The 1996 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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Table of Contents

Page 2
Top left
- Beth Franks
Center left – April Williams
Bottom left - Cheerleaders
Senior group picture

Page 3
Senior group picture
Top right
– Raymond Hill
Center right – Jason Lane and Bobbie Moyers
Bottom right – Mr. Lockett

Page 4
Elementary Teachers
Lisa Bland- Kindergarten, Sharon Bowling – First Grade, Pam Brown- Sixth Grade, Bobbette Butler- Sixth Grade, Nannette Daniel – Third Grade, Jana Hall – Fourth grade (no picture), Angie Hohenberger – Fifth Grade, Judy Lockett – Fourth Grade, Kristen Maynard – Fifth Grade, Becky Melton – First Grade, Tamera Montgomery-Pre K, Ann Nors- Elementary P. E. , Beverly Vest – Second Grade, Sandra Warren-Third Grade, Becky Williams-Computer Lab, Kera Zuchlke – Second grade

Page 5
Secondary Teachers
Kathy Berry – Business, Terri Boyd – History/Coach, Ronald Brown- Science, Elizabeth Doyle – Aide, Glen Dunnam – Health/Coach, James Eagle – Math/Coach, Yvette Eagle – Math, Susan Ernst – Special Ed., Charles Griste-Math/Science, Daniel Lunsford – Social Studies, Annie McCullough – Aide, Mike Montfort – Spanish, Betty Partain – Science, Shannon Parum-Home Economics, Dave Penque – English, Ruth Penque – English, Jason Revill- English, Milly Vickery – Computer, Nell Warren-Library aide, Gail Worthern – Librarian, Kevin Zuchlke – History/Coach

Page 6
– Jim Revill
Principal – Kenneth Hall
Principal – Gordon Tackett
Tax Assessor/Collector – Jane Ross
Secretary – Kim Welch (no picture)
Business Manager – DeAnna Harrison
School Board – Keith Speer, Clay Reynolds, Don Ballew, Van Perry, Ron Franks, Ronnie Martin

Page 7
High School misc. pictures

Page 8
Senior pictures and signatures
Amy Bowling, Jana Childress, Stephanie Wells, Kim Shanchez, Amber Callahan, Heidie Loehrer, Bobbie Moyers, Jennifer Welborn, Angela Avant, LaTeshia Castile, Jennifer Isabel, Elizabeth Haney

Page 9
Seniors and signatures
– Josh Martin, Jeronimo Suaste, Danny Tadlock, Perry Hill, Jason Lane, David Johnson, Joseph Maddox, Steven Offenbaker, Rusty Perry, Teddy Rowe, Vice President Jason Alexander, Jon Wallace, Jimmy Ybarra, Michael Chavez, Josh Haws, Ty Herd, Robert Daniels

Page 10
Group picture Senior Class – Jennifer Welborn, Jana Childress, Bobbie Moyers, Jennifer Isabell, Angie Avant, Josh Haws, Robert Daniels, Danny Tadlock, Jimmy Ybarra, LaTeshia Castile, Jason Lane, Ty Herd, Joseph Maddox, Joshua Martin, Jon Wallace, Stephanie Wells
Bottom – Perry Hill, Teddy Rowe
Class officers – President – Joshua Martin, Vice pres. Jason Alexander, Secretary – LaTeshia Castile, Treas. Bobbie Moyers
Class Favorites – LaTeshia Castile and Jason Lane

Page 11
Senior write-up and misc. pictures

Page 12
Crystal Alexander, Justin Dawson, Tin Dawson, Paul Doyle, Crystal Ford, Crystal Freeman, Tony Keith, Crystal Leggett, Patricia Loehrer, Christa Montgomery,

Page 13
Sherry Nail, Chasity Rasco, Erin Revill, Steven Rowe, Kevin Scott, Jessie Songer, Nicholas Stamper, Crystal Vest, Tony Walker, David Watson, April Williams
Class Officers
- Erin Revill, Vice President – Chris Rowe, Secretary – Christa Montgomery, Treasurer - Crystal Ford
Class Favorites – Sherry Nail & Tony Keith
Message from David Penque

