The Corsican
Volume 3 - 1918
Year Book of Corsicana High School
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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J. E. Blair
Superintendent of Schools


J. E. Blair - Superintendent of Schools
Miss Moore - History
Miss B. Scott - Mathematics
Mr. Turner - Science, Manual Training
Mr. Clough - Principal, Mathematics
Miss Lewis - English
Miss Hacktt - History
Miss Spilman - Latin
Mr. Hale - Manual Training
Mr. McKay - Science, Mathematics
Mr. Williams - History, Science
Miss Inabnit - Assistant
Miss Cobb - Latin, English
Miss Rafferty - Music
Miss Wade - Penmanship
Miss Miles - Spanish
Miss K. Scott - English
Miss Berry - Home Economics


The Corsican Staff

Philip Kelton - Senior Editor
Willie Dean McAfee - Sophomore Editor
Alice May Kerr - Editor in Chief
William Harry Jack - Business Manager
Eugene Johnston - Athletic Editor
Sarah Holman - Ass't Editor
Robert Neblett - Ass't Bus. Mgr.
Oscar Leonard Dockum - Ass't. Bus. Mgr.
Dorothy Henderson - Junior Editor
Margaret Roderick - Freshman Editor


Senior Class
Motto: Today we launch, Where shall we anchor
Colors: Blue and gold
Flower: Sweet pea.

Elvira Guynes - Senior Treasurer Spring Term
Wesley Walton
Mabel Malone - Senior Secretary Fall Term
Camille Hardison
Janie Babb - Senior Secretary Spring Term
Philip Kelton - Senior Yell Leader Fall Term
Jennie Lee Beal - Senior Treasurer Fall Term
Robert Cooksey - Senior Yell Leader Fall Term
Baldwin Woods - Valedictorian
Afton Burke - Senior President Fall Term
Mary Witherspoon
Elizabeth Oldham
Eugene Johnston
Alice May Kerr
Wm. Harry Jack
Maude Sutton - Senior President Spring Term
John Rice Guynes
Ruth Upchurch

Oscar Leonard Dockum
Elizabeth Goodman - Senior Vice President Fall Term
Hugh Wood
Mary Haden
Grady Pogue - Senior Vice President Fall Term
Maurine Patterson
Norma Jones
Cedric Jeffers
Leona Ficklin
Lillie Inman
Josephine McDonald
Fletcher Ballew
Undine Purifoy
Margaret Patton
Winnie Davis Daniel
Ruth Ashmore

Junior Class
Motto: He can who thinks he can
Colors: White and purple
Flower: Violet

Faye Ashmore
Rose Lee Barnett
Cleoma Bayless
Alice Beaton
Evelyn Blair
Helen Bonner - Junior Secretary Fall Term
Hortense Castles
Abys Chiles
Randle Cooksey - Junior Secretary and Treasurer Spring Term
Hattie Daniels
Douglas Decherd
Verna Evans (photo)
Myrtle Fesmire
Dorothea Foster
Era Hedrick
Augustus Huffman
Dorothy Henderson - Junior Vice President Spring Term
Sarah Holman
Heyman Jarett
Minnie Mae Jones
Willie Dean McAfee
Henry Nash
Robert Neblett - Junior Vice President Fall Term; Junior President Spring Term
Charles Oberschmidt - Junior President Fall Term; Junior Yell Leader Spring Term
Gladys Samuels
Mary Sharp
Vera Smith
Newton Suttle
Ross Sutton - Junior Yell Leader Fall Term
Lloyd Thomas

Garrett Walker
Murphy Williams
Undine Wood - Junior Treasurer Fall Term
Wilma Archer
Ruby Brown
Marguerite Carter
Rose Curry
Margorie Call
Margaret Orviss
David Davis
Claude Douglas
Annie Denbow
Edens Hyndman
Ella Ford
Wayne Fruber
D Alpha Gallahar
Milton Houston
Joe Jarrell
Sam Kerr
Bess Kirven
Louis Lie May
Alline Love
Mary Miller
Jennie Bell McClure
Ruby Morgan
Elbert Phipps
Erwin Smith
Lucille Smith
Cassie Stokes
Ruth Sutton
Camille Walton
Drisy Wolens

Sophomore Class
Motto: We laugh to scorn the wisdom of the schools, and think the first of poets, first of fools
Colors: Purple and white
Flower: Violet

