Dover Church, School, and Cemetery
Navarro County, Texas


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Dover Church, School and Cemetery
Originally published in "The Navarro County Leaves & Branches", Volume 8 Issue 1

In the summer of 1876 the Methodist Church decided to build a Brush arbor and hold a revival meeting under the oaks south west of the present building.  During this meeting the few people who lived here decided they needed a school, graveyard, and church.  Since at that time there was no lumber here, one man got up and told the crowd he would give all the logs.  This man was Mr. David Spence, long since dead.  Another got up and said he would give a deed to the land on condition that the graveyard should always be a free burying yard that the house should be free to all denominations.  Should have equal rights.  This man was John Henry Onstott.  He said he did not belong to any church, however, he was wealthy and long since dead.  In September 1876 the men got together and had the lot for the house and graveyard surveyed, and got busy cutting logs and dragging logs with steers and they soon had the church built with dirt floor and elm logs split open for seats.

In January 1877 they started school in the church.  When school was took up there was only two graves in the grave yard.  I had the pleasure of being at both of the burrings, one grown person and one baby.

The school was moved in 1894.  My dad, E. R. Killaug, born in 1870, got his schooling here.

P. H. K.


R. T. Jordan - Teacher

Phillip Barrington
Miss T. B. Smith
Miss B. E. Hooker
Miss N. M. Perkins (Nannie)
Mrs. Younger
Mrs. I. W. Smith
Mrs. Dora Beasley
Miss F. L. Amonette (Fannie)
J. M. Hooker
M. L. Perkins
Miss Lillie Jordan
Eddie Hall|
W. R. Bell
Elkin Jordan
Julia Young
Miss M. C. Harris (Mary)
Robert Goode
Wesley Barrington
Hansford Harris
M. H. Harris
Mrs. Champion
Miss Lula Willingham
Nican Barrington
Miss D. E. Cooper
Miss T. R. Smith
Miss Mary C. Harris
Miss Dona Perkins
Willie Watson
J. L. Bell
M. A. Norris
Julia Merchant
Mrs. Bell Killough - Teacher
Miss Nannie Bell
Mrs. E. L. Johnson
Miss C. B. Perkins (Cora)
Jimmie Harris
Mrs. L. E. Watson (Lillie)
Miss Katie McDonald
Luther Vinson
Miss M. S. McDonald
Miss E. G. McLaughlin (Emma)
T. M. Beasley - Teacher
Miss Fannie Amonette
J. E. White
W. E. Loveless
Roy Beasley
Clara Perkins
Cul McDonald
W. E. Johnson
Miss Ola Norris
H. H. Scott
Miss C. P. Perkins (Cora)
Miss Hester Spruiell
J. M. Spruiell
Miss Ina Chapman
Miss Bessie Chapman
S. D. Smith - Teacher
Shelby Harris
John Ivey
Mary E. Mosley