Page 14
Texanne Bidwell, Jacob Carry, Amanda Cassidy, Ronnie Cooper, Blake English, Dwayne Holman, Brandi Johnson, Melissa Ledwell, Macaley Martin, Stacy McCommons

Page 15
Tonya Patterson, Amanda Reed, Kim Shaw, Suzanna Smith, Anthony Ybarra
Class Favorites – Amanda Reed and Anthony Ybarra
Class officers
President – Texanne Bidwell, V. Pres. – Anthony Ybarra, Sec. – Amanda Reed, Reporter – Ronnie Cooper

Page 16
David Alexander, Kim Allen, Kathy Avant, Reina Calderon, Reynaldo Calderon, Kristol Campbell, Michael Clayton, Jeffery Dyer, Shauna Eagle, Brandy Fieseler, Beth Franks, Dan’te Hailey, Jackie Harvey, Eddie Hasty, William Hawthorne, Glen Hutchison, Travis Kaddatz, Tommy Keith, Hollie King, Dustin Lewis

Page 17
Jay Pike, Kevin Pyburn, Terry Rasco, James Rios, Patsy Rodriquez, (no picture Melisa Zander), David Smith, Dennis Songer, Victor Songer, Sunny Stamper, Amy Vantreese, Jerod Welch, Amy West, Melissa Ybarra
Class favorites – Bonnie Nail & Timmy Keith
Class Officers
David Alexander , V. Pres. – Bonnie Nail, Sec. – Kristol Campbell, Treas. – Dan’te Hailey

Page 18
Mr. & Miss FHS – Jennifer Welborn and Jon Wallace
Most Likely to Succeed – Jennifer Isabell and Joshua Martin

Page 19
Most Representative – Stephanie Wells and Jon Wallace
Most Reliable – Jana Childress and Joshua Martin
Friendliest – Bonnie Nail and Anthony Ybarra

Page 20
Most Athletic – Crystal Ford and Jason Alexander
Football Sweetheart – April Williams
Icee Beau – Jon Wallace

Page 21
Misc. pictures

Page 22
Homecoming Queen – Bonnie Nail
Homecoming Queen Nominees – April Williams, Bonnie Nail, Stephanie Wells, Texanne Bidwell

Page 23
Spirit Week Misc. pictures

Page 24
Sponsor – Yvette Eagle

Page 25
– Kristol Campbell, Patsy Rodriguez, Beth Franks, Melissa Ybarra, Shauna Eagle
Middle – April Williams, Crystal Ford, Texanne Bidwell
Bottom – Chasity Rasco

Page 26
– Hollie King, Captain Stephanie Wells
Bottom, Kathy Avant, Kim Allen, Ami Vantreese

Page 27
Pom Squad
– Yvette Eagle
Melissa Ledwell, Crystal Leggett, Amanda Reed (not pictured Amy West)

Page 28
– Yvette Eagle
Ashley Rodriguez, Cheree Moore, Megan Perry,
Jaryn Lockett, Halley Kerri, Gayla Bland, Chassidy Tucker, Kristin Schulze

Page 29
Top row
– Brooke Melton, Laura Perkins, Kaitlyn Berry, Mrs. Yvette Eagle
Bottom – Tiffany Wallis, Anna Rodriguez, Kristi Dowdle Jessica Moore, Brett Butler

Page 30
Top row – Coach Kevin Zuehlke, Head Coach James Eagle, Jason Alexander, Nick Stamper, Rusty Perry, Jason Lane, Blake English, Victor Songer, Coach Glen Dunnam, Paul Doyle
2nd row – Jeffery Dyer, Ronnie Cooper, Steve Offenbaker, Jimmy Ybarra, Jacob Carty, Kevin Pyburn, Anthony Keith, James Rios, Eddie Lyon, Chris Rowe, David Watson, Teddy Rasco, Danny Tadlock, Travis Kaddatz, Michel Crayton,
Managers – J. C. Eagle, Joch Lockett, Aaron Watson, John Perkins, Coleman Campbell

