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What Ever Happened to .....

Pauline Allen
Still they gazed and still their wonder grew, That one small head could hold all she knew.

Pauline Allen
Dec 7, 1899 - Sep 14, 1924
Obituary; Marker Photo at Oakwood Cemetery
Sarah Frances Benson
Class Reporter Freshman, '12. Sec. Treas. Choral Club, '15-'16. A.Y.L.I., '15-'16.  Old Maids' Club, '15-'16.
She is tall and straight as a statue, And graceful as a water nymph.
Arthur Bentley
Treasurer Bryan Debating and Declamation Club, '14-'15.
An industrious business man, a sincere friend, and one who can always be relied upon.
Rowland Barnett
Vice Pres. Bryan Debating Club, '15, Fall Term.  Captain Basketball Team '16.
Masterful and unique in genius is he,
A splendid scholar in every degree.
Artie Birdwell
Old Maid's Club, '15-'16.  A.Y.L.I., '15-'16.
A face with gladness over-spread, Soft smiles by human kindness bred.
Artie Ora (Birdwell) Gillespie
Sep 17, 1896 - Dec 25, 1971
Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Bernadette Bishoff
A.Y.L.I., '15-'16.
Choral Club '15-'16.
Old Maids' Club, '15-'16.
Senior Class Editor, '16;

How the heart flutters,
how the brain whirls,
When we meet this maid,
with golden curls.
Earla Mae Brennan
A.Y.L.I., '14-'15.  Old Maids' Club, '15-'16.
Beautiful hair, nut brown eyes, In whose depths, mischief lies, Handsome figure, tidy dress, Sweetest smiles, who? just guess !
Earla Mae (Brennan) Kemp
1897 - Mar 22, 1972
Calvary Cemetery, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR; Section L
w/o Edgar Ray Kamp; s/o Thomas Joseph Brennan & Clara Ann (Sheets) Brennan
Mabel Curry
Pres. A.Y.L.I., '14-'15.
For three long years she's labored here, a faithful student, loved by all.
George Daniels
Business Manager "The Corsican." '15-'16.  Treas. Bryan Debating Club, '15-'16.  Bryan Debating Club, '13-'14-'15-'16
A splendid business man of much talent and a man who never fails.

George Edlestein Daniels
Mar 29, 1898 - May 22, 1973
Obituary; Hebrew Cemetery

Wade Dubose
Bryan Debating Club, '14-'15.
If there is any one so bashful;
Just take a look at Wade;
He is always in retirement,
Yet very much displayed.
Wade Eugene Dubose
May 25, 1899 - Mar 14, 1963
Obituary; Grove Hill Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX
Micajah Edwards
Bryan Debating and Declamation Club '14-'15; Baseball '15; Track '15; Chairman Social Committee Senior Class '15-'16.
Men will come and men will go, But he will last forever.
Margaret Elms
Treas. A.Y.L.I., '15-'16.
Old Maids' Club, '16.
Home Economics Club, '15-'16.

She is gentle, she is shy;
But there's mischief in her eye.
Henry Fox
Henry is a giant, is quiet, and set in his ways.  Strange to say, he loves athletics but refuses to take part in any.
Campbell Gillespie
Pres. Junior Class, '14-'15.  Football, '13-'14-'15.  Baseball, '14-'15-'16.
A tall, manly figure of pleasing manners and society.
Campbell Miller “Sonny” Gillespie, Sr.
Jul 12, 1897 - Aug 25, 1977
Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Gabriel Goldberg
Editor-in-Chief "The Corsican," '15-'16.  Baseball. '15-'16.  Bryan Debating Club, '13-'14-'15.
A genius who aspires in many a line, A lovable character almost divine.
Gabriel "Gabe" Goldberg
Jan 1, 1899 - Jun 1, 1985
Hebrew Cemetery, Corsicana, TX
Dale Goolsby
Vice-Pres. Senior Class, '15, Fall Term; Vice-Pres. A.Y.L.I., '15-'16.  Treas. A.Y.L.I., '14-'15.  Sec. Junior Class, '14-'15.  Student Asst. in English, '16
Mary Gray
A.Y.L.I., '16.  Pres. Choral Club, '16.  Basket Ball, '15-'16.  Pres. Old Maids' Club, '16.
Here's to the girl with eyes of blue, No matter what happens, she'll always be true.
Fannie Beth Hardison
Vice Pres. Senior Class, '16;
Sec. Senior Class, '15, Fall Term;
Reporter A.Y.L.I., '16;
High School Representative Declaimer, '16

Sweetly did she speak and
gently did she move.
Fannie Elizabeth Hardison
Aug 15, 1898 - Feb 6, 1987
Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, TX
Raymond Harwell
Football, '14-'15. Treasurer Athletic Association, '15, Fall Term.
"Doc" is a hard worker and succeeds in everything he undertakes.  He has a touch of humor in him due to his alliance with Lawrence Ransom.
Bufa Hawkins
Old Maid's Club, '15-'16.
I know that Cupid did and
I think it was a sin,
To carve a cunning dimple
in the middle of her chin.
Nannie Bufa (Hawkins) Pritchett
Aug 9, 1898 - Aug 23, 1975
Obituary; Rice Cemetery
Warren Hicks
Treas. Bryan Debating Club, '16.  Latin Club, '15-'16.
The man whose friendship is sincere, Who knows no guilt and feels no fear.
Kathleen Hixon
President Old Maids' Club, '15-'16.
Vice Pres. Choral Club, '15-'16.

