The Corsican
Volume 2 - 1917
Year Book of Corsicana High School
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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As a token of the appreciation in which he is held by the entire student body, and in gratitude for his services in making the Annual what it is today, this volume of THE CORSICAN is respectfully dedicated to J. E. Burke.

The School Board

J. M. Hoskins
W. M. Wilson
E. N. Johnson
S. M. Kerr - President
J. D. Jackson
C. H. Allyn
J. P. Stephenson

The Staff

Winnie Lee Davis - Senior Editor
William King - Athletic Editor
Alice Mae Kerr - Assistant Editor
Lawrence McGill - Assistant Manager
Stanley Eddins - Manager
Garrett Drummond - Editor-in-chief
Joe Wolens - Assistant Manager
Elizabeth Goodman - Junior Editor
Lawrence Prine - Sophomore Editor
Edna Matthews - Freshman Editor


J. E. Blair - Superintendent of Corsicna Schools
Miss Moore - History
G. O. Clough - Prin. Mathematics
Miss Scott - Mathematics
Miss Spillman - Latin
J. E. Burke - English
Miss Hackett - History
J. G. Smith - Hist. and Sci.
Miss Curtiss - Music
R. L. Turner - Science
Miss Foster - Home Econ.
L. R. Garrison - Span., Eng., Lat.
Miss Genevieve Inabnit - Ass't.


The Senior Class

Colors: Purple and Gold
Motto: Ad astra per aspera
Flower: White Rose

First Term:
Stanley L. Eddins - President
Winnie Lee Davis - Vice President
Eva Cobb - Secretary and Treasurer
Luther Wells - Yell Leader

Second Term:
Wm. Lawrence McGill - President
Margaret Davis - Vice President
Lloyd Hamilton - Secretary and Treasurer
Joseph Daniel - Yell Leader

Martha Alexander
Louise Alford
William Chilcoat
Eva Cobb
Joseph Daniel
Winnie Lee Davis
Margaret Davis
Garrett Drummond
Stanley L. Eddins
Ruby Gallahar
Elsie Maude Garner
Lloyd Hamilton
Elen Jackson
Abie Jacobs
Ida Levine
Wm. Lawrence McGill
Corinne McClure
Augusta McGlohen
Lu Rainey Oldham
Nona Purifoy
Caroline Robinson
Zelma Rosson
Aaron Samuels

Robert Stell
Annie Story
Allee Thompson
Al. T. Underwood
Earle Varnell
Luther Wells
Jewell Williams
Minnie Witherspoon
Joe Wolens
Elbert Woods
Harvey Young

The Junior Class

Colors: Red and White
Flower: Carnation
Motto: "Labor Omnia Vincit"

First Term:
Lester Harrell - President
Eugene Johnston - Vice-President
Elizabeth Goodman - Secretary and Treasurer

Second Term:
Oscar Leonard Dockum - President
Adrain Dowdle - Vice-President
Jack Gladney - Secretary and Treasurer

Ruth Ashmore
Fletcher Ballew
Afton Burke
Robert Cooksey
Oscar Leonard Ducknms
David Draper
Leona Ficklin
Azro Fortner
Clinton Franklin
Jack Gladney
Elizabeth Goodman
Elvira Guynes
Sol Jacobs
Harry Jack
Norma Jones
Eugene Johnston
Philip Kelton
Alice Mae Kerr
Josie McDonald
Louise Matthews
Harold Melear
Margeret Patton
Undine Purifoy
Gladys Roughton
Maude Sutton
John Rice Guynes
Ruth Upchurch
Wesley Walton

Janie Babb
Jennie Le Beal
Winnie Davis Daniels
Will Hardy Fluker
Camille Hardison
Lester Harrell
Dorothy Henderson
Lillian Inman
Gladys Jackson

Gedric Jeefers

Vivian McDaniel
Mabel Malone
Henry Nash
Elizabeth Oldham
Maurine Patterson
Grady Pogue
Lawrence Prine
Robert Prince
Goma Rosson
Mary Sharp
Vera Smith
Andrew Steele
Newton Suttle
Albert Tuck
Gary Belle Wilson
Mary Witherspoon
Baldwin Woods


Sophomore Class

First Term:
Lawrence Prine - President
Mary Sharp - Vice-President
Undine Woood - Secretary-Treasurer
Arthur Absher - Yell Leader

Second Term:
Randall Cooksey - President
Murphy Williams - Vice-President


Roll of Class

Arthur Absher
Fay Ashmore
Evelyn Blain
Helen Bonner
Cleoma Bayless
Alice Beaton
Rosa Lee Barnett
Rachael Curry
Rose Curry
Hortense Castles
Adys Chiles
Irene Capes
Randall Cooksey
Hattie Daniels
Douglas Decherd
Annie Denbow
Martell Ford
Myrtle Fesmire
Ella Ford
Dorothea Foster
May Lee Guthrie
Augustus Huffman
Robert Holsey
Robert Irvine
Minnie Mae Jones
Julia Kiber
Gladys Jordan

William King
Heyman Jarrett
Iola Minter
Robert Neblett
Charles Overschmitd
Grace Reeves
Gladys Samuels
Winnie Lois Stone
Max Tatum
Lloyd Thomas
Ernest Wilkes
Murphy Williams
Undine Wood
Garrett Walker
William Thompson
Edith Blackburn
Wilma Archer
Nettie Bonner
Majorie Call
Margaret Daviss
Spyker Decherd
Claude Douglas
Verna Evans
Wayne Fauber
Amboline Feagin
Harry Fine
Josephine Garner

Era Hedrick
Albert Haslam
Cora Hervey
Grayson Henry
Sarah Holman
Christine Horton
Mavis Horton
Louise Hoskins
Milton Houston
Edens Hyndman
Joe Jarrell
Iola Jordan
Samuel Harris Kerr
Bess Kirven
Willie Dean McAfee
Jennie Bell McClure
Mary Jane McClure
Mary Miller
Will Miller
Ruby Morgan
Elbert Phipps
Cowin Robinson
Erwin Smith
Ruth Sutton
Irene Treithart
Elfreda Witte
Daisy Wolens


Freshman Class

Colors: Yellow and White.
Motto: Keep on Keeping On.
Flower: Daisy.