Page 31
Top picture
– Kevin Scott
Bottom picture – Jason Alexander
Tony Walker, Jon Wallace, David Alexander, Nick Stamper, Jason Alexander, Steve Offenbaker, Jimmy Ybarra, Jason Alexander, Dan’te Hailey

Page 32
Boys Cross Country
Nick Stamper, Jimmy Keith, Michael Chavez, Jared Welch, James Rios

Page 33
Girls Cross Country
Kristol Campbell, Beth Franks, Bonnie Nail, Crystal Leggett

Page 34
Boys Basketball
Team –
David Alexander, Robert Daniels, Joshua Martin, Tony Walker, Nick Stamper, Jason Alexander, Jimmy Ybarra, Teddy Rowe
Top left picture – Tony Walker
Top center – Joshua Martin
Top right – David Alexander
Other action shots

Page 35
Top left picture – Nick Stamper
Top right – Jason Alexander
Center left – Jason Alexander
Center right – Teddy Rowe
Bottom - Jimmy Ybarra
Season games and scores
Joshua Martin, David Alexander, Teddy Rowe, David Alexander, Tony Walker, Jason Alexander

Page 36
Varsity Girls Basketball
Top left
– Crystal Ford
Top center left – Jennifer Welborn
Top center right – April Williams
Top right – Erin Revill
Team- Chasity Rasco, LaTexhia Castile, Crystal Ford, Jennifer Isabell, Erin REvill, Patricia Loehrer, Jennifer Welborn, April Williams, Shauna Eagle, Coach Kenneth Hall

Page 37
Varsity Girls Basketball
Top left
– LaTeshia Castile
Top right – Shauna Eagle
Bottom left – Jennifer Isabell, bottom center – Erin Revill
Season games and scores

LaTeshia Castile, Erin Revill, Jennifer Isabell, Crystal Ford, Jenniver Welborn, April Williams,

Page 38
Varsity Boys Track
Team – front row
– Perry Hill, James Rios, Jesse Songer, Dan’te Hailey, Jeffrey Dyer, Jerod Welch, David Alexander, Travis Kaddatz
Back row – Kevin Pyburn, Jacob Carty, Nick Stamper, Tony Walker, Blake English, Jason Alexander, Ronnie Cooper, Anthony Ybarra
Write up about Nick Stamper

Page 39
Varsity Girls Track
– Crystal Ford, Crystal Alexander, Erin Revill, Amy Vantrees, Patsy Rodriguez, Kristol Campbell, Beth Franks, Shauna Eagle
Write – up about Amy Vantreese
Bottom picture – Amy Vantreese

Page 40
Baseball misc. pictures

Page 41
Baseball team – front – Travis Kaddatz, David Phillips, Michael Clayton, Ty Herd, Jeff Dyer, Jon Wallace
Back – Coach Glenn Dunnam, Chris Rowe, Joshua Martin, Nick Stamper, Jason Alexander, Jarod Welch, Ronnie Cooper, Kevin Scott
Season games and scores
Bottom picture – Coach
Glenn Dunnam

Page 42
Top to bottom
– John Perkins, Chris Rowe, Blake English, Nick Stamper, Paul Doyle, William Hawthorne, Amy West, Bonnie Nail, April Williams, Chasity Rasco, Crystal Ford
Misc pictures

Page 43
Junior High
Misc. pictures

Page 44
Eighth Grade
Jessica Berry, Justin Braswell, Dustin Burleson, Shana Calk, Kacie Campbell, Micarta Cervantes, Charlene Cooper, Darlene Cooper, Christopher Cupit, Jennifer Driver, Kyla Duffield, Zachary Frazier, Rexanna Hall, Bruce Holman, Chrystal Johnson, Leslie Leverette, James Littlejohn, Tonya Lyon, Joshua Maddox
Officers – President – Kacie Campbell, V. Pres. – Christie Zander, Sec. – Bruce Holman, Trea. – Charlene Cooper

