The Corsican
Volume 5 - 1920
Year Book of Corsicana High School
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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To the Faculty, Classes and Alumni, Greetings:  Be it known that a complete record of the past session would greatly fill many such volumes as this, the 1920 Corsican, yet laboring under many handicaps we have found it a difficult task to assemble the contents.  Feeling that you will receive it with the kindest consideration, we place this issue before you, hoping that its perusal in later years will recall pleasant memories of dear associations, and that our efforts will not have been in vain.  - The Staff

J. E. Blair - Superintendent of Schools

The Staff

Polk - Asst.Mgr
Jackson - Society Ed
Murchison - Asst Ed
Lee - Asst. Mgr
McGee - Athletic Ed
Davis - Joke & Snap Ed
Gunter - Asst Ed
Kerr - Manager
Garrett - Editor

The Corsican Staff

Miss Bessie Scott - Mathematics
Miss Sadie Rafferty - Supervisor of Music
Miss T. M. Abernathy - Latin
Mr. C. W. Morris - Principal Mathematic
Mr. R. B Parsons - Mathematics
Mr. E. L. Gregory - Science
Miss Mattie Lewis - English
Miss Carrie Berry - Home Economics
Miss Laura Moore - History
Miss Sue Overton - History
Miss Nell Lawler - Latin, Mathematics
Miss Mattie Sue - Mathematics
Mr. N. N. Norton - Science
Mr. J. C. Jacobs - History, Athletics
Mr. L. F. Flinn - Manual Training
Miss Susie Miles - Spanish, English
Miss Edith Moore - English, Annual Critic
Miss Mildred Juniger

The Senior Class of 1920
Motto: "Success comes in CANS."
Colors: Gold and White
Flower: Shasta Daisies

OFFICERS - Fall Term
President - Miss Franchelle Jackson
Vice President - Miss Martha Haden
Secretary - William Shell
Treasurer - Crockett Warnell
Yell Leader - Wilmer Archer

OFFICERS - Spring Term
President - Merton Minter
Vice President - Melissa Daviss
Secretary - William Shell
Treasurer - Mary Miller
Yell Leader - Wilmer Archer


The Junior Class

President - Miss Mattisue Inabnit
Vice President - Miss Evelyn Allison
Secretary and Treasurer - Fred Hodge
Yell Leader - Irvie Sparkman

President - Miss Martha Murchison
Vice President - Arthur Lee Elliott
Secretary and Treasurer - Dan Comfort
Yell Leader - Irvie Sparkman

(Individual Names listed under picture, faint and hard to read, most I can not make out)


The Sophomore Class

Ben Dave Allen
Julian Barton
Jack Benson
Matthew Blair
Roy Blair
John Brazelton
Harry Burke
Arthur Bush
Elmer Butler
Milton Chilcoat
Halbert Clayton
Leon Daniels
Rice Forman
Wensel Fulton
Frank Garner
Hamilton Garner
Cecil Gibson
Isadore Goldburg
Philip Grimmet
Ben Rector Guynes
Preston Harrison
Haden Harvard
Walter Johnson
David Johnson
Royland Jordan
Alton Justiss

David Kelton
Marion Terry
Elton Tinkle
Avory Walker
Hugh Wareing
Hall West
Belle White
James Asa Willie
Edward Howell
Katie Atkinson
Daphine Barnes
Beatrice Bass
Helen Beck
Verna Boyd
Etheline Bressie
Alma Burke
Bessie Butler
elizabeth Callicutt
Hazel Church
Carrie Bess Compton
Thelma Crider
Fama Crowther
Pride Curry
Grace Darwood
Carro Daviss
Clemmie DeLefosse

Frances Dunn
Sue Allie Eliot
Maye Fowler
Turner Mae Garner
Ruth Goldsmith
Martha Goodman
Mabel Gray
Katherine Greenlee
Era Griffin
Lillian Hamilton
Jewel Hamilton
Mary Harris
Thelma Hervey
Lucille Hornbeak
Dorothy Houston
Mary Howell
Birdie Belle Huff
Alice Hyndman
Annie Hyndman
Annie Jacobs
Katherine Jenkins
Eugenia Jenkins
Lena Katz
Ozel Kent
Frankie Kessinger
Ethel McCuistian

