A History of the Spring Hill Masonic Lodge
Spring Hill, Navarro County, Texas



A History of the


# 155

Navarro Co. Texas




The Corsicana Masonic Lodge #104


had formed in December 1851 when James Riggs was Secretary.   Corsicana Lodge members who, later, became member at Spring Hill included:     William Ritchie,  John Treadwell, William J Stokes, William P Wood, James Maudling, James A Johnson,


The following Petition was first presented to the Corsicana Lodge 104, then to The Grand Lodge of Texas.



Spring Hill Navarro Co Texas   June 3, 1854


To            The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of Texas the petitioners humbly show that they are Ancient Free and Accepted Master Masons having the prosperity of the fraternity at heart they are willing to exert their best endeavors to promote and defend the general principles of Masonry.


                   For the convenience of their respective dwellings and for other good reasons they are desirous of forming a new Lodge in the County of Navarro near Spring Hill to be named Spring Hill.     In consequence of this desire and for the good of the Craft  they pray for a Charter or Warrant to empower them to assemble as a legal Lodge to discharge the duties of Masonry in the several degrees of Entered Apprentices Fellow Craft and Master Masons in a regular and constitutional manner according to the Ancient form of the Fraternity and the Laws and Regulations of The Grand Lodge that they have nominated and do recommend….Henry Fullerton as Worshipful Master, Henry W Ward to be the first Senior Warden and Wm Richey to be the first Junior Warden of said lodge….that if the prayer of the petition should be granted they promise a strict conformity to all the constitutional laws rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge.


                                                )(       William Stuard

          J B Maulding                )(       Henry Fullerton

                                                )(       H W Ward

                                                )(       William Walker

                                                )(       William Richey

                                                )(       Guy Stokes


C M Winkler, Secretary Pro Tem of the Corsicana Lodge, wrote the following…


Bros. W J Stewart, Henry Fullerton, H W Ward, William Walker, William Richey, Guy Stokes, and James B Maulding…..having presented this petition for a New Lodge at Spring Hill in Navarro Co for the recommendation and action of this Lodge on motion it is resolved that this petition be recommended and that this lodge vouch that the three officers  of said new lodge are qualified the degrees of E.A., F. C., and M. M., and said petition be furnished, with a certified copy of this resolution.


I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the Resolution adopted by Corsicana Lodge 104 at regular meeting,   June 3rd, 1854.


                                                                                    Signed….. C M WINKLER

                                                      Secretary Pro Tem




The Spring Hill Masonic Lodge No. 155


was organized in 1854 and a Lodge Hall constructed the same year.   The initial Lodge Hall was located in the vicinity of the present day Spring Hill Cemetery , sometimes referred to as "The Old Spring Hill" as opposed to "The New Spring Hill" which was not created until after 1858. and located a mile north and across Treadwell Branch.


The Lodge Hall  at "The New Spring Hill" was located on the  second floor of a brick building and the  lower floor of the structure housed a General Merchandise Store on the west side oF Broadway..  The Lodge Hall was accessed by wooden steps mounted to the outside of the structure.


Early minutes of the Lodge reveal that membership during years prior to the Civil War averaged eighteen.    Reports made during the Civil War indicate that the entire membership was in the service of the CSA.    After the Civil War membership grew to almost fifty and the Lodge flourished.


When the Town of Dawson was organized on the new railroad many residents of Spring Hill moved their homes to the new town.   The Masonic Lodge moved from Spring Hill to Dawson in 1881, but the name remained Spring Hill Masonic Lodge No. 155 until 1905.


Early meeting sites for the Spring Hill Lodge in the new town of Dawson are unknown, but when a two story building  was constructed on "Rat Row" the second floor was always known as The Lodge Hall.     Lodge Night brought members from Dawson and the outlying areas...all dressed in their finest.. who would gather for a few minutes on the sidewalk to exchange pleasantries before climbing the stairs to the secret meetings.    Members, sometimes, conveyed an idea to little boys that the Lodge Members rode goats at their meetings.     


The Spring Hill Masonic Lodge SEAL disappeared for many years, but was found in a field several counties away.    The journey of the SEAL was never discovered, but it remains on display at the Museum of The Grand Lodge of Texas at Waco.


Recent research at  the Library of The Grand Lodge of Texas at Waco revealed that  a petition  for a Masonic Charter was submitted to The Grand Lodge of Texas on June 3, 1854 by a group of men led by   J B Maulding.     The others, whose names appear on the petition, include:   William Stuart  (shown as Stewart, also) , Henry Fullerton, H W Ward, William Walker, William Richey, and Guy Stokes.




