and Gathright and I took hold of the dead boy and tried to put him in the car.� Said Lewis.

Further questioning brought out they were unable to get Norton�s body into the car, and in a minute or two more, he and his party, the Ward boys, went on, got back in their car and preceded home.

Lewis was questioned at some length concerning what was said, and he declared that Gathright there told him that the shooting was accidental.

After the Killing of Norton, Gathright and Hollan went to the Garner house, three hundred yards from the scene of the tragedy, according to developments in the testimony, and were there when Gathright left for Corsicana in custody of the sheriff.

Miss Tennie Garner testified the family had retired when Gathright and Hollan came to their house and they got up. Gathright went in the house and into the kitchen and got a drink of water, and they all went onto the front porch, and Gathright told them of the killing.

�Gathright said �there would have been nothing of it, if the girls had stopped.� �the witness qoted Gathright as saying.

On being questioned further Miss Garner declared Gathright expressed sorrow over the occurrence, and remarked that �of course it was too late now.�

The witness continued by saying Gathright stated the girls knew who he was and ought to have stopped, and she quoted him as saying �I guess I acted just a littley hasty.� The gun in question according to Miss Garner�s testimony, Gathright stated belonged to his father-in-law.

W. A. Tarver, special prosecutor, very promptly closed his direct examination of the witness, and she was cross-examined by J. S. Callicutt for the defense.

On re-direct examination, the witness said she went to the scene of the killing about 7 o'clock next morning, and testified to there seeing a large pool of blood, a shotgun cartridge shell, the Ford roadster. The roadster, she said had a hole in the radiator which apparently had been put there by a shotgun.

In the early part of the ambulance driver�s testimony he told of going to the scene of the killing, and finding Norton�s body lying on a wagon sheet on the ground about four or five feet west of the car; he said Norton�s face was covered with blood, his collar and tie torn and broken, his coat collar torn or ripped, his hair and back of the head scared and a large ragged wound in the neck just back of the right ear. Testimony brought out by the witness gave the range of the wound as entering just back of Norton�s right ear, and ranging downward through the neck and into the heart. He told of preparing the body for burial, and found in the wound wads from what he accepted as shotgun shell wads. He said also there were bruises on the front of Norton�s neck, his shin bones were skinned up, and there were found a few minor scratches on the hands.

Afternoon Session.
Undertaker McMahon at Wednesday afternoon session identified the clothing of Norton.

Defense lawyers objected to exhibiting the blood-stained garments in the presence of the court and jury.

The objection was overruled and exceptions were noted.

Showing of the crumpled garments brought the first tense moment so far developed. The many spectators sat and stood motionless as the prosecutor and witness unfolded and made graphic display of them while Norton�s sister wept.

The witness reiterated there were several bruises and scratches on the front of the deceased�s neck.

Defendant sat by his wife and winced considerable interest in the testimony of various witnesses. At times he lounged rather carelessly in his chair. Gathright�s two small children were with their parents at the counsel table during the forenoon session.

Over defense objection, McMahon was asked by the prosecution if any one made a statement when he arrived at the place of the killing. He was permitted to answer and he said Hollan made a statement. This statement was not divulged, and the witness was excused, subject to being recalled.

Z. T. Garner testified he lives one mile north of Corbet on the west side of the road. About 11 o'clock on the night of October 2, Mrs. Ward came to his house and awoke them. He went on to tell in answer to questions Hollan came to the house and he learned of the trouble and went to where Norton�s body lay in the road. He said a car was there, headed south and the head of Norton was south and his feet pointed North.

Garner said he saw a pool of blood and where water had been poured and a shotgun shell near the body. He testified that his neighbor, Mr. Spurlock, arrived on the scene a minute after, and Eddie Gathright soon appeared.

On further examination, the witness said Gathright had taken the gun home and when he told him the gun should have been left on the scene and that Gathright offered to go baqck and get it, and Hollan told him not to do so.

Garner related the conversation that he said took place between Hollan, Gathright and himself there.

Over defense objections the witness was permitted to proceed.

The witness said Hollan told him Gathright sat the gun down against the car fender and walked around to the other side at the car door and put his hands on the young man and the first thing he knew the gun fired and it was accidental.

Garner testified to seeing a hole in the car front and there was battered leaden bullets evidently fired from a twelve gauge shotgun.

The witness was on the stand at press hour.

After examining a total of 53 talesmen the jury in the case of the State vs. Eddie Gathright was completed at 5:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.

Lester E. Harrell was the twelfth man chosen. At the completion of the jury who will hear and determine the case 14 men had been challenged for cause, thirteen challenges had been exercised by the prosecution and fourteen challenges had been exercised by the defense. Each side had fifteen challenges, and these were practically exhausted when the twelfth man was accepted. Court adjourned till 9 o'clock Wednesday morning.

The jury was placed under the rule and the court instructed they be no allowed to read the local newspaper during the progress of the trial, and to be kept together under guard of the sheriff.

The following men compose the jury: J. A. Cartlidge, Kerens; J. N. Haddox, Brushy Prairie; Wayne Elrod, Drane; Ollie Campbell, Blooming Grove; Sam March, Navarro; L. B. Burger, Rural Shade; J. E. Tyner, Bazette; C. J. Meadows, Emhouse; W. D. Arnett, Kerens; Eddie Smith, Kerens; M. W. Long, Emmett, and Lester E. Harrell, Corsicana. They are all farmers except one, and each is married and has children, except Wayne Elrod, who is single.

State attorneys inducted the Ku Klux Klan into the case by asking each prospective juror concerning affiliation with that organization. Harrell is a former klansman, he said, while the others stated they had never been klansmen and are not now members.

A long list of witnesses will be used by both sides. The prosecution will ask for the extreme penalty while the defense will endeavor to show justification on the part of the defendant in slaying Frank Norton by application of the unwritten law, giving a man the right to protect his female relatives.

The court room is crowded almost to capacity by spectators. The homicide occurred on the night of October 2 on the Corbet and Corsicana road.





Taking of testimony in the case of Eddie Gathright, charged by indictment with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton, will likely be completed Thursday. He was indicted at noon when court recessed till 2 o'clock.

The defendant will take the stand in his own behalf, it was announced by defense lawyers at the forenoon session, when a number of character witnesses testified as to the general reputation of Gathright for truth and his being a peaceable and law-abiding man.

The prosecution rested its case late Wednesday. However, they used one more witness as court opened Thursday. Walter Hayes, sheriff at the time of the killing, identified the pistol which he found in the roadster car. The pistol was a 23-calibre blue steel automatic and Hayes said it was found in the foot of the car and was loaded with six shells in the magazine and one in the barrel. He testified that the roadster car was delivered by him to Bob Cassoway the next morning, when he came to his office about 7 o'clock, Gassoway, he said was waiting for him and took the car as his.

The shots found in the car and the one taken from Norton�s breast by the undertaker were introduced in evidence by the defense. County Attorney Ballard W. George took the stand and exhibited the shot, which he kept in his possession since the day of the killing. George described them as either No. 4 or No. 6 shot. These and the pistol identified by Hayes were shown the jury.

Mrs. Sarah Gathright, mother of the defendant, was the chief witness to testify at the morning session. Following questions propounded by defense lawyers, Mrs. Gathright said her daughter, Mrs. Elsie Waters, came from Corsicana about noon of October 2 to visit her sick father for a few days. At about 8 o'clock that evening Mrs. Gathright�s niece, Miss Carmon Thorpe, came in from a car that pulled up and stopped at the front, and that Elsie had gone to bed. She said that Carmon asked her to get up and go driving, that they would go to Corbet and get cold drinks, and that though she suggested that her daughter not get up, she arose and dressed.

Mrs. Gathright detailed the conversation at her house at that time in which Elsie, she said, asked Carmon who was with her, and Carmon replied �Bob� Hollan was present, she said, and in about an hour Eddie came in and she told him about his sister�s going, and that she had watched the car and instead of its going towards Corbet, turned on the Corsicana Pike, Mrs. Gathright declared she watched the car drive off from her window, and as it turned off on the Corsicana road, it stopped and another person got in, the door she could hear slam, and the car went on.

Why did you tell Eddie, and what did he do?� the witness was asked and she replied that she told Eddie she did not think well of Elsie going and for him to go find her, that she thought �the white slavers� had the girls, since the car did not go towards Corbet.

�Eddie said he would go and find Elsie,� Mrs. Gathright said, and he left the house and later Eddie returned with both the girls.

Other witnesses included J. L. Raley and Lawrence Huggins, members of the Corsicana fire department; R. B. O�Banion, J. B. Spurlock, Alvah Taylor, and several character witnesses. The character witnesses were T. J. Rea, J. W. Nokes, L. W. Crowley, J. M. Elrod, J. P. Phillips, R. T. Reid, Arthur Weeks, J. N. Bryant, and A. J. Berryhill.

The two firemen were questioned concerning Norton�s ownership of a pistol. The pistol identified by Ex-Sheriff Hayes was shown Raley and Huggins and they both testified that Norton owned a pistol very much like it. Norton slept with Huggins in the firemen�s dormitory and served on the nigh fireman�s force. Alvah Taylor, proprietor of the Wood Battery Company, where Norton worked, testified that Norton owned two pistols, one he described as a small automatic, and the other a larger pistol, probably a .45 calbre, he said. Taylor, in his testimony said he sold the Wood Battery Company to Norton and in September bought it back. The large pistol, Taylor said was kept at the battery station, and he thought it was a pistol Norton�s father had owned.

Raley and Huggins said Norton had possession of a pistol very much like the one offered in evidence and they believed it was the same one. They were each asked concerning scuffling with Norton in the firemen�s dormitory, and they told of wrestling and scuffling with him, and that a morning or so before the killing Huggins in pulling Norton out of the bed it some way had left a slight wound on his forehead.

Mrs. Gathright was asked further into the physical condition of Elsie�s father, who was then in his last illness. Testimony of Wednesday showed that the older Gathright was suffering with paralysis and died in December. She said he cried when his daughter left and cried again when she told Eddie to go find her. The testimony brought out that Elsie is the youngest of a family of six children and the only girl, and the defense endeavored to show by the witness the extreme devotion Eddie has for his only sister. Elsie was married to Brooke Waters in June 1922 Mrs. Gathright said and is seventeen years old.

Thursday Afternoon.
Ernest Meador, of the Glenn Rubber Company, testified he was acquainted with Bob Gossaway, that he was connected with the Tidal Oil Company, and that Gassaway had been to the Glenn Rubber Company for automobile supplies and on two occasions brought his wife and child with him, and that the Tidal Oil Company took his purchase tickets. The last time he had seen Gassaway was some time this past month.

Brooks Waters testified his wife (Elsie) went to her father�s on the day of October 2nd, that he and Norton were working together at the Wood Battery Station. He stated that his wife�s father was sick at his home at Corbet, and his wife had gone there to visit her parents a few days. He said Norton was going with Cameron Thorpe.

Mrs. Elsie Waters, wife of Brooke Waters, and sister of defendant Gathright, was the next witness. She testified she had known Bob Gassaway about a year prior to the tragedy of October 2nd. She told of going to her father�s home on the day of the killing that night.

The witness went over the circumstances testified to by her mother�s relative to Carmon Thorpe coming to the house and she got up and went to the car and started away. She said Bob Gassaway was driving the car and near a little bridge Frank Norton got into the car.

No objection of the prosecutor the witness was not permitted to relate the conversation taking place in the car between the occupants.

On further questioning the witness said the car proceeded north and turned west on the Cowhead road and then turned north toward Crowley�s house, for a short distance and then returned to the Cowhead road and proceeded west.

Mrs. Waters had not completed her testimony at press time.

Wednesday Afternoon.
The state rested in the trial of the Gathright murder case at 5:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, when court took adjournment till 9 o'clock Thursday morning. Judge Scarborough announced that he would likely hold a night session Thursday night if the taking of testimony was not completed. It is hoped to dispose of the case this week.

Finishing with the testimony of Z. T. Garner, the prosecution used five other witnesses. They were Miss Mabel Lewis, sister of Opal Lewis who testified earlier in the trial: Albert Beall, Sam Tucker, Dr. M. I. Banks, and J. T. Newsom.

Garner testified that he saw a pistol in the roadster car seat when it was called to his attention by Hollan and Gathright, while he was at the scene of the tragedy, having accompanied Hollan there from his house, who had informed him of the trouble. A .32 calibre blue steel automatic pistol was shown the witness for identification, and he said it looked a great deal like the one he saw that night. Hollan went to the Garner house soon after the killing and got some matches. Garner got out of bed, dressed and gave him the matches and accompanied him to the spot where Norton�s body lay. During this time the testimony showed, Gathright got in his own car and took the gun to his father-in-law�s house and returned . it was then the conversation took place between Hollan, Gathright and Garner, and the pistol was called to his attention.

Miss Mabel Lewis, who was riding in the car with her brother, Opal, Mrs. Ward, Jim and Luther Ward, corroborated the testimony of Opal concerning the shot being fired from behind the car in the road and the roadster as it passed. She got out of the car a piece down the road in front of the Garner house and she and Mrs. Ward stepped on the porch while the Ward boys and Opal went back to the scene of the shooting.

Albert Beall, farmer, on his way to the gin with a bale of cotton, when his wagon broke down about 400 yards east of the Cowhead and Corbet pike junction, testified that Gathright came along in a car and inquired if he had seen a roadster pass in the past twenty or thirty minutes and he told him he had not seen such a car.

Sam Tucker who lives on that road, was on the stand and he said Gathright and Hollan came to his house in a car and inquired if he had seen a roadster pass, and he had not Tucker said they drove west from his house when he had informed them that no car had passed.

The roadster in question, it was brought out in the trial, left the house of Gathright�s father with two girls and Norton in it, drove northward and then west on the Cowhead road at the junction. Gathright and Hollan appeared to have followed the car, but in their search turned east in the direction of Corsicana, and after making inquiry about such a car turned back west.

Dr. Hanks testified that he was awakened at his home that night by Hollan and went with him to render aid to Norton. Upon examining the body he pronounced him dead and stated he could do him no good, and that the undertaker was needed. He went back home, he said, with Gathright driving the car, and in the back seat rode Miss Carmon Thorpe and Mrs. Elsie Waters, who were there when he arrived on the scene. Mrs. Waters is a sister of Gathright, Dr. Hanks did not see Gathright and the girls further. After he was let out of the car at his home, they drove on, he said.

Dr. Hanks examined the body at the undertaking parlors next day and his description of the wounds found tallied with that given by the undertaker.

It was brought out that Gathright�s father was ill with paralysis at the time the trouble happened, and that his death occurred in December.

J. T. Newsom testified that he had known Norton for six and a half years. He stated he was notified of Norton�s death by the undertaker about 4 o'clock in the morning, and he and his wife went to the parlors and looked at the body and observed the wounds. He spoke of the gunshot wound in deceased neck, and described the marks on the front of the neck as looked �like choke marks.� One objection of the defense the witness description in the front neck marks was stricken from the record.

Newsome was asked if he had a conversation with Jesse Boskey, adopted brother of Miss Carmon Thorpe, next day, and he said he did have a conversation with him.

Defendant�s lawyers objected to the introduction of the conversation and the objection was sustained.

On cross-examination Newsom said he was not related to deceased, that he had taken considerable interest in the case, and had contributed in the hiring of a special prosecutor.

Newsom, in speaking of the wounds found on Norton�s body, related the finding of a bullet in his breast. He was questioned at length concerning the size of the bullet, who extracted it from the body and who took possession of it. So far the bullet has not been offered in evidence.





�I struck Norton with the gun to knock him down as he was coming out of the car, and had no intention of killing him, when the gun fired. I do not know how,� explained Eddie Gathright, defendant in testifying in his own behalf Friday morning, wherein he is charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton.

Gathright was on the stand most of the morning session, and was questioned in detail about the matter concerning the tragedy of the night of October 2. He corroborated Hollan, who testified Thursday and Thursday night with reference to all details. It was 12:15 o'clock when court recessed till 2 o'clock for lunch. Gathright took the stand at 9:40, and subject to fifteen minutes recess, he answered carefully all questions put to him by his own lawyers, and patiently answered the long, tedious cross-examination which was conducted by W. A. Tarver, special prosecutor.

Gathright was caused to detail the circumstances immediately surrounding the actual killing. He told of the two trips made in search of the roadster car, and of his coming down the road, and how Hollan tried to wave it down, and that instead of stopping it speeded by and Hollan had to step aside to keep from being run over. Gathright said he jumped from the front seat of his car and picked up the shotgun from front seat of his car and picked up the shotgun from the back as he got out and ran and tried to get on the running board. Failing in this, he said, he tried to get the occupant of the car to see the gun, believing this would stop them , and as the car went on he raised and fired in the front.

