The Corsican
Volume 50 - 1966
Year Book of Corsicana High School
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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 This volume extracted by Dana Stubbs


Worthy of Recall

A high school is a composite of many things—victories and defeats, the commonplace and the extraordinary, people and activities. This yearbook is an attempt to record the many activities, the many people, and the many functions of a year worthy of recall. Its purpose is to make visual those images already imprinted in the minds and hearts of us all…marking the year of 1966 as truly A YEAR TO REMEMBER. The Editors


In Memoriam

Miss Mayme Moore.

Devotion is a beautiful word, synonymous with the dedication of an extraordinary woman. Miss Mayme Moore’s life was a most worthy expression of devotion—to the growth of others and herself. She grew, both professionally and in appreciation for the greater values of life. Her sparkling sense of humor flowed from a love of life, to which she added as much as she derived. Through 42 years of teaching, Miss Moore typified those who concern themselves with others, and her contributions to Corsicana High School were innumerable.


In Dedication

Coach Paul Slaughter

The school year has been so outstanding that it is not justifiable to accredit one person, or even a few, with its achievements. Many, without gathering the limelight to themselves, have helped make this a year to remember.

To Coach Paul Slaughter, who has dedicated himself to Corsicana High School and its best interest, we dedicate this, the 1966 Corsican.

We salute him, not only as coach of the fighting B team and as a teacher, but also as a man representative of the patriotic American.

On the football field, he encourages young athletes to strengthen minds and bodies and promotes sportsmanship. By precept in his government class and by example, he lays strong foundations for citizenship and democracy. The Editors


School Administration

Board of Education: Dr. James G. Price; Mr. Bill Brietz; Mr. Robert W. Gladney, president; Mr. Cullen W. Dunn, Dr. John L. Harper, vice-president; Mrs. Dean B. Milkes, secretary; Mrs. William M. Elliott.

Mr. O. E. Hendricks, Superintendent.


Administrative Staff

Mr. Mack Mullins, Director of Instruction; Miss Lila Rutherford, School Nurse; Mr. Jack L. Maris, Business Manager; Secretaries—Mmes. Billie Sims, Erma Vaughan, Mary Ann Womack, Zoe Ann Mitchell, and Jack McDaniel.

High School Administrators

Mr. Don Bowen, Principal; Mr. Euin Frank Assistant Principal; Miss Suzanne Howard, Secretary to the Principal.



Mrs. Edwards – Voca’t Homemaking
R. A. Armistead – Amer. History

H. L. Hill
– Band
Mrs. Anderson – English, Jr. Class
P. M. Johnson – Chemistry
Miss Weidmann – Latin, English
Joe Davis – Industrial Arts
Miss Stewart – Typing, Bookkeeping
Mrs. Scott – Speech
Miss Kiber – English
Mr. Nelson Ross – Dist. Education
Mrs. Slater – English
Mr. J. E. Cummins – Voc. Agriculture
Mr. Scarborough – Algebra, Geometry
Mr. Poss – English
Mr. Slaughter – Government, Football & Track coach
Mr. Mitchell – Natural Science
Mr. Henigan – Voc. Agriculture
Miss Baggett – Phy. Ed, Health
Miss Quinley – Voc. Homemaking
Mr. Hay – Industrial Coop Training
Mrs. Hay – Texas History, Consumer Mathematics
Miss McClure – Librarian
Mr. LePoris – Mathematics, Physics
Mr. Ross – Phy Ed, Health, History
Miss Stanley – English
Mr. Haedeg – Choral Music
Miss Bonner – American History
Mrs. Binford – English
Mr. Joe Seale – HS Counselor
Miss Pruitt - Voc. Homemaking
Miss Gries - ?
Mr. Johnston – Mathematics
Mr. Jim Acree – World Hist., Phy. Ed

Most Outstanding Boy – Bill Allison

Most Outstanding Girl – Billie Sloan

Friendliest Boy – Glen Smith

Friendliest Girl – Carolyn Mertz

Most Scholarly Boy – Jim Brown

Most Scholarly Girl – Jo Ann Harris

Best Looking Boy – Ben Smith

Best Looking Girl – Elizabeth Stroube

Sixteen to Who’s Who Students, Faculty Elect

Elizabeth Stroube, Steve Winn, Glen Smith, Kathy Harris, Billie Sloan, Charles Gelineau, Bill Allison, Terry Bittner, Emy Lou Settle, Ben Smith, Jim Brown, Carolyn Mertz, Joann Harris, Ronnie Ward, Mike Nekuza, Joelyn Slate


The Forty-Sixth Coronation Adds Splendor to Calendar

King Ben Smith
Queen Billie Sloan
Seniors: Princess Carolyn Mertz, Prince Bill Allison
Juniors: Princess Patsy Sloan, Prince Mike Butler 
Sophomores: Princess Debbie Mims, Prince Steve Stroube


Royal Court

Seniors: Duchess Elizabeth Stroube & Duke Glenn Smith; Duchess Janet Weatherby & Duke Phil Pillans; Duchess Joelyn Slate & Duke Jim Brown; Duchess Cathy Gravelle & Duke James Smith

Juniors: Duchess Kay Martin & Duke Terry Chandler; Duchess Jan Ray & Duke Charlie Gelineau; Duchess Effie Georgas & Duke Willard Simmons; Duchess Cathy Machura & Duke Frank Dunn

Seniors: Duchess Elizabeth Stroube & Duke Glenn Smith; Duchess Janet Weatherby & Duke Phil Pillans; Duchess Joelyn Slate & Duke Jim Brown; Duchess Cathy Gravelle & Duke James Smith

Sophomores: Duchess Felisa Skinner & Duke Jimmy Ferguson; Duchess Jackie Fade & Duke Don Jones; Duchess Penny Hemby & Duke Bruce Haynie; Duchess Joy Butler & Duke Van Odom

Court Entertainers: George Gilliam, Musician; Louise Richards, Vocalist; Carolyn Mesker, Dancer

Court Heralds: Ty Willis and Tim McClure.