Page 45
Eighth grade
Gregory McKeehan, Ray McMullen, Kevin Milazzo, James Raney, Michelle Sander, Roland Schultz, Julienne Selby, Jessica Smith, Rebecca Songer, Frances Suaste, Melesio Suaste, Benjamin Terriah, Joey Watson, Nicholas Watson, Michel Welborn, John Wells, Sarah Young, Christie Zander
Class favorites –
Christie Zander and Bruce Holman

Page 46
Seventh Grade
Genie Abbott, Cheree Bidwell, Amber Cagle, Brian Clayton, Denise Dawson, Eric Dowdle, James C. Eagle, Jennifer Eastman, Matthew Farmer, Heather Ford, Jacob Harrington, Caressa Hicks, Myrisha James, April Judkins, Joshua Lockett
Class officers – President – J. C. Eagle, V, Pres. - Josh Lockett, Secretary – Ray Vantreese, Treas. – Ashley Reynolds

Page 47
Seventh grade
Krista Plauche, Rachel Rasco, Ashley Reynolds, Erin Reynolds, Lewis Richardson, Amy Robinson, Leanne Schusler, Ronald Selby, James Songer, Kristen Spaniel, Jason Terriah, Andrew Thomas, John Tucker, Warren Vantreese, Kenneth Vest, Zachary Warren, Laura Welch, Shelby Williams, Shana Winkler

Page 48
Junior High Cheerleaders
Top row
– Shauna Winkler, Kacie Campbell, Heather Ford, Rexanna Hall
Middle row – Leanne Schusler, Laura Welch
Front – Ashley Reynolds, Christie Zander
Bottom right – Rachel Rasco
Other pictures

Page 49
JH Pom Squad picture

Page 50
JH Football
Top –
Josh Maddux, Ray McMullan, Dustin Burleson, Greg McKeehan, Nick Watson
Middle row – Corey Parks, J. C. Eagle, Josh Wells, Roland Schultz, Joey Watson, Josh Lockett, Brian Clayton, J. R. Selby
Bottom row – Kenneth Vest, Warren VAntreese, Billly Meskimen, Bruce Holman, Jacob Harrington, John Tucker, Matt Farmer
Coaches – Glenn Dunnam and Kevin Zuchlke
Action shot
Season games and scores

Page 51
JH Football
Top picture
– Ray McMullen
Bottom –Defense

Page 52
JH Boys Basketball team – top – Josh Maddux, Ray McMullen, Lewis Richardson, Jason Terriah, Bruce Holman
Middle row – Billy Meskimen, Kenneth Vest, Clint Bidwell, Matt Farmer, Zach Warren, Josh Lockett
Bottom row – Cory Parks, Brian Clayton, Jacob Harrington, John Tucker, Ray Vantreese, J. C. Eagle, J. R. Selby
Bottom picture – Josh Lockett
Season games and scores

Page 53
JH boys Basketball
Left picture
– Matt Farmer and Brian Clayton
Right – Bruce Holman

Page 54
JH Boys Track – front row – Corey Parks, Jacob Harrington, Josh Lockett, Josh Wells, Dustin Smith, Zack Warren, Ray VAntreese, J. C. Eagle, Junior Selby
Back row – Bruce Holman, Ray McMullen, Jason Terriah, Lewis Richardson, Jeremy Perez, M. Songer, Eric Dowdle, Matt Farmer
Write up on track

Page 55
JH Girls Track – Front row – Kacie Campbell, Kristin Spaniel, Ashley Reynolds, Shelley Williams, Darlene Cooper, Christie Zander, Rachel Rasco
Back row – Becky Songer, Charlene Cooper, Heather Ford, Rexana Hall, Laura Welch and Julie Selby
Action shots
Write-up on meets

