Birth Site of Beauford Jester
Historical Marker
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Location: North 15th Street and West Park Ave, Corsicana, Texas

Photo by Dana Stubbs


Birth Site of Beauford H. Jester (1893-1949)

Chief executive when significant Gilmer-Aikin law was passed raising standards of public education in Texas. His administration also made strides toward prison reform, water control, improved public roads.

Jester was born at family home in Corsicana where he attended public school. He graduated from University of Texas 1916. Left Harvard Law School to serve as Captain in 90th Division During World War I. Graduated in law from University of Texas 1920 and became avid baseball player for many years. Jester practiced law and had oil interest in Corsicana.

In 1946 he was elected governor as a Jeffersonian Conservative. At the inauguration World War I buddies carried him on their shoulders into the Governor's mansion where he had slept as a boy when his father George T. Jester was Lieutenant Governor.

After the disastrous Texas City explosion killed over 400 persons in 1947, Jester personally assisted rescue operations. He was re-elected in 1948 when the legislature adjourned in 1949 after the longest regular sessions in Texas history. He left to take a vacation in Galveston but died reroute of natural causes. He was the only Texas Governor to die in office.

His wife Mabel Buchanan: They had 3 children.


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