First Term:
Samuel Kerr - President
Ruth Sutton - Vice-President
Edith Babb - Secretary and Treasurer

Second Term:
William Shell - President
Margeret Roderick - Vice-President
Franchelle Jackson - Secretary
Merton Minter - Treasurer

Freshman 1A

Clara Allen
Esther Blair
Matthew Blair
Mabel Bush
Elizabeth Callicut
Gertrude Carson
Leon Carroll
Evelyn Carroll
Lillian Church
Jamie Cobb
Dan Comfort
Geline Compton
Essie Conner
Foster Croft
Allan Davis
Melissa Daviss
Thomas Drummond
Myrtle Duncan
May Bright Elliot
Arthur Elliot
Anna Belle Dyke
Jewel Flannagan

Eusbey Elms
Horace Fort
Jimmye Kate Foster
Rudolph Fox
Janie Hamilton
Allan Hamilton
Maude Rivers Hearon
Zelma Holland
Lucile Hollan
Thomas Huston

Mattisue Inabnit
Tabby Jackson
Adeaide Johnson
Mary Frances Johnson
Margaret King
Ray Lee
Marion Lonsford
Corrine Lotspiech
Jessie McCleary
Maggie McGaha
Etta Mae McClure
Aileen Markham
Horace McClung
Eugene Mays
J. E. Metcalf
Joe Miller
Merton Minter
Irene Moss
Ferrell Mosshart
Bessie Monroe
Martha Murchison
Percy Oliver
Hilda Pollard
Chas. Prince
Lillie Pringle
Margaret Roderick
Lillian Samuels
Alline Reese
Ethel Silver
Irvie Sparkman
Louise Sedgley
Ida Toldan
Chas. Whytte

Freshman 1B

Beula Mae Absher
Pinkston Albritton
Edith Babb
Estelle Brown
Carrie Bunch
Arthur Caldwell
Margaret Carter
Mary Louise Church
Lelva Curington
David Davis
Lucile Elliot
Helen Fullwood
Addie Lee Gafford
D'Alpha Gallahar
Minnie Gordon
Colbert Gregory
Gladys Henry
Martha Holland
Chas. Holloway
Wm. L. Holman
Elizabeth Hoover
Percy Howell
Winnie Lee Hughes
Sam Ingham
Franchelle Jackson
Camille Jaffe
Thelma Kumke

Henry Lowery
Tyson McIver
John Murray McGee
Anna Lee Matthews
Edna Matthews
Nola Montgomery
Philomena O'Connor
Woodson Pasley
Ed. M. Polk
Edwin Pugh
Ned Rankin
John Reed
Roy Reese
Nellie Rivers
Clara Robinson
George Roper
Inez Scott
William Shell
Hobson Sitton
Lucille Smith
Macie Speed
Sue Taylor
Lewis Thomas
Camille Walton
Marguerite Wilson
John C. Young


The Bryan Debating Club

Although the Bryan Debating and Declamation Club has been, since its organization in 1902, one of the strongest clubs in the Corsicana High School, the years of 1916 and 1917 have been two of the most successful years in its history.

The representatives sent from this organization never, except in 1917, failed to win the district meet, and have won, for two years in succession, the state championship, and in every other state contests they have come within one debate of taking the finals, which would have returned that much coveted loving cup to our school.

The Club's representatives this year were Jack Gladney and Stanley Eddins. The subject for discussion was "The Single Tax."   Or first
victim was Frost in the county contest.  The real test came  in the district contest.  We defeated Teague, and were in the finals against Waxahachie.  We had the affirmative, and Eddins and Gladney acquitted themselves splendidly.  We   list, however, to the visitors.

Next year will find Corsicana with an impregnable team, which will sweep all before it.

First Term:
Stanley L. Eddins - President
Clinton Franklin - First Vice-President
Lester Harrell - Second Vice-President
Earle Varnell - Secretary
Harry Jack - Treasurer

Second Term:
Harry Jack - President
Lawrence Prine - First Vice-President
Jack Gladney - Second Vice-President
Robert Stell - Secretary
Joe Wolens - Treasurer

William Chilcoat
Robert Cooksey
Garrett Drummond
Stanley Eddins
Azro Fortner
Clinton Franklin
Jack Gladney
Lester Harrell
Abie Jacobs
Harry Jack
Ray Lee
Lawrence McGill
Merton Minter
Lawrence Prine
Edwin Pugh
Ned Rankin
John Reed
George Roper
Al T. Underwood
Earle Varnell
Joe Wolens


The "As You Like It" Literary Society

The "As You Like It' Literary Society resumed its year's work by beginning a study of Dr. Payne's "Southern Literary Readings."  The Club finds this study highly profitable and very interesting.

One of the important events of the year was the rendition of the Thanksgiving play in chapel.  In March, the Club brought the Glee Club of the Texas Christian University to Corsicana and cleared a neat little sum.

The work of the Club has been under the direction of Misses Lewis and Foster, and the work of these two teachers is highly appreciated by every member of the organization.

Colors: Green and Pink
Flower: Sweet Pea
Motto: "Be silent always when you doubt your sense, and speak, though sure,
with seeming diffidence."

First Term:
Alice Mae Kerr - President
Baldwin Woods - Vice-President
Louise Matthews - Secretary
Lu Rainey Oldham - Treasurer

Second Term:
Margaret Davis - President
Camille Hardison - Vice-President
Edna Matthews - Secretary
Mae Lee Guthrie - Treasurer


Jennie Lee Beal
Winnie Davis Daniel
Miss Foster
Margaret Davis
Dorothea Foster
May Lea Guthrie
Elvira Guynes
Camille Hardison
Dorothy Henderson

Alice Mae Kerr
Julia Kiber
Miss Lewis
Edna Matthews
Aline Love
Louise Matthews
Augusta McGlohen
Elizabeth Oldham
Lu Rainey Oldham

Margaret Patton
Jewel Williams
Ruth Upchurch
Mary Witherspoon
Minnie Witherspoon
Baldwin Woods
Myrtle Fesmire
Lucile Elliot


Home Economics Club

The Home Economics Club was reorganized in October.  Lu Rainey Oldham was elected president, and Annie Story vice-president.

The study of the club is of a character that pertains to the home.