Page 56
UIL Misc. pictures

Page 57
UIL Misc. pictures

Page 58
High School One Act Play
Cast and Crew
– Patricia Loehrer, Heidi Loehrer, Chris Rowe, Jackie Harvey, Nick Stamper, Jerod Welch, Bonnie Nail, April Williams, Travis Kattatz, Kim Allen

Page 59
High School One Act Play
Misc. pictures
Directed by
Jason Revill
Assistant Director Mrs. Williams

Page 60
UIL PARTICIPANTS – TOP ROW – Chris Rowe, Steve Offenbaker, Kim Allen, Danny Tadlock, Patricia Loehrer,
Bottom – Amy West, Erin Revill, Kristol Campbell, Jana Childress, Stephanie Wells,
Not pictured – Sherry Nail, Suzanna Smith, Paul Doyle, Jackie Harvy, Jeronimo Suaste

Page 61
Regional Patricipants
– Steve Offenbaker, Jana Childress , Danny Tadlock, Jackie Harvey

Page 62
JH One Act Play
Cast and Crew – Back row
– Rexanna Hall, Charlene Cooper, Amy Robinson, Heidi Loehrer, Josh Lockett, Matt Farmer, Jessica Berry, J. C. Eagle, Ray Vantresse, Leanne Schusler, Darlene Cooper, Kacie Campbell

Page 63
Top picture
Top row –
Jason Terriah, Matt Farmer, Shauna Winkler, Zack Warren,
Bottom row – LeAnne Schusler, Clint Bidwell, Josh Lockett, J. C. Eagle
Bottom Picture
Top row
– Rexanna Hall, Crystal Johnson, Charlene Cooper
Bottom row – Jessica Berry, Darlene Cooper, Kacie Campbell, Kristie Zander

Page 64
JH Graduates
Misc. pictures

Page 65
JH Valedictory
– Kacie Campbell
Her speech at graduation
JH Salutatorian –
Christie Zander
Her speech at graduation
Other picture

Page 66
Sixth grade
Ray Abbott, Cody Ballew, Coleman Campbell, Jonathan Dyer, Clint Ferguson, Danielle Fisher, Zack Gage, David Hollingsworth, David Kaddatz, Jolynn King, Mazoris Matouto, Marco Martinez, Autumn Moore
Top left picture – Zack Reed

Page 67
Sixth Grade
Lesa Oden, Tori Patterson, Zack Reed, Jordan Revill, Kathy Sepulveda, Kim Songer, Nick Songer, Kimberly Suaste, Diana Terriah, Samantha Wallis, Brandy Williams, Crystal Wilson, Teresa Ybarra
Top left picture – Coleman Campbell and Mrs. Butler
Top right – Jordon Revill

Page 68
Fifth grade
– Mrs. Maynard
Joey Clayton, Jared Dawson, Keith Dowdle, Rebecca Eastman, LaTonya Hailey, Hanna Marcum, Jeremy McRae, Ben Melton, Brandon Spaniel, Curtis Wesley, Chris Young

Page 69
Fifth grade
Teacher –
Angie Hohenberger
Deshonda Alford, Fernando Carreon, Devin Griste, Richard Hawthorne, Caleb Loehrer, Marcus Meskimen, Cheree Moore, Laura Perkins, Megan Perry, Ashley Rodriguez, Marcy Schuster, Aaron Watson, Jason Zander

Page 70
Fourth grade
Ervin Alford, Ashley Barajas, Kaitlin Berry, Gayla Bland, Jenna Braswell, Felicia Cortez, Christopher Dawson, Jeremy Dowdle, James Ford, Jenny Fortenberry, Phillip Garcia, Crystal Haney, Kendyl Haws, Havah Loehrer, Lucio Martinez, Vincent Martinez

Page 71
Fourth Grade
Brooke Melton, Aerial McMullen, Jace Montgomery, Ty Moore, Megan Norris, Trace Pickett, Marcus Reamy, Nicholas Reamy, Mayra Rios, Sarah Rogers, Nicole Rowe, Jeanine Selby, Billy Wayne Stout, Cassidy Tucker, Nichole Wallis, John Wilson
Candida Fisher

