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Maston P. Williams - Actor

Maston P. "Mack" Williams was a character actor for Republic Film Studios from 1931 to 1940. After that he retired from movies and shortly thereafter relocated to his birthplace of Corsicana, Texas to live until his death.

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Lezlie Denise Lonon  - Actress

(June 1, 19??-)
Birth name is Lezlie Denise Lonon
Born in Corsicana, Texas
Appeared in '976-EVIL,' 'Midnight Ride,' 'Girlfriend from Hell,' 'Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare,' 'Almost Pregnant,' 'To Protect and Serve,' 'Movie Madness,' 'Plump Fiction'
Played Phoenix Chisholm on 'Dynasty,' and Stacey Tyler on 'Hunter'
Member of the band Fem 2 Fem

She posed fully nude in the December 1993 edition of Playboy, along with other members of Fem 2 Fem.

She is a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

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Jacqueline Logan - Actress

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Rev. James Lemuel Hollers

Minister: HOLLERS,  James Lemuel   Title: Rev.

    Years Served: 1891-1909
    Church: First United Methodist Church
    Village: Corsicana,  Township: ,  County: ,  State: TX
    Source: Central Texas Conference & Northwest Texas Conference
    Additional: 1891-New Hope Mission 1901-Silverton 1892-Santo 1902-Chillicothe 1893-Proctor 1894-Proctor 1895-Harmony Circuit 1896-Killeen-Nolanville 1897-Oglesby Circuit 1898-Oglesby Circuit 1899-Canadian 1900-(Superannuate)
    Joyce (Hollers) Jones  Date: Mon Sep 17 19:18:21 2001


Clovis Herschel Hunter

Clovis Herschel Hunter was born November 30, 1915 in Richland, Texas to William Massilon and Bertha Robertson Hunter. Mr. Hunter is a World War II veteran and a deacon at Memorial Baptist Church. He married Corsicana native Louise King, daughter of Whit and Irma Lee King, on July 19, 1940. They have four married children: Andrea Richards and husband Derwood of Corsicana; Clowie Lewis and husband Raylon of Corsicana; Shirley Donnerstag and husband Bernie of Waco; and Larry Hunter and wife Patricia of Corsicana. Grandchildren are Brandi Richards, Bryon and Andrew Albrecht, and Stephen and Keith Lewis. Great-grandchildren are Austin Albrecht and Dakota and Tyler Lewis.


John H. Storrie

Retired Aug. 1, 1985

Major General John H. Storrie is the director of space, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Operations, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

General Storrie was born in 1931, in Corsicana, Texas. He attended Denton High School and graduated from Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University in 1953 with a bachelor of science degree in engineering. He earned a master's degree from Auburn (Ala.) University in 1972 and completed the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., also in 1972.

After receiving his commission in August 1953, he graduated from pilot training in December 1954. For the next five years he flew F-86s at Perrin Air Force Base, Texas; George Air Force Base, Calif.; and Clark Air Base, Philippines.

In 1959 he transferred to the Strategic Air Command and was an aircraft commander and instructor pilot in B-47s at Chennault Air Force Base, La., and in B-58s at Carswell Air Force Base, Texas. During this period he also served as operations officer of the 656th Bombardment Squadron.

In March 1965 the general moved to Beale Air Force Base, Calif., as part of the initial SR-71 cadre. He was one of the first instructor pilots in the SR-71. He was an SR-71 aircraft commander for more than five years, logging nearly 900 hours in the Mach 3 aircraft. From 1968 to 1971, he had extensive operational duty in Southeast Asia. In August 1971 General Storrie left Beale to attend the Air War College and in August 1972 was assigned to Air Force headquarters as chief of the Drone Management Group, Directorate of Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare. He returned to Beale Air Force Base in May 1974 as vice commander of the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing and took command of the wing in June 1975. 

General Storrie returned to Air Force headquarters in September 1977 to serve as director of reconnaissance and electronic warfare. He held that position until July 1978 when the organization moved to Andrews Air Force Base, Md., where he served as assistant deputy chief of staff, systems for armament and defense suppression, Headquarters Air Force Systems Command. General Storrie became the command's inspector general in July 1979. He assumed his present duties in September 1981.

The general is a command pilot with more than 5,000 flying hours. His military decorations and awards include the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Combat Readiness Medal and Vietnam Service Medal.

He was promoted to Major General March 1, 1983, with date of rank July 1, 1979.

(Current as of April 1983)


Judge David Kelton

Hon. David Kelton, Judge 44th District Court

Judge David Kelton was born on June 24th in Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas.  He attended the University of Colorado where he received a BA degree in 1968.  David then attended the University of Texas School of Law receiving a JD in in 1972.

Worked for Vail, Hamilton Law Firm from 1972 thru 1975 and then Johnson Shanklin Law firm 1975 thru 1980.

David Served as Civil District Court Master since inception of the Master program in March, 1998 until May 31, 2002 when he was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry on May 31, 2002 to the 44th District Court to complete the unexpired term of former Judge Margaret Keliher.   He was elected to that position on January, 1, 2003.

