Lefty Frizzell Museum
Pioneer Village
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Lefty Frizzell was born March 31, 1928 in Corsicana, he died in Godlettsville, Tennessee July 19, 1975 and is buried in Nashville. His museum contains some furniture from his first home, his watch, lots of his music, photographs and posters, most donated by his father, Mr. Naamon Frizzell. Other exhibits in the museum include the B. Jeff Stone, Ralph Spicer, the Famous Hank Thompson Jacket, a 1920's record player and radio. Other Country Western Music Artist photographs and music. This building was donated by Jo and Ernest Walker. Charles Walpole, David Johnston, Hugh Parrish, Billy Ray Cobb, Todspd Marr, Gilbert H. and Steven Sutherlin, Beryl Prestidge, Wally Palma, Montgomery Electric, McCoy's Building Supply and Ken Stone renovated the house and made the Lefty Museum.

7/22/2002 Pioneer Village museum honors music legend Frizzell

By RUTH THOMPSON/Daily Sun Staff

This photograph of Lefty Frizzell is on display at the museum bearing his name at Pioneer Village. The museum contains not only Frizzell memorabilia, but also other items from other country western stars. Daily Sun photo/KIRK SIDES

"If you got the money, I've got the time ... " -- sung by Lefty Frizzell in the late 1940s.

The Lefty Frizzell Museum at Pioneer Village not only features Lefty Frizzell but almost all the country western stars from that time period originally from Texas. This memorial is filled with all things country. Lefty's well-known costumes and boots designed by Nudies Western Tailor are featured prominently behind glass cases along the walls in the first room.

Along with his costumes there are photographs of Frizzell with his wife, furnishings from Frizzell's first home, original song manuscripts in his handwriting, sheet music, records and "Tootsie's Orchid Lounge" where all the singers ate. Other exhibits in the museum include numerous country western stars' photographs and music, a jacket worn by Hank Thompson, Ralph Spicer items, and a B. Jeff Stone, formally of Nashville, local recording artist exhibit.

The Lefty Frizzell Museum is a shotgun house reminiscent of the house Frizzell was born in March 31, 1928 in Tucker Town (an oil boom town located a few miles southeast of Corsicana). Frizzell's father, Naamon Frizzell, said Frizzell was always proud to mention he was born in Corsicana, even though he didn't live here very long. Frizzell died July 19, 1975 in Goodlettsville, Tenn. and is buried in Nashville.

Frizzell's father, Naamon Frizzell, donated most items and his friend Ralph Spicer donated his suits and boots.

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Austin Fox 7 cameraman Dave Salm collected footage from the Lefty Frizzel museum at Pioneer Village Friday. Daily Sun photo/KIRK SIDES

6/21/2003 Frizzel museum draws FOX 7


It started Friday morning when a man called Pioneer Village asking about the "Lefty Frizzy" museum.

By noon, it was over, and KTBC Fox 7 newsman Dave Salm had left with a video tape of the museum and a new-found appreciation for Corsicana's own legendary country music star.

"Liz Gillispie was here, and she asked him if he was talking about the Lefty Frizzel Museum," said Ines Waggoner who was filling in for Village director Bobbie Young. "She made sure he knew how to spell it before he left."

She said the Austin TV station airs a segment about day trips, and somebody had heard about Corsicana's famous local museum, so Salm decided it was worth a stopover to see for himself.

"He said they had been going down south -- the other direction -- and now they're coming back up this way," Waggoner said.

Bobby Fluker rushed over to the Village when he got wind of the out-of-town visitor, but even though he missed the filming, he was pleased to brag about the museum and talk about his favorite singer.

"You know, Lefty's going to be inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in August in Carthage," he said. "Most of what we have out here of Lefty's came from a friend of his, Ralph Spicer."

The most recent acquisition is a pair of the pace-setting performer's boots to go along with a fancy, heavily-fringed stage outfit.

The museum forms a centerpiece for the park's many authentic log houses filled with family treasures, the newly-refurbished stage coach and its impressive historical archives.

Waggoner said she is not sure when the segment will be shown, but she hopes it will tempt country music fans to visit and see the real thing.

Tourism is down, she admitted, a victim of tight economic times even though stay-as-long as-you-like prices are only $2 for adults, $1 for students and 50 cents for kids.

Salm did promise her a copy of the finished tape, though, with Lefty's name pronounced correctly


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