The Corsican
Volume 1 - 1916
Year Book of Corsicana High School
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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In this book, the first volume of The Corsican, we have endeavored to recall the past experiences of the students of the Corsicana High School.  We cannot overestimate our appreciation for the help the citizens of Corsicana have given us.  We hope that this work will meet with your approval, and that our efforts will not have been in vain.


To our beloved principal, who by the success of his earnest efforts to bring about the present "era of good feeling" in the relations of faculty and students, has made possible this book, we affectionately dedicate this, the first volume of THE CORSICAN -- The Staff

The School Board

E. N. Johnson, J. M. Hoskins, J. D. Jackson, Capt. C. H. Allyn, J. P. Stephenson, S. M. Kerr Pres. J. E. Blair - Superintendent


Miss Moore - History
G. O. Clough - Prin. Mathematics
Miss Scott - Mathematics
Miss Spilman - Latin
J. E. Burke - English
Miss Hackett - History
J. G. Smith - Hist., Ger.
Miss Foster - Home Economics
E. W. Schuman - Science
Miss Curtis - Music
L. R. Garrison - Spanish, English
Miss Elizabeth Matthews - Ass't
Miss Lewis - English


Senior Class

Colors: Green and White
Flower: Cape Jessamine
Moto: Not for one's self but for all

Valedictorian: Pauline Allen


Hubert Smith - President
Dale Goolsby - Vice-President
Fannie Beth Hardison - Secretary
Raymond Harwell - Treasurer
Raymond Harwell - Yell Leader
Vivian Mowlam - President
Fannie Beth Hardison - Vice President
Marion Oldham
Micajah Edwards - Treasurer
Lawrence Ransom

Pauline Allen
Hubert Smith
Gussie Roughton
Dale Goolsby
Vivian Mowlam
Fannie Beth Hardison
Gazzie Suttle
Thorp Montfort
Isabel Kaufman
Marion Oldham
Louis Wolens
Lena Mae McClure
Bernadette Bishoff
Boyd Rivers
Edith Houston
Vaudie Reed
Arnold Hodge
Kathleen Hixon
Mary Mizell
George Daniels
Anna Bell Kiber
Mabel Curry
Arthur Bentley
Jewell Patton
Clara Upchurch
Rowland Barnett
Isabelle Molloy
Margaret Elms
Wade Dubose
Bufa Hawkins
Mary Gray
Clifton Pugh
Margaret Shirey
John Allyn Warnell
Lima Love
Alice Mowlam
Warren Hicks
Artie Birdwell
Campbell Gillespie
Raymond Harwell
Sarah Frances Benson
Micajah Edwards
Lawrence Ransom
Earla Mae Brennan
Carl Kumke
Louise Moulder
Gabbiel Goldberg
Henry Fox


Junior Class

Color: Pink and Silver
Flower: La France Rose
Motto: Haec olim meminisse invabit


Stanley Eddins - President
Isabelle Molloy - Vice-President
Eva Cobb - Secretary-Treasurer
J. B. Cooksey - Yell Leader
N. L. Benson - President
J. B. Cooksey - Vice President
Eva Cobb - Secretary Treasurer
Clinton Franklin - Yell Leader


N. L. Benson
Florenee Blackburn
William Chilcoat
Eva Cobb
Joseph S. Daniels
Winnie Lee Davis
Margaret Davis
Garrett Drummond
Stanley Eddins
Ruby Gallahar
Elsie Maud Garner
Florence Holman
Ellen Jackson
Ida Levine
Louise Matthews
Corinne McClure
Lawrence McGill
Augusta McGlohen
LuRainey Oldham
Nona Purifoy
Caroline Robinson
Aaron Samuels
Clyde Smith
Cocelia St. Clair
Robert Stebb
Annie Story
Alice Thompson
Al T. Underwood
Sallie Web
Jewel Williams
Joe Wolens
Elbert Woods
Harvey Young
J. B. Cooksey
Clinton Franklin
Ehtel Lindsay
Norma Jones
Abie Jacobs
W. Harry Jack
Lloyd Hamilton
Robert Cooksey
Oscar Leonard Dockum
David Draper
Wm. Hardy Fluker
Azno Fortner
Jack Gladney
Elizabeth Goodman
John Rice Guynes
Josephine McDonald
Harold Melear
Zelma Rosson
Maud Sutton
Ruth Tinkle
Earl Varnell
Wesley Walton
Minnie Witherspoon


Sophomore Class

Colors: Purple and White
Flower: Violet
Motto: We laugh to scorn the wisdom of the schools, And think the first of poets, first of fools