Senior Class


James Smith - President
Ronnie Ward - Vice-President
Terry Bittner - Secretary
Tommy Tinsley - Treasurer

Mrs. Jimmie Low Scott
Mr. Tom Mitchell
Mrs. Elizabeth Slater


Susan Acree 
Jackie Adames
Angelina Aguilar
Linda Albritton
Jimmy Allen
Bill Allison
Gary Arnett 
Mollie Aston 
Mike Atkeisson
Gail Baggett
Ronnie Bailey

Jimmye Faye Baldwin
Sharon Joy Barker

Billie Barlow

Carol Barrett
Bobby Barron
Dick Beasley
David Behee
Ann Bell
Sherry Bell
Lou Ann Bellringer
Bill Bennett
Keith Birkhead
Terry Bittner
Jesse Blackmon

Sharion Boecking
Conna Bonner
Robbie Boyd
Danny Joe Boyte
David Bray
Ronnie Brewer
Lorene Briggs
Sam Briggs
Jim Brown
Don Broxson
Janis Budai
Cary Carter
Susan Castles
Karen Cave
Vicki Clarkson
Barbara Adell Clay
Jennie Coker
Phyllis Curry
Alan Daggett

Larry Daniel

H. M. Davenport, Jr.
Debbie Davis
Edwina Davis 
Rick Dodson

Bill Douglas

Andrea Leigh
Linda Dromgoole
Don Edwards  
Duke Elliott  
Johnny Ellis  
Emmie Emmert
Brenda Farmer
Johnny Farmer

Cindy Ferguson

Lyn Ferguson
Ailsa Flynn
Jane Fortson
Donald Franks
Roy Franks
Leslie Fread
Regina Fullwood
Jo Gafford
Kathy Gammill
Charles Gray
Lynda Gilcrease
Gregory Giles
George Gilliam
Linda Glenn

Will Goldman
Dan Goodwin
Randy Gorden
Joan Leslie Gowan
Cathy Gravelle
Darelle Green
George Green
Bobby Gregg
Sandra Griffin
Randy Grizzle
Jackie Gunn
Jimmy Gunter
Rick Hambelton
Greg Hammonds
Mike Hand
Melvin Hardin
Keith Hargrove
Grady Harris
Jo Ann Harris
Kathy Harris
Larry Harris
David Alan Harwell
Brad Haynie
Susie Hendricks
Roy R. Hines, Jr.
John Hogan
Marcha Hollingsworth
Larry Holloway
Virginia Hollingsworth
Homer Dee Humphries
Bobbie Ingram
Ora Etta Isenhower
Curtis Ivie
Charles Jackson
Karen Jarvis
Jim Johnson
Sharon Johnston
Freddy Jones
Georgia Jones
Bryan Jordan
Jim Kesinger
Carol King
Judy Krebbs
Klara Krebbs
Julie Ann Marchura
James Martin
Patty Martin
Bonnie Maxwell
John McCaleb
Robert McCarter
Corrine McCaslin
Tim McClure
Virginia McCurdy
Boyd McMullan
Carolyn Mertz
Carolyn Mesker
Melton Michael
Jerry Miles
Cathy Mims
Barbie Mitcham
Marilyn Mitcham
Johnny Mixon
Billy Joe Moore
Donna Morris
Jim Morris
Diane Neuman
Judy Nichols

Lynn Odom

Debbie Oldroyd
Scharlene Onstott
Jerry Owens
Judy Parker
Jim Patrick

Arnold Pena
Rochelle Perryman
Debbie Phinney
Phil Pillans 
Bobby Poe
Dennis Powell
Jim Prater
Joyce Prater
Jill Price
Ronnie Ragsdale
Shirley Ralston
Beth Elaine Raney
Joyce Rhoads
Lou Richards
Rick Richards
Pam Roberst
Don Robertson
Carol Ann Robinson
Shirley Robinson
Ronald Roggenkamp
Patti Ross
Laneil Russell
Randy Russell
Gary Schutte
Cindy Scott
Wayne Scott
Dan Neal Sharpley
Sandy Shayler
Johnny Sheets
Joe Sims
Joelyn Slate
Billie Sloan
Ben Smith
Glen Smith
James Smith
Tommy Ray Smith
Pat Sowell
Elizabeth Stroube
Carla Sumner
Skip Tabor
Mary Lee Tate
Tex Terry
Ronny Thompson
Tommy Tinsley
Ronnie Roy Tomlinson
Linda Townley
Peggy Valentine
Dianne Van Hoy
Paul Vargas
Tim Vickery
Teresa Wahl
Jeff Walker
Ronnie Ward
Vicki Wardino
Joe Warren
Cathy Watkins
Shirley Watson
Janet Weatherby
Nathan Weaver
Sue Whitlock
Johnny Widener
Anda Williams
Ty Willis
Eddie Wilson
Steve Winn
Sandra Wood
Mary Woods
Alfreida Yates
Linda Yerby
Ruth Yielding
Carolyn Young


Junior Class


Mike Buttler - President
Bill Boyd - Vice-President
Tish Gilliam – Secretary
George Ann Watkins - Treasurer

Mrs. Marianne Anderson 
Mrs. Gertrude Russell        
Mr. James Cummins 



Charley Able
Anita Anderson
Danny Bailey
Connie Baldwin
Roger Ballew
Janis Barlow
Mike Barnebee
Lyman Barnes
Pat Belt
Danny Bickerstaff
Anita Bolan
Evelyn Borden
Angelia Bowden
Rex Bower
Bill Boyd
Janice Bradley
Bobby Brady
Marilyn Bray
|Earlene Brown
Phill Brown

Diane Brustein
Charlotte Bryant
Garry Buchanan
Steve Buie
Chuck Butler
Mike Butler
Teresa Cagle
Jonnie Calloway
Becky Canant
Betty Carr
Donna Caruthers
Terry Chandler
James Chapman
Gilda Childers
Darlene Coley
Anthony Collard
|Gary Collier
Linda Collins
Jim Compton
Dianna Cooper
Paul Cottar
Sheila Cottongame
Terry Cox

Gene Cravens
Billy Crawford
Zack Crocker
Walter Crockett
Frank Davis
Cheryl Denson
Greg E. Dickey
Melba Donahue
Ronnie Dosser
Cheryl Dougherty
Frank Dunn
Gary Edens
Donna Edwards
Jim Einwaechter
Ocie Wayne Ellington
Quanah Faye Ellisor
Lynn Emery
Mary Alice Fields
Jack E. Flynn
Mike Foster
Pat Foster
Sharlotte Fread
Henry A. Freeman
Gail Garner
Linda Garrett
Rusty Gaston
Charles Gelineau
Effie Georgas
Sue Giesey
|Barbara Gilliam

|Tish Gilliam

Brenda Gilliam
Donny Gorden
Coy Grace
Becky Graham
|Don Greer
|Danny Joe Grimes
Erlynne Gunter
Tony Haefs
Debbie Hall
Bennie Hand
Keith Edward Harmon
|Carole Harris
Marion Haynes
Bobby Heard
Allen Henkel
Gerald Henthorn
Pat Herod
Robert Herod
Kathlene Holleman
Sonja Holleman
Elmore Hudgens
Troy Hudson
Ronald Hughes
Harry Hunt
Buddy Ivy
Jill Jacobs
Sandra Jacobs
Gary Johnson
Nancy Jolly
Pat Jones
|Steve Jones
William Paul Jordan
Judy Jorgensen
Phil Kamp
Patsy Kellum
Bill Kent
Paulette Kerr
Eddie King, Jr.
Peter Kreisner
Jack Kuykendall
Julie Lang
James Walter Langford
Rickey Langston
Stan Lawhon
Ronald Lee
Joyce Lewis
Judy Lord
George Luna
Rita Marriott
Bettie Sue Martin
Kay Martin
Johnny Mask
Kenneth Maxfield
Cynthia Maxwell
Danny Mayfield
John McAdams
Raymond McCann
Terry McClain
Greg McGee
Lucky Medlock
Don Mershawn
Randal Michael
Mike Middleton
Christine Miles
Maxine Miles
|Joe W. Mikes
Linda Minefee
Lola Moorman
Barbara Morehead
Debbie Morris
|Mike Nekuza
Pansy Nichols
John Nowell