The social events of the club have been especially enjoyable.  On November 24th, the Club entertained with a Progressive American Dinner.  The School Board, their wives, the faculty, and other prominent guests, were invited.  The guest of honor was Dr. E. A. Winship, of Boston, Mass.

At Valentine, a dinner was given to the faculty and their wives, and the principals of the ward schools.

Later in the spring the club entertained with a style show, exhibiting the work of pupils for the year.

First Term:
Lu Rainey Oldham - President
Annie Story - Vice-President
Gladys Jackson - Secretary-Treasurer
Gladys Roughton - Reporter

Second Term:
Ellen Jackson - President
Maude Sutton - Vice-President
Julia Kiber - Secretary
Lu Rainey Oldham - Treasurer


The Latin Club

The Club was organized in October, 1915, meets once a week, and is under the supervision of Miss Spilman, who plans the work and arranges the programs of the Club.  The subject matter of the Club's work this year has been the private life of the Romans, Latin conversations, and sight reading of the fables of La Fontaine, translated into Latin.

The following have been members of the Club for the past
term:  Martha Alexander, Wilma Archer, Evelyn Blair, Helen Bonner, Winnie Davis Daniel, Stanley Eddins, Amboline Feagin, Dorothea Foster, May Lee Guthrie, Dorothy Henderson, Sarah Holman, Harry Jack, Abie Jacobs, Heyman Jarrett, Minnie Mae Jones, Jennie Belle McClure, Lawrence McGill, Margaret Patton, Grady Pogue, Undine Purifoy, Grace Reeves, Goma Rosson, Zelma Rosson, Mary Sharp, Lucile
Smith, Ruth Upchurch, Earle Varnell, Luther Wells, Mary Withrspoon, Minnie Witherspoon, Baldwin Woods.

First Term:
Harry Jack - Consul Major
Mabel Malone - Consul Minor
Ruth Upchurch - Seriba
Mary Sharp - Aerie Praefecture
Lawrence McGill - Narrator

Second Term:
Luther Wells - Consul Major
Margaret Patton - Consul Minor
Evelyn Blair - Scriba
Dorothy Henderson - Aerie Praefecture
Samuel Kerr - Narrator

The Science Club

History of The Science Club
A new and thriving club was this year added to the organizations of the Corsicana High School.  This one, the Science Club, was organized in November, under the supervision of Mr. Turner, science teacher.  At the first meeting it was agreed that the club should meet twice monthly on Tuesday afternoons. The purpose of this club has been to develop among its members a greater appreciation both for the influence that science has had on modern life and for the men who have spend their time in scientific research. At each meeting of the club two or three members either read papers or made talks on important scientific discoveries or inventions, or on the application of science in aiding agriculture, health, or the manufacturing industries.  The nature of the work of this Club may best be indicated by the titles of the subjects discussed throughout the year, some of which follow:

"How Fertility May Be Restored to Old Lands;"
"Dr. Carrell's New Method of Treating Wounds;"
"An Explanation of the Mendelian Law of Heredity;"
"Pasteur's Demonstration of the Use of Anti-Toxins;"
"The Laying of the First Atlantic Cable;"
"The Power House at Niagara Falls;"
"The Synthetic Preparation of Rubber."

The meetings of the club have been well attended, and it is the hope of its members that this organization may be continued from
year to year by the science students in the High School.

First Term:
Luther Wells - President
Oscar Dockum - Vice-President
William Chilcoat - Secretary

Second Term:
Lloyd Hamilton - President
Al T. Underwood - Vice President
Nona Purifoy - Secretary


The High School Club

First Term:
Jack Gladney - President
J. Afton Burke - Vice-President
Oscar Leonard Dockum - Secretary
Harvey Young - Treasurer

Second Term:
Wm. Harry Jack - President
Earle Varnell - Vice-President
J. Afton Burke - Secretary
David Draper - Treasurer

All boys enrolled in the three upper classes of the High School
are members of the High School Club.


The Freshman High School Club

Colbert Gregory - President
Ed. M. Polk - Vice-President
David Davis - Secretary
John Murray McGee - Treasurer

All boys enrolled in the Freshman Class are members of the
Freshman High School Club.

This is a movement started just this year.   There was such a demand for the social features of the Y.M.C.A. high school club life that the Freshman Club was organized.  It has the further advantage of letting the younger boys have an organization where they will not be embarrassed by the presence of the older boys.


The High School Orchestra

The real beginning of the High School Orchestra was made in 1913 by Mr. Robert Goodman and Miss Aline Harper.   Since then there has been a good orchestra in the High School, composed of nearly all the students that play instruments.

This year's orchestra is the largest that has ever been organized in the school, and under the able supervision of Miss Curtiss, it has done very creditable work throughout the school year.

The Orchestra plays for all the chapel exercises, and it adds greatly to the interest and enthusiasm at these weekly gatherings.  The Orchestra plays at all the school gatherings, such as the minstrel, debating and declamation contests.  In fact, so good is its reputation, that it has been asked to play at various municipal programs.

William Chilcoat - President
Maude Sutton - Vice President
Oscar Leonard Dockum - Secretary
Matthew Blair - Librarian
Miss Ruth Curtiss - Director

First Violins:
Melissa Daviss
Edna Matthews
Elsie Maude Garner
Carrie Bunch
Corinne McClure
Lu Rainey Oldham
Louise Sedgley
Henry Nash
Matthew Blair
William Shell
Joe Wolens
Robert Cooksey

Second Violins:
Esther Blair
Amboline Feagin
Camille Walton
Janie Hamilton
Ray Lee

William Chilcoat
Elbert Woods

Oscar Leonard Dockum

Lawrence McGill

Bass Drum:
Chas. Oberschmidt

Snare Drum:
J. E. Metcalf

Maude Sutton
Willie Dean McAfee


The Athletic Association

First Term:

J. G. Smith - President
Lawrence Prine - Vice-President
Louise Matthews - Secretary
Lester Harrell - Treasurer

Second Term:
J. G. Smith - President
Joseph Daniel - Vice-President
Maude Sutton - Secretary
Lester Harrell - Treasurer

Mr. J. E. Burk, Coach
Mr. Burke deserves all the credit that could be given to him for coaching our football team through the past victorious season.  Credit is due him not only for coaching the team, but largely for the building up of character among a few of our rough players.   The past season contained the cleanest football team that has been developed in the High School for years, and developed a strong second team.  Both are due to the untiring coaching and efforts of Coach Burke.  We were exceedingly fortunate in securing his services.