Lois Megginson
Velma Metcalf
Lantie Mae Miller
Glynn Mitchell
Lois Mitchell
Avvie Moore
Josephine Murchison
Louise Parker
Belva Peacock
Ray Ramsey
Lottie Reeves
Ethel Rogers
Beatrice Royall
Martha Rutherford
Lois Smith
Adele Sutton
Allie Mae Terry
Louise Thompson
Lula Ben Vining
Elizabeth Weaver
Emma Wendorf
Katherine Woods
Ima Wright
Joephine Young
Katie Lyons


The Freshman Class

Motto: "Green but growing"
Colors: Red and Green
Flower: Red Geranium

OFFICERS - Fall Term
Lillian Hamilton - President
Martha Goodman - Vice President
Frances Dunn - Secretary and Treasurer
Preston Sitton - Yell Leader

OFFICERS - Spring Term
Paul Miller - President
John Callicut - Vice President
Evelyn Babers - Secretary and Treasurer
Preston Sitton - Yell Leader


Park Allen
Buford Barnes
Chester Barnes
Roland Bee
Bob Blocker
Jack Boltz
Trent Bond
Harold Borg
Carl Borg
Rex Bounds
Earl Boyd
Philip Burke
Irvine Brown
Clark Butler
John Callicutt
Clarence Carroll
Percy Christian
George Colvin
Everal Conner
Francis Cox
Richard Daniels
Louise Daniels
Pole Edens
Wesley Edens
Lawrence Fauber
Jefferson Gentry
Abe Goldberg
Curtis Goodwin
Leonard Hamilton
Oliver henderson
Jodie Hoffman
Norbet Holland
John Howell
Earl Ingham
Lee Jones
J. V. Kee
John Kiber
Scott Leveret
Conrad Matthews
Douglass Mattingly
Eugene Mays
J. C. McClung
Bowden McNutt
Garland Medaris
George Meredith
Paul Miller
Dan Mitchell
Davis Montfort
O. D. Montgomery
Ford Munnerlyn

Delmore Olsen
Bazil Penny
Jack Phipps
John Pugh
Leonard Rennaker
Harold roberts
Ray Rogers
Randolph Robinson
Louis Rothkopf
Newell Royall
Phillip Sheets
Hugh Sitton
Preston Sitton
James Skinner
J. Smith
Carlton Speed
Millard Spurlock
Lucian Stanley
Chas. Steeley
Jasper Sweatman
A. J. Tarbutton
James Tippett
John Underwood
Wm. Underwood
Fred Walker
Loyd Walton
Miller Walton
Stanley Warnell
Ernest watson
Calvin Westbrook
Bailey Wood
Edgar Young


Hattie Allen
Juliet Allison
Ernestine Ard
Gladys Averyt
Evelyn Babers
Alice Bates
Ruth Beall
Mattie Bonner
Lacy Bryant
Gladys Burgess
Minnie Fae Burke
Lela Burns
Louise Call
Verlee Chancey
louise Childs
Lucile Childs

Kathleen Cobb
Crystille Culwell
Elizabeth Curry
Ora Lee Davis
Lucile Dickson
Louise Edens
Leitha Ferrell
Lorine Ferrell
Olivia Fitzgerald
Louise Graves
Loys Gray
Gracie Green
Orice Gregg
Sadie Gregory
Lucile Griffith
Minnie Grossman
Elizabeth Haley
Imogene Hampton
Margaret Harer
Jessie Harold
Margaret Henderson
Jessie Harold
Elzena Henry
Ozela Herod
Fern Hewitt
Kate Holman
Agnes Hornbeak
lou Era Hornbeak
Willie Mae Huff
Clowie Jeffers
Eloise Jenkins
Emilie Johansin
Flora Katz
Orleana Kennedy
Beulah Kent
Lena Kirkham
Lois Langston
Kathreine Lanham
Alverie Layton
Lois Lovett
Maxine Lowery
Beulah May Lunn
Benedette Marr
Ethel Marsh
Irene Martin
Hazel Milbury
Margaret Mitchell
Erna McKinney
Gladys Mixion
Elowie McKee