Pinkston Albritton
Esther Blair
Estelle Brown
Carrie Bunch
Arthur Caldwell
Jamie Cobb
Lelva Curington
Geline Compton
Allen Davis - Freshman President Fall Term
Rex Despain
Willie Ray Dorsey
Thomas Drummond
Melissa Daviss
Lucile Denbow
Anna Bell Dyke
Arthur Lee Elliott
Jewel Flanagan
Rudolph Fox
Estelle Finch
Ethel Garrett - Sophomore Vice President Fall Term
Janie Hamilton
Chas. Holloway
Grayson Henry
Wm. Lee Holman
Zelma Holland
Dorothy Herring
Elizabeth Hoover
Christine Horton
Mavis Horton
Gladys Henry
Winnie Hughes
Mattiesue Inabnit - Freshman Vice President Fall & Spring Term
Sam Ingham
Franchelle Jackson
Tabby Jackson
Adalaide Johnson
Mary Frances Johnson
Camille Jaffe
Thelma Kumke
Mary Lewis
Ray Lee
Corinne Lotspiech
Henry Lowry
Will Miller - Sophomore Yell Leader Fall Term; Sophomore Yell Leader Spring Term
Tyson McIver - Sophomore Secretary Fall Term, Sophomore Secretary Spring Term
Lucy Mash
Lucy Mauldin
J. E. Metcalf
Merton Minter
Evelyn McElwrath
Maggie McGaha
John Murry McGee
Esther Miller
Martha Murchison
Philomena O'Connor
Edwin Pugh
Lillie Pringle
Woodson Pasley
Ed. M. Polk - Sophomore President Fall Term; Sophomore President Spring Term
Margaret Roderick
Ned Rankin
John Reed
Nellie Rivers
Cowin Robinson
Lillian Samuels
William Shell - Sophomore Vice President Spring Term
Hobson Sitton
Lewis Thomas
Sue Taylor
Mary Thomas
Carl Watson
Margaret Wilson
John C. Young

Freshman Class
Motto: Keep on keeping on
Colors: Yellow and white
Flower: Daisy
Freshman Class Photo 1a
Freshman Class Photo 1b

Viola Allen
Evelyn Allison
Willie Alexander
Beula May Absher
Clara Allen
Ben Dave Allen - Freshman President Spring Term
Douglas Almond
Albert Ashmore
Mabel Bush
Nora Boyd
Verna Boyd
Arthur Bush
John Braselton
Charles Bannister
Matthew Blair
Royce Braselton
Elizabeth Callicutt
Margaret Carter
Fay Cook
Evelyn Carroll
Gertrude Carson
Lillian Church
Essie Conner
Emma Cox
Leon Carroll
Foster Croft
Dan Comfort
Milton Chilcoat
Halbert Clayton - Freshman Class President Fall & Spring Term
Emma Davies
Clara Dubose
Mildred Despain
Clemmie Delafosse
Laura Delafosse
Leon Daniels
Chas. Robt. Dockum
Robert Davidson
Lucille Eliot
Cleo Edwards
May Bright Elliott
Eusby Elms
Leslie Ford
Minnie Gordon
Elizabeth Greenlea
Katherine Greenlea
Charlton Gunter
Frank Garner
Hamilton Garner
Isadore Goldberg
Ben R. Guynes
Lucile Hollan
Mattie Harris
Thelma Hervey
Blanche Henderson
Louise Hoffman
Velma Holloway
Dorothy Houston
Rose Hughes
Lela Hart
Alice G. Hindman
Birdie Bell Huff
Billy Hoffman
Joubert Harris
Thomas Harlee
Clyde Harwell
Allen Hamilton
Fred Hodge
Preston Harrison
Herbert Hipps