Ronnie Ogburn
Mary Olivo
Carl Otto
Bess Owen
Billy Owen
Donny Parker

Becky Patterson
Rebecca Pedigo
Gary Penney
Phil Phillips
Dickie Pimentel
Diane Pollard
Erlene Price
Mary Lee Pritchard
Sue Putman
Jacky Dean Rash
Judy Rash
Jan Ray
Mary Redden
Elaine Richards
Paulette Richardson
Bette Roberts
John Roberts
Weldon Rogers
Fred David Rojas
Terry Ross
Dickie Russell
Johnny Russell
Missy Ruth
Pauline Sue Schultz
Sharon Scott
Emy Lou Settle
Jimmy Sewell
Anthony Sheets
Linda Shults
Willard Simmons
Kathy Sims
Pat Sloan
Phil Smith
Sheila Marie Stark
Pam Stewart
Roger Stewart
Sondra Swiney
Elaine Tally
Gary Taylor
Larry Thomas
Scott Thompson
David Trent
Fidencio Valdez
David Vargas
Joe Vasquez
Gretchen Wand
Jo Ann Warrington
George Ann Watkins
Wanda Watkins
Fred Watson
MarJo Watts
Mary Wheat
Janet Wheeler
Diana Wheelock
Bobby Whistler
Larry Whitener
Leslie Whitener
Mary Beth Williams
Nellie Williams
Donna Wood
Dorothy Wood
Judy Woods
Charles Wright
David Wyatt
Billy Yorek
Sue York


Sophomore Class


Steve Stroube - President
Mark Galloway - Vice-President
Bonnie Widener - Secretary
Debbie Mims - Treasurer

Mr. Ross

Miss Baggett
Mr. LePoris



Mike Adams
Sharon Adams
Wayne Adams
Mary Ellen Alonzo
John Anderson
Claude Andrews
Paul Lynn Baggett
Dale Baker
Andy Balusek
Johnita Barber
Cynthia Barlow
Billie Barrett
Lee Beamon
Cynthia Beasley
Duane Beaver
Susie Bellringer
Carmen Bernal
Elaine Bewley
Mike Blue
Karen Bolton
Debbie Boone
Bobby Bower
Jeanette Braden
James Bray
Monty Brazell
Linda Briggs
Wayne Burkhalter, Jr.
T. J. Burkholder
Joy Butler
Lowell Dwane Campbell
Sandy Carrithers
Ivory Cash
Angie Castro
Jan Chapman
Elizabeth Chavoya
Mike Cisneros
Billy Travis Clark
Jon Clarkson
Kenneth Coker
Pam Conger
Gary Cooley
Dennis Cooper
Roy Dan Cooper
Donna Coston
Paula Cotton
Brenda Cowart
Diane Cox
Pat Cumbie
David Curington
Beverly Jean Dabney
Dave Davis
Don de Cordova
James De Moss
David W. Derryberry
Roy Lynn Deskin
Randy Dill
Bobbie Dillard
Thomas Dockery
Belinda Donaho
Danna Doolen
Don Douglas
Joe Don Drain
Joyce Drain
Judy Duke
Edna Dycus
Roxie Earley
Joyce Eastham
Nancy Edgin
Sue Eldridge
Louis Elliott
Peggie Elmore
Wilson Erwin
Jackie Fade
Dwayne Farmer
Jimmy Ferguson
Merle Foster
Patricia Foster
Doug Fraley
Ronald Franks
Jake Freeman
Jeanie Freeze
Nelson Frost
Mark Galloway
Curtis Garrett
Vickie Gay
Franny George
Stephen Calhoun George
Mike Gibson
John Gladney
Pat Gnoza
Gary Gober

Teresa Gorden

Linda Griffith
Marylin Gullett
John Gunn
Gene Haines
Clay Hamby
Betsy Hamilton
Linda Hampel
Ted Harlin
Don Harrison
Dorothy Hartman
Auty Hayes
Bruce Haynie
Dave Heifner
Penny Lou Hemby
Janet Hestand
Gary Hickey

Larry Hodge
Nancy Huffman
Joe Hogan
Dora Holbrook
Ricky Holcomb
Johnny Holifield
Jack Hollingsworth
Bill Holloway
Judy Hudson
Yolanda Hughes
Larry Hutshinson
Rickie Ivie
Hildy Jacobs
Normie James
Barbara Jean Jenkins
Donna Jobe
Betty Johnson
Donna Jobe
Betty Johnson
Cathy Johnson
Don Jones
Judy Jones
Kenneth Jones
Tommy Jones
Phil Joyner
Phil Judson
Thomas Kelly
Steven Kirksey
Lillian Lambert
Sammy Lattner
Royce Lewis
Richard Leyendecker
Jerry Libal
Jerry Logan
Virginia Mahoney
Pamela Malone
Mike Maris
Theda Marrs
Ronnie Matthews
Richard McAdory
Sheila McCain
Royce McCann
Barbara McCarter
Ann McCarty
Dianne McCary
Mike McColpin
Shirleen McCulloch
Bill McKie
Ann McQueen
Clara Melton
Mary Mesker
Joyce Metcalf
Joe Steven Miles
Cliff Miller
Dick Miller
Mike Miller
Debbie Mims
Angel Miranda
Sandy Mitchell
Preston Montfort
Gerry Moore
Dan Moreau
Loyd Moreau
Jerry Morgan
Hal Morria
Nicky Murray
Janice Neal
Lynette Nelson
Randy Nevill
Jan Newman
Ricky Nichols
Phil Nokes
Dewey Norwood
Riley Nutt

Van Odom
Howard Oliphant

Darrell Olson
Nilene Omberg
Don Owens
Judy Owens
Joe David Paschal
Karla Paschal

Terry Patrick
Randy Patterson
Brenda Pedigo
Harvey Penland
Sid Percival
Debbie Perry
Tommy Phillips
Eddie Phinney
James Powell
Ken Pritchett
Larry Pritchett
Ronnie Raney
Ronnie Raney
Bobby Ray
Tommy Ray
Bobby Reagan
Dennis Redden
Norma Reed
Curtis Reese
Lucy Renteria
Scarlett Rhoads
Elaine Rhyne
Jack Richards
Carol Roberts
Jacquie Roberts
Karen Roberts
Larry Gene Robertson
Bruce Robinson
Shirley Robinson
Wiley Robinson
Jimmy Roby
Judith Rogers
Rubin Rosas
David Rosen
Johnny Ross
Jerienne Sanders
Wanda Sanders
Gary Scott
Susie Sharpley
Odis Sikes
Donna Sherrill
Eddie Simpson
Felisa Skinner
Billy Smith
Dorothy Smith
Lyndon Smith
Monte Smith
Jeanie Smithen
Gary Snowden
Porter Speed
Susan Spencer
James Steele
Dee Ann Steen
Mary Jane Stewart
Paul Stewart
Steve Stroube
Norman Stubbs
Bill Talley
Billy Dean Talley
Dianne Tanner
Sherry Taylor
John Thompson
Louise Tieman
Raymond Valdez
Janet Ward
Glenda Aline Warner
Sherry Warner
Kenneth Watkins
Brenda Watson
Lynn Watson
Randy Watson
John West
Tad Wheelock
Doug Whistler
Bonnie Widener
Billy Williams
Betty Wilson
Kay Wilson
Darlene Winters
Steve Wolens
Jimmy Woods
James Wright
Candace Wyatt
Sonny Yates
Shirley York
Rita Zarate


