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Year Book of State Home School
Navarro County, Texas


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Page 1
Title Page

Page 2
Beauford H. Jester; Former Governor Coke R. Stevenson

Page 3
Weaver H. Baker

Page 4
State Board of Control:
Carlos C. Ashley, Hall H. Logan, Tom DeBerry

Page 5
Moyne Z. Kelly; Mrs. Moynel L. Kelly; Former Supt. John H. Robertson; Mrs. John H. Robertson

Page 6
S. O. H.

Page 7
S. O. H.

Page 8
State Home Employees

Page 9
State Home Employees

Page 10
Campus Scenes

Page 11
Campus Scenes

Page 12
Classroom Scenes

Page 13
Fly Page - Classes of 1947

Page 14
Class of 1945

Page 15
Class of 1946

Page 16
Beverly Berry; Kinner K. Boyce, Clyde Carrington, Willie Colburn, Buel Crawford, James Davis, Christine Erzen, Ede Erzen, Imogene Gordon, Dora Horton, Joe Howerton

Page 17
Curtis Jones, Minnie Jones, James Lawrence, Carmer Pfaffenberger, Freeda Pruett, Gwendolyne Roach, Joe Stokes, Dessie Tucker, Essie Tucker, Robert Walker

Page 18
Braxton Anders, Ralph Balentine, Clifton Belschner, Mary Jane Cantrell, Laverne Cawthon, Virgin Creacy, Charles E. Cunningham, Margie Dillard, Eva Leta Downey, Louise Gragg, Bobbie Hambrick, Betty Jean Hilliard, Edith Land, Patsy Lawrence, Martha Nell Mann

Page 19
Charles Murdock, George Phinnell, Betty Phillips, Bill Phillips, Buck Phillips, Jimmie Pillows, Marvin Ed Rawls, Loveless Redding, Carl Roberts, Mertie Jo Smith, Hazel Smotherman, Helen Smotherman, Johnnie Spencer, Margarette Weaver, Hessie Marie Young

Page 20
Emma Alford, Joyce Alford, Beverly Belschner, Madeline Bromagen, Eugene Bryant, Doris Carl, Dorthy Carl, Reagan Carpenter, Lloyd Cross, Delia Dowell, Cleophus Downey, Treamon Elrod, John Erzen, Frankie Fore, Lucille Fowler

Page 21
James Graham, Ruby Herrington, Freida Hilgenberg, Frances Lynch, Dovie Pillows, Pansy Reed, Luther Rodgers, Marilyn Sanders, Katherine Scott, Albert Taber, Roy Taylor, Charlene Thixton, Jimmie Turner, Joe Dan Wells

Page 22
Louetta Alford, Flora Alice Anders, Cora Lee Berry, Birtalee Boring, Frances Burns, Bobbie Campbell, Glyn Canady, Billie Cannon, W. A. Cannon, Charles Carrington, Juanita Cass, Doris Cawthon, Maryetta Cheatum, Opal Creacy, Dorothy Edwards, Tommy Gordon, Thelma Hutchins

Page 23
Benny Jack Jones, Lee Jerry Loftin, Lewis Lynch, Eugene May, Oliver Milner, James Murdock, Theresa Patty, Rogers Perona, Robert Piland, Ella Mae Prestridge, Nancy Rice, Bobbie Rogers, Rose Marie Walker, Dewayne Weatherford, Margie Weaver, Norma Young

Page 24
Grade 8B

Page 25
Grade 8M

Page 26
Grade 7K

Page 27
Grade 7M

Page 28
Grade 6R

Page 29
Grade 6W

Page 30
Grade 5

Page 31
Grade 5

Page 32
Grade 4

Page 33
Grade 4

Page 34
Grade 3

Page 35
Grade 3

Page 36
Grade 2

Page 37
Grade 2

Page 38
Grade 1

Page 39
Baby Cottage

Page 40

Page 41

Page 42
Honor Society; Miss America Club

Page 43
S.O.H. Choir; S.O.H. Band

Page 44
Boy Scouts

Page 45
Cub Scouts

Page 46
North Star Blue Bird Group; Camp Fire Groups

Page 47
Camp Fire Groups

Page 48
F.F.A. Activities

Page 49
Students of Agriculture

Page 50
Snap Shots

Page 51
Fly Page - Sports

Page 52

Page 53

Page 54
Girls Basketball

Page 55
Boys Basketball

Page 56
Junior High Basketball Squad

Page 57
Boys Athletics at State Home

Page 58
Class of 1947

Page 59
Class Will

Page 60
Class Prophecy

Page 61
Graduating Classes (no pictures)

Page 62
State Home Honor Roll - World War II

Page 63
State Home Honor Roll - World War II

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