Clifton Yarbrough, Manager
Clifton's services to the team were very valuable, as he understands all the points in the game, and is a financial magnate.  We give him credit for the beautiful management of eleven games which were the greatest number of games played in one season by C.H.S.'s team in several years.  We wish for no better manager for our team this season than Mr. Yarbrough.



First Team:
Clifton Yarbrough, Manager
Thomas Brennan
Lawrence Prine
William Chilcoat
Hobson Sitton
Tyson McIver
Wm. Thompson, Captain
Arthur Absher
Roy Reese
Reobert Cooksey
Ross Sutton
Wm. King
Clinton Franklin
Joseph Daniel
Claude Douglas
Wilma Archer

Second Team:
Randall Cooksey, Captain
Ernest Wilkes
Fletcher Ballew
Wm. L. Holman
Charles Whytte
Philip Kelton
Wilma Archer
Lexie Layton
Will Miller
Claude Liles, Manager
Robert Stell
Chas. Hossack
Al T. Underwood
Roy DeLafossee
Tom Greenlee
Ben Dave Allen
Johnny Travis

J. E. BURKE, Coach

1916 Football Team of Corsicana High School
The Games

The middle of September found as many as twenty-five boys on the gridiron doing hard and consistent work.  And by September 30. thirteen of these boys were ready to represent C.H.S. in her first scheduled game of the season with Athens.  We out-played Athens that day, although some of us were victims of football fright; but as luck was against us, Athens went home with a score of 7 to 6 in her favor.

Our next game was with Frost.  We went over to Frost, October 7, and did them up to the tune of 26 to 6.  They fought gamely, but we had too much football for them.

We then went to Teague.  All of our boys played well, and we defeated Teague 29 to 0.  They evidently took defeat well, for that night they gave the team a possum hunt.  Oh yes, the girls came along.

Next came one of C.H.S.'s hardest opponents - Waxahachie.  We went to Waxahachie. to work, and we expected a win, and-anyhow, we got beat 26 to 0, and those who saw it will tell you about it.

October 27, a date which is a disgrace to the team of C.H.S., we went to Dallas to play Oak Cliff.  Although the crowd and the horns frightened some of use, we feel that the score should be different.  The score was 54 to 6 in favor of Oak Cliff.

We finally succeeded in getting Waxahachie on our home grounds, and if we did not make those farmers play football, Oak Cliff did not beat us.  Prine, Absher and Reese shone out the most from among the stars.  We got within two yards of Waxy's goal three times, but were unable to carry the ball over.   The green and white the ball on a fluke and made a touchdown.  The score as 6 to 0 in favor of Waxahachie.

Frost had the nerve to challenge us again and they played better foot ball; but they should have known we had had the experience in the preceding games.  And we made as many touchdowns in the mud from the cold north rain permitted.  We defeated Frost 45 to 0.

It was November 10 that we went to Dallas to play the Bryan Street High School.  The teams were about evenly matched.  Prine, Daniels and McIver starred that day also.  The score was 0 to 0, and we were very well satisfied, as we hadn't forgotten Oak Cliff's drubbing.

November 17, thirteen big huskies coming from Powell Training School in Dallas, thought they would run down for the evening and pick up a few points.  They found no little opposition, and were forced to return to Dallas with a goose egg.  All of our boys played well, and the final score was 0 to 0.

Our last trip was to Mexia.  All the farmers for miles around were there.  Mexia stood no chance against our team with such artists as McIver, Reese and Sitton.  We defeated Mexia 27 to 0.

We secured for Thanksgiving Day a game with our old rival, Hubbard.  Last year we defeated Hubbard for the first time in four years with a score of 6 to 0, and this season we put down her pride by drubbing her 40 to 0.   This was the last game of the year 1916, and old C.H.S. came out in the end with a total of 179 points, to her opponents' 99.  This season was the most successful one in the history of C.H.S., and we hope that the team of 1917 will keep up this good record.

Second Team
For the first time in many years, C.H.S. has ahd a second team, and we are proud of it, for from it the material of our first team of next year will be obtained.  The following is the record of the second team, led by Captain Randall Cooksey:

State Orphan's Home .....6 Corsicana .....6
Ennis Second Team .......12 Corsicana .....14
State Orphan's Home .....6 Corsicana .....6
State Orphan's Home .....6 Corsicana .....7
Blooming Grove ..........13 Corsicana .....13
Ennis Second Team .......0 Corsicana .....25

The Track Team

The track team this year was a success for a first-year effort.  Mr. Hayes is to be congratulated upon his work with the boys.

The County Meet was won with ease, Corsicana almost doubling her nearest opponent.  In the District Meet, the boys acquitted themselves very creditably.

Cooksey, Greenlee, Sitton, Hayes, Holsey, Sutton Davis

Base Ball Team

Line Up
Steele, r.f., Captain
Franklin, Manager
Archer, s.s.
Guynes, 1st b.
Sitton, 2nd b.
McIver, p.
Prine, c.
Miller, l.f.
Sutton, c.f.
Underwood, 3rd b.
Brennan, utility
Fluker, utility
Huffman, utility
Dowdle, utility
Hayes, coach
Holloway, coach

March 30 - C.H.S. vs Dallas ( 1 to 2 favor Dallas )
April 6 - C.H.S. vs Waxahachie ( 2 to 3 favor Waxahachie )
April 17 - C.H.S. vs Terrill School ( 7 to 11 favor Terrill )
April 20 - C.H.S. vs Waxahachie
April 27 - C.H.S. vs Forest Avenue, Dallas
May 4 - C.H.S. vs Italy
May 11 - C.H.S. vs Dallas
May 18 - C.H.S. vs Ennis


Tennis Club

Earle Varnell and Wilma Archer represented the Tennis Club this year in the tennis tournaments.  No opposition was met in the County Meet.  In the District Meet all five counties had representatives here.  We defeated Ennis in the first set, but fell to the Grosbeck team.

Our Debates

Although Corsicana had a strong debating team this year, she failed to win the District Meet.  The victor's spoils fell to Waxahachie.