Intellectual brow and thoughtful face,
Sunny air and pensive grace.
Arnold Hodge
Bryan Debating and Declamation Club, '14-'15-'16.  Basket Ball, '15-'16.
Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes a man a farmer.
Florence Holman Miss Florence Holman
Dec 28, 1896 - Mar 18, 1992
Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX
Appears as a Junior in the 1916 yearbook but does not appear in the 1917 yearbook, may have graduated early?
Edith Houston
Vice President, A.Y.L.I., '16.
Press Reporter Home Economics Club, '16.

And though she saw all heaven in flowers above, She would not love.
Isabel Kaufman
Reporter, A.Y.L.I.;
Choral Club '15-'16

Her amiable character and culture have won for her many sincere friends.
Anna Bell Kiber
Pres. Home Economics, '15-'16  Choral Club, '15-'16.  Old Maids' Club, '15-'16.
Tho retired and possessed of no smile,
Yet neat and attentive all the while.
Anna Belle Kiber
1898 - Feb 25, 1970
Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX
Carl Kumke
Baseball, '14-'15-'16.  Football, '14.  Basketball, '15.
Known by every one as "The Flying Dutchman."  He possesses that real German fighting spirit.
Lima Love
Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class, '13-'14.  Historian, High School Club, '16.
A general favorite and general friend.
Lima Womack Love
Oct 12, 1898 - May 15, 1958
Hamilton Beeman Cemetery, Retreat, Navarro Co., TX
Lena Mae McClure
A.Y.L.I., '15-'16; Old Maid's Club '15-'16;
Treas. Home Economics Club '15-'16;
Librarian Choral Club '15-'16.
She can sing you a lay
That will lure you away.
Mary Mizell
Old Maids' Club, '15-'16.
Never seen without a smile, with which she helps to maintain the good humor of the class.
Isabelle Molloy
Basket Ball, '15-'16.
A.Y.L.I., '15-'16.  Vice Pres. Junior Class, '15- Fall Term.

Thine eyes are springs in whose serene
And silent waters heaven is seen.
Thorp Montfort
Member Latin Club, '15-'16.
Whatever he did was done
with so much ease,
In him 'twas very natural to pleas.
Peter Thorp Montfort
Jan 25, 1899 - Jul 23, 1956
Old Chatfield Cemetery
FindAGrave.com Memorial #69681032
Louise Moulder
A most extraordinary lit-maid, Who cannot be described.  We cannot tell you why it is, Characteristics cannot be applied.
Alice Mowlam
Old Maid's Club, '15-'16.
Her face is fair, her heart is true, Her charms always seem ever new.
Vivian Mowlam
Sec. Athletic Association '15-'16; Pres Senior Class '16; Football, '14-'15.
His outward culture and refinement, Reveal depths of a deeper hue.
William Vivian Mowlam
Oct 24, 1897 - Apr 25, 1981
Greenwood Cemetery, Teague, Freestone  Co., TX
FindAGrave.com #156649963
Marion Oldham
Old Maid's Club, '15-'16,
Home Economics Club '15-'16;
Reporter, A.Y.L.I.

This small but sweet and charming girl,
Is modest in her ways.
Jewell Patton
Sergeant at arms, Old Maids' Club, '16.  A.Y.L.I., '15-'16.
Her smile was like a rainbow flashing from a misty sky.
Clifton Pugh
High School Club, '16.
Rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun, Who relished a joke and rejoiced in a pun.
Clifton C. Pugh
b. Feb 1898
Lawrence Ransom
Football, '14-'15.  Baseball '15-'16.  Captain Football  and Baseball, '15-'16.
"Sadie" is the most comical boy in school.  He is also an athlete, as his honors indicate.
Lawrence Daffan “Sadie” Ransom
Aug 28, 1897 - Sep 21, 1977
Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Vaudie Reed
Quite, unobtrusive, attentive, kink,
Of a character, simple and modest,
A friend to all, hated by none.
Vandie E. Reed
Boyd Rivers
Bryan Debating and
Declamation Club, '13-'14-'15.

A quite man of unassuming manners and manly qualities, and one who is strongly devoted to his duties.
Jacob Boyd Rivers
b. August 3, 1894 in Newberry, South Carolina
d. May 1978
Draft Registration 1917/1918 in Navarro County; WWI
Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK
FindAGrave.com Memorial #63848619
Gussie Roughton
Her beautiful nature and charming manners, Make her as sweet as the month of May
Gussie Louise Roughton
Dec 7, 1897 - Dec 6, 1995
Campbell-Elrod Cemetery, Drane, Navarro Co., TX
Margaret Shirey
Choral Club, '16.  Secretary Sophomore Class, '13-'14.
Pretty, quiet, and ever right, Always smiling and always bright.
Margaret Olive Shirey
Hubert Smith
Pres. Senior Class, '15, Fall Term; Sec. Bryan Debating Club, '15, Fall Term.
He is a leader among his classmates.
Gazzie Suttle
Home Economics Club, '15, Editor '16;
Choral Club, '15-'16

Although she seldom has a care,
She thinks of naught but duty.
Clara Upchurch
Choral Club, '13-'14-'15.
Accompanist, Choral Club and Orchestra, '15.

And her modest and graceful air
Shows her wise as she is fair.
John Allyn Warnell
Home Economics, '16. Choral Club, '15-'16.
A little upright, pert, tart, tripping wight, And still this little maid is our delight.
Louis Wolens
Football and Basketball, '13-'14-'15-'16;
H.S. Rep. Debater, '16;
Bryan Debating Club, '13-'14-'15-'16.

He is sure to make a success
in every undertaking.
Louis Wolens
Apr 12, 1898 - May 16, 1980
Hebrew Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX

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