Gracie Madaris
Nellie Montgomrey
Merle Moore
Effie Munns
Hazel Munsey
Gertrude Newsome
Kathryn Newton
Louise O'Briant
Karnaletta Olsen
Mary Ellen Parrish
Ruth Patterson
Wilma Patterson
Edith Pope
Jewell Prince
Virgil Prince
Johnnie Mae Pugh
Hazel Ricker
Bettie Riley
Theta Mae Ringer
Winifred Roberts
Verna Robinson
Bess Royal
Susie Sharpe
Zula Sheffield
Cozette Sykes
Myrtle Smalling
Gertie Mae Smith
Gladys Smith
Lillian Stover
Lola Mae Stover
George Tidd
Irene Tucker
Clara Mae Turner
Willie Mae Wadley
Mabel Waits
Martha Walker
Mildred Walker
Hazel Weaver
Helen Weaver
Doris Werner
Virginia West
Gladys Wheeler
Louise Wheeler
Fern Wiley
Ruba Ray Wright
Etta Yates
Verna Bell
Annie Mae Inman



In Memoriam
Randle Cooksey - Died January 17, 1920
"None who ever knew him can believe him dead, For where the bright soul is cannot be night"

Newton Suttle - Died February 9, 1920
"Here, a boy, he dwelt through all the singing season, And ere the day of sorrow departed as he came"

A Tribute to My Pupils and School Friends
Randle Cooksey and Newton Suttle
Two of the most noble young men of the 1919 class have passed away.  Why lives so young and hopes so favorable should be cut off thus, we cannot know.  Suffice it to say that the future generation has lost two of its most promising lives.  Although I had known them but a year, I had come to love them for what they were and to honor them for the high place they took among their classmates.  The right side of every school question found in them strong allies.  Out of my several years of teaching, I have never been so close to any two pupils as to these.  I often sought their council and found it wise, and I count myself a better man because of my association with them.  Their influence on the student body will have its lasting good, and many a boy is better today because he has had set before him examples of upright, honest, joyous school lives.
Let us be thankful that their lives were full of good while they were here, and extend to their families our heartfelt sympathies in this their hour of sadness, with the assurance that we will always hold sacred their memory.
Friend and teacher,
C. W. Morris


Foot Ball Team of 1920
Mr. Jacobs is one of the most efficient coaches we have ever had in football.  He stands for clean playing, believes in sticking it out to the end, and is an all-around sport.  "Jake" is very popular with the bunch.

Weight 180 pounds.  Position, Left Half.
As a captain, "Stookie" was very popular with the team.  As a player, he is one of the best.  Also, "Stookie" is one of the best high school punters to be found, and his toe won many games for us, as also did his passes.  He has been elected as captain for 1920.

Weight 135 pounds.  Position, Quarter
"Archie" is perhaps the best all-around player to be found in any high school.  He ran the team just like a clock at all times.  He possessed a head of extraordinary coolness, and his judgment was always the best.  This is his last year here, but next year, without a doubt, will see him on a college team.

Weight 140 pounds.  Position, Right Half.
One of the pluckiest and speediest halves to be found.  His long end runs were a sensation in almost every game.  Dan possessed a good eye and never missed a pass.  He will be the mainstay of the 1920 football team.

Weight 155 pounds.   Position, Right End.
"Ham" held down the end position throughout the season.  He rarely ever missed a pass and was good on the offensive.  He will be a great help next year.

Weight 170 pounds.    Position, Right Guard
John made us a husky guard.  When he was called upon, he always opened a hole, no matter what it was through.  He will be with us next year.

Weight 190 pounds.    Position, Full Back
"Doug" was a regular battering ram, and it was enough to make the opposing team shake and tremble even to see him.  He had a might toe and was a good passer.

Weight 140 pounds.    Position, Half Back
Hugh was a hard worker at all times.  Although he was best on defensive, he was also good on long end runs.  Hugh was a sure tackler, and made many of our opponents' bones crack and rattle.

Weight 170 pounds.    Position, Center
"Johnnie" was the iron man in our line.  On the defensive he was mixed up in every play, and broke up all of them within his reach.  he was also a sure passer and will be hard to replace in next year's line.

Weight, 145 pounds.    Position, Left Guard.
"Hawk" made us a plucky guard this year.  He never grumbled about how heavy the other side was, but only made the holes larger.  Many teams will hate to see him next year.

Weight, 165 pounds.    Position, Right Tackle.
"Mac" was a trusty tackle, and could be relied upon either on offensive or defensive.  He hardly ever said anything, but was one of the hardest fighters on the team.  He will be a great help next year.