Almost as soon as school opened in September, a good number of boys were studying the Single Tax question, expecting to represent Corsicana High School in the debating contests.  Jack Gladney and Stanley Eddins were chosen for the honor and they did good work throughout the season.

Frost was our opponent in the County Contest, and we defeted her by a unanimous vote. In the county debate we took the Negative of the question.  Clinton Franklin, the boy declaimer,  and Miss Goma Rosson, girl declaimer, both lost out in this contest.  The representatives  of Frost and Rice won these contests.

In order that the debaters might have some practice in arguing the Affirmative side of the question, we at once arranged for a debate with the representatives of the Hubbard High School.  They came to this city on April 7, and we defeated them by a unanimous decision.

The District Contest was held on April 14th.   The preliminaries were held during the morning, and we defeated the team from Teague High School.  In this debate we held the Negative.  In the meantime, Waxahachie met and defeated the team from Athens.  At 7:30 o'clock in the evening the finals were held with Corsicana defending the affirmative.  We put up a hard fight, but lost to Waxahachie.  Navarro County also lost in the declamation contests.

Interscholastic Representatives:
Goma Rosson - Declaimer
Stanley Eddins - Debater
Jack Gladney - Debater
Clinton Franklin - Declaimer

Question: Resolved, That all revenues of government - federal, state and local, should be derived from a single tax upon land values; constitutionality granted.

Graduating Exercises

The graduating exercises for the Class of '17 were held at the First Methodist Church on Friday, May 25, at 8:15 p.m.  The program for the occasion follows:

Master of Ceremonies - Prof. J. E. Blair
1. Processional
2. Invocation
3. Class Song
4. Vocal solo - Miss Winnie Lee Davis
5. Salutatory - Mr. Aaron Samuels
6. Valedictory - Mr. Wm. Lawrence McGill
7. Cornet duet - Messrs. William Chilcoat and Elbert Woods
8. Class address - Dr. W. B. Bizzell
9. Presentation of Diplomas
10. Presentation of Honor Certificates
11. Benedication


The Class Day Exercises

The Class Day exercises were held on Friday, May 25, in the High School auditorium.  The program follows:
1. Song ............................... Class
2. Remarks ........................ J. E. Burk
3. Class History.................. Miss Winnie Lee Davis
4. Class Prophecy............... Miss Ellen Jackson
5. Piano solo ....................... Miss Allee Thompsan
6. Will of '17 ....................... Miss Margaret Davis
7. Toast to the Teachers ... Stanley Eddins
8. Reply to the Toast......... Prof. J. G. Smith
9. Song ............................... Class
10. Toast to the Juniors .... Miss Martha Alexander
11. Reply to the Toast ...... Jack Gladney
12. Closing Remarks ........ Pres. Wm. L. McGill
13. "C.H.S., My C.H.S.".. School


Loyalty Parade

Friday, April 13, 1917, the greatest parade ever in Corsicana was staged. The purpose of this parade was to show our loyality to the Flag and President Wilson.  All the schools participated.  Leading the parade was the fire department and municipal band.  Next came the schools led by the High School.   These were followed by the State and I.O.O.F. children; men from the lodges; High School Battalion; the refinery employees, and lastly the negro schools. The parade formed at the library and marched to the fire station and down Beaton street to the depot. There a big flag was raised.  The crowd sang "Star Spangled Banner," and "America." Speeches were made by several of the prominent men of the city.

C.H.S. Song

In Corsicana you will find
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!
The greatest school of all its kind -
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!
The noblest type of any mind-
The greatest asset to mankind-
Is cherished here, we're sure you'll find,
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!

We love thy time-worn halls so dear,
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!
In mem'ry lingers scenes of cheer,
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!
We'll ne'er disgrace thy aim so clear,
But always strive without a fear,
To make thee honred far and near,
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!

Our love for thee is past compare,
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!
We love thy fame and name so fair,
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!
Thy great success - our deepest care,
Tho' parted far, no time shall tear
Thy welfare from our fervent prayer!
C.H.S., my C.H.S.!

The first verse by Stanley L. Eddins and Earle Varnell,
the last two by Mr. Burke.

The Alumni

The Alumni of the Corsicana High School is a regular organized body, and is doing a good work among the graduates of the High School.   The
Association meets once a year for the purpose of welcoming the new graduates of the school into its membership. 
As has always been said, a graduate of the Corsicana High School will always be found wherever anything of importance is going on in the world.  This has always been true, is true now, and always will be true.  The graduates of this High School who have been made noted, and hold positions of trust today are many.  Just a glance at any magazine or newspaper will reveal the name of some graduate making a mark among his fellowmen.

Among those who have been well known are: Miss Katie Daffan of the class of 1890, who is superintendent of the Home for Widows of the Confederate Soldiers at Austin, Texas.  Carter Pannill of '01 is a prominent attorney of Tampico, Mexico; John Scarborough of '01 is a mining engineer of Unsan Chosen, Japan; Miss Myra Winkler of '98, is the superintendent of the schools of El Paso County; Emmett Wilkerson of '02 is a lieutenant of Calvary, and is now serving on the Mexican border.   Many others have reached distinction in the various lines of work they have entered. 

Mr. Albert Phillips is the present president of the Alumni.

(note, the following list was also published in the Corsicana Daily Sun on May 10, 1923 on pg 6 ...elw)

List of Graduates 1884 - 1916

* Information in Red is updated information; Links to Classmates Pages for details

Class of 1884
Miss Wilma Edwards*;
Mrs. Belle kerr, nee Hand

Class of 1885
Emmett Sutherland*
B. B. Bates
Mrs. Allie Moore, nee Mullins
Robert Haynes
J. Elmer Butler
Mrs. Claytie Woods, nee Gibson
Mrs. Jennie Sanderson, nee Gillespie
Mrs. Maggie Cox, nee Anderson
Mrs. Hattie Kneale, nee Phillips

Class of 1886
Mrs. Resa Miller, nee Polk
Elbert J. Gibson
Frank Royal
Gus Southworth*
J. M. Church

Class of 1887
Miss Nettie Mosley
Fred W. Freeman
Miss Annie Scarborough
Miss Bertha Burnet
Mrs. Maggie Sanders, nee Kerr
George Wollett*