Clyde Stell - President
Gladys Roughton - Vice-President
Ellen Jackson - Sec. Treas.
Clinton Franklin - Yell Leader
Azro Fortner - Reporter
Truman Bragg - President
Baldwin Woods - Vice-Pres
Evelyn Long - Sec. Treas
Robert Irvine - Yell Leader
Lester Harrell - Reporter



Martha Alexander
Ruth Ashmore
Louise Alford
Fletcher Ballew
Truman Bragg
Afton Burke
Janie Babb
Jennie Lee Beal
Charles Croft
Willie May Ferguson
Lester Harrell
Camille Hardison
Katherine Harper
Lillian Inman
Sol Jacobs
Eugene Johnson
Cedric Jeffers
Alice Mae Kerr
Philip Kelton
Evelyn Long
Mabel Malone
Elizabeth Oldham
Undine Purifoy
Margaret Patton
Maurine Patterson
Gladys Roughton
Brooks Rich
William Thompson
Ruth Upchurch
Gary Belle Wilson
Mary Witherspoon
Lucile Witherspoon
Baldwin Woods
Arthur Absher
Cleoma Bayless
Virgil Burkhalter
Winnie Davis Daniels
Elvira Guynes
Robert Halsey
Augustus Huffman
Robert Irvine
Mamie Jackson
Claude Liles
Aline Love
Irva Lowry
Iola Minter
Henry Nash
Elbert Phipps
Grady Pogue
Robert Prince
Lawrence Prine
Marshall Robertson
Andrew Steele
Newton Suttle
Mary Sharp
Vera Smith
Max Ttum
Albert Tuck
Hugh Wood


Freshman Class

Colors: Green and White
Flower: Daisy
Motto: To live, to love, to laugh, to learn


Chas. Oberschmidt - President
Elizabeth Hoover - Vice-Pres.
Undine Wood - Sec. Treas.
Henry Nash - Yell Leader
William King - Reporter
Chas. Oberschmidt - President
Jack Cunningham - Vice President
Sarah Holman - Sec. Treas.
Wm. Lee Holman - Yell Leader
William King - Reporter


Fay Ashmore
Jessie Bayless
Leslie Bonner
Evelyn Blair
Rose Lee Barnette
Carrie Bunch
Ben Burrow
Alice Beaton
Edith Blackburn
Helen Bonner
Hortense Castles
Adys Chiles
Mary Louise Curch
Randle Cooksey
Levla Currington
Marjorie Call
Irene Capes
Hattie Daniels
Nellie Davies
Claude Douglas
Annie Deubow
Lucille Douglas
Posey Edwards
Verna Evans
Myrtle Fesmire
Elia Ford
Dorothea Foster
Martel Ford
D'Alpha Gallahar
Josephine Garner
Margaret Goodman
May Lee Guthrie
Dorothy Henderson
Grayson Henry
Albert Hill
Martha Holland
Martha Holmes
Christine Horton
Mavis Horton
Gladys Jackson
Heyman Jarett
George A. Jones
Minnie May Jones
Edith Keron
William King
Julia Kiber
Lucy Mash
Mary Miller
Ruby Morgan
Robert Neblett
Esther Noble
Charles Oberschmidt
Eula May Ralston
Grace Reeves
Ross Sutton
Gladys Samuels
Opal Terry
Lewis Thomas
Lloyd Thomas
Garrett Walker
Murphy Williams
Daisy Wolens
Undine Woods
Ernest Wilkes
Maud Wood


In Memoriam

The High School Sadly Mourns the Loss of its sweetest students, Miss Margaret Goodwin who died March 30, 1916.  Miss Margaret was a very bright and industrious student.  Her sweet manners and quiet ways won for her the friendship of many.  All Regret her untimely death, at the moment of her entering the era of her young womanhood.  [link to obituary]


Bryan Debating and Declamation Club


Stanley L. Eddins - President
Rowland Barnett - Vice President
Jack Gladney - Vice President
W. L. McGill - Secretary
Hubert Smith - Asst. Secretary
Geo. Daniels - Treasurer

W. L. McGill - President
Louis Wolens - Vice-President
Robert Holsey - Vice - President
W. H. Jack - Secretary
Abie Jacobs - Asst. Secretary
Warren Hicks - Treasurer


Garrett Drummond
George Daniels
Clinton Franklin
Gabriel Goldberg
W. Harry Jack
W. L. McGill
Robert Cooksey
Stanley L. Eddins
Jack Gladney
Warren Hicks
Abie Jacobs
Louis Wolens
Lorenz Engleman


Interscholastic Representatives

Fannie Beth Hardison - Declaimer
Jack Gladney - Debater
Stanley Eddins - Declaimer
Louis Wolens - Debater

Question: Resolved, That a constitutional tax of one mill should be levied for the support of the state institutions of higher education in Texas and that supplementary appropriations by the Legislature should be prohibited.