1965 – 66 Cheerleaders

Billie Sloan, Head Cheerleader, Elizabeth Stroube, Joelyn Slate, Emy Lou Settle, Carolyn Mertz, and George Ann Watkins. Sponsor: Miss Jackie Baggett.


Tiger Coaches

Athletic Director James Acree, Head Coach Football; Coach Paul Slaughter, Track, B Team Football; Coach Don Ross, Basketball, Football; Coach Jackie Edwards, Baseball, Football


A Team Football

Advancing into class AAAA competition only a year before, the 1965 Bengal gridiron machine rolled to an outstanding 12-1 record which carried it undefeated through regular season play, a district championship, and a bi-district crown before being stalled in a quarterfinals match.


We                                   Them

25   Bonham……………..14

33   Carter Riverside……...0

14   John Tyler…………..12

31   Jacksonville…………..0

49   Ennis…………………0

22   Cleburne……………...0

26   Waco High……………7

34   Bryan…………………3

21   University of Waco…14

26   Richfield……………...0

34   Travis of Austin……..12

17   Alice………………...14

21   San Antonio Lee…….26


Bill Allison – Sr. Fullback, All Zone, All Cen-Tex All State
Garry Buchanan – Jr. Halfback
Chuck Butler – Jr. Tackle
Mike Butler – Jr. Guard
Terry Chandler – Jr. Tackle
Dennis Cooper – Sophomore End
David Derryberry – Sophomore Guard

Ronnie Dosser
Frank Dunn – Jr. Guard
Jimmy Ferguson – Sophomore Halfback
Tommy Haefs – Jr. End
Bennie Hand – Manager

Larry Harris – Head Trainer

Brad Haynie – Sr. End
Bruce Haynie – Sophomore Tackle
Bobby Heard – Sr. Tackle
Dick Henson – Jr. End
Don Jones – Sophomore End
Bill Kent – Jr. Center
Melton Michaels – Sr. Halfback
Mike Nekuza – Jr. Quarterback, All Zone
Lyn Odom – Sr. Guard
Van Odom – Sophomore Fullback
Dickey Pimentel – Jr. End
Jim Pillans – Sr. Guard
Phil Pillans – Sr. Tackle
Jimmy Prater – Sr. End
Ronnie Ragsdale – Sr. Center
Don Robertson – Sr. Tackle, All Zone, All Cen-Tex
Gary Shutte – Sr. End
Willard Simmons – Jr. End
Ben Smith – Sr. Halfback
Glen Smith – Sr. Quarterback, All Zone
Phil Smith – Jr. Tackle
Steve Stroube – Sophomore Guard
David Vargas – Jr. Guard
Tim Vickery – Sr. Guard
Ronnie Ward – Sr. Guard
Steve Winn – Sr. Halfback
David Wyatt – Jr. Tackle


B Team Football

Rebounding from an early loss, the Tiger B team came back to establish a 5-2-1 record and a season high of 48 points against the Friars of Bishop Lynch.


We                         Them

  0   Mesquite……...26

14   Duncanville……8

14   Palestine……….8

28   Athens…………8

24   Tyler Lee……..14

14   John Tyler…....14

48   Bishop Lynch….8

  6   Cleburne……...38


Coach Paul Slaughter, John Anderson, Paul Baggett, Andy Balusek, Jim Berg, Phil Brown, Paul Cottar, Roy Deskin. Randy Dill, Mike Foster, Pat Foster, Coy Grace, Danny Grimes, Larry Hodge, Tommy Jones, Steve Kirksey, Jerry Libal, Jerry Logan, Joe Miles, Phil Nokes, David Rojas, Gary Scott, Odis Sikes, Billy Smith, Lyndon Smith, John Thompson, Bobby Whistler, Doug Whistler, Greg Winningham, Sonny Yates.


A Team Basketball

After a fine early season, the 1965 Tiger cage crew faced stormy weather in conference play. Determined fighters all, they were able to win only three games out of ten starts. Their spirit also won the admiration of fan and for alike.


We                               Them

52   Richfield………….42

45   Waco High……….46

66   Cleburne…………62

57   Waco University…61

62   Richfield………….82

51   Bryan…………….65

52   Cleburne…………60

41   Waco High……….37

 51   Bryan……………..59

42   Waco University…41


Coach Don Ross, Ronnie Dosser, Jimmy Gunter, Larry Harris, Dick Henson, Charles Jackson, Randal Michael, Mike Nekuza, Harvey Penland, Ben Smith, Glen Smith, Joe Sims, James Smith.


B Team Basketball

Sometimes short of height but never lacking in reach, the B team could salvage only one win in ten zone matches. The entire season, in fact, represented a consistent effort to win.


We                               Them

14   Richfield………….29

32   Waco High……….50

33   Cleburne…………52

37   Waco University…54

36   Richfield………….59

51   Bryan…………….73

38   Cleburne…………41

33   Waco High……….50

54   Bryan…………….52

28   Waco University…45


Coach Paul Slaughter, Larry Anderson, Jerry Libal, Don Jones, Moses Martinez, Rickey Langston, Andy Balusek, Phil Kamp, Donny Parker, Mike Maris, John Anderson, Steve Kirksey, Randy Dill




Coach Nelson Ross, Charles Gelineau, Jon Clarkson, Bruce Robinson, Jim Johnson, Paul Stewart




Coach Bill Hay, Mike Maris, Jim Morris, Steve Wolens, Mike Gibson, Ty Willis, Sandy Shayler, JoAnn Harris, Donna Jobe




Coach Paul Slaughter, Dickie Pimentel, David Rojas, Lyn Smith, Don Jones, Jerry Libal, Bruce Haynie, Sonny Yates, Mike Foster, David Derryberry, Paul Cottar, Mike Butler, Dennis Cooper, Van Odom, Pat Foster, Jimmy Ferguson, Steve Winn, Ronnie Dosser, Tony Haefs, John Anderson, Tommy Jones, Jerry Logan, Roy Deskin, Bill Allison, Mike Nekuza, Garry Buchanan, Chuck Butler, Willard Simmons, Glen Smith, Larry Hodge, Don Robertson, Dake Baker, Randal Michael