Class of 1888
Mrs. Mattie Howell, Nee Grady
Mrs. Callie Chamberlain, nee Mancel
Mrs. Buena Selig, nee Sedgeley
Gustave Southworth*
Miss Julia Bradley*
Mrs. Carrie Nix, nee Harle
J. M. Roberts
John R. Mays

Class of 1889
Miss Jennie Collum*
Mrs. Nannette Goldstein, nee Deutschner
Claude W. Jester
Mrs. Hettie Harris, nee Livingston
William M. Morgan
Wiley lee Coleman
Harney Wilson

Class of 1890
Miss Kate Daffin
Mrs. Lula Rose, nee Elliott
Miss Pearl Rainwater
Miss Freddie Moseley
Nash Reed
F. Wych Greer
John Archer Reed*
Sam Dunham

Class of 1891
Mrs. Ada McRaven, nee Mullins
Mrs. Ada Woodward, nee Buckner

Class of 1892
Miss Edna Freedman
Miss Susie Mullins
Mrs. May Gideon, nee Durham
James Lee*

Class of 1893
Miss Ida Richardson
Mrs. Willie Hawkins*, nee Gibbs
Mrs. Lillie Banister, nee Butler
Miss Hulda Hodges*
Miss Bessie Lea
Mrs. Hallie Davis, nee Ransom
Miss Lizzie Byrd
Mrs. Kate Purifoy, nee Woods

Class of 1894
Miss Estelle Davis
Miss Eva Church
Mrs. Hattie Guynes, nee Smith
Isaac Reed
Miss Annie Leighton
Leland Malone
Mrs. Ella Crawford, nee Johnston
Mrs. Nola Sessions, nee McCurdey
Mrs. Alice Harmon, nee Leighton
Mrs. Dona Leighton, nee Sutherland
Miss Malka Deutschner

Class of 1895
Mrs. Mabel Horton, nee Martin
Mrs. Nina Haslam, nee Faulk
Miss Grace Darling
Mrs. Edna Rankin, nee Duncan
Mrs. M. Cohen, nee Lehman

Class of 1896
Mrs. Maggie Taylor, nee McCammon
Mrs. Allee Hughes, nee Maddox
Miss Celyne Lehman
Miss Helen Robbins
Miss May Clark
Mrs. Maggie Church, nee Freeman
Mrs. Pearl Joplin, nee Fanning
Mrs. Willie Hammett, nee Winn
Miss Rosalie Cahn
Edwin Church*
Mrs. Ruth Payne, nee Church
Mrs. Rena Richardson, nee Johnson

Class of 1897
Mrs. May Guthrie, nee Lea
Miss Edna Martin
Mrs. Mabel Caldwell, nee Molder
Miss Inez Freeman
Miss Aggie Witherspoon
Mrs. Jewel McClung, nee White
J. Albert Sowell
Mrs. Annie Wilson, nee Douglass
Mrs. Meta Keith, nee Ransom*
Miss Mary Rainwater
Miss Eva Richardson
Miss Pearl Carter
Charles Gibbs
Ewing Edens

Class of 1898
Miss Bertha Jackson
Mrs. Merle Pondr, nee Hayes
Miss Annie Bonham
Miss Margaret Guthrie
Mrs. Eva Carroll, nee Duncan
Mrs. Maida Johnson, nee Dyer
Miss Myra Winker
Edgar Metcalf
Mrs. Ollie Johnson, nee Shropshire
Mrs. Daisy Murchison, nee Polk
Mrs. Hettie Drummond, nee Bartlett
Mrs. Charles Miles, nee Crawford
Miss Alberta Croft
Miss Hixie Harrison
Miss Hattie Kenner
Miss Nora Weaver
Walter Armstrong

Class of 1899
Mrs. Ruth Mayfield, nee Angus
Miss Pearle Bates
Miss Annie Smith
Mrs. Alma Withers, nee Lee
Miss Isabelle Cahn
Miss Rhoda Smith
Miss Potter Teas
Miss Augusta Helm
Miss Besie Pressley
Miss Beatrice Cahn
Ira Kerr
Woodbury Norris
Miss Sarah McCreary
Miss Blanche McKie
Miss Clara Wimberly
George Duren
Steve Pace
Eldred Mayes*
Charles McAfee

Class of 1900
Miss Willie McCreary
Mrs. Willie Tuttle, nee Lea
Miss Florence Baker
Miss Lillian Church
Mrs. Adele Kory, nee Deutschner
Miss Eunice Hamilton
Miss Stella Herman
Mrs. Nena Elliot, nee McSpadden
Ivan Martin
Palmer Blanding
Max Elser
Mrs. Mona Edens, nee Anderson
Mrs. Hettie Loggins, nee Leonard
Miss Kate Church
Orlando Hollingsworth
Miss Mary Curtis
Mrs. Julia Redden, nee Deutschner
Miss Ruth Harris
Miss Joy Houston
Miss Jewell Sowell
William Bingham
Ben Boltz
Perry McCammon

Class of 1901
Mrs. Mary Gage, nee Armstrong
Miss Willie Bush
Miss Minnie Cornell
Miss Daisy Develine
Miss Annie Hammett
Mrs. Lizzie Thompson, nee Johnson
Mrs. Cammille Sprikes, nee McCammon
Miss Evelyn McKie
Mrs. Kate Burgess, nee Molder
Mrs. Clara Ricker, nee Petty
Miss Bessie Savage
Miss Mamie Wilson
Ralph Blackburn
Harris Ransom
John Scarborough
Miss Minnie Bonner
Mrs. Mary Flagg, nee Christian
Mrs. Nell Pace, nee Damon
Miss Lizzie Golden
Miss Ethel Hines
Miss Rosa King
Mrs. Flora Brown, nee McCreary
Miss May McSpadden
Mrs. Maggie Hastings, nee Pannill
Mrs. Minnie Moore, nee Ransom
Miss Delia Smalling
Miss Sallie Wolf
Douglas Johnson
Jacob Ratner
Hugh Lamar Stone
Cliff Sparks