The chase then started, according to the testimony. The roadster sped down the road with another car just behind it, and as Gathright and Hollan turned around the other car was between them and the roadster and all going south. This appears to have been the car of S. G. Ivey, who testified early in the trial. Gathright declared that the Ivey car passed the roadster, and it did so as the roadster swerved to the right. At this point, he declared he saw a man jump from the car and disappear in the high weeds in the ravine that led from the road.

When he and Hollan overtook the roadster and it stopped, they got out and the argument ensued concerning the other boy.

Gathright said Hollan had hold of Frank Norton�s arm, and while the argument was in progress Norton and the two girls said there was no other boy, and he quoted Norton as saying, �I God, I guess you all are looking for trouble.� At this point, the witness declared Norton came from the steering wheel and slid across the cushion and made a move with his right hand which he thought was reaching for a weapon. At this juncture, he said, he stepped up near Hollan and struck Norton on the head with the gun barrels, intending to knock him down, and the gun discharged, how, he said he was never able to tell. He declared he did not cock the gun and did not intend to shoot.

J. E. Bosque, adopted brother of Carmon Thorpe, who worked at the Wood Battery Company with Norton, testified concerning pistols Norton had in his possession. He said Frank Norton had told him he always carried the little automatic pistol with him at night.

Early in Bosque�s testimony Judge Scarborough assessed a $20. Fine against W. A. Tarver, following remarks and gestures he directed at Richard Mays, defense lawyer.

�Was Mrs. Waters in the battery station the day she went to her father�s that day?� Mr. Tarver asked.

The witness said he did not know.

MR. Tarver: �Didn�t you have a conversation with J. T. Newsom next morning after the killing and tell him that your sister, Carmon said Hollan was holding Frank and Gathright shot him?�

Before the witness answered Richard Mays made spirited objection, saying that Mr. Tarver was endeavoring to get answers before the jury illegally and improperly.

At this Mr. Tarver sprang to his feet in resentment. The two passed spirited remarks over the testimony, whereupon the court intervened, and the court intimated he would fine Mr. Mays.

This stopped the rift and the trial proceeded.

F. H. Mansie testified as a character witness.

Friday Afternoon.
Mrs. Elsie Waters, recalled by the defense was questioned with reference to conversation that took place in the car after leaving the Gathright house.

This testimony was excluded as improper Thursday.

After defendant testified, the excluded testimony was held to be admissible.

Gathright testified seeing the car in the cotton field some distance west, while he and Hollan sat waiting on the Corbet pike. He declared no one could be parked in the cotton field at night for �any good purpose.�

The prosecution entered objection to the testimony on the ground that defendant could not have known anything about what took place or what was said in the car or on the trip and could not have influenced his mind.

The court held that since Gathright had seen the car lights in the field, the testimony was admissible, as it had a bearing on the truth or falsity of the assumption.

The defense rested its case with the completion of Mrs. Waters� testimony.

The state announced it would use two or three witnesses in rebuttal.

A recess was taken at 3 o'clock.

Judge Scarborough began preparing his charge to be presented to the jury late today.

Thursday Afternoon Session.
The testimony of A. A. Hollan, defendant�s brother-in-law, who was indicted with Gathright in connection with the killing, the case later being dismissed, consumed the greater part of Thursday afternoon. At 5:30 the defense completed its examination of this witness and court adjourned till 8 o'clock in the evening. The night session was held, the Judge announced in the hope of completing the testimony, and winding up the case this week.

Mrs. Waters, in her testimony, went on to detail Carmon Thorpe�s coming to her father�s house that night and getting her to go with her. She testified that Bob Gassoway was driving the car as they left the house, and a little way down the road Frank Norton got in with them. She then described the route of the car and said they stopped a little way north of Corbet and Norton took the steering wheel, and later when they returned from towards the west, and turned back into the Corbet road a car coming from the direction of Corsicana pulled in just behind them. She told of seeing Gathright and Hollan�s car standing about 300 yards down the road facing north, with the lights extinguished, and of Hollan stepping out and waving at them to stop. The witness said she, Carmon, Norton and Gassoway were all in the car as it passed the standing car, and as they passed she heard a gunshot report. On further questioning she said they kept going and a little farther down the road it was insisted by herself, Carmon and Norton that Gassoway get out, and he did, while the car was running, and disappeared in the high weeds. The witness declared she saw Gassoway no more till next morning at the court house. It appeared that Hollan and Gathright turned their car and came on to pursuit of the roadster and it stopped as they overtook it.

It was then the tragedy occurred. The testimony showed that Hollan and Gathright alighted from their car, Hollan going on the opposite side, calling at the girls to get out and get in the other car, and laying his hand hold of Norton�s right arm and shoulder. The next thing that Mrs. Waters knew, she said a gun fired and Norton fell to the ground on the west side of the car dead.

Both Mrs. Waters� and Hollan�s testimony showed that an argument ensued when the cars stopped, concerning the other boy in the car, and the girls and Norton all contended there was no other boy, and Hollan declared he knew there was another boy, for the man at that time in the car was not the man that came to the Gathright house and left with the girls.

Gathright appears to have taken hold of the dying man and laid him out on the ground, asked for some one to get water, and the doctor. Then, it was said, the girls ran to Spurlock�s house nearby and got water, and Hollan drove to Dr. Hanks.

Later Dr. Hanks, the girls and Gathright left in the car together, Hollan and others who had appeared on the scene waited till the undertaker came for the body. Gathright appears to have gone from Dr. Hanks� house to his own home and got his wife in the car and they all went to the elder Gathright�s home. It was there Mrs. Waters said, she first heard Eddie tell his mother the killing was accidental.

R. B. O�Banion, who lives north of the Cowhead pike west of the Corbet junction, was put back on the stand by the defense and asked concerning the finding by him early next morning automobile tracks in his field, which the defense sought to show was a part of the trip the car made. On cross-examination he stated he had no knowledge what car made the tracks he saw.

A. A. Hollan on the witness stand told of being at the Gathright house when the girls left. He stated that while Elsie was getting ready to go with Carmon he went out and talked with the man in the car, and he said the man told him he worked as an electrician in the oil fields for the Tidal Oil Company, that he saw the other man get in the car.

The witness further related of going to Eddie Gathright and telling him of it, and they went in search of the car, and north of Corbet drove on an easterly road to Sam Tucker�s house and inquired if he had seen such a car, turned back, and went to the Cook school house, searched about the school house premises, turned east on another road and met with Mr. Beall, and made inquiry. Finding no trace of the car they returned home, and went to the elder Gathright�s house and made the second trip. He said it was on the second trip that they parked on the hill about 300 yards south of the road junction. According to his testimony it was waiting there for about 30 minutes they saw lights of a car coming along the Brier Creek bottoms to the west in the vicinity of the O�Banion field, and waited till the car pulled into the junction and turned south facing them.

Hollan went over how he called to the car to stop, and that it sped by him, and he said he heard a gun fire. Under questioning the witness declared that Eddie remarked that they must stop them �that it wouldn�t do for them to get home for Burkey might kill somebody.�

At the night session Hollan was cross-examined for an hour by Ballard W. George. On cross-examination the witness stated that Gathright said he saw the man get in the car and that he would go and get Elsie �and give her what she needs, and if the men say anything to me I will give them a whipping,� and that he told him, �Boy, you don�t want to hurt anybody.�

�Did you talk to George Nokes that night and tell him that Eddie killed the wrong man?� asked Mr. George.

�I did not.� The witness replied.

Tom Brown was put on the stand as a character witness and testified to the general reputation of Gathright as a truthful and a law-abiding man.

At 9 o'clock, Judge Scarborough announced adjournment till 8 o'clock Friday morning.

The courtroom remains crowded, with hundreds of eager spectators, every available seat was taken up at both the day and evening sessions. People stood in the aisle-ways and crowded about the doors. The balconies were crowded to capacity.





Arguments in the case of Eddie Gathright who is being tried for murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton, consumed the greater part of today and will probably be completed tonight. The case will go to the jury immediately following the argument.

The testimony was completed Saturday morning with Dr. Hanks being recalled by the state in rebuttal. The prosecution used several rebuttal witnesses late Friday and court adjourned till 10 o'clock Saturday morning.

Judge Scarborough prepared the charge and it was delivered to the jury shortly before noon. Ballard W. George opened the case for the state, and at the end of his argument, noonday recess was taken till 2 o'clock.

The court limited the arguments to three hours and a half to the side and announced that the case would be completed tonight. This will require a night session.

John S. Callicutt, Richard Mays, Fred Upchurch and Wayne Howell are presenting the defense arguments. W. A. Tarver is special prosecutor and will close for the state.

The courtroom was exceedingly crowded during the entire day.

Judge Scarborough�s general charge covered all grades of homicide, from murder and self-defense. The penalty for murder is confinement in the penitentiary from five years to life, or the penalty is death. Manslaughter is punishable by confinement in the penitentiary from two to five years. Self-defense or accidental shooting in the taking of life was defined as justifiable, and in such findings the jury is instructed to acquit. It was charged that if the jury believes from the evidence defendant is guilty of some culpable homicides not having the distinguishing elements in the definition of murder, manslaughter is the highest degree that can be found.

In addition to the general charges there were two special charges delivered, one for the state and the other for the defense.




Following deliberations of 45 hours the jury returned a verdict of not guilty in the case of State of Texas vs. Eddie Gathright, who has been on trial for the past week.

The case went to the jury at 10:45 Saturday night with W. A. Tarver, special prosecutor, making the closing argument.

The court room was packed with spectators during the all day session of Saturday and Saturday night to hear the arguments of counsel.

The verdict was read in court at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. The jury was immediately discharged by Judge Scarborough.

Gathright was tried for murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Frank Norton on the night of October 2. Norton was a Corsicana electrician. Gathright was a farmer living in the Corbet community.

A. A. Hollan, brother-in-law of Gathright, who was jointly indicted with him, was released at the beginning of the case by the indictment being dismissed by the county attorney�s office.


Mary Hannah (Byrne) Harris
Mar 17, 1862 - Jun 10, 1924


Funeral services for Mrs. J. C. Harris, aged 62 years, of Hamilton, Texas, who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Grady Bowden in Dallas, at 1:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, will be held in Corsicana Thursday morning from the Sutherland Undertaking Parlors at 11 o'clock with burial in Oakwood cemetery. The Rev. Alonzo Monk, Jr., pastor of the First Methodist church will conduct the services.

The deceased is survived by her husband of Hamilton, and the following children: J. C. Harris, Frank Harris and C. P. Harris, all of Hamilton; A. J. Harris, Crandall, Texas; E. B. Harris, Corsicana; John Harris of Cament, Okla.; Mrs. Grady Bowden, Dallas.

The sons of the deceased and Grady Bowden and Bob Carlisle will be active pallbearers.

Mrs. Harris is well known in Corsicana and Navarro county, she with her husband having moved to this county from Kentucky in 1881. The resided in this community until 1912 when they moved to Hamilton. She has many warm personal friends here who are genuinely grieved to learn of her death and who will join in extending sincere sympathy to the bereaved family.


Eliza McKinzie
Mar 9, 1843 - May 24, 1924

Funeral Services For Mrs. Eliza McKenzie

Funeral services for Mrs. Eliza McKenzie, 81 years old, who died at the Odd Fellows Home early Saturday morning were held at the Southerland Undertaking company parlors at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon. Burial was in Oakwood cemetery.


Ernestine Forge Perkins
Aug 31, 1883 - May 24, 1924

Funeral Services to Be Held Sunday 2 P.M.

Funeral services for Miss Ernestine Perkins, who died in Fort Worth Saturday morning, will be held at the Sutherland Undertaking Company�s Parlors at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Rev. R. Girard Lowe, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Oakwood cemetery.

Active pall bearers will be Harris Ransom, S. M. Kerr, Clyde Stroud, Ab. Douglas, Al Sowell and J. S. Simpkins.

The body will arrive in Corsicana on the 10:40 o'clock Southern Pacific train Sunday morning.


William F. Mays
1895 - May 18, 1924




William F. Mays, 29, Whitten rooming house proprietor, is dead with two bullets in his head and body, his wife, June Mays is in the County Hospital in a critical condition from a bullet lodged in the right lung, and J. D. Diserens, Whitten druggist and confectionery store keeper, is in the county jail charged with the shooting.

The tragedy happened at Whitten about 8 o'clock Sunday night. Mays has a pistol bullet wound just above the right eye and a similar wound in the right breast. The lower bullet entered above the right nipple, ranged downward and made exit at the back. The other bullet lodged in the head.

Mrs. Mays has a bullet hole in the right breast, the ball lodged in the lung. She is said to have made a statement concerning the circumstances of the shooting to the county attorney.

Disereus at the jail today declared to newspapermen that he shot Mays in self-defense as the latter forcibly entered his store brandishing a pistol in a menacing air. He said he had just barred his front door and was preparing to leave the building at the rear, closing up for the night. According to his version of the killing, Mays broke down the front door and entered, pistol in hand. Then it was, he claims, he fired from the rear of the store. He said he did not see Mrs. Mays until after the shooting was over. Diserens theory of the shooting of the woman was that she was struck by the bullet that penetrated the man�s body as she entered the store behind him.

The case will receive the early attention of the grand jury which is now in session.

Mays�s relatives live at Wortham. Both men have been in business at Whitten for some time.

Funeral services for Mays will be held here at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon with burial in Oakwood cemetery. His father W. E. Mays, was here today from Wortham.

Diseren made bond this afternoon in the sum of $3,000 and was released from custody.



Funeral W. F. Mays Held This Afternoon

Funeral services for William F. Mays, who was killed at Whitten Sunday night were held this afternoon with burial in Oakwood cemetery.

Mrs. Mays, who was shot in the right lung at the time Mays was killed is reported progressing fairly well at the county Hospital.

Mays is survived by his father and mother of Wortham.


Andrew Jackson Brown
Dec 1, 1843 - Nov 18, 1924

Funeral Services Well Attended

The funeral services for the remains of the late A. J. Brown, from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Hattie Wooten, 319 West Fourth avenue at 10 o'clock this morning, was largely attended and there were many beautiful floral offerings.

The burial services as conducted by Rev. Paul I. Merrill, were impressive, fitting the occasion of the departure of this good man.

The active pallbearers were: J. A. Jarrell, F. A. Elliott, T. L. Scruggs, W. P. McCammon, H. E. Metcalf, W. T. McKee, J. J. Castles, and H. B. Bonner. While a number of those who went through the trials and ordeals of the Civil War acted as an honorary escort.

Mrs. Wootton, his only child, who is not thoroughly alone in the world so far as the ties of blood are concerned, has the sincere sympathy of hundreds of friends in the loss of the dear old father to whom it has been such a joy to her to succor and care for in his declining years. That the memory of this duty so well done will remain a beautiful benediction to her in the years to come no one who knows her will doubt. May those sweet memories abide with her and be a source of consolation to her in the years yet to come.


Hattie (Brown) Wootton
Jun. 29, 1870 - Jan. 28, 1961

Mrs. Wootton Dies Saturday

Mrs. Hattie Wootton, long-time Corsicana resident, died unexpectedly Saturday at Memorial hospital.

Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. from the McCammon Chapel with Rev. Alex Cox 111, First Christian church pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Oakwood cemetery.

Mrs. Wootton was connected with the Jarrell-Elliott Dry Goods store for many years and later J. M. Dyer Co. before retiring a few years ago.

Survivors include a niece, Mrs. Mary L. Davis, Houston, and two cousins.

Pallbearers will be Albert Fullerton, Wesley Edens, Jr., Harry Montgomery, Campbell Gillespie Sr., Hylan Davis, King Elliott and C. L. Brown.



Mrs. Wootton Rites Sunday

Funeral services for Mrs. Hattie Wootton, long-time Corsicana resident and saleswoman for local department stores were held from the McCammon Chapel Sunday at 2 p.m.

Mrs. Wootton died in Memorial Hospital Saturday morning.

The rites were conducted by Rev. Alex Cox, 111, pastor of the First Christian church. Burial was in Oakwood cemetery.

Mrs. Wootton was connected with the Jarrell-Elliot Company and later with the J. M. Dyer Co. prior to her retirement several years ago.

Surviving are a niece, Mrs. Mary L. Davis, Houston, and two cousins.

Pallbearers were Albert Fullerton, Harry Montgomery, Hylan Davis, Wesley Edens, Jr.; C. M. Gillespie, King Elliott and C. L. Brown.