Thomas L. Houston
Stella Jarrett
Eugenia Johnston
Billie Kenner - Freshman Yell Leader Fall & Spring Term
Charley Love
Isaac Levy
Avvie Moore
Lanty Mae Miller
Jessie McCleary
Mildred McClure
Willie McCary
Eula Milburn
Martha Miller
Ethel Montgomery
Horace McClung
Arthur Mowlam
Eugene Mays
Joe Miller
Ferrell Mosshart
Mary Oberschmidt
Carrie O'Connell
Floye Owen
Lenwood Owen
Percy Oliver
Maxwell Pierce
Lovelle Pittman
Ollie Pogue
Louise Pugh
Hilda Pollard
Audrey Payne
Lottie Reeves
Willie Rogers
Alline Reese
Ray Ramsey
Annie Lee Robbins
Marguerite Rogers
Martha Rutherford
Hattie Ramsey
Nora Lee Robinson
Vivian Ringer
George Roper
Ervie Sparkman
Hugh Stuart
Olin Stokes
Hugh Sitton
James Stell
Ethel Siler
Annette Sikes
Adele Sutton
Louise Sedgley
Katherine Shell
Jessie Stevens
Curtis Thomas
Elton Tinkle
Susie Taylor
Modena Thompson
Pansy Varnell
Lucile Wooley
Thyra Watson
Inez White
Cecil Williams
Jack Womack
Avery Bird Walker
George Walton
Hugh Waring
Chas. White
Herbert Wetherford
James Asa Willie
Josephine Young


Baseball Team

Clayton - r.f., s.s.
Ballew -  r.f.
McKay - Coach
Caldwell - utility
Guynes - 1b., captain
Archer - s.s. - p.
Newsome - 3b
Huffman - c.
Holloway - utility
Kelton - c.f.
McIver - p.
Wood - l.f.
Oberschmidt - manager
Miller - 2b.
Sitton - c.

March 22 - C.H.S. vs Mexia (2 to 0 in favor of  C.H.S.)
March 29 - C.H.S. vs Forest Avenue Dallas ( 14 to 2 in favor of C.H.S.)
April 5 - C.H.S. vs. Ennis (2 to 2; game called in sixth inning on account of rain)
April 12 C.H.S. vs. Bryan St., Dallas (7 to 1 in favor of C.H.S.)
April 26 C.H.S. vs Waxahachie (8 to 0 infavor of C.H.S.)
May 3 C.H.S. vs Terrill School, Dallas


Basketball Team

Guynes - forward
Sitton - captain and manager
Jack - guard
Wood - forward
Davidson - forward
Dockum - guard
Cooksey - guard
Sutton - guard




Westminster College








Westminster College








Forest Avenue







Track Team

Robert Cooksey
Sitton (captain)
Hayes (coach)
Randle Cooksey


Football Team

Eugene Johnston - Manager
Hobson Sitton - captain
Robert H. Williams
Tyson McIver - quarterback
John Rice Guynes - end, tackle, center
Ross Sutton - back
Billie Kenner
Philip Kelton
Wilma Archer
Charles Whytte
Claude Douglas
Robert Cooksey - tackle
Randle Cooksey - tackle and end
Will Miller - end, tackle, back field


The 1917 Football Season

The season opened with about thirty men out for practice.  Mostof these men were subs or second team men of the year before, and unusually light.  It was not long, however, until a team began to take shape and the first game of the season was played with the I.O.O. F. Home.  We won this game with a score of 40 to 0.

Our next game was with Frost, who came over here confident of victory.  This game also went in our favor, 21 to 6.

The Next Friday we went to Waco, and being so confident of an easy victory, we did not wake up until the last quarter, when the score was 25 to 0 against us.  During this last quarter, however, we played real football and scored one touchdown, making the defeat a little better, 25 to 6.

October 19, we went to Dallas and played Bryan Street High School.  We were again defeated by a score of 7 to 0.

Our worst defeat, however, was still in store for us.  We went to Waxahachie, October 26, and came back with a score of 40 to 0 in their favor.

After two weeks more of practice we encountered Waxahachie on our home field.  Although we received another defeat, we were consoled by the fact that we held Waxahachie to 25 points, which was the lowest she was held by any other team except the one that defeated her.

November 16 we played Trinity Second Team on the I. O. O. F. field.  Until the last minute the forty seconds the game was ours with a score of 7 to 6.  Then everything went wrong - two forward passes and a line buck carried them over the goal.  We can truly say that this game was lost because of overconfidence on our part.  The final score was 13 to 6 against us.

Mexia met us the next Friday on our home field and suffered the same fate that we suffered at Waco, with a score of 26 to 6 in our favor.

Thanksgiving Day we played Ennis.  We won this game 6 to 0, and nothing but the muddy field prevented us from piling up a much larger score.

During this season we had two games forfeited to us - one by Teague, because their team had disbanded, and the other by Forrest Avenue High School of Dallas, because they feared another defeat similar to the one they had received at Waxahachie.  We cancelled one game with Hillsboro on account of the death of Spyker Decherd, who had come out for the team.

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