Miss F. A. McDonald
J. S. Spruiell
T. A. Chapman
Edgar Waddell - Secretary
George McDonald
Joe Spruiell
Miss Ida Amonette
Thomas Spruiell
Otis Vinson
John W. Blackwell
Carl Cook
J. A. Madera
Willie Moore
J. S. Chapman
Thomas Sprence
Lillie Watson
A. J. McDonald
Miss Ethel Jones
J. E. Willis
F. A. Perkins
W. C. Harris
Mrs. Lillie E. Madera
Miss Beulah Thompson
Walter Waddell
Mrs. N. J. Younger
Miss Eula Vinson
Jewel Perry
Press Hutchinson
A. N. Mosley
Miss Lizzie Hooker
Miss Dora Amonete
Miss F. D. Perkins (Flora)
J. W. Mobbs
Miss L. C. Jordan
Reggie E. Smith
Oscar Jones
Robie Moore
Claud Hall
Miss Fannie Powell
Jimmy Perkins
Mrs. Cornelia McDonald
E. W. Gordon
Mattie McLaughlin
Miss Maude Hooker
G. C. McDonald - Superintendent
Miss Carrie Houx
W. E. Johnson
Thurs. Spruiell
J. E. Madera
Edgar Childress
C. A. Chapman
R. E. Jordan - Superintendent
A. J. Roard - Secretary
M. H. Harris - Teacher
MissElsie Hall
Eugene McDonald
Mrs. C. V. Barrington
J. E. Spruiell
C. Perkins
Mary Norris
Norman Goode
Miss Tennie Smith
Shelley Harris
Miss Etta Vinson
Maudia Vinson
Elmer Perry
E. R. Killough
Gill Griffin
Miss Flora Perkins
Hillery Perkins
Calvin King
Emit King
J. Regie Smith
Johnnie Killough
Johnson Ivey
Jimmy Harris
Roy Amonette
R. M. Spruiell
J. J. Chapman
Mrs. G. A. Killough
Miss Mae Beasley
Mrs. M. C. Watson - Teacher
Miss Nora Norris
J. H. Watson
R. E. Jordan
L. M. Blackwell
Sadie Beasley
A. M. McDonald
Oscar Moore
G. A. Cooper
Hub Linthican
Miss Mary Houx
U. W. Reynolds
Miss Lake Jones
W. E. Madera
G. H. Griffin
M. I. Vinson
Earnest Beasley
Miss Gusta Crossland
Lowery Vinson
Mrs. Lee Hutchinson
Aytchin Champion
Willie Perry
Mrs. Carrie Blackwell
John Barrington
Charlie Thompson
Mable Hall
J. M. Mitchell
Percy Benson
Norma Goode
B. E. Childress
Vida Benson
Mrs. E. L. Johnson
Odas Vinson
roena Waddell
Charence Mosley
Della Bairrington
Fred Mitchell
Alf Mosley
Luther Vinson
C. W. Truesdell
Mary Mosley
M. M. Ivey


Mrs. C. C. Gauntt
Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Amonette
Glynn Killough
J. M. Spruiell
Mr. & Mrs. P. H. Killough
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Mitcham
Joe Charles Mitcham
Don Brown
Melva Joyce Killough
Donald Killough
Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Reeves
Tommy Doyle Brown
Dwain Killough
Mr. & Mrs. L. Odel Sawyer
Joan Sawyer
Jan Brown
Mrs. W. W. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Peacock
Carrol Killough
Janice Killough
Billy Roy Mitcham
Jimmie Don Sawyer