Page 72
Third grade
Caleb Ballew, Kevin Barbee, Joshua Cassady, Amanda Cummins, Adam Dowdle,, David Hanson, Jeff Montgomery, Aaron Pippins, Ryan Rogers, L. G. Swarthout, Jessica Welch, Nichole Williams
Other pictures

Page 73
Third grade
Justin Barbee, Billy Barham, Joe Daniels, Kristie Dowdle, Joshua Florence, Blanca Gonzales, Daniel Locehrer, Bo McGraw, Cassandra McMullen, Luvenia Peters, Tonya Swarthout,
Other pictures

Page 74
Second grade
Casey Albers, Ellis Carreon, James Driver, Jason Griste, Danny Jinson, Jaryn Lockett, Adina Martinez, Roger May, Jessica Moore, Jennifer Prickett, Matthew Redmon, Juan Rios, Guy Songer
Bottom left – Ray Garey
Bottom right – Jaryn Lockett

Page 75
Second grade
Sandra Batson, Jack Driver, Lidia Estrada, Jason Florence, Ray Garey, Jonathon May, Cody Montgomery, Bradley Platiche, Erika Ponder, Nicholas Porter, Anna Rodriguez, Kristin Shulze, Vernon Songer
Bottom left – Vernon Songer
Bottom right – Ray Garey

Page 76
First grade
Nicholas Barjas, Aaron Bland, Hillaree Burrows, Brett Butler, Jim Bob Cagle, Roberte Castile, Dominga Cervantes, James Chitty, Julia Cortez, Vincent Daniels, Chris Elmore, Aaron Estrada, Maria Gonzales, Joshua Hale, Haley Kern

Page 77
First grade
Abby Loehrer, Arnado Martinez, Eric Martinez, Ashley May, Justin Moore, Casey Morris, Christopher Nash, Jerel Pippins, Bryce Pomykal, Colby Reynolds, Emily Roberts, Ty Robinson, Carlos Rodriguez, Nicholas Rogers, Logan Sachtleben, Mary vickery, Deacon Votolato, Josie Willenborg, Tiffany Wallis

Page 78
Haley Cagle, Michelle Cannon, Luis Cervantes, Ben Eastman, Jessica Ford, Amelia Gonzales, Courtney Reamy, Moiseis Rios, Claudia Rodriguez, Frankie Thompson, Cassie Thurston, Taylor Walker, Jeffrey Wickware, Autumn Ybarra, Kevin McMullen

Page 79
Raquel Calderon, Mark Aaron Cosby, Justin Driver, Krisann Earp, Rebecca Frazier, Andrea Hendrickson, Kortnee Jordan, Brittany Maddox, Jonathon Monthey, Randy Ponder, Jake Porter, Robert Schulze, Veronica Vivian

Page 80
Pre K
Anthony Anaya, Ryan Cosby, Rosetta Espinoza, Kristopher Foster, Britton Floyd, Amanda Green, Tristan Hill, Jonathan Hopkins, Ryan Hurley, Peter Loehrer, Matthew Norris, Blake Rice, Charity Votolato

Page 81
Misc. Pictures

Page 82
Clubs and Organizations
Misc. pictures

Page 83
Clubs and Organizations
Misc. pictures

Page 84
FFA group picture

Page 85
FFA Livestock Judging – David Watson, TK. Herd, Josh Haws, Jon Wallace
Ag Mechanics State Qualifiers – Jacob Carty, David Phillips, Wes Calvin
Dairy Judging – Amy Bowling, Josh Martin, Macaley Martin, Texanne Bidwell

Page 86
UIL Dist. Competitors – Back row – Chris Rowe, Steve Offenbaker, Kim Allen, Danny Tadlock, Patricia Loehrer
Seated – Amy West, Erin Revill, Jana Childress, Stephanie Wells
Eighth grade – back row – Rexanna Hall, Chrystal Johnson, Charlene Cooper
Front row – Jessica Berry, Darlene Cooper, Kacie Campbell, Christie Zander, Julie Selby, Tonya Lyon
Seventh grade – LeAnne Schusler, Zack Warren, Josh Lockett, J. C. Eagle, Matt Farmer, Clint Bidwell, Jennifer Eastman, Jason Terriah, Shana Winkler, Lewis Richardson