Coach Jackie Edwards, Rickey Langston, Dick Henson, Steve Stroube, Eddie King, Glen Smith, Jerry Morgan, Ben Smith, Bill Kent, Ronnie Ward, Jimmy Pillans, Gary Penney, Don de Cordova, Joe David Paschal, Billy Crawford, Gary Schutte, Brad Haynie


Student Council


Jim Brown, President; Charles Gelineau, vice-president; Susie Hendricks, secretary; Mr. Fuin Frank, director of student activities; Miss Anna Belle Kiber and Mr. Don Poss, co-sponsors


Nancy Hoffman, Sharon Johnston, Susie Hendricks, Cathy Machura, Terry Ross, Missy Ruth, Betsy Hamilton, Carol King, Carolyn Mertz, Elizabeth Stroube, JoAnn Harris, Terry Bittner, Mark Galloway, Rusty Gaston, Charles Gelineau, Steve Wolens, Ann Watkins, Louis Elliott, Bruce Robinson, Jim Brown, Tony Haefs, Bruce Haynie, Bill Boyd, Louise Richards, July Jones


National Honor Society


Dan Goodwin, president; Terry Bittner, vice-president; Joelyn Slate, secretary; Bobby Gregg, treasurer; Mrs. Marianna Anderson, sponsor


Missy Ruth, Effie Georgas, Joelyn Slate, Jo Ann Warrington, Pam Roberts, Ailsa Flynn, Jan Ray, Judy Jorgensen, Rusty Gaston, Charlotte Bryant, Becky Canant, Gretchen Wand, Gail Garner, Kay Martin, Bess Owen, Julie Lang, Sharon Johnston, Terry Bittner, Elizabeth Stroube, Jan Wheeler, Emy Lou Settle, Tish Gilliam, Erlynne Gunter, Dorothy Wood, Billy Owen, Carolyn Mertz, Cynthia Maxwell, Carl Otto, Bill Boyd, Jim Brown, Jimmy Gunter, Bobby Gregg, Jim Einwaechter, Susan Acree, JoAnn Harris, Kathy Harris, Tim McClure, Jane Fortson, Sandy Shayler, Glenda Almond, Mike Butler, Frank Davis, Cheryl Denson, Elmore Hudson


Future Teachers of America


Betty Wilson, District vice-president; Carol King, District Miss FTA; Carole Harris, Texas FTZ Historian; Carolyn Mertz, Texas FTA vice-president; Jim Brown, president; Jo Ann Harris, vice-president; Carolyn Mertz, recording secretary; Joelyn Slate, financial secretary; Greg Hammonds, bellringer


Regina Fullwood, Lou Ann Bellringer, Ailsa Flynn, Susie Hendricks, Cathy Gravelle, Mark Galloway, Jon Clarkson, Mollie Aston, Betsy Hamilton, Nancy Edgin, Will Goldman, Sherry Bell, Gail Garner, Susan Castles, Becky Canant, Gilda Childers, Jeanette Braden, Pat Gnoza, Nancy Hoffman, Bill McKie, Jane Fortson, Edwina Davis, Kay Holloway, Cheryl Denson, Pat Belt, Scharlotte Bryant, Effie Georgas, Joy Butler, Donna Caruthers, Terry Bittner, Janis Budai, Erlynne Gunter, Kathy Gammill, Kathy Harris, Jo Ann Harris, Carole Harris, Susan Acree, Rusty Gaston, Becky Graham, Debbie Davis, George Gilliam, Charles Gelineau, Greg Hammonds, Charles Gary, David Harwell, Jimmy Gunter, Bill Boyd, Jim Brown, Grady Harris, Elmore Hudgens, Peggy Valentine, Missy Ruth, Jan Ray, Felisa Skinner, Betty Wilson, Terry Ross, Marilyn Mitcham, Joelyn Slate, Elizabeth Stroube, Sharon Scott, Kathy Sims, Barbie Mitcham, Sandy Shayler, Cathy Watkins, Jill Jacobs, Bonnie Widener, Randy Gorden, Dorothy Wood, Cynthia Maxwell, Marylin Gullett, Judy Woods, Cathy Mims, Bess Owen, Steve Wolens, Mary Woods, Mary Jane Stewart, Carolyn Mertz, Emy Lou Settle, Judy Parker, Jim Johnson, Tim McClure, Hildy Jacobs, Carl Otto, Jim Patrick, Skip Tabor, Bobby Gregg, Karen Jarvis, Joyce Rhoads, Ty Willis, Kay Martin, James Smith, Louise Richards, Debbie Phinney, MarJo Watts, Carol King


Journalism Club


Will Goldman, president; Susan Acree, vice-president; Joyce Rhoads, secretary; Mrs. Bonnie Binford, sponsor


Jo Ann Warrington, Paulette Richardson, Frannie George, Jan Newman, Robbie Boyd, Susan Castles, Joyce Rhoades, Susan Acree, Will Goldman, Edwina Davis, Marilyn Mitcham, Sue Giesey, Sandy Shayler, Jeanette Braden, Peggie Elmore, Vicki Wardino, Debbie Mims, Mary Beth Williams, Gene Haines, Norma James, Jane Fortson, Sherry Warner, Candace Wyatt, John Cagle, Betty Wilson, Judy Jones, Judy Woods, Mary Woods, Donna Morris, Marylin Gullet, Roy Dan Copper, Bobby Gregg, Scarlett Rhoads, Larry Daniel, Linda Shults


Teen Talks Club

Spring Officers

Jackie Adams, president; Debbie Davis, vice-president; Alfreida Yates, secretary; Mrs. Elizabeth Slater, sponsor


Anita Anderson, Penny Hamby, Connie Baldwin, Karla Paschal, Susie Bellringer, Susan Spencer, Carol Barrett, Jill Price, Pat Gnoza, Nancy Hoffman, Nellie Williams, Carol Ann Robinson, Judy Owens, Cheryl Dougherty, Kathlene Holleman, Pat Cumbie, Kay Wilson, Pat Herod, Mary Redden, Rita Marriott, Alfreida Yates, Ann McCarty, Maxine Miles, Elaine Richards, Jan Chapman, Janice Bradley, Barbie Mitcham, Jackie Adams, Christine Miles

Fall Officers

Julie Machura, president; Pat Sloan, vice-president; Terry Ross, secretary; Mrs. Elizabeth Slater, sponsor


Diane Cox, Julie Machura, Terry Ross, Donna Wood, Regina Fullwood, Sue Whitlock, Peggy Valentine, Joyce Lewis, Shirley Ralston, Joy Butler, Patty Martin, Diane Neuman, Cathy Machura, Pat Belt, Pat Sloan, Kathy Harris, Carole Harris, Linda Yerby, Diana Wheelock, Sharlene Onstott, Georgia Jones, Lynda Gilcrease, Betty Carr, Judy Lord, Mary Alice Fields, Pauline Schultz, Mary Jane Stewart, Wanda Sanders


