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David Wilson Campbell
Father of Joseph Patterson Campbell

David Wilson Campbell, was born May 12, 1813, to Samuel L Campbell and Nancy Johnson, in Georgia. He migrated to Texas in 1835, from Springfield, Kentucky.

He served in the Texas Revolution the following year during the Texas War for Independence.  From a wall on the San Jacinto Monument it says:  “Obeying the instructions of General Houston, the following officers and men remained on April 21, 1836, at the camp of the Texas Army established opposite Harrisburg.  There the sick were attended by their comrades who also guarded the baggage and acted as rear guard of the main army.”  Campbell, David W., was among the names listed.  He was issued a headright certificate for three-fourths of a league and one labor of land by the Robertson County Board on September 6, 1838. This land was surveyed in Navarro County in 1845.

This is how his Land Grant read:

Grantor:  The State of Texas
Grantee:  David W, Campbell
Character of Instrument:  Patent No 399, Vol. 4
Dated:  Nov. 5, 1845  Filed Feb. 5, 1856
Recorded Vol. K, Page 74 Deed Records, Navarro, County.

In the name of the Republic of Texas, To all to whom these present shall come Know Ye:

     I, Anson Jones, President of the Republic of aforesaid by virtue of the powers vested in me by law in accordance with the Statutes of said Republic in such case made and provided by these present, Grant to David W. Campbell, his heirs or assigns forever, Sixteen Million, Seven Hundred and Sixty Thousand, Six hundred and twenty Eight Square Varas (2,668 acres) of land.

     Hereby relinquishing to him the said David W. Campbell and his heirs or assigns forever all the rights and title in and to said land heretofore held and possessed by the Government of said Republic and I do hereby issue this letter for the same.

     In Testimony whereof I have caused the Great seal of the General Land Office.

     Done at the City of Austin of the fifth day of November One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty five and the year of Independence of said Republic the Tenth.

                                      Anson Jones President

Wm. H. Ward, Commissioner


On July 2, 1838, he married Rosetta Jones in Calvert, Milan Co., Texas.  She was born in the year of 1822, in Edgar County, Ill.  Her father was Joseph P Jones, who was one of the surveyors killed at Battle Creek on Oct. 6, 1938, near Dawson, Texas.  He is buried their with the rest of the men who were killed by the Indians.  Her mother was Sarah (Sally) Brimberry.  Sally Jones, resided on the Milam County land grant that they received when they moved there, until her death on Sept. 12, 1861. She is buried at Little River Baptist Church Cemetery, in Jones Prairie. Jones Prairie is name after Joseph P. Jones.

David and Rosetta had one son.  He was born on August 29, 1839, in Robertson, Co., TX.  Rosetta Died three days later on Sept. 1, 1939.  She is buried in Robertson, County.  They named their son Joseph Patterson Campbell.

He married again on Feb. 7, 1841, in Victoria Co., Texas.  Her name is Dana Maria Frances Cyrus, but went by Ann M., or at least that is how she is listed on the census.  She had a daughter when the married and her name was Margaret A. Cyrus.  She was a little over 4 years older than Joseph.  They had four children together.

David W. Campbell had a "warm affection and good will toward the Methodist Church" and for that reason he gave ten acres of land to the Harmony Methodist Church. His sentiments were expressed in these words: "to be used for the benefit and enjoyment of said Church." About three and one-half acres of this plot were dedicated as a grave yard and known as the Campbell Cemetery.

David died April 18, 1879, in Navarro County and is buried in the Campbell Cemetery.  


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