Weight, 150 pounds.     Position, Left End.
"Bud" held down the end position most of the time, but could also play quarter very satisfactorily.  He couldn't miss a pass even if he tried to, whether on defensive or offensive.  An end with a "governor" like his will be hard to find for next year.

Weight, 135 pounds.     Position, Right End
Although Hall was very light, he knew so well how to use his weight that many a man wished afterward that he had gone around the other end.  He was also good at catching passes.

Weight, 160 pounds.     Position, Left Tackle.
Harrison was a bulldog in the line, tearing holes big enough to drive a wagon through.  He was always the first one down the field on a kickoff and always got the man with the ball.

Weight, 135 pounds.     Position, Tackle.
Although Dave was light, yet he had plenty of "Stuff," and always made a hole or got his man, as the occasion demanded.  With a little more experience he will make a great player.

Weight, 145 pounds.     Position, Half Back
Ford was a hard worker and did his best at all times.  He never got down-hearted, but always cheered the team up.  His specialty was long end runs.

Weight, 165 pounds.     Position, Right Guard.
"Tink" never failed to make a hole, nor did any play on the defensive come over him without stopping.  He never gave up, but played right on through to the end.


The Baseball Team of 1920

"Jake" made us an excellent coach and turned out the best team that C.H.S. has ever had.  As the Annual goes to press he is running an undefeated team that has the brightest of prospects for the State championship.  He is a fine fellow and can get more work out of a team than any other men.  The boys all like him and o what he says without arguing with him.  We hope to have him turn out another such team next year.

It is hard to judge in which position Archer played best, short stop or pitching.  It is well known to all that he held each down without a flaw throughout the season.  "Archie" was as good a captain as can be found anywhere, as all the fellows like him, and he possesses a rare baseball head.  He was a heavy hitter and always got several hits in every game.  "Jake" will have to hustle a long time to find a man to fill his place.

"Eddie" is another player concerning whom it is hard to decide in which position he was best, pitching or catching.  He had a cool head and lots of dope on the ball, but he also had a sure peg and never let a man get by.  Polk made one of our hardest sluggers of the season and could always be relied upon in a pinch.  He is another man whose place will be hard to fill next year.

"Stook" held down short stop and the position behind the bat at intervals.  He was perhaps our surest infielder, but he also had a mighty arm.  His timely hits won us many close games, as many spectators will testify.  "Stook" is our home-run specialist, and (as the Annual goes to press) has won the last two games by his timely four-bangers.

"Buck" was perhaps one of our best hitters, getting two home runs in one game and winning many others by his timely clouts.  He held down the second bag during the entire season.  He was a sure infielder and put lots of pep into the team.  The team claims him next year.

"Bud" was our trusty guardian of the initial bag.  They never got too high or too low or too far out of reach for "Bud" to grab.  He was always full of live, and inspired the team in tight places by his brain work.  He was also one of our heavy hitters.

Third base was held down most excellently throughout the season by Dan.  He was a fine base runner, and when once he got on base he was sure to score.  He was a fine hitter and could always be relied upon in a pinch.  Next year he will be the mainstay of the infield.

"Johnnie" was a hard hitter and a good base runner.  He played left field and made many spectacular catches during the season.  He will be a great aid for next year's team.

In Curtis we had one of our best and most reliable hitters, and also a sure fielder.  Whenever he let loose a drive the fence was the first to stop it.  He was a hard worker and always stuck to the last.

This long boy played center field in such a way as to be a credit to any team, and his powerful drives drove in many runs during the season.  Next year will develop him onto a star fielder and pitcher.

"Ham" was adopted to almost any positioon in which he was placed.  Most of his games were played in the outfield where he did creditable work.  When he was put up as a pinch hitter, he always delivered.

March 15 - Corsicana 4,    Cotton Mill 3
March 17 - Corsicana 6,    Palmer 5
March 19 - Corsicana 14,  Hubbard City 3
March 26 - Corsicana 5,    S. M.C. 0
March 31 - Corsicana 10,  Ennis 3
April 2 - Corsicana 8,         Hillsboro 2
April 9 - Corsicana 12,       Forest Avenue 2
April 16 - Corsicana 19,     Ferris 8
April 23 - Corsicana 5,       Tyler 3
April 30 - Corsicana 5,       Oak Cliff 0
TOTAL - 88                        TOTAL - 29