The As You_Like_It Society


Louise Matthews - President
Dale Goolsby - Vice-President
Fannie Beth hardison - Secretary
Margaret Elms - Treasurer
Marion Oldham - Reporter
Mary Gray - President
Edith Houston - Vice-President
Earla Mae Brennan - Secretary
Sarah Frances Benson - Treasurer
Fannie Beth Hardison - Reporter
Isabelle Kaufman - Reporter for Annual
Jewel Patton - Sergeant-at-Arms


Miss Lewis


The Latin Club

Stanley Eddins - "Consul Maior"
Baldwin Woods - "Consul Minor"
Ellen Jackson - "Scriba" for 1st term
Alice Mae Kerr - "Scriba" for 2nd term
Elizabeth Oldham - "Aerarii Praefectus"
Evelyn Long - "Narrator"
Miss Spilman - "Monitor"

Janie Bab
Jennie Le Beal
Carrie Bunch
Stanley Eddins
Gabriel Goldberg
May Lea Gutherie
Lillie Inman
Alice Mae Kerr
Evelyn Long
Mable Malone
Thorp Montfort
Elizabeth Oldham
Undine Purifoy
Nita Robinson
Mary Sharp
Vera Smith
Lloyd Thomas
Ruth Upchurch
Jewell Williams
Mary Witherspoon
Baldwin Woods
Harvey Young




Miss Curtis - Directress and President
Lawrence McGill - Vice-President
Henry Nash - Secretary and Treasurer
Joe Wolens - Librarian

Sue Taylor - Violin
Annie Lee Matthews - Violin
Henry Nash - Violin
Undine Woods - Violin
Elsie Maude Garner - Violin
Carrie Bunch - Violin
Joe Wolens - Violin
J. B. Cooksey - Cornet
William Chilcoat - Cornet
Aubrey Tarbutton - Cornet
Elbert Woods - Alto
Lawrence McGill - Saxaphone
Richard Daniels - Violincello


Choral Club


Mary Gray - President
Kathleen Hixson - Vice-President
Sarah Frances Benson - Secretary-Treasurer
Lena Mae McClure - Librarian
Gazzie Suttle - Pianist

Louise Alford
Sarah Frances Benson
Bernadette Bishoff
Mary Gray
Esther Noble
Dimple Hixson
Kathleen Hixson
Anna Belle Kiber
Ethel Lindsay
Louise Matthews
Lena Mae McClure
Alice Mowlam
Marion Oldham
Caroline Robinson
Margaret Shirey
Clyde Smith
Gazzie Suttle
John Allyn Warnell


Home Economics Club


Anna Belle Kiber - President
Marian Allen - Vice President
Isabelle Kaufman - Secretary
Lena Mae McClure - Treasurer
Edith Houston - Reporter

Artie Birdwell
Sarah Frances Benson
Florence Blackburn
Winnie Lee Davis
Margaret Elms
Mary Gray
Fannie Beth Hardison
Emma Kiber
Marion Oldham
Margaret Shirey
Gazzie Suttle
John Allyn Warnell


The Old Maids Club

At the suggestions of two of C.H.S.'s girls, namely Mabel Curry and Kathlen Hixson, a meeting of all High School girls interested in organizing an Old Maid's Club was called in December, 1915.

Miss Lewis presided over the first meeting and the following officers were elected:  Kathleen Hixson, President; Sallie Webb, Vice-President; Dale Goolsby, Secretary; and Florence Blackburn, Society Leader.

The purpose of the movement was to get all the spinsters of the C.H.S. into a club so they could meet and sympathize with one another in their troubles, trials and tribulations.  They also wished to have a meeting where they could feel free to give vent to all their pent-up feelings toward the opposite sex.

Long may the club live and may each member say in thruth, that --

A single life is a happy life,
Yes, it is my glory;
A single life is a happy life,
No man can control me.