Willie Bradley McCrery
Sep 14, 1861 - Jun 13, 1918


Highly Esteemed Lady Laid To Rest In Presence of Many Friends

The remains of the late Miss Willie McCreary, who died in El Paso Thursday morning, reached Corsicana last night and were taken to the family home on West Fourth Avenue, and the funeral took place from there this afternoon at 5:30 o'clock. The last sad rites were conducted by Rev. A. J. Ranson of India, who was a former pastor of the United Presbyterian church here, assisted by Rev. Chas. Oberschmidt of the First Presbyterian church. The pall bearers were W. C. Proctor, W. E. Elliott, Luther A. Johnson, W. P. McCammon, J. P. Stephenson and Lowry Martin. A large procession of sorrowing friends accompanied the remains of this splendid young woman to their last resting place, and there was a profusion of beautiful floral offerings.


A. J. Sikes
abt 1829 - Aug 11, 1918

Venerable man Laid To Rest

The remains of the late A. J. Sikes who died in Dallas Sunday night reached here at 11 o'clock today and the funeral followed immediately from the First Baptist Church, with interment in Oakwood. Rev. B. W. Vining conducted the services and many old friends paid their last tribute of respect to the deceased who was just 89 years and 6 months old on the day of his death. He had resided in Navarro county for many years and will long be remembered as a good citizen and an upright man.


Hugh Lacy Stone, Judge
Jan 20, 1854 - Feb 18, 1926


Of Judge Stone�s close friends, including the entire membership of the Navarro County Bar Association would act in that capacity.

Judge Stone was born in Rusk county, Texas and had been a resident of Corsicana for the past forty years. He is survived by one son, Hugh L. Stone, Jr., and one grandchild, two brothers, J. D. Stone of Henderson; John S. Stone of Paris, and six sisters, Mrs. Williford, of Dallas; Mrs. McAnulty, Houston; Mrs. McCelman, and Mrs. Benedict, Austin; Mrs. Greer and Mrs. Berry of Los Angeles.

His son, H. L. Stone, Jr., was in Old Mexico on business for his company when notified several weeks ago of his father�s serious illness. He came to Corsicana at once and remained until it was believed Judge Stone was improving. He was then forced to go to Pittsburgh on urgent business, but his wife and Judge Stone�s sister, Mrs. Willeford of Dallas, were at his bed side when the end came somewhat suddenly Thursday afternoon.

Judge Stone married Miss Fannie Kelly at Henderson where he practiced law several years, moving to Corsicana where he continued in the practice of his profession. His wife died about twenty years ago here. She was a cultured Christian woman and was greatly beloved by many.

Hugh L. Stone, Jr. is expected to arrive here Saturday morning. He left Pittsburgh, Pa., Thursday, where he maintains headquarters as general counsel for the Gulf Refining Company.

Judge Stone up until the past few years when failing health forced him to almost retire from active practice took a great deal of interest and was prominent in public and political affairs, and was one of the strongest lawyers at the local bar and in the whole State of Texas.

Hon. Rufus Hardy had the following to say Friday in regard to Judge Stone, he having known the deceased for many years and is qualified to speak:

�Hugh Stone, as his friends called him�Judge Stone, as he was generally known, had many of the finest qualities of the old style lawyer and gentleman. He was sociable and genial by nature, but he was always the soul of honor. His word was his bond, and no one who knew him ever doubted his integrity. He practiced law more than forty years. He never stooped to any unworthy practice or failed to respect the ethics of his high profession. He was not a great lawyer, but he had a clear, keen intellect, and a strong virile nature. He hated sham, and no man ever held his friendship who was not himself a true gentleman. He was a devoted father, and he loved and cherished his son with the pride and solicitude of a mother.

�When young Hugh began to be successful as a young lawyer the pride of the father in the son�s success was beautiful to see.

�All though life he was a brave man; I do not think he feared the last great foe.

�In death I trust he sleeps to wake again. with those he loved while here on earth.�





Funeral services for Judge H. L. Stone, who died at the County Hospital Thursday, were held at 3:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the residence of Bush Wofford, 1919 West Third avenue, with Rev. Paul J. Merrill, pastor of the First Christian Church, officiating. Burial was in Oakwood cemetery. Active pallbearers were Wm. Clarkson, Jr., Bush Wofford, Lowry Martin, N. C. Goodman, R. P. Blanding, Joseph Goodman, Max Almond, and F. B. McKie. All members of the Navarro County Bar Association and personal friends of the deceased were named honorary pallbearers.

Hugh L. Stone, Jr., son of deceased, arrived in Corsicana Saturday morning from Pittsburgh, Pa., to be present at the funeral.

There were numerous floral offerings that hid the grave from view and a large concourse of friends of this pioneer citizen and lawyer gathered at the Wofford home for the funeral services and followed the remains to their last resting place in Oakwood. Judge Stone was a courteous, friendly man and made friends easily and held them throughout the years by his courtly manner and kindly bearing.





Honoring the memory of Judge Hugh L. Stone and W. W. Ballew, members of the Navarro County Bar Association, who died within the past few months, resolutions were adopted by that body in memorial services held in the district courtroom of the county court house at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon.

Judge J. M. Blanding, president, presided. Prayers were offered by Rev. Ilion T. Jones, pastor of the Third Avenue Presbyterian church.

Miss Adele Sutton, violinist, rendered, �Rock of Ages: in a solo at the opening of the services and closed the services with another sacred selection.

Rufus Hardy offered the resolutions in behalf of Judge Stone and spoke concerning his acquaintance with the deceased attorney. John S. Callicutt presented the resolutions in behalf of Judge Ballew, and reviewed his life-long acquaintance and association with him. Both deceased attorneys died within a few weeks of each other and both strong lawyers at the Navarro county bar during the last forty years.

Other speakers were W. A. Tarver and W. M. Taylor. Mr. Tarver offered the written message of J. H. Woods, who was out of the city and could not be present.

Judge C. L. Jester, W. A. Tarver and Joe Simkins was the arrangements committee.

Relatives of Judge Ballew were present, as well as a number of friends of both Judge Ballew and Judge Stone.

Mr. Tarver read Mr. Woods� message as follows:

Hon. James M. Blanding, President Navarro County Bar Association.

My Dear Sir:--Being unable to attend the Memorial Services to be held in honor of our deceased brother lawyers, Judge H. L. Stone and W. W. Ballew, Esq., I beg leave to submit a brief tribute to their memory, which may be read at the services.

Judge Stone lived amongst us for a long term of years and we all knew him for his genial and kindly disposition, his courteous and friendly intercourse with the members of the bar, young and old, and with his fellow men. He was a man of strong mind, of sound and substantial attainments in the knowledge and practice of his profession and of sound judgment. For the last several years, because of his health, he did not take a very active part in the practice, living unostentatiously, devoted to his talented son, H. L. Stone, Jr., of Pittsburg, Pa., and devoted to the memory of his wife who preceded him by several years.

W. W. Ballew was known to all of us, as a man of strong and versatile mind, a thoughtful and studious lawyer, deeply concerned about the fundamental principles of law and of government, well versed in the reasons and history of the law and the constitutions of the state and the United States, profoundly interested in and devoting much of his time to those ever present and difficult problems that concern the nature, life and destiny of man.

We shall remember both of them as fellow lawyers and sojourners here who have passed on before us and whose virtues we cherish.

Very respectfully submitted,


Judge Hardy read the following resolution in behalf of Judge Stone and moved its adoption.

To Hon. Jas. M. Blanding, President of Navarro County Bar Association.

Your committee, appointed to present resolutions in memory of our deceased brother and friend, Hugh Lacy Stone, beg leave to report:

Mr. Stone was born in Rusk County, Texas, in 1854. He was liscensed to practice law by Judge A. J. Booty, of the Second Judicial District of Texas August 9th, 1876. He was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas by certificate of enrollment issued at Tyler, Texas, on October 18th 1878. On the 19th day of January, 1881, he was enrolled as an attorney and admitted to practice in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Eastern District of Texas at Tyler, Texas, and he was admitted to practice before the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, on the 28th day of June, 1906, by certificate issued at New Orleans, Louisiana, by the Clerk of said Court. He practiced law, first in Henderson, Rusk County, Texas, and from there he moved to Corsicana, Texas, in 1888 and thereafter practiced law continuously, and resided at Corsicana.

From the date of his removal to Corsicana, we have known and associated with him. He was possessed of a strong, clear intellect; a strong sense of right and justice, and a chivalric regard for everything that was honorable, in his relations to his fellow man. No man ever questioned his integrity. He was frank and sincere in his presentation of legal questions to the Courts. He was unswerving in what he deemed to be the rights of his clients, but would not have stooped to take an unfair advantage of opposing counsel, or of the poorest litigant. He hated sham and pretense, he never sailed under false colors, and always took his stand in politics and among his acquaintances for what he believed to be right.

Perhaps his outstanding characteristic was his unbending advocacy of what he conceived to be right, in the face, if need be, of popular clamor. He was too unbending and unyielding and aggressive, perhaps to have ever made a popular politician, but in our opinion, it was no small tribute to any brother member of the bar or acquaintance of Hugh Stone, if he was numbered among his friends. Like all mankind, he had his faults, but those of us who knew him best, held him in highest esteem.

We loved him for his many manly qualities. We cherish his memory, and deplore the loss to the Bar of Texas of an able and distinguished member.

He is survived by an only son, Hugh Lamar Stone, now residing in the City of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. This son, by his native genius and studious industry has risen to the highest rank as an attorney. There existed between father and son the tenderest ties of affection.

We offer the following resolution:

Be it resolved that the Honorable District Judge of Navarro, County, Texas, be requested to enter an order directing that this report be spread upon the Civil Minutes of the District Court of Navarro County, Texas, upon a page set aside as sacred to the memory of our deceased brother, Hugh Lacy Stone.


Mr. Callicutt offered the following resolution in behalf of Judge Ballew and moved its adoption:

To Hon. James M. Blanding, President of the Navarro County Bar Association:

Your committee, appointed to present resolutions expressive of the sentiments of this association upon the death of our fellow member, William Wallace Ballew, submit the following:

Mr. Ballew was born in Navarro County, Texas, on the 29th day of July, 1863. Both his father and mother were people of distinguished ancestry, being derived from a sturdy line whose patriotism and worth made its impress upon the formation and development of this Nation from its earliest times. Mr. Ballew�s father was himself a profound scholar, and was connected with some of the most important educational institutions in the early history of Texas. In this capacity he contributed to the training and education of many youths, who afterwards attained stations of high rank in the State. His mother was a lady of culture and refinement, being an accomplished musician and linguist.

Mr. Ballew�s early education was obtained in the rural schools of the county, and an intensive home study. He entered the law department of the State University in 1886, and while there he completed this course, and also the course of study in political economy and in oratory. He began the practice of law in Corsicana, Texas, in 1887. And continued to reside and practice here to the time of his death. He was a great searcher after truth, and a deep student of the law, as well as a wide range of literature bearing upon economics, science and religion. Mr. Ballew also had considerable poetic gifts, as is evidenced by his contributions to the press and various journals of the country. He had a varied and extensive practice in all the courts of the State, as well as the Federal courts, and the Courts of other states. He displayed marked ability in the preparation and presentation of causes in the Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the State. He was determined, aggressive loyal and conscientious in his advocacy of a client�s cause, but courteous and fair in his bearing toward opposing counsel and the Courts. He had very positive views on all public questions, and was earnest in his efforts in behalf of what he deemed to be right and for the best public good.

Perhaps, our brother would have liked best to be remembered by the estimate of himself as portrayed in the following lines, which he composed.

Mr. Ballew has delved deep into the ancient cults of men.

And all of men�s vain philosophies explored,
Religions, myths, and historic traditions of ancient ken
And reveled far more in poetic diction poured
From out the golden streams of �Classic Times,�
Since Homer roared, and Sappho sung in burning rhyme.
And from all his studies long and deep and vain
One truth he found, �Do thy duty,�
Tho with pain,
Think not of self, but others help in grief and woe,
Holding out the helping hand to those who totter slow.
Along the road of life�s unknown highway,
And seek not power or place or wealth, Nay, Nay.�

We offer the following resolution:

Be it resolved that the Honorable District Judge of Navarro County, Texas, be requested to enter an order directing that this report be spread upon the Civil Minutes of the District Court of Navarro County, Texas, upon a page to be set aside as sacred to the memory of our deceased brother, William Wallace Ballew.



The resolutions and remarks of the speakers were duly adopted and will be spread on the minutes of the district court proceedings. The passing of resolutions in memory of deceased members of the Bar Association is custom with this bar more than fifty years old.


John William Shelton
Jan 20, 1876 - Nov 2, 1933


Funeral services for John W. Shelton, aged 57 years who died Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock after and illness of several months were held from the family home, 1116 West Summitt avenue Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock with burial in Oakwood cemetery. The rites were conducted by J. Hines, minister of the Church of Christ. He had resided in Corsicana for a number of years.

Surviving are his wife, three sons, J. T. Linville, Waxahachie; Ernest Linville and Clyde Linville, both of Dallas; a daughter, Mrs. Lovis Black, Dallas; and two brothers, Ed Shelton, Corsicana, and G. W. Shelton, Maria ?, Texas.

The funeral was directed by the Sutherland - McCammon Funeral Home.


  • The Corsicana Daily Sun - Friday, Nov 3, 1933
  • Submitted by Diane Richards
  • h/o Mary Alabama �Bama� (Cornelius) Linville-Shelton married Feb. 17, 1914 buried in Auburn cemetery, Ellis county, Texas; s/o George Washington Shelton, Sr. & Sara Elizabeth (Johnson) Shelton

Mary E. (Guest) Richardson
Oct 24, 1847 - Jan 14, 1933


Mrs. M. E. Richardson, aged 85 years, died at her home 514 West Tenth avenue Saturday afternoon at 12:30 and funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the residence. The services will be conducted by Rev. J. F. Adams, pastor of the Eleventh Avenue Methodist Church.

Mrs. Richardson had resided in Corsicana about 30 years, having moved here from Tehuacana.

Surviving are the following children; Mrs. A. J. Hancock, Coolidge; Mrs. E. T. Williams, Coolidge; Miss Mary Richardson, Corsicana; Miss Myrtle Richardson, Corsicana; Joe Richardson, Fort Worth and R. C. Richardson, Corsicana.

The funeral will be directed by Sutherland - McCammon Funeral Home.




Funeral services for Mrs. M. E. Richardson, aged 85 years, who died at her home, 514 West Tenth avenue, early Saturday afternoon, were held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the family home with interment in Oakwood cemetery. The services were conducted by Rev. J. F. Adams, pastor of the Eleventh Avenue Methodist church.

Prior to moving to Corsicana 30 years ago, Mrs. Richardson resided at Tehuacana.

Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. A. J. Hancock, Coolidge; Mrs. E. T. Williams, Coolidge; Misses Mary and Myrtle Richardson, both of Corsicana; two sons, Joe Richardson, Fort Worth, and R. C. Richardson, Corsicana.

The funeral was directed by the Sutherland-McCammon Funeral Home.


Mary Gertrude (Latimer) Grant
Dec 5, 1844 - Dec 29, 1933



Mrs. Mary Gertrude Grant, aged 89 years, native and life-long resident of Texas, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Ballew, 918 West Fifth Avenue, Friday morning at 11:15 o'clock and the funeral will be held from the Ballew home Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock with burial in Oakwood cemetery.

Mrs. Grant was born in Lamar county during the days of the Texas republic. She had made her home with her daughter here for many years.

Surviving are her daughter, Mrs. Ballew; three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, a brother, W. P. Latimer, Clarksville; three sisters, Mrs. Joe Darnell, Texarkana; Mrs. R. N. Johnson, Clarksville; and Mrs. Henry Jackson, Los Angeles, Calif., and a number of other relatives.

Mrs. Grant was the eldest of thirteen children.

The funeral arrangements are being directed by the Sutherland � McCammon Funeral Home.




Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Gertrude Grant, aged 89 years, native Texas, who died Friday morning at 11:15 o'clock, were held from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Ballew, 918 West Fifth avenue, Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock, with burial in Oakwood cemetery. The rites were conducted by Rev. W. R. Hall, pastor of the First Presbyterian church.

Mrs. Grant was born in Lamar county during the days of the Texas republic and had resided in Texas all of her life. She had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Ballew, here for many years.

Surviving are her daughter, Mrs. Ballew, Corsicana; three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, a brother, W. P. Latimer, Clarksville, and three sisters, Mrs. Joe Danell, Texarkana, Mrs. R. N. Johnson, Clarksville, and Mrs. Henry Jackson, Los Angeles, Cal.

Pallbearers were W. W. Harris, Johnnie Noble, Herman Roberts, Ted B. Ferguson, C. L. Terry and James Roxburgh.

Honorary pallbearers were friends of the family.

The funeral was directed by the Sutherland-McCammon Funeral Home.


