The Pirate - 1941
Year Book of Emhouse High School
Emhouse, Navarro County, Texas


The Pirate Yearbooks  || Emhouse High School

All pages of this yearbook are "one sided"



Page 1
Dedication Fly Page

Page 2
Dedication Page

Page 3
The "Pirate" Staff

Page 4
Administration Fly Page

Page 5
Principal, Superintendent, and Senior Class Photo
[photo of principal was clipped out]

Page 6
Faculty: Barbara Cox, Quinten Matthews, Gus Farmer, Libbie Pavelka, Janie  Grantham, W. M. Morris

Page 7
Faculty: Billie Mae Abbott, Troas Elliott, Mrs. Ruth Courtade, Pattye Hobbs, Evelyn Collins, Lois Hobbs

Page 8
Faculty Members Information

Page 9
Faculty Members Profiles

Page 10
Seniors Fly Page

Page 11
Senior Class Officers

Page 12
Senior Class: Eva Allen, Wayne Allen, B. W. Gamble, Velma Copeland, Marjorie Hopkins, Harrell Gray, Virgil Jackson, Lois King, Kathryn Miley, Jim Love

Page 13
Senior Class:
Louise Patterson, James Earl McMillen, Walton Wayne McNeel, Kathryn Reames, Betty Ruth Tomlin, Charles Payne, Clarence Payne, Clarence Ray, Geraldine Tinkle, Katy Watkins, Delma Rea Vest

Page 14
"Dear Annual" ... student profiles

Page 15
"Dear Annual" ... student profiles

Page 16
Juniors Fly Page

Page 17
Junior Class: Vernon Hodge, Frances Parrish, Mary Allen, Posey Breithaupt, Merrill Brown, E. D. Burns, Fredella Conn, Kathryn Davidson, Martha Hamilton, Edith Harrell, Minnie  Johnson, Lola Mae Looney, Juanita Miley, Allen Moore, Dorothy  Phillips, Billy Tinker, Mary F. Welch, Edmund Welch, Fred Wilson, Hazel Wetzel

Page 18
Sophomore Fly Page

Page 19
Sophomore Class:
Carmack Watkins, Ralph Richards, Calvin Rich, Charlys Allen, O. E. Allen, Mattie Lou Anderson, Middie Baker, Buddy Champion, Joyce Collins, Roseva Copeland, Katherine Gipson, Margaret Harrell, Louise Jackson, Bobbie jo Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, Wilma Jean  Johnson, Billie Jewel Jones, Dorothy McClintock, Henry C. McMills

Page 20
Sophomore Class:
Elmer Miller, Louise Morhead, Lewis Morehead, Ethel Nelson, Pearl Nelson, Susan Owen, Helen Reames, Hilda Seely, O. E. Vest, Marjorie Stewart, Totsy Tinkle, Frances Young, Robert Lee King, Dorothy Watson, Florence foster, Sydney Foster, Chester Gill, Mary Helen Hitt, Helen  McCrory, Eloise Drain, Mary Lou Harris, J. R. Story

Page 21
Sophomore Class Roll

Page 22
Freshmen Fly Page

Page 23
Freshmen Class:

Page 24
Freshmen Class Role

Page 25
Elementary Fly Page

Page 26
Elementary Class Photos: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grades

Page 27
Elementary Class Photos: 5th, 6th, 7th

Page 28
Elementary Class Roster: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grades

Page 29
Elementary Class Roster: 4th, 5th, 6th Grades

Page 30
Elementary Class Roster: 7th

Page 31
Athletics Fly Page

Page 32
1940 Pirates Football Team & The Pep Squad

Page 33
Football Team Scores & Roster

Page 34
Boys Basketball Team & Girls Basketball Team

Page 35
Basketball Team Profiles

Page 36
Honors Fly Page

Page 37
Honors Students Photos

Page 38
Honors Students Profiles

Page 39
Honors Students Photos

Page 40
Honors Students Profiles

Page 41
Who's Who

Page 42
Who's Who Profiles

Page 43
Activities Fly Page

Page 44
Future Farmers of America

Page 45
Future Farmers of America Profile

Page 46
Home Economics & Speech Club

Page 47
Future Homemakers of Texas

Page 48
The Speech Club

Page 49
County Meet

Page 50
School Calendar

Page 51
Misc Photos

Page 52
Misc Photos

Page 53
Misc Photos

Page 54
Misc Photos

Page 55
Advertising Fly Page

Page 56

Page 57

Page 58

Page 59

Page 60

Page 61

Page 62

Page 63

Page 64
Autographs Fly Page


Misc loose class Photos found in this annual



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