Page 87
Future Homemakers of America group picture
Fellowship of Christian Athletes group picture

Page 88
Beta Club members – Amy Bowling, Josh Martin, Stephanie Wells, Beth Harvey, Jon Wallace, Jana Childress, Jennifer Isabell, Bobbie Moyers, Erin Revill, Paul Doyle, Chris Rowe, Stacy McCommons, Texanne Bidwell, Jacob Carty, Anthony Ybarra, Kristol Campbell, Jerod Welch, William Hawthorne, Beth Franks, David Alexander, Reina Calderon, Michael Clayton, Jeff Dyer, Travis Kaddatz, Dan’te Hailey
President –
Josh Martin, V. Pres. – Erin Revill, Sec. - Chris Rowe, Treas. – Paul Doyle

Page 89
Beta Club Newcomers
Kristol Campbell, Jerod Welch, William Hawthorne, Beth Franks, David Alexander, Reina Calderon, Michael Clayton, Jeff Dyer, Travis Kaddatz, Dante’ Hailey

Page 90
UIL Awards
Top picture
– Steve Offenbaker and sponsor Kathy Berry
Center left – Jason Alexander and Coach James Eagle
Center right – Nick Stamper and Coach James Eagle
Bottom – Jason Revill

Page 91
UIL Awards
Top picture
– Stephanie Wells and Mrs. Yvette Eagle
Center picture – Jim Revill
Bottom picture – Danny Tadlock
UIL write-up

Page 92
Academic Banquet
Top ranking Students
Top left
– Josh Martin and Amy Bowling
Top right – Jarod Welch
Center Left- Chris Rowe and Anthony Ybarra
Bottom left – Beth Franks and Jarod Welch
Bottom right – Suzanne Smith and Patricia Loehrer

Page 93
Academic Banquet
Top left –
Rev. Nancy Schusler
Top right – LeAnne Schusler and Josh Lockett
Bottom left – JH Valedictorian Kacie Campbell and Salutatorian Christie Zander
Write up on banquet

Page 94
FFA & FHA Banquet misc. pictures

Page 95
FFA & FHA Banquet misc. pictures

Page 96
Elementary awards day
Misc. pictures

Page 97
Elementary Field day misc. pictures

Page 98
Polar Bear Post Newspaper
Top left –
Danny Tadlock
Top right – Editor Steve Offenbaker and Danny Tadlock
Bottom right – Steve Offenbaker

Page 99
Polar Bear Post Newspaper
Misc. articles

Page 100
Annual Staff picture – front row – LaTEshia Castile, Jennifer Welborn, Danny Tadlock, Crystal Leggett, Crystal Vest, Tina Dawson,
Second row – Teddy Rowe, David Phillips, Steve Offenbaker, Ty Herd, Jon Wallace
Back row – Sponsor Mike Montfort, Jimmy Ybarra, Robert Daniels, Joshua Martin, Jason Alexander
Not pictured Angie Avant

Page 101
Annual Staff editor Jennifer and Co-Editor LaTeshia Castile

Page 102

Prom Queen
– Jennifer Welborn
Prom King – Jon Wallace

Top right – Angie Avant, Bobbie Moyers, Jennifer Welborn
Bottom left – Tony Keith
Bottom center left – Sherry
Bottom center right – David Penque and Chris Rowe
Bottom right – Jennifer Welborn and Jon Wallace

Page 103
Top left –
April Williams and Josh Martin
Top center – Kevin Scott and Chris Rowe
Top right – Jesse Songer
2nd row center left – Josh Martin, David Johnson, Rusty Perry , Jason Alexander, Joshua Martin, Jon Wallace
2nd row center – Tony Keith
3rd row left – Crystal Alexander
3rd row center – Tony Keith
Bottom left – Tina Dawson
Bottom center – Crystal Alexander
Bottom right – Robert Daniels and Crystal Vest

