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Located on State Highway 14 near its junction with Farm Road 641, twenty-five miles south of Corsicana in Navarro County Texas. It is made up of two earlier communities, Center Point and Rabbit Hill. The Houston and Texas Central Railway passed through the community in 1871. In 1883 the town was little more than two or three farms. Currie had a post office from 1901 to 1907. The town had become almost nonexistent until a revival in the 1920s. Oil was discovered in the immediate area, and the post office was reestablished in 1921. This boom was short, but Currie managed to retain a population of 125 in 1958. The post office had been closed again by that date. The population dropped to 25 by 1970 and remained at that level through 1990 when a few homes and oil pumps still stood.


The present settlement of Currie is a blending of two communities formerly called Center Point and Rabbit Hill.  Currie is one town that has the record of having under gone a revival in its business life after having suffered a temporary set-back.  The post office at Currie was discontinued once but in 1921 oil caused a revival of activity and Currie again took its place as a full-fleged town and post office although the oil boom, which caused this revival, was not of long duration.

Mr. Billington was one of the early settlers of the Currie Community and his son relates that in 1883 there were only two or three farms under fence in the entire community.  It is an interesting fact that while the Billington farm was bought for $12 per acre, at one time $150 per acre was offered and refused, but now it could not be sold for more than $300 per acre.

One of the first stores at Currie was operated by Bell Lee who sold out to Mr. Williams in 1902, the latter gentleman disposing of his establishment to Mr. Phipps who, with his son, still operate the business.  Currie is half way between Richland and Wortham on the railroad and Highway 14.

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