Charlotte (McDaniel) Wilson
Oct. 30, 1856 - Jan. 30, 1931

�Mother� Wilson Died in Dawson

Mrs. W, W, Wilson, who was well known here as �Mother Wilson� aged about 80 years, died at the home of one of her sons, in Dawson last week and was buried in the Hamilton cemetery.

Mrs. Wilson resided in Corsicana about 40 years prior to her death, and has a host of friends here.


Bessie Beatrice (Rogers) Patrick-Bell
May 11, 1895 - Feb 25, 1931


Funeral services for Mrs. Bessie B. Bell, aged 35 years, wife of Ralph Bell, who resides in the Corbet community, were held from the chapel of the Corley-McMahon Funeral Home Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock with burial in the Hamilton cemetery.

Mrs. Bell had been in ill health for five years, and died in Odessa Wednesday morning. The body arrived in Corsicana Saturday morning.

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. Howard Williams, pastor of the First Baptist church.

Surviving are her husband, one son, Ewing Bell, Corbet; parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Rogers, Corbet; six brothers, Archie and Roy Rogers both of Odessa; Irvin Rogers, Henderson; Robert Rogers and Melvin Rogers, both of Corbet; and Harvey Rogers, Corsicana; and one sister, Mrs. Brady Robbins, Wichita Falls.


  • The Corsicana Daily Sun - Saturday, Feb 28, 1931
  • Submitted by Diane Richards
  • 1st husband William Oliver �Billy� Patrick married Oct. 17, 1909 2nd husband Ralph Bell married Apr. 18, 1925; d/o Robert Newton Rogers & Laura Chestens (Fuller) Rogers

Bobby Pyle
Dec 19, 1929 - Jul 6, 1931


The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Pyle of Longview, Texas, and took from them their baby boy, Bobby. He was born December 19, 1929, died July 6, 1931.

Oh it was so hard to give him up, but God�s will be not our�s. To know Bobby was to love him. All was done loving hands could do but God said you suffered long enough Bobby and took him home. Oh, it is sweet to know he is where there is no more pain and suffering. We miss him here but some sweet day we will meet him up yonder, where there will be no more parting. He leaves a father, mother, and two brothers, Ray and Arnold, a host of other relatives and friends.

Our darling baby boy is gone�a voice we loved is still�a place is vacant in our home that never can be filled.
--Written by one who loved Bobby�Opal Green, Corbet, Texas.


Edna Irene (Bolen) Flynn
Aug 5, 1913 - Mar 16, 1989

Former Corsicana resident Edna Bolen Flynn, 75, of Harker Heights, Texas, died Thursday, March 16, 1989, in Killeen.

Services will be 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Corley Funeral Chapel. The Rev. Ken Andress will officiate. Burial will be in Oakwood Cemetery.

She was born Aug. 5, 1913, in Corbet. She was a retired food supplier for the Corsicana State Home and was a member of the First Baptist Church of Killeen.

She is survived by two sons, Donald N. Bolen of Killeen, Larry Flynn of Baytown, a daughter Donna Kay Yburra, of Waco; 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchidlren, two brothers William Bolen of Corsicana, and Bob Bolen of Texas City; three sisters, Lessie Ganze, of Powell, Alyene Murray of Rockdale and Barbara Bruner of Fort Worth and a number of nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers will be Joe Hambrick, E.D. Daniel, Hugh Brewer, Fred Rasmussen, Marvin White and Wayne Alred.


Viva Allene (Carrington) Cooper
Apr 13, 1893 - Mar 22, 1989

Mrs. Viva Cooper, 95, of Scottsdale, Ariz., died March 22, 1989 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Graveside services will be 10:30 a.m. Friday at Oakwood Cemetery. Corley Funeral Home is in charge of local arrangements.
She was born April 13, 1893 in Corsicana.

Survivors include one daughter, Maxine Hughes of Hilo, Hawaii; and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Ethridge Elem Payne
Aug 15, 1893 - Jan 8, 1971

Ethridge E. Payne, 77, Rt. 5, Corsicana, retired farmer-rancher, died Friday at Memorial Hospital. He was a emmber of the Petty's Chapel Baptist Church, IOOF and WOW.

Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at Corley Funeral Chapel with three officiating ministers; the Revs. Harold Burns, S. E. Hopkins and Glen Vyers. Burial will be in Oakwood Cemetery.

He is survived by one son, Jimmie A. Payne, Corsicana; two daughters, Mrs. Marie Robinson, Rice, and Mrs. Ruby Glee Nichols, Amarillo; 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Clara Griffith and Mrs. Ila Hamilton, both of Houston; and several nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers will be Joe B. Robinson, Reubin Tucker, Marvin Wallace, David W. Wilson, Connie Gilliam and Tom B. Wheeler.


Alvin Ray Crowe
Jan 29, 1927 - Mar 25, 1989

Ray Crowe, 62, of Corsicana died March 25, 1989 at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Temple.

Graveside service will be 2 p.m. today at Oakwood Cemetery with Dr. Ronald Merrill officiating. Arrangements are with Griffin-Roughton Funeral Home.

Survivors include his wife, Clifford Crowe of Corsicana; one son, Jimmy Fields of Lorena; one daughter, Dorothy Fields of Mexia; a brother, James C. Crowe of Oregon; a daughter-in-law, Arvela Fields of Dallas; and four grandchildren.


Rissie "Ollie" (Page) Ratliff
Oct 14, 1904 - Apr 2, 1989

Mrs. Rissie (Ollie) Ratliff, 84, died Sunday, April 2, 1989, in Ennis.

Graveside services will be 2 p.m. Monday in the Oakwood cemetery with Dr. David Hale officiating.

She was born Oct. 14, 1904 in Glen Rose, Texas. She had been a resident of Corsicana since 1920. She was a housewife and a member of the Baptist Church.

Survivors include three daughters, Bessie Herrin, Margaret Allen, Tonnie Allen all of Corsicana; 10 grandchidlren, 23 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandhcildren; one brother, Samuel Page of California and a number of nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her husband Tom Ratliff on Oct. 28, 1989.


Benjamin Franklin McLain
abt. 1843 - Apr. 20, 1919

Died in Oklahoma.

B. F. McLain, aged 76 years, and who was at one time a resident of Navarro county, died in Oklahoma Sunday and the remains reached here today and were taken to Pursley this afternoon for interment. Rev. W. H. Bounds of Wortham officiated at the funeral and there was a large attendance. The deceased was the father of J. F. McLain of Corsicana and Mrs. A. L. Swink of Purdon.


Arretta Kelly
Oct 15, 1911 - Jun 20, 1923

Death of Little Girl.

Arretta Kelley, 11 years old, daughter of T. N. Kelley and wife of Pursley, who was brought to the P. and S. hospital early last night after having been ill at home for some days, died there at 3 o'clock this morning. The remains will be interred in the Pursley cemetery tomorrow.


Thomas Jefferson Banks
Feb 14, 1846 - Sep 8, 1924

Died Sunday Night.

T. J. Hanks, aged 79 years, died Sunday night at his home on East Fifth avenue, and the remains were interred in the Pursley cemetery this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Several grown children survive.


Mattie Smith
Apr 1, 1847 - Jul 12, 1917

Remains of Mrs. Mattie Smith who died at the P. and S. hospital yesterday, were interred in the Pursley community this afternoon.


Leonard Coursey
May 20, 1907 - Sep 9, 1917

Died at Hospital.

Leonard Coursly, 10-year-old son of W. M. Coursly of Pursley, died at the P. & S. Hospital yesterday following an operation of some days ago, and the remains were taken to Pursley yesterday for interment.


Richard Morgan Sanders, Dr.
May 27, 1930 - July 2, 2017

Dr. Richard Morgan Sanders, Sr., died at his home in Kaufman, TX, on July 2, 2017 at the age of 87. He was born in Kerens, TX, May 27, 1930 to Gurley H. Sanders and Bessie Coates Sanders. He graduated from Kerens High School in 1947, attended the University of North Texas, and graduated from Baylor Dental School. On June 13, 1953, he married Wanda Ann Westbrook in Blooming Grove, TX.

After graduating from dental school, he served two years in the Army Dental Corps. In 1957 he moved to Kaufman where he practiced dentistry for the next 38 years until his retirement in 1995. For several years during this period, he was Kaufman's only dentist.

Sanders was a loyal member of the First United Methodist Church of Kaufman for 60 years. He served in many areas of the church. He was particularly active in Methodist Men and especially loved singing in the choir. Richard and Wanda were among the founding members of the Pairs and Spares Sunday School Class that they attended.

He was preceded in death by his parents, by his brother Ivan Terry Sanders, and by his grandson Travis Morgan Sanders. He is survived by Wanda, his wife of 64 years, three children: daughter and son-in-law Kimberly Ann and Donny Scott of Blooming Grove, TX, sons and daughters-in-law Richard Morgan Jr and Regina Sanders of Lawrence, KS and Justin Marshall and Deirdre Sanders of Mobile, AL; one granddaughter Rebecca Allison Carnagie (Brent); and three greatgrandchildren, Houstyn Monroe Carnagie, Myric Levi Carnagie, and Lane Morgan Carnagie all of Eudora, KS.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to First United Methodist Church of Kaufman.

Born: May 27, 1930
Place of Birth: Kerens, TX
Death: July 2, 2017
Place of Death: Kaufman, TX 75142
Occupation: Dentist
Organizations: First United Methodist Church of Kaufman

Funeral Service
Thursday July 6, 2017 , 10:00 AM at First United Methodist Church of Kaufman

Wednesday July 5, 2017 , 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM at Parker-Ashworth Funeral Home

Graveside Service
Thursday July 6, 2017 , 2:00 PM at Kerens City Cemetery

Carolyn (Hulan) Weed
Feb 14, 1926 - 2015
Carolyn Hulan Weed
Carolyn Hulan Weed was born in Kerens, Texas, to Myrtle and Fred Hulan. She was Valedictorian of Kerens High School, graduated Baylor University Magna Cum Laude, and moved to Harlingen in 1945 to teach.
There she met Richard Weed who had returned home from serving in World War II. They married in Kerens on June 22, 1946, and established their home in Harlingen where they raised three children. Mrs. Weed taught Spanish in Harlingen for twenty years, was a member of The First Methodist Church, and supported many community activities. She and Richard enjoyed traveling throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe, but family always played the most important role in her life.
Carolyn was preceded in death by Richard, her husband of 68 years.
She is survived by three children and their spouses: Carol Jean Whatley and husband Pat, Rick Weed and wife Paulette, Barbara Lee Muggley and husband Buster; six grandchildren: Holly and husband James Lee, Steven and wife Ashley Whatley, Beth and husband Chad Blacklock, Genni and husband Jimmy Shafer, Trey Muggley, Alisha and husband Chris Gummer; fourteen great-grandchildren: Daniel and J.D. Lee; Taylor and Catherine Whatley; Finley and Cole Blacklock; Kilee, Sullivan, Mackynzi and Rori Shafer; Madisen, Abbigail, Sonoma and Lexington Gummer; brother Henry Hulan and wife Margaret; sister Joyce Lockhart and husband Obie.
She is remembered by special friends Lura Brown and Teresa Vinzant.
A graveside Celebration of Life will be held near Kerens at the Prairie Point Cemetery, Bazette, Texas, on Saturday, April 11 at 1:00. A reception will follow at the family lake house, 113 Hulan Drive, Kerens.
In lieu of flowers those who wish may send donations to the Prairie Point Cemetery Association care of B. H. Upchurch, 3015 FM 636, Kerens, TX, 75144.

Charles A. Reese
Feb 3, 1933 - Jun 29, 2014

Charles A. Reese

Rev. Charles A. Reese, 81, of Kerens, formerly of Waco, passed away Sunday, June 29th at a Waco hospital.

Funeral services: 10AM Thursday, July 3rd at Lake Shore Funeral Home Chapel.

Burial: China Spring Cemetery.

Visitation: will be 6 to 8PM Wednesday, July 2nd at Lake Shore Funeral Home, 5201 Steinbeck Bend in Waco.

On June 29, 2014 this world lost Charles Anderson Reese, a beloved husband, father, pastor, counselor and friend. Chuck, or �Dink�, as his family and close friends called him, was a complex man with many talents. He loved a fine scotch and a powered-sugar donut, not necessarily together or in that order. He could preach a moving lesson of �love one another� from the pulpit in the morning and cheer for the Cowboys to �kill� their opponents on Sunday afternoon.

Chuck was born February 3, 1933 in Kerens, Texas to Anna Lucille Anderson and Charles Erin Reese. He graduated from Kerens High School. He attended Baylor University his freshman year. He completed his undergraduate degree at Trinity University in San Antonio (where he also pitched for the Trinity Tigers) and later earned a Masters of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Texas.

Called to the ministry, Chuck attended the seminary at Princeton University and earned a Masters of Divinity. He spent much of his career as Assistant Chief Probation Officer at McLennan County Juvenile Probation in Waco. He finished his social services career in San Antonio, Texas. While in San Antonio, Chuck sang with the San Antonio Barber Shop Chorus and in a close- knit barber shop quartet with whom he created perfect harmony, and cultivated lasting friendships. San Antonio also brought Chuck together with the woman who would became his wife, his closest companion and love of his life until his death � Hope Dominguez-Reese.

Chuck is also survived by his three children � Charles M. Reese; John Reese and partner Yvonne Harder; and Jim Reese and wife Julie. Chuck loved spending time with his sons, who have grown into the same kind of caring men as their father. Each had their own unique bonds and common interests with their dad and his pride in each of them was clear to anyone who spent much time with Chuck. Chuck is also survived by numerous nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews, and great-great-nieces and nephews too numerous to name, but all of whom were precious to him.

Returning home to Kerens to care for his mother upon his retiremet, Chuck served as associate Pastor of his boyhood church � Kerens Presbyterian. As a man of God, Reverend Reese�s ability to inspire and comfort through a quickly crafted prayer was legend. Chuck prayed as if he had a direct connection to the Lord and his prayers always made you feel he could directly connect you too. Chuck aspired to be a fisher of men. He always had his net cast wide, but never pushed or judged.

Although he was recently required to be a hospital patient, Chuck was far more comfortable as a visitor in hospitals, providing pastoral and hospice care to parishioners and family alike. Whether visiting a church member with his wife, Hope, cheering for the Rangers with his mother-in-law in her final days, or just helping his sister-in-law with those last two clues of every daily crossword, he always made a boring hospital stay more � well, hospitable. When the end came for those he loved he was always there to offer comfort and prayer; we know by his example, that it would honor him for us to offer the same kind of prayers for him and comfort to those he loved at this difficult time. The irreplacable Mr. Reese will be sorely missed by all who loved him, but we know he is with his Lord and all those he so lovingly ministered in their final days.

Pallbearers will be Tommy Higgins, Erv Donajkowski, Campbell Donajkowski, Clyff Curry, Charles Curry, Reagan Ratcliff, Joe Dominguez, Don Helms, and Nicholas Green.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Kerens Presbyterian Church, 301 SE 3rd St., Kerens, TX 75144.

Pearlie B. (Polk) Gillespie
Dec 30, 1936 - Aug 03, 2014
Pearlie B. Gillespie of Abilene, TX entered into the Lord�s presence on August 3, 2014 at Abilene Regional Medical Center. A service of praise and celebration will be held at King Solomon Baptist Church 1050 Minda Street in Abilene, TX on Friday August 8, 2014 at 11:00 am, The visitation will also be held at King Solomon Baptist Church on Thursday August 7, 2014 between 6:00pm � 8:00pm.
Wife, Mother, Sister, Grandmother and Friend, Pearlie Gillespie was born December 30, 1936 in Kerens TX, to the union of Leroy and Etta Polk. Pearlie attended elementary and high school in Kerens, TX. Soon after completing high school, Pearlie went to Cosmetology School in Fort Worth, TX. In 1957, she met and married the love of her life Alvas Gillespie in San Diego, CA. In 1960, the family relocated to Oxnard, CA. and to this union came 6 children. As a devoted woman of God, Pearlie continued her faithful service at Saint Paul Baptist Church. In 1985, Pearlie and her family moved to Abilene, TX and became faithful members of King Solomon Baptist church. Her spiritual work continued by participating in the church choir and church activities.
Pearlie B. Gillespie of Abilene, TX entered into the Lord�s presence on August 3, 2014 at Abilene Regional Medical Center . Pearlie was preceded in death by both parents, Two daughters: Angelene Bradley & Deborah Webster. Three brothers: James Leroy Polk, William Polk, & Raymond Polk. One sister: Rosetta Polk.
Pearlie leaves beloved memories to her husband of 57 years Alvas Gillespie (Abilene, TX) Two sons: Ottis (Kristine) Gillespie of Oxnard Ca & Edward (Jackie) Gillespie of Sacramento CA, Two daughters: Paula(Freddie) Taylor of Oxnard CA, & Brenda Gillespie of Abilene, TX. Two son-in-laws: Luman Bradley of Abilene, TX & Roy Webster of Fresno CA. Four sisters: Irma Brown of San Diego CA, Ozella (Crosby) Lindsey of Kerens TX, Ruth Polk of Baltimore, MD. & Irene Coe of Plano, TX. 15 Grandchildren, 8 Great-Grandchildren, & a host of nephews, nieces, cousins, and friends. Online condolences may be made at www.dovefuneralhome.net. Services entrusted to Dove Funeral Home.