Page 104
Group picture

Bobbie Moyers, Jon Wallace, Stephanie Wells
Valedictorian – Joshua Martin
Salutatorian – Amy Bowling

Page 105
Top left –
Angie Avant
Top center left – Ty Herd
Top center right – Bobbie Moyer
Top right – Jennifer Isabell
Center – Danny Tadlock and Mrs. Berry
Bottom – Stephanie Wells and Coach James Eagle
Copy of Graduation program

Page 106
Gov. Bush Visits Frost
Top picture –
Gov. George Bush

Center left – Gov, Bush
Center right – April Williams, Heidi Loehrer,and Hubbard Students
Bottom left – Hubbard students
Bottom right – Steve Offenbaker and Gov. Bush

Page 107
Ads – Polar Bear Fan – Danny Nail Const. – Action Delivery Service

Page 108
Ads – Tipton International – Danny Nail Const. – Rocking JW Ranch Feed

Page 109
Congratulations page and picture Stephanie Wells

Page 110
Ads – Frost Church of God – Corsicana Travel Service – Navrro Mills Cafι – Zales – Cen- Tex Seed – Reid Motor Co. – P. C. Etc. – Green Gable Emu Farm

Page 111
Ads – Roys Repair shop – A-! Gro. – Vitters Tractor – McKee Lumber Co. – Watkins Const. – Farmers Ins. – Teesa’s Touch – Frontier Bar-B-Que

Page 112
Ads – Johnson Cleaners – Herod’s Radiator – State Farm Insurance – Hillsboro Monument – Palace Barber Shop – Huse’s Country Meats – A Little Different – The Corner Store

Page 113
Ads – Magic Mirror Hair Salon – Small Engine Sales & SErv. – Adler Paint & Body – Jarrett Pendley – Pat Owen Gifts – James Owen Hardware – One Dollar Depot – Dr. Robert Roy

Page 114
Ads – Georges Casual and Western Wear – B. & G. Tire Serv. – Beaton Pharmacy – Bank One – David Lynch – The Ark – Kristie’s Emporium – Tangles

Page 115
Ads – Dobbs Motors – Tom’s Tire Serv, - Grammy’s – Robert E. Harper –Mom’s Cafι & Bait – Reeves Pharmacy – Brenda’s Country Salon – Todd’s Snowballs

Page 116
Ads – Texas Boot & Shoe Repair – Bookmart – Comm-Link – Thunderbird Restaurant – Ervin K. Bledsoe – Anthony’s Paint and Body – Nations Bank – Clint’s Jewelry

Page 117
Ad – Frost Store & Cafι

Page 118
Ads- Westside Motors – Italy Health and Rehabilitation center – the First State Bank of Frost

Page 119
Ad – Ronny Hyles Home Supply

Page 120
Ads – Miller Bros. Outlet – Payne’s Gro. & Mkt. – Frost Video – Ombert & Mitchell

Page 121
Ad – Williams Gin ( group picture of Seniors)

Page 122
Ads – Telico Farms – James & Paula Lucko – OK Lumber Co. – Ennis Care Center

Page 123
Ad – Helena

Page 124
Ads – the Jim Revill Family - The Locketts and the Eagles family pictures – Jim’s Flowers

Page 125
Ad – Frost Baptist Church ( group picture )

Page 126
Ads – Collin Street Bakery – Berry’s Auto Sales – David A. Richardson – Henry’s Garage

Page 127
Ad – Farmers Coop Gin & Grain

Page 128
Ads – Carl White Chevrolet – First State Bank Italy – First Baptist Church Mertens

Page 129
Misc. pictures

Page 130
Misc. pictures

Page 131
Misc. pictures

Page 132
Misc. pictures

Page 133
Misc. pictures

Page 134
Misc. pictures

Page 135
Misc. pictures

Page 136
Misc. pictures

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