The following spinsters are members of the Club:
Julie Martha Alexander
Mattilie Sarah Frances Benson
Caroline Artie Birdwell
Susanna Bernadette Bishoff
Jemima Earla Mae Brennan
Jerusha Eva Cobb
Marianna Mabel Curry
Nancy Margarite Elms
Sallie Jane Isabella Foster
Tabitha Dale Goolsby
Hephzibah Mary Gray
Prudence Fannie Beth Hardison
Nalviny Edith Houston
Angeline Bufa Hawkins
Marandy Dimple Hixson
Emiline Kathleen Hixson
Mehetabel Gladys Jackson
Novaline Isabel Kaufman
Penelope Anna Belle Kiber
Priscilla Martha Lewis
Phebe Evelyn Long
Maryland Erva Lowry
Polly Louise Matthews
Stevana Lena Mae McClure
Drusilla Josie McDonald
Molly Augusta McGlohen
Parthenia Mary Mizell
Lucindy Laura M. Moore
Evangeline Alice Mowlam
Olivia Marion Oldham
Roxana Jewel Patton
Marigold Gladys Roughton
Betsy Ann Scott
Arabella Clyde Smith
Dorinda Annie Sory
Amy Gazzie Suttle
Cynthy Pearl Thomas
Lizy John Allen Warnell


High School Club


Campbell Gillespie - President
Vivian Mowlam - Vice President
William Chilcoat - Secretary
J. Elbert Woods - Treasurer
Lawrence M. McGill - Asst. Treasurer
Harry W. Jack - Asst. Treasurer

(members not listed individually)


Officers of Athletic Association
J. G. Smith - President
Stanley Eddins - 1st Vice President
Louise Matthews - 2nd Vice President
Wm. V. Mowlam - Secretary
Raymond Harwell - Treasurer
J. G. Smith - President
Louis Wolens - 1st Vice President
Louise Matthews - 2nd Vice President
Vivian Mowlam - Secretary
Gabriel Goldberg - Treasurer


Football Line-up

The Corsicana Football Team has had an unusually bad season this year.  Out of six games played, it won 2, lost 3, and tied 1.

On Friday, Oct 8, Ennis came here and received a drubbing to the tune of 102 - 0 ( one hundred and two to zero ).  All local boys featured in this contest

Friday, Oct 17, our team received a defeat at the hands of Waxahachie, with a score of 12 - 0.

On Friday, Oct 29, the Corsicana Football team defeated Hubbard for the first time in four years, with a score of 6-0, in a hard fought game.

In the Next game, with Oak Cliff, our team met defeat with a score of 21-7.

On Nov 11, our team went to Dallas and was defeated 39-0.  The Dallas team was too fast for us.

The last game occurred on Thanksgiving at Hubbard.  The result of this hard fought contest was a tie, 0-0, in which the players of both teams featured.


Benson - Manager
Ransom - Captain and Quarterback
Harwell - Right End
Daniels - Right Tackle
Irvine - Right Guard
Gillespie - Center
Cooksey, J. B. - Left Guard
Mowlam - Left Tackle
Thompson - Left End
Wolens - Right Halfback
Reese - Left Halfback
Prine - Fullback
Sutton - Right Halfback
Heflin - Left End
Weiler - Left Halfback


Basket Ball Team

Rowland Barnett - Captain
Lawrence Prine - Manager
Coach - Mr. Burke

A. Burke, Draper, Varnell, Guynes, Barnett, Prine, Daniels, Hodge, Mr. Burk

Season's Scores

C.H.S. vs Kerens - 15 to 15
C.H.S. vs Wortham - 12to 6
C.H.S. vs Waxahachie 26 to 28
C.H.S. vs Malakoff  - 41 to 18
C.H.S. vs. Wortham - 24 to 9
Totals - 118  to 77


Boys Baseball

Only two games by our team have been recorded when this book goes to press.  They are about nine scheduled games with other schools.  On frida, March 17, Mexia High School was defeated here with a score of 6-1.  McIver's pitching and Thompson's hitting featured.  The following Friday, our team met defeat at Oak Cliff by score of 7-0.  On Friday, April 7th, our team went to Italy, and were defeated by the close score of 4 to 3.  Italy win her game in the ninth inning by breaking the tie

Lawrence McGill - Manager
Lawrence Ransom - Captain; S.S.
Burrow - C.
McIver - P.
Goldberg - 1B.
Guynes - 1B.
Thompson - 2B.
Kumke - 3B.
Gillespie - L.F.
Benson - C.F.
Steele - R.F.
Underwood and Archer - Utility


Girls Basket Ball

Forwards: Martha Alexander & Louise Mattiews (mgr.)
Guards: Isabelle Molly & Mary Gray
Centers: Sarah Frances Benson & Margaret Elms
Substitutes: Gladys Roughton (Capt.), Ethel Lindsay, & Esther Noble



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