Ruthie Mae Weaver
Mar 19, 1946 - Jul 9, 2012

March 19, 1946 - July 9, 2012

Ruthie Mae Williams was born March 19, 1946 in Kerens, Texas to the parentage of Frank and Annie B. Weaver. She was a member of Sunset Baptist Church of Grand Prairie, Texas for over 20 years under the leadership of Reverend Matthew C. McGruder. She later joined New Life Full Gospel Community Church where she served faithfully until her health failed her.

She leaves to cherish her memories: 2 sons, James Wright (Norma) and Billy B. Weaver of Dallas, TX: 7 grandchildren, Temerilla Mills & Billy B. Mills of Grand Prairie, TX, Jade Wright, Jazimin Wright, Kecia Wright, Kentrell Wright of Dallas, TX and Olivia Rodgers of Houston, TX; 8 great grandchildren sisters, Margaret Pipkins (Leroy) of Dallas, TX, Marie Spann (James) of Garland, TX, Estella Weaver (Norwood) of Dallas, TX Lillie Douglas (Charles) of Kerens, TX, Willie Weaver of Dallas, TX, Barbara Shorten (Anthony) Corsicana, TX, Gale Davis (Wayne) of Kerens, TX and Wendy Weaver; brothers,
Maurice Weaver (Deceased), John Weaver (Roslyn) of Kaufman, TX, Robert Weaver (Mattie), James Weaver (Nakia), Raymond Weaver, Billy Weaver (Maryland), Travon Taulton, Christopher Weaver of Grand Prairie, TX; god daughter, Brit-
tany Weaver; stepsisters; Yvonne Massie, Secelia Campbell, Renee Cooper, Debra Campbell, all of Grand Prairie, TX, special friend, Elize Williams and a host of nieces, nephews, other friends and relatives.

Norma Nell (Morgan) Thornton
Dec 10, 1925 - Jan 8, 2012

THORNTON, NORMA NELL MORGAN beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and friend , died January 8, 2012 at the age of 87. Norma was born in Kerens, Texas on December 10, 1925, the youngest of four sisters. She grew up in East Texas during the Great Depression. After graduating from Kerens High School in 1942, Norma went to Southwestern Assemblies of God College in Waxahachie, Texas. After World War II, she met Wilbur "TD" Thornton who she married on December 7, 1946. Norma and TD would have celebrated 66 years of marriage this past month but TD died on October 16, 2012. Norma assisted her husband in his painting contracting business and also pursued a career of her own as an Executive Assistant and Assistant Corporate Secretary of Riviana Foods in Houston where she worked for 30 years until her retirement in 1992. Norma and TD were the proud proprietors of Green Hill Farm in Brenham since 1969 where they enjoyed their family outings and family reunions. Formerly a member of the Park Place Assembly of God where she taught Sunday School, she was a member of the Christian Temple Assembly of God at the time of her death. Norma was preceded in death by her husband, Wilbur "TD", her mother, Edna Mae "Tincie" Morgan and her father, Lewis McMinn Morgan. Norma is survived by her son, David Thornton and daughter-in-law, Sherrie Thornton; daughter, Linda Bloomer and son-in-law, Myron Bloomer; daughter, Cathy Foley and son-in-law, Al Foley; grandchildren, Jenny, Samantha, Rebecca, Steven and Kacey; great-grandson, Jackson; sister-in-law, Connie Reece, numerous nieces and nephews and a multitude of lifelong friends. Visitation with friends and family is Friday, January 11, 2013 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Funeral services will be held at South Park Funeral Home, 1310 North Main St., Pearland, Texas on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 12:30 p.m.

Bruce Columbus Coates
October 02, 1917 - December 23, 2010

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Bruce Columbus Coates, 93, of Denton, died Thursday December 23, 2010 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Denton.
Mr. Coates was born on October 2, 1917 in Kerens, TX to Anderson Bruce and Maggie Bell (Howell) Coates. He was married to Clara Almeda McSween on October 31, 1942 in Burburnett, TX. They had been happily married for 65 years when Clara passed away on October 15, 2008. He was a member of the First Christian Church of Denton for 60 years. He served the church in various duties, and was made Elder Emeritus in October 2002. He was a member of the Denton Lions Club for 60 years and served as president in 1955. He served in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II. He worked many years in the automotive field at various dealerships including Leon McNatt in Denton, and Moritz/Don Davis in Arlington.
A visitation will be held from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday December 27, 2010 at the funeral home. A funeral service will be held at 11:00 AM Tuesday December 28, 2010 in the chapel of Mulkey Mason, Jack Schmitz and Son Funeral Home, 705 N. Locust, Denton, TX. Rev. John Burton and Rev. Charlotte Nabors will officiate the service. Interment will follow at Roselawn Memorial Park. Honorary pallbearers will be members of the Denton Lions Clubs.
He is survived by his son, Robert Bruce Coates and his wife Debbie of Denton; sister, Theora Baker of Arlington; a grandson, Bruce Kyle Coates and his wife Tami of Hickory Creek, TX; and four great grandchildren, Destiney Stone, Noah Stone, Claire Coates and Cole Coates; nieces and nephew, Sharon Kinsey, Selah Hicks, Tim Baker, Chris and Brenda McSween, Roger and Liz McSween, Terry and Cami McSween, Larry and Wendy McSween, Susie Creason, Cindy Walters, and other extended family members.
Memorials may be made to First Christian Church, 1203 N. Fulton, Denton, TX 76201; or to the Texas Lions Camp, P.O. Box 290247, Kerrville, TX 78029-0247.

Charles Earnest Whiteman
Mar 10, 1928 - Apr 12, 2018

Charles Earnest Whiteman

Born March 10, 1928 in Kerens, TX and passed away peacefully April 12, 2018 in Sandy OR, he was 90. Charlie lived in Moss Landing and the Aromas area for 87 years. He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Pauline Whiteman.

They were married in Carson City, Nevada on Feb. 4, 1951. They have two sons, Ray Whiteman and daughter-in-law Bonnie Whiteman of Sandy, OR; and Bruce Whiteman of Sonora, CA. Charlie spent many years with his sons hunting and fishing. He has six granddaughters and 7 great-grandchildren.

Charlie was drafted into the Army during the Korean War in 1950 and returned home 1952. He began his career upon returning from the military as a Teamster and belonged to local 890. He retired from System 99 in 1985. Charlie spent time on road trips in his motor home for years. At home he gardened and had flocks of birds in his yard he fed regularly. Even some wild turkeys dropped by for a visit.

Charlie was active in his church, Harbor Chapel, for more than 45 years and was an usher for 30 of those years. You could always depend on seeing him at the church door every Sunday, greeting everyone and helping anyone who needed it. He never knew a stranger and always engaged in conversation wherever he went. He had a love for good food and Lemon Meringue Pie was his favorite dessert.

Charlie touched the heart of so many people with his prayers and good humor. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Private family graveside services will be held Friday, May 4 in Moss Landing. All friends are welcome to attend Charlie�s memorial Saturday, May 5 at 11 a.m. at Harbor Chapel, 620 Dolan Rd., Moss Landing. In lieu of flowers please donate to your favorite charity or to Harbor Chapel in Charlie�s name.

Special thanks to Jim York at Harbor Chapel for leading us through Charlie�s memorial, and his church family for all the support at this difficult time.

Kathryn Lucille (Darby) Patterson
Oct 18, 1914 - Jul 6, 2012

Graveside service will be held Monday, July 16, 2012 at 10:00 AM at th Donna Cemetery in Donna, Texas, services are under the direction of Sullivan Funeral Home.

Kathryn was born Sunday, October 18, 1914 in Kerens, Texas. She was the daughter of the late Thomas Darby and the late Quenna Bess Scates Darby. She married Wallace Patterson in Kerens, TX., he preceded her in death November of 1987.

She has a lifetime resident of Donna, TX., she came to the lower Rio Grande Valley in 1920 moving to Vernon in 2003. She had lived at Merrill Gardens for several years, she loved to play games as well as dominos. She was a homemaker.

She is survived by
Four Daughters
Betty Marshall of College Station, TX.
Pat Graf & Husband Charles of Vernon, TX.
Sandy Jackson & Husband Gary of Alamo, TX.
Debbie Meredith of San Antonio, TX.

One Sister
Bobbie Darby of Kerens, TX.

Ten Grandchildren
Nineteen Great Grandchildren
Three Great-Great Grandchildren

Preceded in death by a sister Quenna Darby Allen.

Honorary Pallbearers will be Pete Marshall, Mike Marshall, Kristy Marshall, Kyle Meredith, Rickie Meredith ,Wayne Schmoker, Kari Ehringer, Charlotte Stachour, Cheryl Scoggins and Kindra Whiteker.

Memorials can be made to First United Methodist Church or Hospice of Wichita Falls.

Services: Graveside: Monday, July 16, 2012 10:00 - AM

Sammy L. Edwards
May 2, 1946 - November 1, 2017

Sammy L. Edwards was born in Kerens, Navarro County, Texas to the parentage of the late Willie Edwards and Berthina Monroe Edwards.

Sammy graduated from Park High School in Kerens, Texas. Early on Sammy united with New Hope Baptist Church where he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

Sammy moved to Dallas, Texas and later united with Eastgate Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Pastor H.D. Reagan. Sammy served diligently as an usher, enjoyed singing in the mass choir and praising God through the Male Chorus until his health declined.

Sammy worked as a truck driver for many years. He enjoyed life, listening to music and was passionate about helping others.

On November 1, 2017, Sammy L. Edwards departed this walk of life and transitioned from earth to glory. Sammy was preceded in death by: his parents, Willie and Berthina Edwards; three brothers, Willie Edwards, Jr., J.C. Edwards and Robert Edwards; sisters, Francis Watson, Maurine Castle, Shirley Toliver and Berdie Wilson.

Sammy leaves to lament and his passing and celebrate his homegoing: his loving and devoted wife of 24 years, Lena Edwards; siblings, Percy Edwards (Jean), Margaret Banks and Doris Edwards; sister-in-law, Nina Clay and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends.

Mary Jane (Paul) Honea
Apr 6, 1924 - Apr 5, 2016

Dateline Jasper, Indiana

Mary Jane Honea, age 91, of Jasper, Indiana, passed away at 8:07 p.m. on Tuesday (April 5, 2016) at Northwood Retirement Community in Jasper.

Mary Jane was born in Kerens, Texas, on April 6, 1924 to Westley and Addie (Anderson) Paul. She married Ollie Honea on September 14, 1945. He preceded her in death on December 27, 1980.

Mary Jane was a homemaker and enjoyed knitting, at which she was very talented.

Two sons,
Kenneth Honea, and his wife Cindy, Hopkinsville, KY
Randy Honea, Nashville, TN
Two granddaughters,
Christy Faivre-Malloy and Melissa Honea
One great - grandson,
David Spurlin

Preceding her in death besides her husband are two sisters and four brothers.

Private services will be held at a later date.

Memorial contributions may be made to a favorite charity.

James Porter "J.P." Fortner
Sep 25, 1858 - Jun 18, 1924

Well Known Farmer Dead.

J. P. Fortner, aged sixty-five years, a good and well known citizen of the Tupelo community, died at 4:30 yesterday afternoon at the home of his son in the Jester community, and the remains were interred in the Prairie Point cemetery near Bazette, this afternoon. The deceased had lived in the county many years, and was esteemed as a good citizen by all who knew him. The wife of the deceased passed away some years ago, but he is survived by seven grown children, one daughter and six sons.

The funeral this afternoon was largely attended.


Sarah Elizabeth (Parker) Findley
Nov 20, 1855 - Feb 18, 1942


Mrs. Sarah E. Findley, aged 86 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. C. Carver in the Pursley community Wednesday morning.

Funeral services are slated Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the church at Prairie Point with burial in the Prairie Point cemetery.

A native of Mississippi, Mrs. Findley had resided in Navarro county since two months of age. She resided in the Bazette community until a few weeks ago when she went to Pursley.

Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Carver, Pursley; Mrs. Fred Mitchell, West Columbia, and Mrs. Mary Stewart, Jacksonville; a son, Barney Findley, Orth, Texas; a sister, Mrs. Belle Watt, and a brother, I. L. Parker, both of Bazette; twenty-two grandchildren and twenty-eight great-grandchildren.

Corley Funeral Home is in charge.




Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah E. Findley, aged 86 years, who died at Pursley Wednesday morning, were held Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the Prairie Point cemetery. Burial was in the Prairie Point cemetery.

A native of Mississippi, Mrs. Findley had resided in Navarro county since two months of age and prior to moving to Pursley a few weeks ago, had lived in the Bazette area for many years.

Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. J. C. Carver, Pursley; Mrs. Fred Mitchell, West Columbia, and Mrs. Mary Stewart, Jacksonville; a son, Barney Findley, Orth, Texas; a sister, Mrs. Belle Watt, and a brother, I. L. Parker, both of Bazette; 22 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.

Corley Funeral Home is in charge.


Ira Lee Taylor
Jan 29, 1891 - Nov 1, 1936


Funeral services for Ira Lee Taylor, aged 45 years, who died at his home in Louise, Texas, Sunday, were held Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the residence of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Stubbs at Zion�s Rest with interment in the Prairie Point cemetery. The rites were conducted by Rev. Burnett Jones of Corsicana, Full Gospel minister.

Mr. Taylor was a native of Corsicana, and resided here until about two years ago when he moved to Louise where he was employed by an oil company.

Surviving are his wife, four sons, Edgar, Freddie, Dubart and Homer Taylor; a daughter, Ava Taylor; a step-daughter, Rosa Nell Beatty, all of Louise; a sister, Mrs. C. H. Brent, Corsicana, and a brother, Wills Taylor, Bazette.

Pallbearers were Gene Stubbs, Gilbert Stubbs, Leroy Stubbs, Clyde Stubbs, Richard Stubbs, and John Stubbs.

Corley Funeral Home directed the arrangements.

The body arrived in Corsicana Tuesday morning at 4:45 o'clock.


  • The Corsicana Daily Sun - Tuesday, November 3, 1936
  • Submitted by Diane Richards
  • 1st wife Sallie (Herrin) Taylor married Oct. 12, 1913 2nd wife Frances Luvenie (Stubbs) Beatty-Taylor-Rice; s/o David B. Taylor & Melvina Frances (Hendrixson) Taylor

Jimmye Earlene (Nelson) Sharrer
Feb 28, 1925 - Jul 15, 2008

Jimmy Sharrer, 83, of Malakoff passed away Tuesday, July 15, 2008, at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.

Services will be 1 p.m. Saturday at Paschal Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Atwell Hawkins officiating. Interment will follow at Prairie Point cemetery Arrangements by Paschal Funeral Home, Kerens.


  • The Corsicana Daily Sun - Thursday, July 17, 2008
  • Submitted by Diane Richards
  • w/o Clifton McKinley �Pat� McKinley married Jan. 5, 1942; d/o James Hogg "Jim" Nelson & Florence Jewel (Colvin) Nelson

Lula Gladys Mayo
Jan 11, 1908 - Jan 5, 1922

(The Kerens Tribune)

Daughter of Sid Mayo Dies.

Just as we were going to press word was received here that a daughter of Mr. Sid Mayo, residing north of Kerens, died of pneumonia. We did not learn the time of her death, nor has funeral arrangements been made public.


Emma (Tomerlin) Marshall
Jul 12, 1902 - Sep 23, 1920

In Memory.

In Memory of Mrs. Emma Marshall, who departed this life on September 23, 1920.

Darling Emma only bloomed for 18 years, she being married to Mr. Sam Marshall on December 8, 1919. She was the daughter of the Rev. Mr. Tomlin of the Buffalo community. All was done that loving hands could do, but God had a vacant place he wanted to be filled so he called our darling Emma. It was hard to give her up; but weep not, dear loved ones, for Emma is at rest where there will be no more sorrow for her to know. Let us walk the straight and narrow way that when we leave this sinful world we may meet darling Emma up there.

She was laid in rest in Prairie Point cemetery Friday, Sept. 24. She leaves a father, mother, five sisters and three brothers and a host of friends and relatives to mourn her death. But one sweet thought our soul is given is that we will meet our darling Emma in a better world above.

A loving friend,
Powell, Texas, Route 1.