Cheerleaders Club

Miss Jackie Baggett, sponsor


Billie Sloan, George Ann Watkins, Emy Lou Settle, Carolyn Mertz, Elizabeth Stroube, Joelyn Slate, Jackie Fade, Terry Ross, Missy Ruth, Felisa Skinner, Normie James, Don Morrison, Joy Butler, Pat Sloan, Nancy Edgin, Kay Martin, Rusty Gaston, Cynthia Maxwell, Janet Ward, Lynn Emery, Jeanette Braden, Earlene Brown, Mary Jane Stewart, Darlene Winters, Dianne McCary


Tiger Club


Ben Smith, president; Bill Allison, vice-president; Ronnie Ward, secretary; Coaches Jim Acree, Don Ross and Paul Slaughter, sponsors,


Frank Dunn, Lynn Odom, Jim Prater, Glen Smith, Steve Winn, Ronnie Ward, Ben Smith, Gary Schutte, Larry Harris, Bennie Hand, Bill Allison, Brad Haynie, Garry Buchanan, David Wyatt, Mike Nekuza, Steve Stroube, Willard Simmons, Bruce Haynie, Jimmy Ferguson, Harvey Penland, Phil Smith, Jim Pillans, Dennis Cooper, Terry Chandler, David Vargas, Tony Haefs, Dickie Pimentel, Stan Lawhon, Bill Kent, David Derryberry, Mike Butler, Van Odom, Chuck Butler, Melton Michael, Dick Henson, Ronnie Ragsdale, Don Robertson, Bobby Heard, Don Jones, Ronnie Dosser, Tim Vickery, Gary Scott, Andy Balusek, Tommy Jones, Paul Cottar, Jerry Logan, Mike Foster, Larry Hodge, Jerry Libal, Pat Foster, Coy Grace, David Rojas, Paul Baggett, John Anderson, Lyndon Smith, Phill Nokes, Randy Dill, Doug Whistler, John Thompson, Roy Lynn Deskin, Phil Joyner, Billy Smith, Odis Sikes, Steven Kirksey, Dale Baker, Danny Joe Grimes, Bobby Whistler, Joe Miles


Beta Sigma Chi


James Smith, president; Jim Johnson, vice-president; Frank Davis, secretary of records; Ty Willis, Secretary of finance; Mr. Tom Mitchell, sponsor


Gary L. Edens, Frank Davis, Wilson Erwin, Joe Milkes, Steve Wolens, Bill Boyd, Mark Galloway, Bill McKie, Peter Kreisner, David Rosen, Eddie Phinney, Bobby Barron, Charles Gary, Ronny Thompson, Jesse Blackmon, Gary Arnett, Ty Willis, James Smith, Mike Maris


Science Club


Ricky Langston president; Eddie King, vice-president; Steve Jones, Secretary; Mr. P. M. Johnson, sponsor


Ocie Wayne Ellington, H. M. Davenport, Eddie King, Gerald Henthorn, Keith Harmon, Rickey Langston, Billy Owen, Steve Jones, Kenny Maxfield, Gene Cravens, Johnny Mask, Randal Michael, Jack E. Flynn, Jr., Robert Heard, Keith Hargrove, Rick Dodson, Rick Richards


Future Homemakers


Linda Glenn, president; Debbie Phinney, vice-president; Sheila Cottongame, secretary; Pattie Ross, treasurer; Miss Faye Quinley and Mrs. Ann Edwards, sponsors


Pam Roberts, Brenda Gillian, Ritz Zarate, Lorene Briggs, Dora Holbrook, Dianna Cooper, Kay Wilson, Pat Cumbie, Pam Conger, Bobbie Dillard, Shelia Cottongame, Shirley Watson, Linda Collins, Lynette Nelson, Elaine Rhyne, Vickie Gay, Dorothy Smith, Ann McQueen, Billie Barlow, Pattie Ross, Carolyn Young, Linda Glenn, Pam Stewart, Trudy Blackmon, Joyce Metcalf, Debbie Phinney, Lou Richards, Linda Townley, Beth Raney, Sharon Barker, Mary Pritchard


Industrial Arts Club


Don Edwards, president; Sammy Lattner, vice-president; Mr. Joe Davis, sponsor


Don Douglas, John Gunn, Donnie Edwards, Ricky Nichols, Johnny Ross, Howard Oliphant, Billy Talley, David Trent, Dwane Farmer, Donny Gorden, Nicky Murray, Billy Crawford, Auty Hayes, Joe Hogan, George Meader, Joe Paschal, Joe Don Drain, Curtis Garrett, Dennis Redden, Harry Hunt, Walter Langford, Terry McCain, Ronnie Raney, Phil Joyner, Sammy Lattner, Roger Stewart, Jimmy Roby, Curtis Ivie, James Bray, Weldon Rogers, Roy Franks, John McCaleb, Don Owens, Bill Owens, Bill Douglas, Phil Kamp, Ronny Matthews, Mike Atkeisson, Harry Warren, Mike Middleton, John Nowell, Johnny Mixon, Royce McCann, Henry Freeman, Larry Pritchett, Monte Smith, Randy Nevill, Gary Hickey, Danny Bailey, Jessie Medlock, Terry Patrick, Riley Nutt, George Green, Duane Beaver, Kenneth Pritchett, Richard Leyendecker


Blue-Gold Brigade


Lieutenants, Jo Ann Harris and Terry Bittner; Captain Cathy Gravelle; Sergeants, Susan Acree, Tish Gilliam, Julie Lang, Rusty Gaston, Cathy Mims, Cindy Ferguson, Effie Georgas, Missy Ruth, Regina Fullwood, Terry Ross


Gilda Childers, Jo Ann Warrington, Terry Bittner, Cathy Gravelle, Jo Ann Harris, Donna Wood, Terry Ross, Jan Ray, Pat Belt, Robbie Boyd, Sue Whitlock, Julie Machura, Marilyn Mitcham, Becky Canant, Regina Fullwood, Virginia McCurdy, Mary Redden, Kathleen Holleman, Carolyn Mesker, Lynda Gilcrease, Sue Giesey, Georgia Jones, Missy Ruth, Sherry Bell, Earlene Brown, Sandra Wood, Rochelle Perryman, Peggy Valentine, Pam Roberts, Judy Jorgensen, Effie Georgas, Ora Etta Isenhower, Lyn Ferguson, Lynn Emery, Cathy Machura, Pat Sloan, Connie Baldwin, Carolyn Young, Cindy Ferguson, Vicki Wardino, Lou Richards, Diane Boyte, Barbie Mitcham, Sandy Shayler, Judy Krebbs, Kay Martin, Cathy Mims, Bess Owen, Joyce Rhoads, Debbie Phinney, Klara Krebbs, Jackie Adams, Ann Bell, Sharon Barker, Rusty Gaston, Sharon Scott, Cynthia Maxwell, Karen Jarvis, Jill Jacobs, Kathy Gammill, Patti Ross, Cheryl Denson, Julie Lang, Carole Harris, Janice Bradley, Pat Herod, Rita Marriott, Jane Fortson, Cindy Scott, Alfreida Yates, Tish Gilliam, Mary Pritchard, Mary Lee Tate, Teresa Cagle, Janis Budai, Judy Parker, Pauline Shultz, Erlynne Gunter, Susan Acree


