Rural Shade Baptist Church of Christ
Rural Shade, Navarro County, Texas


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Photo submitted by Fran Massey


Rural Shade Baptist Church of Christ.  The time is 1911.  I do not have a name 
for the Pastor (forefront of picture ) of the church but the man 
next to the pastor is Hubert H. Trent.  --  Evelyn Trent Baxter of Kerens, Texas
(added 4/2000)

I can not name each individual, but church records show these people were baptized in 1911: Bob & Jewel Currington, Hattie Cooper, Bettie Cockrell, Emmett Combs, Hattie Opal Floyd, Lacy Garrett, S. E. Holiman, Sue Ella Honea, Pearl Inmon, Unknown Inmon, Minnie Lott, Clara Lockler, John Lockler, Oliver Lockler, Fannie Lucas, Earl Mitchell, Jocie Matthews, Johnnie Bob Melton, Myrtle Melton, Johnnie Marcer, W. A. Melton, WIllie Moore, Lizzie Moore, Mattie Moore, Willie Neese, W. R. Penney, Ben Phillips, Mossie Phillips, George Penney, J. E. Phillips, Elmer Phillips, W. M Paul, Lizzie Pierce, Pearl Penny, S Clifford Roe, R. L. Reed, Mrs. R.L. Reed, G J. Selemor, Mrs. G. J. Selemor, Elva Sunnerlin, Fred Selenor, ALice St. Ana, Ray Selenor, Corbet Sweagrengen, Nabel Wilson, Fred Wilson, Mr. Williamson, Mattie Williams.  In the forefron standing by the Preacher first in line is Hubert H. Trent.

August 1921 Rural Shade Baptist Church of Christ
The only person I can identify is second row in overalls is my
father Ernest L. Paul.

The Rural Shade Baptist Church of Christ convened in conference from time to time through the weekend of the 3rd week in July 1921.   Brother Rockett, our pastor, preached the entire week with an untiring effort and with much success.  The Lord being his helper.  The meeting being one of the greatest ever held with the Rural Shade Baptist Church.  There being 83 additions to the church.   56 by Baptism, 14 by letter, 8 by statement and 6 by restoration.  Baptism to be held July 17, 1921.  

Brother Rockett Pastor
Brother Lee Burger, Church Clerk
Johnnie Bates, Warenie Bates, Grady Bruner, Burton Bates, Lesslie Boone, Bedford Brewster, Vivian Cossie, Therell DeMoss, Ella Herd, May Etta Hunnicutt, Lee Hunnicutt, Emma Herd, Ebbin Holliman, Jap Inmon, W. C. Lane, Clara Lane, Johnnie Lane, Gude Morgan, Hazel Murdock, Velva McElvany, Ruth McElvany, Leona May, Helen Murdock, Louise Murdock, Melvin Mathis, Theo Meissener, Herman Meissner, Carl Mathis, Guy McElvaney, George Phillips, Jake Paul, Jewell Paul, Tommie Phillips, Ernest Paul, Rowe Paul, Alton Quinn, Harry Quinn, Clyde Radney, E. W. Stocker, Lillian Summerlin, George Summerlin, robert Scott, Homer Treneary, Palma Trent, Joe Wyatt, Verga Williamson, Vergal Williaman, Opal Washburn.


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