Allcorn, Charles
Allcorn, John
Allcorn, Mrs. John
Bairrington, J. W.
Bairrington, Elsie
Bairrington, Elen H.
Bairrington, Tommie
Bairrington, Merl C.
Bairrington, Marietta
See Note 1 on Bairrington Family
Brown, William W.
Brown, Laura L.
Brown, H. D.
Brown, B. L.
Brown, Annie Alline
Brown, Nelda Fay (infant)
Blacklock, Sam D.
Beck, Children
Bell, Frankie E.
Bell, Mattie J.
Blasingame, Dessie
Beasley, Dora
Beasley, T. W.
Beasley, Mary
Beasley, Infant
Bond, Child
Clancy, Buna Lucile
Clark, G. A.
Cole, Thelma
Cole, Baby
Cole, Baby
Cole, Baby
Cole, Mattie B.
Cole, Thomas J.
Cole, Edrie
Copley, George
Chambers, Emma
Cagle, A. R. Tency
Cagle, Earnest
Champion, B. T.
Chapman, William T.
Chapman, John T.
Danford, E. J.
Dykes, William H.
Dykes, Robert Carl
Dunlap, Walter W.
Dunlap, Trancell
Dunlap, Walter Wendell
Dunlap, W. Jack
Dunlap, Lola
Dunlap, Roscoe E.
Dunlap, Frank J.
Fuqa, Franklin
Fuqa, Eliza J.
Glanton, Infant
Gauntt, Lillian Bell
Gauntt, Douglas
Grice, Janet
Graves, Coy Duland
Gilson, Rosa Bell
Gilson, Estella J.
Gardner, Mattie J.
Hall, Floyd
Hall, Annie E.
Hall, Mabel
Hall, Ethel
Hall, Infant
Holman, Onie M.
Holman, Dave W.
Holman, Dave W.
Holman, Emily A.
Harris, John Luther
Harris, Ada Adell
Hankins, Mary A.
Hutcherson, Vernon Ray
Hutcherson, May
Hutcherson, Myrtlie
Hocutt, Malissie
Hooker, E. M.
Hooker, J. W.
Hughes, Walter Lee
Hughes, Ora Darden
Hughes, Lina Mae
Hughes, Lizzie Bernice
Hughes, Frank Woodrow
Hughes, Junior
Henderson, Infant Daughter
Johnson, T. J.
Johnson, Emmer J. (Infant)
Jackson, Charlie Lee
Jackson, J. M.
Jackson, Anna H
Jackson, James Monroe
Jackson, Nellie E.
Jackson, (no other information)
Jordon, Rosa L.
Jordon, Sophronia
Jordon, Jacob F.
Jordon, Minnie Lou
Killough, Minter
Killough, Minter
Killough, Vernice
Killough, Earnest
Killough, Martha A.
Killough, John
Killough, Walker M.
Killough, Infant
Lipsey, W. W.
Lipsey, Emma
Lispey, Lenard
Lipsey, Dorothy Eloise
Lavender (no other information)
Lamar, Cecil
Lawrence, Nancy Jane
Lovelady, M. L.
McCloud, Author
McDonald, C. J.
McDonald G. C.
McDonald, Hazeltine
McDonald, Willie L.
McDonald, Delilah
McDonald, Sarah
McDonald, Jane Maze
McDonald, Freddie Mae
McDonald, Thos
McDonald, Infant
Moore, Jasper
Moore, Vesta Lee (infant)
Moore, Rheba
Moser, John
Moser, Sallie
Moser, John F.
Nichels, Elizabeth
Norris, Clay
Norris, Edna
Norris, Ruth
Norris, C. P.
Norris, Bettie
Norris, Boyd Mulkey
Ratcliff, Infant
Rigsby, G. W.
Ritch, Sybil
Ritch, Eppie
Ritch, Hope
Statham, M. V.
Statham, Jimmie
Statham, A. J.
Smith, Lena May
Smith, L. R.
Smith, Ellen
Scott, D. N.
Scott, Hallie E.
Scott, J. F.
Scott, Sarah
Simpson, Nora B.
Sammons, Margarett
Shumate, William J.
Shumate, Lydia
Shumate, M. L.
Stinson, Ellen B.
Stinson, Grace A.
Spruiell, William H.
Spruiell, William R.
Spruiell, Hester A.
Spruiell, Lorine
Spruiell, M. A.
Spruiell, A. C.
Spruiell, William Roscoe
Spruiell, Grace
Spruiell, Eula Mae
Spruiell, Earl
Taylor, Lou
Thursey, Wayne
Townsend, wife of E. J.
Tear, (no other information)
Valentine, B. J.
Varner, Infant
Waddell, J. A. Q.
Waddell, Lucenda S.
Waddell, Robert Leonard
Walker, Harve
Walker, Ida Jane
Watson, Mary
Watson, J. H.
Watson, Infant
Willis, Rachel Viola
Wisenbaker, Martin Luther
Wisenbaker, Emma Leola
Younger, Oscar T.
Younger, Maude D. 

  • Note 1:  
    In your list of those attending Dover Church 1898-1901,on your Navarro Co., TX web site, there is an error in the list.  You have a number of the BARRINGTON-BAIRINGTON family listed (and yes, some did spell it BAIRINGTON and others spelled it BARRINGTON in the same family, so that is correct), Phillip BARRINGTON, Wesley BARRINGTON and

    Nican BARRINGTON are all children of Mrs. C. V. BARRINGTON.  However Nican is actually Nicie Ann BARRINGTON, my Grandmother, born August 15, 1888-died November 1988, buried in FairvieCemetery, Hubbard, TX. 
    Thank you, Juanita Brown... Mar 2002

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