Air Activities of Texas, Corsicana Field
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Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas



Photo by Dana Stubbs

Located Corsicana Municipal Airport, 6 miles Southeast of Corsicana on US 287

Air Activities of Texas, Corsicana Field

Prior to the United States entry into World War II, the U.S. Government contracted with a number of civilian flying schools to assist in training military pilots for the Army Air Corps. In December 1940 the air activities of Texas, Corsicana Field, was authorized to provide primary flight training, the second phase of a three-level process. Construction of the facility on a 400-acre tract of land began here in February 1941, and employed more than 250 laborers. In addition to a landing strip, they built hangars, barracks, offices, maintenance buildings, and a mess hall/kitchen. In March, 51 cadets arrived to complete 10 weeks of intense training. By 1943, each class contained more than 300 cadets. By 1944 8,480 cadets received flight instruction in 37 training classes. The flight school employed more than 550 civilians by January 1944, and provided a significant impact on the local economy. As the war drew to a close, the need for the flight school became unnecessary, and it closed. Post-War use of the property began in 1946 with the opening of Navarro Junior College, which occupied the site until 1951. The City of Corsicana purchased the site in 1963 for a municipal airport. (1996)

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Air Activities Mural - Corsicana, TX


This mural of the Corsicana Air Field appears on the west side of a
Corsicana building, visible from the Corsicana Library


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