Class of 1902
Mrs. Bessie Edens, nee Ambrose
Mrs. Page Allen, nee Curtis
Miss Emma Jackson
Miss Blanche Johnson
Miss Annie McCammon
Miss Silla Treadwell
Wesley Edens
Lowry Martin
Emmett Wilkerson
Miss Florence Craven
Mrs. Jessie Lee, nee Edens
Miss Clarke Jeffers
Miss Freedman Johnson
Mrs. Mary Gunn, nee Slade
Fred Barth
Arthur Levi
Roscoe Megarity
Stuart Woods

Class of 1903
Miss Lena Robinson
Miss Winnie Yeager
Miss Pearle Baldauf
Miss Isla Carroll
Mrs. Sallie Haley, nee Coleman
Miss Ethel Douglas
Miss Lena Goldberg
Miss Lula Jones
Miss Minnie Mikel
Mrs. Conger Brooks, nee Neblett
Mrs. Pet Atwood, nee Roberts
Miss Velna Crawford
Miss Katie Hamilton
Mrs. Nannerle Holloway, nee Hardy
Miss Lila Smith
Miss Olga McWhorter
Douglas Blanding
Wiley Clarkson
Pacie Golden
Notie Lee
Carter Pannill
Morris Worthington
Wright Kerr
Alva Little
Francis McKie
Jessie Megarity
Norman Polasky
Hawkins Scarborough
Henry Walker
Clyde Wimberly
Earle Johnson

Class of 1904
Miss Allie Barcus
Mrs Grace Polk, nee Christian
Mrs. Mary Kate Clarkson, nee Johnson
Miss Louise McSpadden
Mrs. Myra Gordon, nee Vaughn
George Jackson
Charles Van Hook
Mrs. Mabel Bomar, nee Caston
Miss Edna Henderson
Miss Johnnie McCreary
Miss Louise Moseley
Will Gibson
Peid Robinson
Miss Mary Beck
Miss Bennie Duncan
Miss Jeannette Levi
Miss Alma Martin
Byron Cheney
Claude Kennebrew
Mrs. Edith Smith, nee Buckner
Miss Bloomah Goodwin
Mrs. Lila Wassell, nee McClellan
Miss Emma Mikell
Sam Clopton
Sydney Marks
Miss Pannil Brown
Miss Maggie Collier
Mrs. Cecille Marks, nee Lehman
Miss Fannie Simkins
Miss Frankie Watt
Lloyd Kerr
Cleveland Wilkerson
Mrs. Lela Edens, nee Cherry
Miss Cora Henry
Miss Katherine McDaniel
Miss Alice Prine
Allyn Gordon
Ben Talbot

Class of 1905
( N. B. - There was no graduating class in 1905.  The Twelfth Grade was added that year.)

Class of 1906
Kenneth Bullock
Willie Damon
William Hervey
Worcester Jennings
Hugh Johnson
Stanley Kerr
Vernon McKinney
Clyde Stroud
Liston Tatum
Damon Woods
Rowena Anderson
Miss Alberta Brashear
Mrs. Thomasine Speaks, nee Cobb
Mrs. Ruby Wilkerson, nee Fryar
Miss Sadie Hammett
Miss Lillian Hilliard
Miss Ruby Houston
Miss Nellie Jefferson
Miss Estelle Levy
Ivor Overton
Miss Velma McAfee
Mrs. Bunnie Kerr, nee Cobb

Class of 1907
Downing Kneale
Miss Callie Blair
Miss Ruth Pressley
Miss Mary Hughes
Miss Ruth Hamilton
Harry Blanding
Roy Daniel
Miss Mary Peterson
Miss Dettie Hammett
Charles Allen
Mrs. Hallie Blackburn, nee Cullen
Miss Geneva Tarver
Miss Mabel Bonner
Miss Vera McKinney

Class of 1908
Allen Woods
Miss Belle Costa
Miss Margret Pressley
J. W. Payne
Warren Ambrose
Miss Nellie Lindsay
Mrs. Frances Hilliard, nee Wills
Miss Mollie Blackmon
Mrs. Ethel Evans, nee McQuiston
Bertrand Polasky
Mrs. Emily Kate Cunningham, nee Johnson
Miss Edith Watson
Dubart Miller
Miss Geline Call*
Mrs. Laura Mitchell, nee Talor
Henry Moseley
Mrs. Rosa Woods, nee Clarkson
Miss Estella Van Hook
Mrs. Jesse Daniels, nee Johnson

Class of 1909  [ Invitation to Graduation ]
Mrs. Sammie Speaks, nee Cobb
Raymond McIver
Henry Holmes
Ben Blackmon
[ Ben F. Blackmon, Class President ]
Miss Margaret Clarkson
Miss Josephine McDonald
Miss Latona McGill
[ Valedictorian ]
Miss Lillian Kiber
Ben Todd
[ Ben M. Todd ]
Miss Lois Hornbeak
Miss Katherine Key
Douglas Johnson
[ E. Douglas Johnson, Sec'y & Treas. ]
Miss Fay Scott
Miss Ellen Van Hook
Frank Ogle
John Blair
David Houston
Mrs. Evelyn Chrisman, nee Crews
Miss Carrie Berry
Mrs. Etta Allen, nee Sparks
Miss Fay Kerr

Class of 1910
Miss Agnes Blanding
Miss Elizabeth Johnson
Miss Kathleen Young
Ralph Watson
Mrs. Lee Little, nee Haslam
Miss Minnie Roberts
Miller (? this is all that is listed)
Miss Dorothy Drane
Miss Mary Miller
Robert Higgins
Miss Jimmie Kate Dublin
Miss Winnie Myrick
Ernest Hines
Miss Kathleen Bullock
Miss Alma Mellear
Sam Call
Lexie Jarrell
Miss Jessie May Hilliard
Miss Cecil Story
Dan Spurlock

Class of 1911
Miss Josephine Peterson
Miss Julia Callicut
Mrs. Nadine Stevens, nee Kerr
Miss Ellen McQuiston
Miss Mittie McAfee
Mrs. Maude Inabit, nee Ransom
Miss Allie Speed
Miss Kate Hughes
Miss Mary Leslie
Orren Hailey
Miss Vesta Purifoy
Miss Viola Seagraves
Miss Maggie Alford
Miss Irene Prine
Miss Caroline McCreary
Miss Nettie Ramsay
Miss Jessie Cullen
Miss Margie Hyndman
ALbert Phillips
Mrs. Sophia Dreeben, nee Levy
Miss Rosa Miller
Miss Ruth Burkhalter
Miss Lizzie Tinkle
James Dyer
Miss Berta Frey
Mrs. Gladys Bowmen, nee Greenlee
Miss Birdie Johnson
Miss Maude Willis
James Woods
Max Wolens
Carl Mirus
Ole Peterson
Charles Davis
Mike O'Connor
Wilson David - John Wilson David
Harry Jacobs
Walter Caldwell
James Holman*
Paoli Blair
Beauford Jester - Beauford Halbert Jester [1893 - 1949] Became Texas Governor