Junior Classical League


Frank Davis, president; Patty Martin, vice-president; Kathy Harris, secretary; Jane Fortson, treasurer; Jim Compton, reporter; Miss Erma Weidmann, sponsor


Becky Canant, Ocie Wayne Ellington, Judy Duke, Karen Bolton, Diane Cox, Bobbie Lee Dillard, Jeanette Braden, Wayne Burkhalter, Danna Doolen, Glenda Almond, Teresa Gordon, Claudia Andrews, Linda Garrett, Charlotte Bryant, Joyce Drain, Clay Hamby, Jane Fortson, Susan Castles, Kathy Harris, Darlene Coley, Gary Colley, Frank Davis, Coy Grace, Roy Dan Cooper, John Anderson, Mike Blue, Dave Heifner, Carole Harris, Tish Gilliam, Grady Harris, David Harwell, James Chapman, Will Goldman, Larry Daniel, Jack E. Flynn, Jr., Dick Henson, Bobby Heard, Jimmy Compton, Charley Able, John Robert Gladney, Louis Elliott, Bobbie Ingram, Sherry Warner, Debbie Phinney, Loui Richards, Jan Ray, Paul Jordan, Patty Martin, Cynthia Maxwell, Judy Jorgensen, Cathy Johnson, Norma James, Sandy Shayler, Shirley Ralston, Marjo Watts, Janet Wheeler, John McAdams, Billy Talley, Wayne Scott, Jim Patrick, Donna Jobe, Scarlett Rhoads, Sondra Swiney, Peter Kreisner, Kenneth Jones, Tommy Phillips, Eddie King, Eddie Phinney, Johnny Ross, Ricky Nichols, Dennis Redden, David Wyatt, Tim McClure, Carl Otto, Gary Taylor, Steve Jones, Phil Smith, Larry Pritchett, Jerry Libal, David Rojas, Billy Smith


Business Club


Judy Parker, president; Kathy Gammill, vice-president; Phyllis Curry, secretary; Misses Winona Stewart and Norma Jean Gries, sponsors


Marilyn Bray, Rochelle Perryman, Connie Baldwin, Anita Anderson, Jackie Adams, Cheryl Dougherty, Nellie Williams, Cathy Watkins, Sherry Bell, Andrea Draper, Barbara Mitcham, Brenda Farmer, Maxine Miles, Ann Bell, Sandra Wood, Ora Etta Isenhower, Paulette Kerr, Klara Krebbs, Judy Krebbs, Christine Miles, Cindy Scott, Conna Bonner, Kathy Gammill, Judy Parker, Phyllis Curry, Rita Marriott, Alfreida Yates, Elaine Richards, Wanda Watkins, Janice Bradley, Marcha Hollingsworth, Teresa Cagle


Future Nurses


Rebecca Pedigo, president; Becky Patterson, vice-president; Patsy Kellum, secretary; Elizabeth Chavoya, reporter; Miss Lila Rutherford, sponsor


Mary Olivio, Elizabeth Chavoya, Sherry Taylor, Sherry Taylor, Gay Blanton, Jeanie Smithen, Sharion Boecking, Jerienne Sanders, Angie Castro, Sharlotte Fread, Bette Roberts, Bettie Martin, Joan Gowan, Patsy Kellum, Rebecca Pedigo, Pat Foster, Brenda Watson, Brenda Pedigo, Diane Boyte, Jeanie Freeze, Virginia Mahoney, Becky Patterson, Sandra Mitchell, Sonja Holleman, Diana Tanner, Norma Reed, Sheila Stark, Janice Neal, Sondra Swiney, Emmy Emmert, Linda Albritton, Angelina Aguilar


Vocational Industrial Club


William Hanks, president; Johnny Sheets, vice-president; Robert Thurston, secretary; Freddy Jones, treasurer; Mrs. Bill Hay, sponsor


Dick Beasley, Terry Cox, Mary Lee Tate, Troy Sykes, Greg Giles, Billy Yorek, Johnny Sheets, Robert McCarter, George Yerby, David Wilson, Rick Hambelton, Danny Bickerstaff, Son Broxon, Robert Thurston, Homer Dee Humphries, Ronald Roggenkemp, Laneil Russell, Duke Elliott, Johnny Ellis, Rex Bower, Boyd McMullan, Alan Henkel, William hanks, Ronnie Bailey, Freddy Jones


Distributive Education Club


Pat Sowell, president; Eddie Wilson, vice-president; Karen Cave, secretary; Fred Watson, reporter; Mr. Nelson Ross, sponsors


Pansy Nichols, Barbara Clay, Karen Cave, Joyce Prater, Anda Williams, Gail Baggett, Jo Gafford, Eddie Wilson, Mike Hand, Bryan Jordan, Jackie Gunn, Roy Hines, Jimmie Faye Baldwin, Janis Barlow, Larry Whitener, Jim Kesinger, Pat Sowell, Shirley Robinson, Pat Jones, Bobby Poe, Gary Collier, Leslie Whitner, Jerry Owens, John Hogan, Bill Bennett, Larry Thomas, Zack Crocker, Walter Crockett, Jerry Miles, Gary Johnson, Dennis Terrell, Nathan Weaver, Ronnie Tomlinson, Troy  Hudson, David Poarch, Tommy Smith, Fred Watson


Mu Alpha Theta


Jimmy Gunter, president; George Gilliam, vice-president; Sharon Johnston, secretary; Messrs. Wayne Johnston and William LePoris, sponsors


Kay Martin, Bess Owen, Ailsa Flynn, Teresa Wahl, Lou Ann Bellringer, Sharon Johnston, Janet Weatherby, Carol Ann Robinson, Gary Moses, Scott Thompson, Erlynne Gunter, Janis Budai, Kay Holloway, Cynthia Maxwell, Hildy Jacobs, Debbie Davis, George Gilliam, Elmore Hudgens, Billy Clark, James Martin, Larry Holloway, Don Mershawn, Monty Brazell, Tim McClure, Greg Hammonds, Jimmy Allen, Steve Buie, Skip Tabor, Carl Otto, Joe Sims, Grady Harris, Jimmy Gunter, Dan Goodwin, Don McLarty, Jim Einwaechter


Slide Rule Club

Mr. William LePoris, sponsors


Sharon Johnston, Lou Ann Bellringer, Teresa Wahl, Bell Owen, Janis Budai, George Gilliam, Larry Daniel, Elmore Hudgens, Ronny Thompson, Carole Harris, Jo Ann Harris, Grady Harris, Joe Sims, James Smith, Keith Hargrove, Jimmy Allen, Greg Hammonds, Larry Holloway, Charles Jackson, Jim Brown, Jimmy Gunter, Dan Goodwin, Don McClarty, Jim Einwaechter


