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Anderson, Mark, will dtd 23 Nov. 1854; prob. 31 March 1855; names dau Tinsey Stokes; gr sons Columbus and Wm P. Brown; son Wm R Anderson; son Patton Anderson, sons,  Willis, Eliza William [verbatim[ and Courtney thurman; wife Polly; Neffieu [sic] Amazi Anderson.  Ex. Wife Polly.

[Bk H. pp 639-640 NavCo Will Records]

"Col. D. R. Mitchell, an old and valuable citizen of Navarro County, died a few weeks since.  The Col. was, we believe formerly a citizen of Alabama." [The Northern Standard, Jan. 21, 1854, Clarksville, Tex.]

"From the Indian Country, Col. D. R. Mitchell, a surveyor in the Upper Trinity Region, writes that he has just returned from a surveying trip on Noland's River and saw plency of Indians who are very friendly.  It is reported that Col. Thos. I. Smith's rangers are all returning to their old posts." [Northern Standard, June 2, 18947]

E. H. Calhoon dtd 4 April 1862; prob. 27 Apr. 1863.  "About to leave home for defense of my country and in danger of being killed for protection of my family I give wife Elizabeth full control.  If wife makes 2d marriage all my propertry of every kidn to go equally to all my children." [not named -   Calhoon died in 1863.] [Nav. Wills Bk o. p. 129.]


 J. T. Hester recorded in Midland Co. Tex., dated 6 Mar 1886; prob. 27 May 1886.  Names wife Mrs. M. Willie Hester; son T. J. Hester; ex. friends J. J. McCullough, W. A. Pol;k and M. Drane to assist in settling business in Nav. Co. Tex.  Hester d. 12 May 1886.  [Note:  J. T. Hester married Mary William Jones, prob. in Miss. or Tenn.  and the family lived at Chatfield, Navarro County, during the CW.]

 Sarah W. Clements, dtd. 25 Oct. 1875; prob. 19 Mar. 1877.  All properth to husband Jas Clements; heirs of husband to have all at his death.  Ex. husband and dau Mary E. Ingram.  Wit: Mary E. Ingram and Miranda Clements [NavCo Will Bk S.]

William H.  Garner,. dtd 23 Aug. 1868; prob. 8 Sept. 1868; estate to wife Nancy - at her death to children equally [not named] [NavCo Will Bk R. p. 214]

 Lucy Ann Cullum dtd 16 Mar 1869; prob. 18 Aug. 1869; "of advanged age"....grson David S. Cullum; eldest son John H,. Cullum of Red River Co....property to be divided between "my son John H. and my dau. Caroline."  D. S. Cullum Admr. [Bk R. NavCo Wills, pp. 357-59]

 John Dickey dtd 14 May 1856; prov. Oct. 27, 1856.  Hugh Dickey and Elizabeth King, wife of George King $100.  Balance effects of all kinds to brother Samuel R. Dickey and to Lucinda A. Dickey share and share alike. [NavCo Will Bk L. pg. 12]

 J. L. Halbert dtd 24 June 1872; prob. 7 Aug. 1874.  Wife Fannie J.; sons Joshua and James; daus Helen, Nellie and Fannie; sister Mary. [NavCo Will Bk n.g.]

 John H,. Johnson, dtd 17 July 1868l; prob. 29 March 1872; bros. Robt. . Johnson and David Johnson; wife Willie A. Johnson [dau Benjamin Mitchell] [Nav. Co. Will Bki S. p. 36]

Frances Hardin
"Died on the 3rd of March 1859, at the residence of her husband on Richland Creek, Navarro County, of pneumonia, Sister Frances Hardin, in the fifty-second year of her age."  "Sister Hardin was one of the seven who went into the organization of the Pin Oak Church on the fourth Sabbath in Sept. 1858." [The Texas Baptist, Issue May 19, 1859]

 D. A. Loughridge dtd 26 Mar 1862; prob. 2 Aug. 1862. "My last will and testament is if I never get back from wars, I assign my rights to all my property to Hester Ann Owen to do as she pleases with." [NavCo Will Bk C, p. 59]

Dr. A. C. Sloan [Confederate Veteran, Vol. XV, No. 3, March 1907]  Dr. A. C. Sloan, of Corsicana, Tex; d. 30 Nov. 1906, aged 63 years; native of Ala, served CSA from that state; moved to Texas 1868 and set up medical practice.  Widow and several children survive.

[ Jeffers, Elijah ]

Bk O, p. 323 NavCo Probate Records

Henry Brown & Mary Jeffers filed letters of adm on estate of E  Jeffers
decd - granted and ordered recorded - state that Elijah Jeffers, citizen of
NavCo departed this life on or about 15 Feb 1864 possessed considerable
estate - real and personal property - but alkso considerably endebted.  Mary
Jeffers apptd Adm estate.  A. G. Hervey, Robt Hodge and J. R. Ransom apptd


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