Corsicana  7           State Orphans Home 0
Corsicana  34         Odd Fellows Home    0
Corsicana  52         Hubbard City    0
Corsicana  6           Allen Academy  18
Corsicana  21         Ferris  0
Corsicana  19         Ennis  0
Corsicana  13         Bryan Street  6
Corsicana  0           Waxahachie  38
Corsicana  6          Mart  25
Corsicana  26        Teague  6
Corsicana  34        State Home    0
TOTAL  218          TOTAL  93

Corsicana  34       State Home  17
Corsicana  14       Oak Cliff      54
Corsicana  9         Bryan Street  70
Corsicana  34       S. M. C.   17
Corsicana  27       Waco    52
Corsicana  29        Kerens  28
Corsicana  26       S. M. C.  11
TOTAL   173        TOTAL 249


The First Aid to Athletics Club

President - Miss Gertrude Carson
Treasurer - Miss Frances Dunn
Secretary - Miss Tabby Jackson
Sponsor - Miss Carrie Berry


Tabby Jackson
Franchelle Jackson
Ethel Garrett
Evelyn Allison
Elizabeth Hoover
Alline Reese
Gertrude Carson

Mary Frances Johnson
Frances Dunn
Martha Murchison
Martha Haden
Evelyn McElwrath
Geraldine French
May Bright Elliott

Melissa Daviss
Louise Sedgley
Mattisue Inabinet
Corinne Lotspeech
Katherine Shell
Mary Louise Thompson


Bryan Debating Club

OFFICERS - Fall Term
President - Edwin Pugh
First Vice President - Crockett Warnel
Second Vice President - Will Miller
Secretary - roland Jordan
Treasurer - Charles Banister
Critic - Mr. Parson

OFFICERS - Spring Term
President - Merton Minter
First Vice President - Crockett Warnel
Second Vice President - Will Miller
Secretary - Floyd Hamilton
Treasurer - Philip Grimmett
Critic - Mr. Parsons


Ben Dave Allen
Wilma Archer
Douglas Almond
Charles Banister
Chester Barnes
Roy Blair
Baud Brown
Elmer Butler
Jack Boltz
Roy Bristow
Harold Roberts
Hugh Stewart
Clarence Carroll

Marsh Burleson
Buster Clayton
Dan Comfort
Frances Cox
Laurence Fauber
Herbert Hipps
Fred Hodge
Haden Harvard
Lee Jones
Roland Jordan
William Shell
Erwin Smith
Newell Roayll
John Callicut

Alton Justiss
Ray Lee
Scott Leverett
Joe Miller
Conrad Matthews
Erwin Pugh
John Pugh
George Roper
Vivian Ringer
Cowin Robinson
Jasper Sweatman
Ernest Watson
Louis Rothkoff


As You Like It Literary Society

OFFICERS - Fall Term
President - Mary Miller
Vice President - Jennie Belle McClure
Secretary - Lucille Wooley
Treasurer - Joe Jarrell
Reporter - Ruby Morgan
Miss Mattie E. Lewis, Faculty Adviser

OFFICERS - Spring Term
President - Ruby Morgan
Vice President - Lula Ben Vining
Secretary - Martha Rutherford
Treasurer - Fama Crowther
Reporter - Mary Miller (Critic)

ROLL of A.Y.L.I.

Ollie Pogue
Joe Jarrell
Loula Ben Vining
Mary Miller
Ruby Morgan
Jennie B. McClure
Fama Crowther
Lucille Wooley

Camille Jaffe
Maggie McGaha
Elizabeth Callicutt
Louise Hoffman
Annie Lee Robbins
Eula Milburn
Marguerite Rogers
Ray Ramsey

Viola Allen
Martha Miller
Lanty Mae Miller
Martha Rutherford
Mary Frances Johnson
Adele Sutton
Ada Kate O'Neal
Clemmie DeLafosse

Ruby Morgan: "When I can do, I do Will."
Mary Miller: "Phew, Pugh, don't be a flatterer"
Ollie Pogue: "I don't believe that 'girls can't live without love.' I've lived seventeen years already."
Lucille Wooley: "Get all the candy you can, and can all the boys that can't bring you candy."
Martha Rutherford: "I agree with Lucille - try Hyndman's."
Ray Ramsey: "Chicken Sandwich is A. Y. L. I. 's middle name."
Fama Crowther: "When I study Latin, I hope to begin with 'Re' and end with 'Li'."
Clemmie DeLafosse: "I Like good men; I think I'll choose a 'PARSON.'"
Lanty Mae Miller: ' Drugs are useful, but sunshine is indispensable."
Marguerite Rogers: "Why can't girls be sensible?  I am."
Jennie Belle McClure:  "I agree with those who say, 'Laugh and teh world laughs with you."