Future Farmers


Johnny Widener, president; David Heifner, vice-president; Tex Terry, secretary; Johnny Farmer, treasurer; Messrs James Cummins and Allen Henigan, sponsors


Gary Penney, Tex Terry, Randy Grizzle, Johnny Widener, Johnny Farmer, Dave Heifner, Royce Lewis, Greg Dickey, Mike Adams, Ben Smith, Tommy Phillips, Dale Lee, Sam Briggs, Darrell Olsen, Phil Judsen, Tommy Ray, Lee Beamon, James Steele, Johnny Russell, Phil Phillips, Rickie Ivie, Jim Pillans, Kenneth Jones, James Chapman, Buddy Ivie, Dickie Russell, Angel Miranda, Dewey Norwood, Preston Montfort, Ronnie Ogburn, Lloyd Moreau, Doug Fraley, T. J. Burkholder, Curtis Reese, Raymond McCann, Jerry Morgan, Ronald Hughes, David Wilson, Laneil Russell, Danny Mayfield, Jack Kuykendall, Anthony Collard, Richard McAdory, Harry Hunt, Wayne Burkhalter, David Bray, Kenneth Watkins, Dan Moreau, Bobby Ray, Allen Henkel, Gary Gover, Bobby Reagan, Bobby Brady, Kenneth Coker


National Forensic League


Randy Gorden, president; Mollie Aston, vice-president; Jo Ann Harris, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Jimmie Lou Scott, sponsor


Conna Bonner, Betsy Hamilton, Regina Fullwood, Cindy Ferguson, Randy Gorden, Mollie Aston, Debbie Davis, Peggy Valentine, Joyce Rhoads, Jo Ann Harris, Carolyn Mertz, John Robert Gladney, Louis Elliott, Carol King, Terry Bittner, Jane Fortson, Diana Wheelock, Cheryl Denson, Mary Jane Stewart, Will Goldman, Charles Gary, Ty Willis, Steve Wolens, David Rosen, Linda Townley


Great Books Clubs


Missy Ruth, chairman; Randy Gorden, vice-chairman; Mrs. Bobbie Johnson, sponsor


Judy Jorgensen, Randy Gorden, Glenda Almond, Pat Herod, Mary Redden, Diane Brustein, Jill Jacobs, Dorothy Wood, Effie Georgas, Earlene Brown, Becky Graham, Linda Garrett, Jan Ray, Becky Canant, Mary Mesker, Donna Edwards, Gilda Childers, Missy Ruth, Mollie Aston, Sharon Scott, Kathy Sims, Betty Johnson, Tish Gilliam, Marjo Watts, Julie Lang, Rusty Gaston, Karen Jarvis, Cary Carter, Teresa Gorden, Betsy Hamilton


Riding Club


Claudia Andrews, president; Gerry Moore, vice-president; Nilene Omberg, secretary; Felisa Skinner, reporter; Mr. Earl Scarborough, sponsor


Karen Bolton, Quanah Ellisor, Felisa Skinner, Lucy Renteria, Elaine Bewley, Cynthia Barlow, Bonnie Widener, Nilene Omberg, Gerry Moore, Lillian Lambert, Donna Jobe, Charley Able, Larry Robertson, Thomas Dockery, John Roberts, Paula Cotton, Claudia Andrews


Band Club


Jim Morris, president; Debbie Oldroyd, vice-president; Janet Wheeler, secretary; Mr. H. L. Hill, sponsor


Jacquie Roberts, Judy Duke, Paul Jordan, Vicki Clarkson, Angie Bowden, Clara Melton, Judith Rogers, Donna Caruthers, Evelyn Borden, Janet Wheeler, Billie Barrett, Belinda Donaho, Roxie Early, Danna Doolen, Debbie Perry, Anita Bolen, Bonnie Maxwell, Louise Tieman, Charlotte Bryant, Judy Nichols, Cynthia Beasley, Corrine McCaslin, Pam Malone, Ronald Franks, Barbara Gilliam, Ivory Cash, Keith Birkhead, Jim Morris, Jim Patrick, Shirleen McCulloch, Debbie Oldroyd, Donna Coston, Yolanda Hughes, Wayne Adams, Cathy Johnson, Jimmy Sewell, Lynn Watson, Louis Elliott, Tommy Tinsley, Wayne Scott, Theda Marrs, Gary Cooley, Mike Blue, Dick Miller, Carol King, Gail Garner, Porter Speed, Gretchen Wand, John McAdams, John Robert Gladney, James Powell, Marion Haynes, Melvin Hardin, Randy Watson, Randy Russell, Lyman Barnes, David Curington, Leslie Fread, Ronnie Brewer, Jonnie Calloway, Donald Franks, Darlene Coley, Debbie Morris, Dennis Blazier, Melba Donahue, Mike Barnebee


Typing Club

Miss Winona Stewart, sponsor


Regina Fullwood, Evelyn Borden, Terry Cox, Carolyn Mesker, Marcha Hollingsworth, Donna Caruthers, Paulette Kerr, Sue Whitlock


Shorthand Club

Miss Norma Jean Gries, sponsor


Elaine Talley, Peggy Valentine, Phyllis Curry, Lynda Gilcrease, Sherry Bell, Joyce Lewis, Judy Parker, Georgia Jones, Cathy Watkins, Brenda Farmer, Kathy Gammill, Conna Bonner, Diane Neuman, Ora Etta Isenhower, Rochelle Perryman, Judy Krebbs, Klara Krebbs



State National Bank, Reid’s Pharmacy, Harris Lumber Company, Corsicana Dr. Pepper, Aston’s Food Stores, High School Cleaners, Forester’s Chevrolet, Pat & Babs Shoppe, George’s Grill, Johnson’s Pharmacy, Oil City Iron Works, Polly’s Dress Shoppe, City Office Supply, P&S Pharmacy, J. M. Dyer Co., Davis Drug Store, Buie’s, M. Evans, Miles, Green’s, Mortons, Wolf Brand Chili and Tamales, Babcock Bros., The Knitting Bag, Daiches Jewelers, Mitcham’s Appliance Store, Harris & Jacobs, Western Inn, Corsicana National Bank, The Smart Shop, Withrow Furniture Co., Texas Power & Light Co., Scarbrough Photography, First National Bank, Geo. F. Baum Shoe Store, Zale’s Jewelers, Collin Street Bakery, George Realty, Yates Roofing Co., Jackson’s Food Store, Liquigas, Hamilton House Interiors, Cooper’s Shoes, Majors & McLauchlin Insurance, Lone Star Gas Co., Bowden’s Pharmacy, Dairy Mart, The Door, Humbert’s Hickory House, K. Wolens, Stewart Motor Co., Travis Printing Co., Taylor Studio, Roy’s Café, Green’s Stylette Beauty Salon, Goins-Weatherby


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