  • The Corsicana Daily Sun - Thursday, Oct 14, 1920
  • Submitted by Diane Richards
  • w/o Richard Samuel �Sam� Marshall married Dec. 10, 1919 buried in Rice Cemetery, Rice, Tx; d/o Rev. Nobel Nathaniel Tomerlin & Mae Hoyte (Holland) Thomason-Tomerlin

Glenn Lanier Sybert
February 22, 1918 - November 2, 2009

Glenn Sybert, Born 2-22-1918 in Emory, TX and passed away 11-2-2009 in Corsicana, TX. He was a WWII Veteran, a member of the Masonic Lodge /Scottish Rite for 63 years and a Charter Member of Buckner Terrace Baptist Church. Glenn was employed by the Baptist Foundation of Texas. Preceded in death by his parents, sister, and his precious wife. Glenn is survived by his daughter, Glynda Southard and husband, Fred of Blooming Grove, TX; grandchildren, Glenn and Gretchen Southard of the Woodlands, TX, Jarrett and Melanie Southard of Avalon, TX, Ronda and David Peterson of Blooming Grove, TX; great-grandchildren, Travis, Kyle, Abby Southard of the Woodlands, TX, Caide Southard, Parker and Tyler Ellis of Avalon, TX, Logan and Madison Peterson of Blooming Grove, TX. Visitation will be 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, 11-3-2009 at the funeral home. Funeral services will be 2 p.m. Wednesday, 11-4-2009 in the Grove Hill Chapel. Entombment to follow at Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park.


Michael Dean White
Sep 24, 1957 - Aug 30, 20178

Obituary for Michael Dean White
Michael was born in McAllen TX to Dean and Jane White. He attended Texas Tech University where he completed his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Education with a Major in History. In 1979 he married the love of his life, Donna. His career in Education began in 1982 and spanned 35 years. Michael's love and passion for teaching and coaching impacted students and staff from Irving Nimitz, Maypearl, and Blooming Grove ISD. The Lord called him home on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.
Michael is preceded in death by his son Eric Michael White, his father and hero Donald Dean White, his Sister in law Karen Felker Gaston, Paternal Grandparents Lester and Ercil White, and Maternal Grandparents Jean and Louise Jipp.
He is survived by his loving wife of 38 years, daughters and son in laws Stacey and Jason Wallen and Megan and Matt Horne. Grandchildren Keely and Payton Wallen, Colbie and Mason Tigue, and Baby Horne. Mother Jane Jipp White, Mother in Law Bonnie Mundell, Sister and Sister in law Christa and Renita White, Brother in law Ronnie Gaston, Brother in law and Sister in law Brian and Madelyne Mundell, many nieces and nephews, numerous Aunts and Uncles, and other extended family.
Donations may be made to Michael D. White Scholarship Fund at the Cowboy Bank of Texas 100 South Main Street, Maypearl, TX. 76064 or at Blooming Grove ISD 212 West Grady Street Blooming Grove, TX. 76626.


Gilbert "Hile" Padilla
Dec 19, 1929 - Nov 25, 2009

Gilbert "Hile" Padilla was born on December 19, 1929 in Purdon, Texas and passed away on November 25, 2009 at his home in San Antonio, Texas. He joined the US Army in 1951 where he proudly served his country and held the rank of Corporal. He was Preceded in death by his wife of 48 Years Maria L. Padilla. He leaves behind his daughters Teresa P. Torres, Beatrice P. Cruz, Sylvia Padilla, son Gilbert Padilla Jr., son in law Reuben Cruz Sr., nine grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. We would like to thank Mary Reyes, his provider and friend for all her help and kindness in the years of his life. Grandpa was a wise, humorous and loving person and will be dearly missed. Love you Grandpa. Visitations will begin 11:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at Trevino Funeral Home, 2525 Palo Alto Rd. with a Rosary to be recited at 7:00 pm that same evening at the funeral home. A Procession will depart the funeral home at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am mass at St. Bonaventure's Catholic Church. Interment to follow in Fort Sam National Cemetery


Ursline (Woodard) Lewis
Jul 25, 1915 - Jul 8, 2007


Ursline Lewis of Harlingen passed away at Retama Nursing Center, Sunday, July 8, 2007, at the age of 91. Ursline was born in Purdon, Texas, and has lived in the Rio Grande Valley for the last 73 years. She was the daughter of James M. Woodard and Ruby E. Warden Woodard. Her husband, Marvin Haven Lewis, and brother, Stanley W. Woodard of Tyler, preceded her in death in 1999.

Survivors include Marvin G. Lewis, stepson of Montgomery Village, MD; and Sandra S. Hein, stepdaughter, of Laguna Niguel, CA.

Usline's profession was as a bookkeeper and auditor. Among the more notable Valley firms she worked with were Sears, Ring & Brown Distributors, and Davis Brokerage from which she retired. She was a music aficionado and played classical and pop selections on the piano. She found much pleasure in bowling. She was a member of the First Christian Church in Harlingen.

A graveside service will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2007, 1 p.m., at Buena Vista Memorial Park in Brownsville with Rev. Mark Coppins officiating.



May Pearl (Kinson) Crapanzano
May 1, 1934 - Dec 28, 2017

In Memory of
May Pearl Crapanzano
May 1, 1934 - December 28, 2017

May Crapanzano was born on May 1, 1934 in Purdon, Texas to parents Don Kinson and Opal (Pearson) Kinson and entered into eternal rest on December 28, 2017 at the age of 83. May married the love of her life, Samuel Anthony Crapanzano, on December 10, 1949. She was a loving wife and mother. Family was her main priority. She always made sure there was a roof over their heads, and they had plenty of food, clothes and love. May felt that an education also very important for her children. She was strong willed and determined to do things right. May was a hard worker and was employed with Tom thumb for 15 years. She was very kind, caring and loved everyone. May was Pentecostal by faith and helped paint and set up one of the churches she had joined. May was an extraordinary lady who was loved by many and will be missed by all.

May was preceded in death by her parents, daughter Rosa Masson, 9 sisters and 3 brothers.

She was survived by her daughter Beverly Martin of Norman, OK, son Tony Crapanzano of Amarillo, daughter Donna Homire and husband Rod of Mesquite, daughter Cindy Hicks of Grapevine, son Mark Crapanzano of Kemp, 13 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, sister Joyce C. Lewis and husband Bobby of Payne Springs, other loving family members and many more friends.


Agnes Lou (Smith) Gray
1920 - May 1, 2010

Gray, Agnes Lou Smith Agnes Lou Smith Gray passed away on Saturday, May 1, 2010 at the age of 89. Agnes was born in Rice, Texas to Robert O Smith and Bertie Orange Smith. After graduating from the University of North Texas she met Don Gray. They were married in August, 1945 in Denton, Texas. After moving to Dallas from Detroit, Michigan in 1948 she and Don joined City Temple Presbyterian Church - now known as NorthPark Presbyterian Church. An active member of the church for over 50 years, she served on a variety of boards and committees at the church. An avid seamstress all her life she became an even more avid quilter in the 1990's. She was preceded in death by her husband Donald R Gray and her parents Robert O Smith and Bertie O Smith. She is survived by her daughter Sandra Griffith and her husband Brooks; her son Paul Gray and his wife Beth DeTine and their daughter Sarah Gray. Special thanks to Ruby Thomas for being such a wonderful caregiver. In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made to NorthPark Presbyterian Church - Youth Mission Trips or to the American Cancer Society. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 2:00 PM at NorthPark Presbyterian Church, 9555 N Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75230.


Josephine Burnette (Pace) Holley
Nov 12, 1916 - Dec 21, 2005

HOLLEY, , JOSEPHINE BRUNETTE Was born in Rice, Texas on November 12, 1916 and went home to be with her Lord and Savior December 21, 2005. Josephine was a very loving mother and grandmother and lived a life of servitude. She leaves behind to cherish her memory, her son, Jerry Holley, grandchildren Tommy Huntington, Cindy Hill, Mary Losack, Tom Stuart, Lesa Holley, and Lesley Holley, 7 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren, 4 brothers, 1 sister, and numerous other family members and friends. She was preceded in death by Benjamin Franklin Pace, Sr., Anna Steward Pace, Mary Stuart and Martha Huntington. Services celebrating Josephine's life will be held Saturday, December 24 2005, 10:00 A.M. at Anderson-Clayton Memorial Chapel in Mesquite with interment to follow at Grove Hill Memorial Park in Dallas. The family will receive friends Friday evening from 6-8. Anderson Clayton 972-285-5489 Mesquite


Melton Lee Barnes
Feb 12, 1926 - Dec 23, 2017

In Memory of
Melton Lee Barnes
February 12, 1926 - December 23, 2017

Melton Lee Barnes passed away Saturday, December 23rd at the age of 91. He was born in Rice, Texas on February 12, 1926 to Ora Modelle Womack and Loyce P. Barnes. After graduating from Forest Avenue High School in May 1944, he joined the U.S. Army in July 1944. In February 1945, he was deployed as a proud member of the 10th Calvary attached to the 10th Mountain Division in Europe. Upon the completion of the war he returned to Dallas Texas where he married Cora Wretha Gallatin in January 1952. He retired from Riverside Press after 40 years as a master printer, where he was responsible for the printing of such items as the Neiman Marcus catalog as well as many of the Hallmark greeting cards. He was an avid hunter, fisherman, golfer and outdoorsman. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Cora Wretha Barnes, daughters Tina Barnes of Greenville, Texas and Lisa Barnes of Richardson, Texas and his son, Eugene Barnes, his wife Rhonda and their children Madison and Trent of Dallas Texas. In addition, he is survived by numerous nieces and nephews. Visitation will be held at Laurel Land Funeral Home located at 6000 South R L Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX Thursday, December 28, 6-8 p.m. Funeral Services will be held at Laurel Land Funeral Home, Friday December 29 at 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation of time or money to The VA North Texas Fisher House at www.northtexas.va.gov/services/fisher_house.asp


Burmah Lee (Riggins) Kyser
January 12, 1936 - October 25, 2017

Burmah Kyser, 81, passed away in Ennis, Texas on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

Burmah was born in Rice, Texas, the daughter of Edgar and Mildred Riggins.

She is a member of Anthony Drive Baptist Church. She worked for Donavon Galvani Sewing Factory. On November 18, 1955 she married David Kyser.

Burmah�s love of her life was her husband and their children.

She is survived by her sons: Clarence and wife, Linda Kyser, Brian and wife, Terri Kyser; daughters: Judy Kyser and Janet Kyser; eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren and with a large extended family that called her �Granny�.

She is preceded in death by her beloved husband, David Kyser, her parents and brother, Wayne Riggins

A Celebration of her life will take place on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 10 a.m. in Baylor Baptist Church located at 210 N. Preston Street, Ennis with Rev. Chet Hensley officiating.

Let the Peace of Christ rule in your Hearts.

Colossians 3:15



Barbara Ann (Braddock) Crowe
Feb 14, 1937 - Dec 25, 2015

In Memory of
Barbara Ann Crowe
February 14, 1937 - December 25, 2015

Barbara Ann Braddock Crowe, our loving Mama and Nanny, passed away peacefully at the age of 78 on December 25, 2015, in her home surrounded by her loving family. She was born in Rice, Texas, on Feb. 14, 1937, to Tiny and Clyde Braddock. She is preceded in death by her parents and siblings Bill Braddock and Betty Dowdy. Barbara is survived by her sister Peggy Gill of Irving and her twin brother Bobby Braddock of Mesquite.

After several moves around Texas, Barbara and her husband Marvin, who died in 1977, settled in Mesquite, Texas. Barbara is survived by their four children: Terry

Phillips and her husband Eddie Phillips of Terrell, David Crowe and his wife Joan Crowe of Rowlett, Liz Qualls and her husband Andy Qualls of Heath, and Marvin Crowe and his wife Cheryl Crowe of Mesquite. She was blessed with nine grandchildren: Jason Phillips, Neil

Phillips, Bonnie Phillips Wester and her husband Chaz, Kevin Crowe, Lindsey Qualls James and her husband Justin, Katie Qualls Sauce and her husband

Aaron, Travis Qualls, Chelsea Crowe and Cody Crowe, along with eight beautiful great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. Barbara loved others and made everyone feel extremely important and special. We will miss our compassionate, generous Mama, Nanny, sister and friend who taught us to treat others with love and respect. She always said she did not have anything to give to others, but she did: her last dollar in her wallet, her sweet smile of encouragement, her words of praise, and her undeniable love for animals.

Be comforted, for you are not alone.

Private burial to follow at Restland.


Ronald Thomas McFadden
Sep 5, 1933 - Feb 27, 2011

Obituary for Ronald Thomas McFadden
McFadden: Ronald Thomas age 77 of Dresden passed away Sunday at Chatham Kent Health Alliance Public General Campus. Born in Dresden son of the late Thomas & Enis (Patterson) McFadden. Ron worked at Meritor for 32 years and he owned and operated McFadden Lawn Services and Snow removal for over 35 years. Predeceased by his first wife Merilyn (Martin) McFadden (2003) Surviving are his wife Jane (Gonyou) McFadden, daughter Trudy (Rick) Green of Chatham, sons: Tom (Karen) McFadden of Chatham, Greg (Norine) McFadden of Dresden, P. Jay McFadden of Chatham, Russell (Connie) McFadden of Wallaceburg and Tony (Shanon) McFadden of Dresden, fourteen grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, stepdaughters: Danielle (Jaime) Morales of Kitchener and Nicole (John) Reid of Texas and four step-grandchildren, one sister Janet (Ed) Murray of Embro. Visitors will be received at the Thomas L. DeBurger Funeral Home 620 Cross St. Dresden Tuesday 7-9 p.m., Wednesday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. A funeral service will be conducted from the chapel of the funeral home Thursday March 3, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. with Rev. Terry Clyne officiating. Cremation with interment in Dresden Cemetery. Donations if desired to the Ontario Heart and Stroke Foundation or the charity of your choice would be appreciated by the family.


Doris Jean (Finch) Legge
Sep 30, 1927 - Mar 9, 2014

Doris Finch Legge, 86, passed away on March 9, 2014. She was born in Chatfield, Texas, on September 30, 1927 to William and Beulah Jeffers Finch. Her father, a cotton farmer, became a widower when Doris was 4. Her sister Estelle, helped to raise Doris. Her other siblings included Frances, James, Katherine, and Boyd. She attended school in Rice, Texas.

Her first job was part-time at J.M. Dyer, where she earned $1 per day, then moved on to a bank, where she earned a bit more. She later landed a job as a secretary at Texas Power and Light in Corsicana. In Corsicana, she met a WWII Navy veteran, M.C. Legge. They met on a double blind date, each was paired with another person. M.C. and Doris hit it off so well that they switched dates. They married on October 16, 1948. Doris later recalled that instead of a wedding reception, they went to New Orleans, LA, where M.C. stopped at a gas station and bought two packages of Fig Newtons and two Dr. Peppers to celebrate the union.

In 1960, M.C. accepted a job at National Supply in Gainesville, Texas. Doris and M.C. became very close to Maureen and Richard Pyle. Friends continued to play a key role in their lives. Doris was known as an exceptional cook and for her manner of making everyone feel welcome. She had an easy laugh, and loved playing practical jokes. She possessed a love of life. Even when she had to move from her home into a nursing facility, she enjoyed everything from visits from friends and family to watching a roadrunner out the window and cheering for the Texas Rangers. Doris was an active member of First Baptist Church since moving to Gainesville in 1960.

Doris was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, M.C. Legge, sisters Frances, Katherine, and Estelle, brothers Boyd and James, and nieces Ethel Swanner and Susan Mears, and nephew James Finch. She is survived by nieces Pam Durio, Ann Burns, and Mary Loofbourrow, nephews Boyd Brown, John Anderson and his wife Debby, John Finch and Joe Loofbourrow. The family wishes to thank her close friends Anna Jo and Doug Selby, Mary Tibbets, and Mary Holland, along with a host of others for their loving care and companionship to Doris. The family also expresses gratitude for the years of care provided by Trice Henry and the staff of Renaissance Care Center.

A funeral service will be held at 11:00 AM Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the Geo. J. Carroll & Son Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Hubert Wright officiating. Burial will follow in the Fairview Cemetery.


Helena Delois (Hobbs) Townsend
Jan 25, 1927 - Mar 5, 2015

Helena Delois Townsend a resident of Mansfield, Texas formerly of Durant, Oklahoma passed away in Mansfield, Texas on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at the age of 88. She was born in Chatfield, Texas on January 25, 1927 to Tommy and Lena (Roark) Hobbs.

Helena Delois was a member of the First Baptist Church in Durant, Oklahoma.