Class of 1912
Walter Blair
Lewis Hixon
Max Molloy
Carl Wilson
Miss Annie Holmes
Miss Augusta Mirus
Miss Ethel Roughton
Robert Elliott
Douglass Jackson
Reginald Nicol
Miss Mae Bingham
Miss Eunice Houston
Miss Modena McAfee
Miss Gussie Smith
Leo Fox
Dan Kiber
Hood Parker
Miss Josephine Bogy
Miss Rosa Johnson
Miss Isla Norris
Roy Fox
Hubert Love - Hubert B. Love
James Payne
Miss Lena Bonner
Miss Lillian Jones
Miss Katherine O'Neil
Miss Marie Waltman
Robert Hailey
Percy McKinney
William White
Miss Fern Cheshire
Miss Lila Kerr
Miss Helen Park
Miss Loretta Elms
Trim Hale
Augustus Mays
Opie Wills
Mrs. Louis Simpson nee Clopton
Miss Christine Minter
Miss Rachel Ross
Miss Katherine Stout

Class of 1913
Claude Absher
Gordon Johnson
Hugh Sloan
Uriah Cerf
Christopher Knox
Troy Tarver
Aubrey Costa
Walter Love
Fred Upchurch
Miss Willie Brown
Miss Mildred Caldwell*
Miss Blanche Galbreath
Miss Margaret Parker
Miss Bernice Stevens
Miss Alice Blair
Miss Lillian Cheney
Miss Annie Franklin
Miss Modena Miller
Miss Nora Spurlock
Miss Veta Bragg
John Garner
Charles Rankin
Jack Walker
Ivan Rosenburg
Jack Walton
George Jester*
Finis Senor
Miss Nannie Albritton
Mrs. Ruth Castler, nee Callicutt
Mrs. Pansy Erwin, nee Dorman
Miss Janie Mattingly
Miss Corine Slade
Mrs. Naughty B. Pelphreys, nee Warnell
Mrs. Sadie Marks, nee Cohen
Miss Edwine Collier
Miss Eddie Jarrell
Mrs. Annie Holmes, nee Pugh
Miss Violet Temple
Mrs. Hattie Wright, nee Cobb
Miss Aileen Cheney
Miss Marie Frey
Miss Dorothy McDonald
Miss Clara Stell
Miss Hazel Davis
Miss Elizabeth Matchett
Miss Gladys Redden
Miss Clifton Townsend

Class of 1914
Ford ALbritton
King Elliott - King Fount Elliott
Benny Garitty
Clark Hadison
Mahlon Hammett
Wayne Hoffman
Wayne Howell
Allyn Lang
Oakley Love
Noel Marchbanks
Whitson Overcash
Lloyd Russell
Ralph Stell
Louie Schwarts
Vest Sitton
Hugh Tinkle
Homer Watson
Miss Jessie Allen
Miss Evelyn Callicutt
Miss Cora Castellaw
Miss Lida Cheney
Miss Marion Cheney
Miss Vivia Garner
Miss Gladys Madden
Miss Maurice Matthews
Miss Leta McAfee
Miss Edith Noble
Miss Lucie Payne
Miss Ruth Powell
Miss Willie Powell
Miss Gertrude Sparkman
Miss Pansy Sheppard
Miss Eunice Taylor
Miss Lillie Tidd

Class of 1915
Oscar Albritton
William Barnhart
Thad Collum
Robert Goodman
Ralph Gray
Sam Harwell
Bryan Horton
Archie Justiss
Albert Levy
Reuben Mixon
Gerald Molloy
Elmer Minter
Chester Pugh
Bruce Tohmpson
James Walton
Miss Fae Perriman
Miss Georgia Roughton
Miss Martha Suttle
Miss Dora Witherspoon
Miss Marion Allen
Miss Gertrude Ballew
Miss Mildred Beaton
Miss Ellen Carpenter
Miss Hazel Dreeben
Miss Ruth Garner
Miss Bessie Grant
Miss Elsie Houston
Miss Genevieve Inabnit
Miss Lucile Kerr
Miss Francis King
Miss Emma Kiber
Miss Eunice Lindsay
Mrs.Margaret Ferris, nee Lotspeich
Mrs. Gertrude Little, nee McQuiston
Miss Kate Prince
Miss Willie Ritchie
Miss Alma Walker
Miss Vallie Dale Younger
Miss Leslie Roung

Class of 1916
Pauline Allen
Roland Barnett
Miss Sarah Frances Benson
Arthur Bentley
Miss Bernadette Bishoff
Miss Artie Birdwell
Miss Earla Mae Brennan
Miss Mabel Curry
George Daniels
Wade DuBose
Mike Edwards
Miss Margaret Elms
Henry Fox
Campbell Gillespie
Gabriel Goldberg
Miss Dale Goolsby
Miss Mary Gray
Miss Fannie Beth Hardison
Raymond Harwell
Miss Bufa Hawkins
Miss Kathleen Hixon
Arnold Hodge
Warren Hicks
Louis Wolens
Miss Edith Houston
Miss Anna Belle Kiber
Miss Isabel Kaufman
Carl Kumke
Lima Love
Miss Lena Mae McClure
Miss Mary Mizel
Miss Louise Molder
Miss Isabel Molloy
Thorp Montfort
Miss Alice Mowlam
Vivian Mowlam - William Vivian Mowlam
Miss Marion Ildham
Miss Jewell Patton
Clifton Pugh
Lawrence Ransom
Miss Vaudie Reed
Boyd Rivers
Miss Gussie Roughton
Miss Margaret Shirey
Miss Gazzie Suttle
Miss Clara Upchurch
Miss John Allen Warnell
Louis Wolens.

* = Deceased [as of 1917]

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