The Atheneum Club

Motto: "All things must have a biginning."
Colors: White and Green
Flower: White Rose

OFFICERS - Fall Term
President - Allie Mae Terry
Vice President - Clara DuBose
Sec'tary and Treasurer - Susie Sharp
Reporter - Elizabeth Weaver
Supervisor - Miss Edith Moore

OFFICERS - Spring Term
President - Allie Mae Terry
Vice President - Clara DuBose
Sec'tary and Treasurer - Susie Sharp
Reporter - Elizabeth Weaver
Supervisor - Miss Edith Moore


Alice Bates
Chrystille Caldwell
Verlee Chancey
Bessie Chilcoat
Carrie Bess Compton
Pride Curry
Clara Du Bose

Leitha Ferrell
Mable Gray
Agnes Hornbeak
Ozel Kent
Lois Megginson
Velma Metcalf
Louise O'Briant

Bettie Riley
Susie Sharp
Lillian Stover
Lola Mae Stover
Allie Mae Terry
George Tidd
Elizabeth Weaver


The C. H. S. Orchestra

Chickering Concert Grand Piano - Miss Ethel Garrett


Matthew Blair
William Shell
Melissa Daviss
Janie Hamilton
Louise Sedgley
Chas. Robert Dockum
Adele Sutton
Josephine Young
Amboline Fegan
Ray Lee
Camille Walton

Edwin Pugh

Erwin Smith
Laurence Fauber
Martha Miller

Miss Sadie Rafferty

Esther Blair
Josephine Young
Hazel Munsey
Karvaletta Olsen
Kate Holman
Willie Montgomery

Arthur Lee Elliott
John M. McGee
Leonard Hamilton

John Braselton

Allen Davis

Ben Dave Allen
Dave Kelton


The C. H. S. Glee Club

Director - Miss Sadie Rafferty
Accompanist - Miss Mary Frances Johnson


Juliet Allison
Evelyn Allison
Evelyn Babers
Daphine Barnes
Mattie Bonner
Nora Boyd
Etheline Bressie
Alma Burke
Martha Burke
Elizabeth Callicut
Gertrude Carson
Louise Childs
Fama Crowther
Elizabeth Curry
Ora Lee Davis
Clemmie DeLafosse
Clara DuBose
Frances Dunn
Sue Allie Elliot
Lucille Elliot
May Bright Elliott
Jewell Flannigan

Geraldine French
Ethel Garrett
Ruth Goldsmith
Mabel Gray
Elizabeth Greenlee
Katherine Greenlee
Sadie Mae Gregory
Jeannette Griffith
Minnie Grossman
Katherine Haden
Lillian Hamilton
Imogene Hampton
Margaret Harper
Margaret Henderson
Zelma Holland
Elizabeth Weaver
Elizabeth Hoover
Lou Erath Hornbeak
Winnie Hughes
Franchelle Jackson
Camille Jaffe
Tabby Jackson

Eloise Jenkins
Mary Frances Johnson
Beulah Kent
Thelma Kumke
Katherine Lanham
Maxine Lowery
Benedette Marr
Maggie McGaha
Elowie McKee
Grace Medaris
Edna McGarrity
Agnes McMichael
Lantie Mae Miller
Martha Miller
Hazel Munsey
Martha Murchison
Katherine Newton
Karvaletta Olsen
Louise Parker
Ollie Pogue
Lillie Pringle
Johnnie Mae Pugh

Louise Pugh
Alline Reese
Theta mae Ringer
Margaret Rhoderick
Louise Sedgley
Katherine Sheets
Jessie Stevens
Mary Louise Thompson
George Tidd
Lula Ben Vining
Ira Mable Wait
Mildred Walker
Hazel Weaver
Helen Weaver
Camille Walton
Emma Wendorf
Lucile Wooley
Melissa Davis


Popularities Social

Prettiest Girl - Ruby Morgan
Most Popular Girl - Evelyn Allison
Cutest Girl - Geraldine French
Ugliest Boy - Allen Davis

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