Mrs. Townsend is survived by her sisters, Sue Hurst of Cedar Hill, Texas and Deyne Tannehill of McAlester, Oklahoma; nieces and nephews, Glenda Poteet of Mansfield, Texas, Larry Burdette of Hermiston, Oregon, Debbie Hurst of Grand Prairie, Texas, Randy Hurst of San Francisco, California, Jeff Hurst and wife Cathy of San Diego, California and Mike Tannehill of Ft. Worth, Texas; and numerous great nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Townsend was preceded in death by her daughter, Vicki Townsend Stinson; parents, Tommy Hobbs and Lena Spradlin; sister, Dorothy Lockhart.

A graveside service will be held at 11:00 AM Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at the Highland Cemetery Chapel in Durant, Oklahoma with Rev. James Robinson officiating.

Services are under the direction of Holmes-Coffey-Murray Funeral Home, Durant, Oklahoma.


James Roy Reed
Mar 8, 1925 - Sep 18, 2016

In Memory of
James Roy Reed
March 8, 1925 - September 18, 2016

James was born March 8, 1925 in Killeen, TX to parents George Lewis and Mary Francis (Wilson) Reed and entered into eternal rest on September 18, 2016 at the age of 91. James grew up in the former State Orphan�s Home in Corsicana, at the age of seventeen he enlisted in the Army and asked to be in the Calvary so he could ride the horses. They accepted him in the Army but he got to drive a tank instead of riding a horse. He served in the United States Army during WWII under General Patton in the Battle of the Bulge and helped to liberate several concentration camps during his service. He married Jewel Virginia Lee Lawson in February of 1950. That began the love story that lasted unseperated and never ending for over 66 years. James enjoyed fishing, hunting and raising cattle. He loved his family very much and wrote songs and poems to them all through the years. James was the minister at Trinity Full Gospel Church in Seven Points since 1995 where he touched many people�s lives with his preaching and knowledge of The Word. He was a loving, caring man who will be tremendously missed by all who knew him.

James was preceded in death by his parents, brothers; George, Albert, Kelton and a set of twin boys, sisters; Blanche, Dovie, Lorene, Jewel and Louise, grandsons; Robert Glen Turner, Jason Leon Reed and Mark Anthony Deramee and great-grandson Maddox Alexander Nagnwai.

He is survived by his loving wife Jewel Reed of Chatfield, sons; Roland Reed of Mabank and James Reed Jr. and Huyen �Wee� of Kemp, a nephew that was like a son �Petalo� Price of Mexia, daughters; Debra Turner and Harold of Kemp, Brenda Deramee and Don of Garland, Donna Renfro and Jim of Irving, Bonnie Anita Jones and Larry of Gun Barrel City, Carolyn Reed of Gun Barrel City, an acquired child Robbin Drake of Tool, adopted sister-in-law Shirley Wood of Seagoville, 21 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great grandchild and 1 on the way, numerous other nephews, nieces, relatives and many friends.


Betty Ray (Allen) O'Bryant
Aug 12, 1943 - Apr 23, 2016

Betty Ray O'Bryant was born on August 12, 1943 in Stephenville, Texas. She grew up in The Corsicana State Orphans Home in Corsicana, Texas. Upon graduation from high school she moved to Ft. Worth to live with her sister and brother-in-law, Bee and Marlin Downey. There she met Jim and spent the next thirty years moving from place to place with a military husband.

She was an ovarian cancer survivor for three and one half years. Throughout the last four years of pain and suffering from surgery, chemo therapy, heart and lung problems she never lost her faith in God, Never complained and never once said "Why me". Her strong faith is the glue that held us all together. She was a "Giver" in every sense of the word, never expecting anything in return. Her smile brightened every room she entered.

She is preceded in death by her son Jimmy Ray, Her parents Jack and Aline Allen and sister Jackie. She is survived by her husband Jim, daughter and son-in-law Cindy and Randy, the shining light of her life, her grandkids, McKenzie and Connor, her sister and brother-in-law Bee and Marlin Downey, and lots of nieces and nephews.

Services entrusted to Charles W. Smith & Sons, Sachse, TX


Cleophus "Tex" Downey
Apr 18, 1932 - Oct 14, 2010

CLEOPHUS 'TEX' DOWNEY1932-2010GARDINER, MAINE-Cleophus Downey 78, of Gardiner, passed away peacefully Thursday, October 14, 2010 at Maine General Medical Center in Augusta. He was born on April 18, 1932, in Irene Texas, son of Jewel and Duward Downey. Cleophus attended the State Orphans Home in Corsicana, Texas from 1939 to 1949, where he graduated high school as class president, and starred as fullback on the 1949 State Home Champion football team. He joined the Air Force in June 1949 with basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. He attended aircraft engine school in Wichita Falls, Shepard AFB until May 1950, after which he served tours of duty in Japan and Korea. In March 1953, 'Tex', as he was known by all, was stationed at Dow AFB, in Bangor, Maine until his discharge in June 1955. During his service time in Bangor, he met and fell in love with Carolyn Arlene Peters, of Gardiner, Maine. They were married October 2, 1954 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In June 1957, the couple moved to Manchester, Connecticut for employment at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford, CT where Tex worked for 34 years as a quality review inspector, while raising his family with Arlene in Manchester.He retired in March 1991, and moved to the Peters' family home in Gardiner. Tex loved the state of Maine, and sharing time with his family there. He was a voracious reader and loved a good debate. He was a naturally talented artist and a self taught wood carver and handyman. He nourished his carving talents during his retirement years and delighted his family and friends with gifts of his truly life like bird and wildlife carvings. He enjoyed gardening and tending to his beautiful surroundings and landscapes, and loved his companion 'shop cat' of 15 years, named Skeeter. Tex created a warm and happy home with his artwork, and loved to entertain his children and grandchildren with projects in his workshop, affectionately named: 'Downey Duck Works, etc'. He will be remembered as a kind and thoughtful husband and father, and a humble man, always.He was predeceased by three sisters, Eva Leta Parker, Jetta Grey, and Billie Rawls, all from Texas. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Arlene, and his son Bradford Downey of Vernon, CT and his wife Meredith. Also his daughters, Lou Ann Downey of Manchester, CT, and her husband Frank Philopena, Gail Downey-Bannon of Manchester, CT, and her husband Christopher, his grandchildren Caroline and Meghan Philopena and James and Cary Bannon. He is also survived by his brother Marlin Downey of Sachse, Texas and his wife Bee, as well as many nieces and nephews.The family would like to thank the doctors and staff of the Togus VA hospital, the Augusta Rehabilitation Center and Maine General Medical Center for their kind care and assistance the past few months. Arrangements are in the care of Staples Funeral Service, 53 Brunswick Ave., Gardiner, ME. There will be no visiting hours. In lieu of flowers, donations in Tex's name can be made to the Kennebec Valley Humane Society, 10 Pet Haven Lane, Augusta, ME 04330-6119. Condolences to the family can be sent via the funeral home website: www.staplesfuneralhome.com.


Peggy June (Stroud) Morris
June 22, 1933February 1, 2017

Peggy June Stroud Morris, 83, of Bluff Dale, passed away Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, at her residence.

Funeral: 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017, at Bluff Dale Baptist Church in Bluff Dale. Burial followed at Glenn Cemetery in Hood County.

Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27, at Stephenville Funeral Home.

Peggy was born June 22, 1933, in Blum to the late Alvin Harry and Winnie Myrle Briscoe Stroud. She attended grade school in Hillsboro. Because of her parent�s divorce and her mother being unable to care for her, she and her two siblings, Joann and Wayne, were placed in the Texas State Orphans Home in Corsicana.

She left the home in 1948, met and married the love of her life, Farris Ray Morris, on June 10, 1950, in Hood County and together they raised three daughters. He preceded her in death Feb. 8, 2008.

She was a member of the Bluff Dale Baptist Church.

Survivors include her three daughters, Diane Morris, Kristina Morris, and Connie Davis and husband, Dwayne; brother, Wayne Stroud; sister, Joann Stroud; eight grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren; as well as extended family and friends.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Farris Ray Morris; infant son, Farris Ray Morris Jr.; parents, Alvin Harry Stroud and Winnie Myrle Briscoe; infant brother, Dwayne Stroud; and great-grandson, Adrian Davis.


Floyd Cheatham
Aug 26, 1934 - Oct 15, 2016

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Memorial Service for Floyd Cheatham, 82, of Brownsboro will be held on Friday, Oct. 21, at 4 p.m. at the Hannigan Smith Funeral Home in Athens, Texas with Pastor Dewayne Tedfordofficiating. Mr. Cheatham passed away on Saturday Oct. 15, in Athens. Floyd Newton Cheatham, son of Archie Newton and Minnie Leona Wells Cheatham was born on August 26, 1934 in Lindale, TX. He was the seventh of eight children. He lived with his family until his mother�s death four years later in 1938. At which time he was turned over to the Corsicana State Orphans Home. Floyd was very active in sports, FFA and Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston area fat stockshows. After graduating from Corsicana State Home High School he worked various jobs that led himto Bonners Ferry, Idaho. He worked for the Idaho State Highway department until enlisting in the United States Marine Corp in October 1955. He received an honorable discharge as a Corporal. In 1958, he returned to Bonners Ferry and took work with the U.S. Forest Service in the engineering department. In the spring 1964, he met the love of his life, Jeannette Cenfield; they were married six months later on Oct. 29, 1964, and together they had four children. Floyd worked for Louisiana Pacific lumber company in Moyie Springs, Idaho for 32 years, retiring in 2000. Over the years, Floyd and Jeannette took in extra children and animals. Their doors were always open and meal times were often the best times of day with laughter and good food. Floyd worked very hard around the farm raising cattle, hogs, chickens, sheep, horses and his children, who were his pride and joy. Floyd loved to travel and to go camping where he took his family on many extended vacations. He was an outdoorsman who loved hunting, wood working, horseback riding and collecting rocks. His main joy in life was spending time with his family, especially being involved in his grandchildren�s activities. Floyd was a member of the Damascus Baptist Church, of Lindale, TX. Floyd is preceded in death by his parents, Archie and Minnie Cheatham, sister, Emma Hancock, brothers Ray Cheatham, Lloyd Cheatham, Andy Cheatham. He is survived by his wife, Jeanette Cheatham; four children, Wendy Jean Cheatham of Brownsboro,TX, Stephen Wesley Cheathan and wife Laura of Hayden, Idaho. Deborah Lynn Higgins and husband Joseph of Naples, Idaho, Phillip Jason Cheatham and Michele Thiem of Athens, TX. Two sisters, Marietta McElroy of San Diego, CA and Noma Jean Manning of Birmingham, Al, One brother Wayne �TEX� Cheatham of Post Falls, Idaho. Eleven grandchildren; Jessica Lynn Cheatham, Michael Lee WesleyMurphy, Christopher Matthew Cheatham, Stephanie Nichole Vogel, Jacob Vogel, Kevin DonaldCheatham, Cooper Glen Joseph Higgins, Kelsey Jo McKnight, Samantha Leona Cheatham, Haley TaylorCheatham; six great grandchildren, Jada, Jazi, Landon, Wesley, Nolan, and Wyatt and numerousnieces, nephews and cousins.Visitation will be held from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, Oct. 21, at Hannigan Smith Funeral Home in Athens. Arrangements were entrusted to the Hannigan Smith Funeral Home Family. You may light a memorial candle or write condolences to the family at www.hannigansmith.com.


Huey Lee Rush, Jr.
Oct 25,f 1932 - June 12 2006

Huey Lee Rush, Jr., 73, of Whitney passed away on June 12, 2006 in Waco. He was the son of Huey and Alma Anna Huff Rush. He grew up in the Corsicana State Orphans Home beginning at age 13 He attended school and graduated from Corsicana State Orphans Home; played football and ran track at Navarro Jr. College and North Texas. He received his Bachelors and Master degree from North Texas. He was a teacher and coach for 15 years and had his own construction company. During the Panama conflict he served in the U. S. Army from 1956 - 1959 and in the reserves until 1962. Huey loved to play 42 and work with wood, adored his grandchildren and was a good family man. He was a member of Fort Graham Baptist Church. Survivors include his wife, Virginia Lee Rush of Whitney; children, Sharon Graves and husband, Gary of Duncanville, Becky McClain and husband, Doug of Granbury; brother, Raymond Rush and wife, YoKo of Lake Charles, LA; sister, Margie Powell and husband, Carl of Lake Charles, LA; 14 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Interment of the cremains will follow later at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. Memorials: Fort Graham Baptist Church, 137 FM 2604, Whitney, TX 76692


Nolan J. Clemens
abt 1924 - Feb 21, 2008

CLEMENS, NOLAN J. SR., (TOM), A good man, faithful husband and proud father; Nolan Clemens, Sr. passed away on Thursday February 21, 2008. He was 84. He was called Tom by family and friends. He was preceded in death by parents, sister Jean Holcomb and daughter Sharon K. Clemens. He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Iola Mae Clemens. He is also survived by three children, Nolan (and Lynette) Clemens Jr., Beverly Carter and Kathy (and Gordon) Evans. Other survivors include 8 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Born in Kingsville, Texas, Tom and his sister Jean grew up at the Corsicana Orphans home. He met Iola in Arkansas and they lived in California before moving to Dallas in 1945. He held a number of sales positions in Dallas including Bordens Dairies and Ben E. Keith. He retired in 1987. He was an active member of Oak Cliff Masonic Lodge. He and Iola have lived in the Casa View area where they have been longtime members of Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church. Visitation will be from 4 to 6PM Sunday February 24, 2008. Services will be at 10AM Monday February 25, 2008 at Restland Wildwood Chapel. Memorials may be made to Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church Mission East Dallas Program, 9810 La Prada - Dallas TX 75228. Restland 972-238-7111 restlandfuneralhome.com


Leonard Arnold
Aug 13, 1920 - Nov 6, 2011

Leonard Arnold
AUGUST 13, 1920 � NOVEMBER 6, 2011
Obituary of Leonard Arnold
ARLINGTON -- Leonard Arnold, 91, passed away Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011. Funeral: 2 p.m. Thursday at New York Avenue Church of Christ. Interment: Mansfield Cemetery Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Moore Funeral Home. Leonard Arnold was born Aug. 13, 1920, in Fort Worth. Leonard spent the bulk of his childhood years in the Odd Fellows Widows and Orphans Home in Corsicana, where he went with his mother and siblings after the untimely death of his father. He was a fixture at the annual events held by the IOOF Ex-Students Association. Leonard proudly served his country during World War II in the Navy with the Pacific Fleet, is registered on the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., and spent many happy times in recent years with his compatriots of the LST. Leonard graduated from Abilene Christian College, spent some time as a teacher, pastored several small rural churches, and retired from Vaught Industries at the age of 70. Leonard was a loyal member of the Church of Christ and never missed a Sunday service in his adult life unless he was in the military or in the hospital. Thanks to loving friends from New York Avenue Church of Christ he was able to remain an active member there for many years. Leonard was preceded in death by his parents, Seth and Ethel Arnold; brothers, J.A. Arnold, Alton Arnold, Seth Arnold Jr. and Billy M. Arnold. Survivors: His sister, Bobbie McNally; sister-in-law, Jessie Arnold; many nieces and nephews; and "the kids" from the home who will miss him greatly.


Jesse O. Baker
Dec 8, 1927 - Mar 28, 2005


Jesse O. Baker, 77, of Bay City, passed away Monday, March 28, 2005 at his residence.

He was born December 8, 1927, in Malakoff, Texas, to the late Willie J. and Lillie Giles Baker.

He attended school in Malakoff and, at the age of 12 after the death of his father, he attended Corsicana State Orphan's Home in Corsicana, Texas.

He graduated in 1946 and entered Southwest Texas State Teacher's College for the next two years.

In 1948, he attended Stephen F. Austin College in Nacogdoches, Texas, from which he received his master's degree in 1950. That same year he began his teaching career in Arp, Texas.

Along with his teaching duties, he also was a coach for both boys' and girls' sports and served as principal of Arp High School.

In 1964, he moved his family to El Maton, Texas, where he began teaching and coaching in the Tidehaven I.S.D. He also served as principal at Tidehaven High School for many years, until his retirement in 1986.

Upon retiring, he and his wife moved to Bay City. Although he enjoyed playing golf and bowling on a league, his favorite pastime was attending any sports event in which Tidehaven or Bay City athletes participated.

He especially enjoyed watching his grandchildren and great-grandchildren play sports.

He is survived by: his loving wife of over 57 years, Doris Baker; daughters, Carolyn Baker of Bay City, and Marilyn Savage of Markham; sons and daughter-in-law, Mike and Linda Baker of Bay City, and Larry Baker of Coldspring, Texas.