James B Mauldin       :           Probably,a son of James Presley Maulding.  .The Maulding Family arrived in America about 1633 and were said to have been of the Quaker faith.  Presley Maulding, born c 1800, married Catherine Poer at Madison Co TN.  The family lived at Hempstead AR in 1836 and received a headright in Bowie Co TX in 1837.   Presley, apparently, died soon thereafter.   Catherine brought her family to Navarro Co TX.    Children were:  Richard, Matilda, Taylor, Minerva, James, William, Nancy Ann, and John.  No Maulding marriages were found in NavCo records.  The family, apparently, returned to Bowie Co to live.   James Maulding had, earlier, been a member of the Corsicana Lodge ….4



H W Ward                   probably, William Ward b1797, married Rebecca Powell in Jones Co GA, migrated to Lauderdale Co MS, and settled in Navarro Co TX around 1845.  Their daughter, Nancy Powell Ward, married 1841 Lewis Rogers in MS.  Other children were:   Moses Ward, Mary Ann Ward, Sarah Elizabeth Ward, John Ward, and William Ward Jr.


Guy Stokes                 a son of Jordan G and Hannah Hill Stokes of Chatham Co NC.    His siblings were Thomas, William, Mary, Hannah, Rhoda, & Ann.  His family descended from Sylvanius Stokes who migrated to Maury Co Tenn. from NC.    Three Stokes men served the CSA from NavCo Texas:     Thomas Stokes, Dresden; C W Stokes,Cryer Creek(Another family) ; William F Stokes, buried at Dawson.   Georgia Anna Stokes married 1866 Benjamin Franklin Carrol in NavCO TX  Jaseph Stokes married 1869 Lucinda Rogers in NavCo.


William Richey                      William Richey, bc1800….a son of James Richey Sr who married Elizabeth Dunn in SC…….. came to Texas and married the Widow Cannon whose daughter married Brit Dawson.   . William Richey had, earlier,  been a member of the Corsicana Lodge




The petition, written in longhand, stated that the group had nominated Henry Fullerton as Worshipful Master;  Henry W Ward as Senior Warden; William Richey as Junior Warden;


C M Winkler attested that the Corsican Lodge # 104 had previously received and approved the petition.  It was on June 24th that Francis L Barziza, of the Wheelock Lodge,  filled in longhand the blanks of a printed form titled 





 of the



which granted the petition and appointed the above stated officers to serve.



Appointed by Francis J Barziza

Deputy Grand Master. Grand Lodge of Texas


Henry Fullerson                                              First Master

Henry W Ward                                 First Senior Warden

William Richey                                  First Junior Warden



Elected by Eighteen Lodge Membership


William Blackburn                                  Worshipful Master

Samuel Wright                                                Senior Warden

William Walker                                                 Junior Warden

John R Ogilvie                                                          Treasurer

Nicholas T Sneed                                                       Secretary

Henry Fullerton                                                Senior Deacon

B J C Hill                                                           Junior Deacon

Robert A Younger                                                       Stewart

G W Clary                                                                   Steward

Jesse Clary, vet TX Revolution…from NavCo

John T Clary m. Mary V….son John H b.1873 NavCo

Frances Marion Clary b. 1822 AL ..d NavCo

William Williams                                                              Tiler






Serving Spring Hill Masonic Lodge



Henry Fullerton                                             1854

William Blackburn                                        1855

Benjamin J C Hill                                          1856

Nicholas T Sneed                                           1857

Benjamin J C Hill                                          1858

L L Cook                                                         1859

Nicholas T Sneed                                   1860-1864

M Cyrus Spence                                     1865-1867

J J Cleghorn                                                     1868

William H Pursley                                            1869

J J Cleghorn                                                     1870

William Walker                                                 1871

William H Pursley                                             1872

William Booth                                                   1873

Larkin Hill                                                         1874

William Walker                                        1875-1876

J A Scales                                                            1877

Joseph Calvin Matthews                                   1878

Robert Harvey Matthews                        1879-1880

M A Fox….                                                        .1881

Robert Harvey Matthews                                  1882

J H Galbreath                                                     1883



Moved to Dawson


W T Westmoreland                                   1884-1885

J M Perry                                                             1886

T D Dickson                                                1887-1888

W T Westmoreland                                            1889

J F Sims                                                      1890-1891

Albert Henry Berry                                            1892

W T Westmoreland                                            1893

James Henry McCulloch                          1894-1895

W E Berry                                                  1896-1898

J S Berry                                                      1899-1900





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