Judge Kelton and his wife Ruth, have two sons, Bryan and Matthew.





Nationally-syndicated columnist William Murchison has been a professional journalist since 1964. His career began with two years at the Corsicana Daily Sun, followed by seven years with the now-defunct Dallas Times Herald. He has been with The Dallas Morning News since 1973, where he now serves as senior columnist. Murchison's newspaper column has been nationally syndicated since 1981.

Murchison has written three books: Those Gasoline Lines and How They Got There (co-author), Reclaiming Morality in America, and his latest, There's More to Life Than Politics.

Murchison also serves as contributing editor with The Lone Star Report, editor for Foundations (the largest traditional publication in the Episcopal Church), contributing editor for Human Life Review, and corresponding editor for Chronicles. He is also a regular contributor to National Review, The Wall Street Journal, Policy Review, The American Spectator, and First Things.

A Corsicana native, Murchison received his bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin and his master's degree from Stanford University. He is married and has two sons .


John B. Willis - Salesman

I found a business card (the size of a postcard) in a box of "papers" from my aunts who lived in Corsicana from 1906 to 1991.  I have no idea how old it is.  I found it interesting that the card says " TO THE LADIES OF CORSICANA AND NEVARO CO".  Navarro was spelled Nevaro.

In case the printing is not clear on the back of the card, this is what it says.
      "I take this means to humbly and modestly call your attention to the fact
that I have as Fine and Complete a stock of Ladies Toilet Articles,  as can
be found anywhere - In fact I am overstocked on many and will sell very cheap.
      "My Soda Water is said to be the best in the City; I don't know that,
and even if I did my modesty would prevent my asserting it.
A liberal share of your patronage I solicit and will appreciate.
                            Yours diligently and obediently to serve."


Submitted by Kathy Odell


1857 & 1859

Benjamin Jefferson C Hill, Jr. was born 1813 to Benjamin Jefferson C. Hill Sr. and Rebecca Wallace of Warren Co. Tennessee. Benjamin Sr. was a brother of Henry John Alexander Hill, father of Dr. George Washington Hill.

Two children of record were born in the marriage of Benjamin Sr. and Rebecca....John Ashley Hill, and Benjamin Jefferson C Hill, Jr.

Benjamin Sr. divorced Rebecca in 1840. Rebecca and her sons moved to Texas at some point and were recorded in the 1860 Spring Hill Census living with Dr. George Washington Hill.

The 1862 will of John R Hill states that he was a nephew of Benjamin J C Hill and a cousin to siblings Mary Jane & Benjamin J C HIll Jr. John R Hill was a son of George Washington Hill and a grandson of John Ashley & Lucinda Langston Hill.

Interesting....John R Hill's will also left property to Anna C Sneed, daughter of N T Sneed....who followed Benjamin Jefferson Hill in the role of Grand Master of the Spring Hill Lodge. Had Anna been Anna C Hill who had married one of the Sneed sons...or....could she have been the "Object of the affections" of John R Hill??



The Spring Hill Masonic Lodge No. 155 was organized in 1854 and a Lodge Hall was constructed the same year. The initial Lodge Hall was located in the vicinity of the present day Spring Hill Cemetery , sometimes referred to as "The Old Spring Hill" as opposed to "The New Spring Hill" which was not created until after 1858. and was located a mile north and across Treadwell Branch.

The Lodge Hall at "The New Spring Hill" was located on second floor of a brick building and the lower floor of the structure housed a General Merchandise Store. The Lodge Hall was accessed by wood steps on the outside of the structure.

Early minutes of the Lodge reveal that membership during years prior to the Civil War averaged eighteen. Reports made during the Civil War indicate that the entire membership was in the service of the CSA. After the Civil War membership grew to almost fifty and the Lodge flourished.

When the Town of Dawson was organized on the new railroad many residents of Spring Hill moved their homes to the new town. The Masonic Lodge moved from Spring Hill to Dawson in 1881, but the name remained Spring Hill

Masonic Lodge No. 155 until 1905.

Early meeting sites for the Spring Hill Lodge in the new town of Dawson are unknown, but when a two story building was constructed on "Rat Row" the second floor was always known as The Lodge Hall. Lodge Night brought members from Dawson and the outlying areas...all dressed in their finest..

who would gather for a few minutes on the sidewalk to exchange pleasantries before climbing the stairs to the secret meetings. There were stories that the Lodge Members rode goats at times.

The Spring Hill Masonic Lodge SEAL disappeared for many years, but was found in a field several counties away. The journey of the SEAL was never discovered, but it remains on display at the Museum of The Grand Lodge of Texas at Waco.

No record exists as to who the first Grand Master may have been in 1854.

It may have been that a visiting Mason from the Grand Lodge of Texas served in that capacity until 1855 when William Blackburn was elected to the position.


The Corsicana Masonic Lodge #104

The Corsicana Masonic Lodge #104 had formed in December 1851 when James Riggs was Secretary. Ethan Melton,who had settled early in the Dresden area, was one of the original officers. William Ritchie and James Moody were listed as Fellow Masons.

John Treadwell and James A Johnson were shown as Apprentice Masons.


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