He also is survived by: grandchildren, Andrea Savage and Nathan Savage of Markham, Kristen and Oscar Lara of Blessing, Bryan and Crystal Baker of Austin, Jeff and Wendy Baker of LaPorte, Chris and Scott Baker of Bay City, Haley Turner of Philadelphia, Penn., Alecia Baker of Conroe, Stephanie Baker of Huntsville, and Joshua Baker of Dallas; great-grandchildren, Vincent, Karissa and Marcus Lara, Ryan and Drew Savage, and Tyler Baker; sister and brother-in-law, Frances and Darvin Wilcox; brother and sister-in-law, Andrew "Slim" and LaVone Baker and foster brother and sister Harold and Barbara Bateman.

The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 31, 2005 at Taylor Bros. Funeral Home.

Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Friday, April 1, 2005, at the First Baptist Church of Bay City, with the Reverends Chester Sassman and Michael Zimmerman officiating.

Interment will follow at Hawley Cemetery in Blessing.

Pallbearers will be his grandsons: Bryan, Jeff, Chris, Scott and Joshua Baker, and Nathan Savage.

Honorary pallbearers will be Harold Bateman, Doc Frankson, Clark Bergstrom and Richard Campbell.

The family requests donations be sent to the Delvin L. Taska Scholarship Fund at Tidehaven High School, P.O. Box 129, El Maton, Texas 77440.

Arrangements are with Taylor Bros. Funeral Home Bay City, Texas (979)245-4613.


Gussie W. Wheeless
Dec 1921 - Oct 4, 2012

Gussie W. Wheeless, 90, of Santa Fe, finished his battle with cancer and stepped out of time into eternal glory on Thursday, October 4, 2012. He died peacefully and was surrounded by all of his children and a large number of his family.

Gussie was born December 1921 in Cleburne Texas to John and Leona Wheeless. After his fathers passing when Gussie was 3 he spent his upbringing with the many loving Kids in the Odd Fellows home for Orphans and Widows in Corsicana, TX.

Gussie served his country in the U.S. Navy as a Bombardier and Ordinance Man on a PB2Y seaplane during WWII. He married the love of his life, Evelyn (Burt) Wheeless in 1947. Evelyn and Gussie are now reunited for eternity. He was employed for many years in Los Alamos and retired from the Zia Corporation.

Gussie was a wonderful father and lived for his family. He was a man who enjoyed life and lived to the fullest. He was a man of enormous life experience and shared a wealth of wisdom about life and love with everyone fortunate enough to cross his path.

Gussie is survived by his son John Wheeless and wife Celia, their children John and Jeniffer; his daughter Mary Wiedner and husband Roy, their daughters Dawn and Nicole; his son Jim Wheeless and wife Maxine and their children Angela, Corrie Sue, Adam, and Natalie; his youngest daughter Kelly Martinez, her husband Louis and their children Joe, Adrian and Alyssa; his 11 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. He is also survived by his sister Jeanine (Dunson) Schmitt.

A rosary was recited on October 15, 2012. Mass of Christian burial was celebrated on October 16, 2012. Both services were held at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Santa Fe. Interment followed at the Santa Fe National Cemetery.

Gussie's family wishes to express their deepest gratitude to the wonderful people of Meals on Wheels who more than meals provided loving visits that meant so much. Also we wish to thank the nurses of Home Health Care and Hospice for their compassionate care of our dear sweet Gussie.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

Pallbearers: Joe Martinez, Adrian Martinez, Adam Wheeless, Roy Weidner, Vincent Lopez and John Michael Lopez.
Honorary Pallbearers: John Wheeless Jr., Mike McKinney Brock McKinney and Bob Lopez.


Marvin Edwin "Buzz" Rawls
May 4, 1929 - Oct 5, 2007

Mr. Marvin Edwin "Buzz" Rawls, of Winter Haven, Florida, passed away October 5, 2007 in Winter Haven after suffering a cardiac arrest.
Mr. Rawls was born May 4, 1929 in Crockett, Texas. Mr. Rawls attended school at the Texas State Orphanage in Corsicana, Southern Methodist University, and UCLA. Mr. Rawls loved to fly, and served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. He worked for many years as a mechanical engineer before settling in Florida, where he became a well-known local entrepreneur.
Mr. Rawls was passionate about preserving the memory of the Texas State Orphans Home, and was integral in establishing its Memorial Fund. Mr. Rawls worked tirelessly in helping to preserve the SOH�s heritage, knowing that the continued support and association of former students has served as the sole long-term familial relationship for so many of them.
Mr. Rawls� family and friends will remember Buzz for his humor, heart, and generosity. Mr. Rawls loved people and animals of all kinds, and demonstrated this consistently. Although he lived in Florida for much of his life, Buzz�s heart remained in Texas.
Survivors include his daughter Jeannie Taylor and husband Stephen; three grandchildren Zachary, Joshua, and Mary, all of Mesquite, TX; brother and sister-in-law Claude Dillard Rawls and Billie Downey Rawls, of Crockett; sister and brother-in-law Mozelle Rawls Weeks and Bob Weeks, of Arlington; as well as numerous nieces and nephews; many, many friends, and his two cats, Kiki and J.J.
Funeral Services for Mr. Marvin Edwin (�Buzz�) Rawls were held Friday, October 12, at 2:00 p.m. in the Callaway-Allee Memorial Chapel with the Rev. John Goss officiating. Interment followed in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the State Orphans Home Scholarship Fund, c/o Mozelle Weeks, 2106 Twin Elms, Arlington, TX 76012.
Callaway-Allee Funeral Home


Grace (Garrett) Parker
Oct 8, 1918 - Aug 27, 2013
Mrs. Grace Garrett Parker
Birth Date: Oct 8th, 1918Death Date: Aug 27th, 2013

Mrs. Grace Garrett Parker, 94, of Tomball, Texas, passed away August 27, 2013, in a Tomball assisted living center. She was born October 8, 1918, in Houston, Texas, to Roland Garrett and Josie Arnold. She was raised in IOOF and Rebekah's Home for Widows and Orphans in Corsicana, Texas, from December 8, 1932. Mrs. Parker graduated from the orphanage in 1937, and continued to be close to and remembered those who still lived there. She rarely missed the opportunity to attend homecoming to visit her brothers and sisters at this self-contained "Beautiful Home." After Mrs. Parker graduated, she lived with a foster father, Porter B. Rawson, until her marriage to Mose Parker in 1941. Later, she and her husband took care of Mr. Rawson in their home until his death.

She owned a beauty shop and enjoyed serving her customers as a beautician. Mrs. Parker also enjoyed sewing and knitting and made countless Afghans for others. She was always ready to knit. Mrs. Parker was a member of Wooster Baptist Church and First Baptist Church in Livingston, Texas. She lived in Indian Springs, outside of Livingston, from 1967 to 2010.

Preceded in death by her parents; husband, Mose Parker; stepson, Richard Parker; brothers, Henry and Hank Garrett; sisters, Lorene Garrett Tilley and Louella Garrett Hagel; and daughter-in-law, Jean Parker; Mrs. Parker is survived by her son, Kenneth Parker and wife, Mikie, of Metaire, Louisiana; grandchildren, Rick Parker, Traci Dubuisson, Nancy Patterson, David Gregory Parker and Shelley Parker; and great grandchild, Ema Dubuisson.

The family will receive friends Friday, August 30, 2013, from 10 �" 11 a.m. at Crespo & Jirrels Funeral Home. A service will follow at 11 a.m. in the Chapel of Crespo & Jirrels. Burial will be at Memory Gardens Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial donations be made to the IOOF Bell Tower Memorial, c/o Jessie Arnold, IOOF Field Crest St., Arlington, Texas 76012.


Elizabeth Brian
Sep 22, 1922 - Dec 24, 2017

In Memory of
Elizabeth Brian
September 22, 1922 - December 24, 2017

Age 95, went home to our Lord, December 24, 2017. Born September 22, 1922 in Corsicana, TX. She is preceded in death by both her parents, 3 siblings, her eldest son (Michael G Brian) and grandson (Brandon Herndon). She last resided in Lewisville, TX with her husband of 79 years, Steven Brian. A devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother, she is survived by her husband, 5 children - Richard Brian (Marcia), Roy Brian (Anita), Gloria Herndon (Tom), Ron Brian (Helen) and Tammy Stillwell (Dave); 16 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren and 10 great-great grandchildren. The family will receive friends from 6-9 PM, Saturday, December 30, 2017 at Rhoton Funeral Home for a celebration of life service. A private family graveside service will be held Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 10:30 AM.


Pearle Ramona (Hampton) Orland
July 1, 1923 - Nov 13, 2017

Pearle passed away on Monday, November 13, 2017.

Pearle was a resident of Escanaba, Michigan at the time of passing.

She was raised in the Corsicana State Home orphanage in Texas until she graduated from high school at age 16.


  • Buried at the Allouez Catholic Cemetery, Green Bay, Brown Co., Wisconsin
  • wife of Frederick John Orland
  • Submitted by Edward Lynn Williams

Mable Claris (Mitchell) Stephens-Crist
Mar 20, 1911 - Mar 26, 1972

Services for Mrs. Claris Stephens Crist were held at the Emmett Methodist Church.

She was educated at the University of Texas and was a free lance writer. While living in Graham, Texas, she worked for KSWA radio and The Graham News. Later, she was employed by the Dallas Morning News. Mrs. Crist was a member of the Methodist Church.

In 1964, Mrs. Claris Stephens married D.L. Crist in Burnet. They made their home at Buchanan Dam, Texas.

Survived by her husband; one daughter - Mrs. Suzanne Jones; one sister - Mrs. James Nevins; two step-sons.


Mike Abbey
Jan 12, 1941 - Nov 4, 2017

Mike Abbey
January 12, 1941 - November 4, 2017
Mike Abbey, age 76, of Streetman, Texas passed away on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at Navarro Regional Hospital in Corsicana.

Mike was born on January 12, 1941 in Denver, Colorado to Ronald Elmer and Elizabeth (Caskey) Abbey. From a young age, Mike enjoyed sports and went on to play baseball at Sam Houston State University. He graduated from the University of Houston in 1965. He received a Bachelor of Science in Education degree and had a successful career of 33 years teaching and coaching high school students, a job that he loved. Mike enjoyed reading and spending time outdoors.

He is survived by his beloved wife of 20 years, Karen Abbey; daughters, Kim Parks & husband Joe, Michelle Stewart & husband Duncan, and Allison Cravens & husband Marc; stepchildren, Robert MacNabb & wife Teri, and Heather Isaacs & husband Jason; grandchildren, Caroline, Abbey, Thomas, Cullen, Andrew, Chloe, and Charlie; step grandchildren, Faith, and Nevaeh.

Mike was preceded in death by his parents, and an infant baby sister.

The Abbey family would like to express our thanks to the nursing staff for the kind and considerate care he received during his time at the hospital.

If you feel inclined, please make any charity contributions to Navarro Regional Hospital in Corsicana, in memory of Mike Abbey.

Bowers Funeral Home of Teague, Texas is handling the cremation services. There will be no public memorial service.

Mike will be remembered as a kind, generous, and thoughtful person. He will be missed greatly. �For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.� � 1 Thessalonians 4:14


Talitha Cami (Anderson) Mills
Jan 2, 1852 - Feb 16, 1931

Ashland, Oregon, Daily Tidings, Tuesday, February 17, 1931, page 3.
Funeral Services for Mrs. J. W. Mills Sr., To Be Held Wednesday
Mrs. J. W. Mills Sr., well-known and well-beloved local woman died suddenly Monday evening, February 16, 1931 at her home at 315 Almond street. She had been in ill health for several weeks, but her condition was not considered serious and her passing came as a shock to her many friends here.
Mrs. Talitha Anderson Mills was born in Navarro county, Texas, January 2, 1852 and came to Oregon in 1858, being one of the earliest settlers in this district. In 1867 she was united in Marriage to J. W. Mills.
For the last 20 years she had been a resident of this city, and during that time was an active worker in the M. E. church and the W. R. C.
Seven children, Mrs. J. A. Frizelle, Snoqualmie Falls, Washington; F. T. Mills, Beiber, California; W. M. Mills, Williams Oregon; J. W. Mills Jr., Ashland; Mrs. J. W. Mathes, Ashland; Mrs. G. L. Carry, Ashland; and Jessie Mills, Ashland: eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren survive besides one brother, R. F. Anderson of Medford.
Funeral rites are to be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Methodist church with Rev. S. W. Hall officiating, interment is to be made at Phoenix."


Myron "Venoy" Michael
Nov 16, 1937 - Apr 16, 2017

Obituary for Myron "Venoy" Michael
Myron Venoy Michael of Waxahachie returned home to be with his heavenly Father in the early morning hours of April 16, 2017. Venoy was born in Navarro County November 16, 1937 to Orval and Louise Michael.

He attended High School in Wortham, Texas. After completing High School, Venoy moved to Dallas where he went to work for First National Bank in Dallas, later to become Bank of America, where he was employed for 42 years. He retired in 1998.

Venoy married Harlene Byers on May 25, 1957. They would have been married 60 years in May of this year.

Venoy is survived by his wife Harlene, two children, Terri Griffith and Jon Michael, both of Waxahachie; sister, Linda Fredrick and husband Raymond of Waco; seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Venoy loved his family, his grandchildren, sports and Elvis Presley.

Visitation will be at Wayne Boze Funeral Home in Waxahachie Tuesday, April 18 beginning from 6 to 8 pm. Graveside services will be held Wednesday, April 19, in Wortham Texas at Wortham Cemetery at 2:00 PM.

Arrangements are under the direction of Wayne Boze Funeral Home.


Ester Faye (Ferris) Hale
Nov 18, 1916 - Oct 20, 2016

In Memory of
Ester Faye Hale
November 18, 1916 - October 20, 2016

Ester Faye Hale, 99, of Duncanville, Texas passed away October 20, 2016. She was born in Navarro County, Texas on November 18, 1916 to Frank and Annie Ferris.

Ester was a loving woman who worked all her life. She enjoyed traveling and had the chance to see visit Graceland. She loved the stars of the T.V. show Dallas and getting her make up and nails done everyday at her nursing home. Ester walked everyday and this lead to a long fulfilling life. She joined the Red Hat Club while she was at Laurenwood Nursing Home in Duncanville. Above all she loved her children and grandchildren.

Ester is preceded in death by her parents Frank and Annie Ferris; son, Jack Hale; sisters: Georgia Austin, Minnie Crawford, Opal Chaney and Virgie Lee Korn.

She is survived by her sons Harold Hale and his wife, Ira Faye, James Hale and his wife, Janet; daughter-in-law Marcelle Hale, 5 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.


Preston Vest
May 7, 1915 � Oct 8, 2010

Preston Vest
MAY 7, 1915 � OCTOBER 8, 2010
Obituary of Preston Vest
Services for Preston Vest, 95 of Smyer, will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010, at Smyer�s First Baptist Church, with Brother E.G. Lambright officiating. Burial will be in Resthaven Memorial Park. Mr. Vest passed away on Friday, Oct 8th. He was born in Navarro County and lived in Irene in Hill County for 20 years before moving to Midland in 1933. He married Dorothy Brunson in 1937 and moved to Smyer in 1955. He was a retired farmer. He was a member of Smyer�s First Baptist Church for 55 years, where he served as a deacon. Survivors include his wife of 73 years; three sons, Robert Byron of Midland, Donald Preston of Smyer, and Gilbert Duane of Robstown; one sister, Wanda Marrow of Brownwood, 8 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and a host of friends.


Rosie Nell (Portis) Cunningham
Aug 9, 1931 - Sep 26, 2012

Was born in Navarro County on Auguust 9, 1931 to the parentage of George and Rosie Mae (Mason) Portis, Sr. She was raised and educated in the City of Dallas, Texas and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. She also attended Bishop College and The American Institute of Practical Nursing. She accepted Christ at an early age as her personal Savior at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. She served faithfully as a member and later joined the Junior Choir, Sunday School, BTU and Sr. Chair when she became of age. Sister Cunningham worked for the late Dr. W. K. Flowers, Jr. and was also a computer instructor for Maynard H. Jackson Elementary School. She met her husband Attorney E. Brice Cunningham and they joined in holy matrimony on March 6, 1964. This union was blessed with three wonderful children: Ledner Vernard Cunningham, Michele Denise Cunningham(Gilbert) and Elana Brice Cunningham(Murphy). She was preceded in death by her parents. She leaves to cherish her memories, her children: Ledner Vernard Cunningham(Chicago, Il.), Michele Denise Gilbert(Houston, Tx.) and Elana Brice Cunningham Murphy(Dallas, Tx). Grandchildren: Cory Cunningham, Ieshia Gilbert, Le Ron Gilbert, Ian Cunningham, Malia Cunningham, one sister: Acquilla Graves(Ann) Cedar Hill, Tx and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.


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