Fouty's Company
Company G, 15th Texas Infantry Regiment
Navarro County, Texas


Navarro County Civil War Rosters Index

 Two companies of Navarro County men serve and fight in the 15th Texas Infantry Regiment during the year 1862 to 1865.  These were Company E, command by Joshua L. Halbert, and Company G, command by Captain Clinton Fouty.  Halbert's Company was formed by the union of two squads commanded by Lieutenants C. T. Faine and Henry S. Crossland on April 16m 1862.  Fouty's company was organized April 12, 1862 from men who had re-enlised from Captain William Melton's Navarro County Company of the 13th Texas Infantry Regiment. 

See John Spencer's The Confederate Guns of Navarro County for more information about this unit.


Alexander, F. M. Private, age 22.  Died May 11, 1862
Andrews, Samuel Private, age 18
Avery, Joseph Private, age 23.  Died in the hospital at Alexandra, Louisiana December 23, 1863
Baker, George W. L. Private, age 26
Baker, J. W. Private, age 16.  Discharged as minor May 22, 1862
Blackwell, F. D. Private, age 24
Bowman, Samuel Private.  Enlisted April 12, 1863 in Navarro County.  Captured near Yellow Bayou, Louisiana May 18, 1864.   Exchanged at Red River Landing on July 22, 1864
Bradley, Andrew Private, age 23.  Enlisted in Limestone County on March 25, 1862
Bright, Theodore S. D. 1st Sergeant / Private, age 23.   Wounded severely in head on September 29, 1863 at Battle of Fordoche, La.  Was on wounded furlough in March 1865
Brown, John D. Private age 25.  Enlisted November 6, 1861 at Velasco
Brown, H. D. Private, Enlisted June 13, 1862 in Limestone County.  Wounded at Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864.  On the March, 1865 Regimental Return he is listed as being on wounded furlough
Bryant, John Private / Sergeant, age 19.   Wounded in both thighs in Battle of Fordoche, September 29, 1863.  Promoted to sergeant September 1, 1862
Caddell, Anthony B. Private, age 34
Calhoun, E. H. Private, age 30
Campbell, James Private / Lieutenant, age 25.   Promoted to 1st Lieutenant January 17, 1865.  Wounded in thigh at Battle of Fordoche, Louisiana on September 29, 1863. 
Carter, J. H. Private, age 29.  Was detailed as a shoemaker in Little Rock, Arkansas for most of the war, starting October 17, 1862.
Chambers, G. W. Private, age 16.  Discharged June 18, 1862 as a minor
Clary, William Private, age 16.  Discharged at Camp Nelson, Arkansas October 22, 1862 as a minor
Cook, William Private, age 33.  B. 1829-MS to 1880-1900 in Navarro Co., TX, CSA; Private, Fouty’s Company G, 15th Texas Infantry Regiment, (Navarro Countains) from Navarro Co., TX. Husband of Cyntha Ann Nally, Son of Henry and Mary Polly (Goodson) Cook, Grandson of James and Margaret (Hawthorne) Cook.
Photograph || Link to: Family Website
Crabb, Elisha J. Corporal, age 23.  Left sick in the hospital at Harrisonburg, Louisiana on February 24, 1864.  Reported sick in the hospital at Shreveport July 24, 1864.
Crabbtree, George W. Private, age 17.  Discharged as minor May 22, 1862.
Craddock, William E. Private, age 21
Cunningham, Jesse L. Private, age 25.  From September 30, 1862 to end of the war he was detailed as a gunsmith at the Arkadelphia arsenal
Cunningham, Mathew G. Sergeant, age 25.  From September 30, 1862 to end of the war he was detailed as a gunsmith at the Arkadelphia, Arkansas arsenal
Dodson, James E. James E., Private, age 15.   No record of having been discharged
Eldridge, Thomas J. Private age 21.  Was discharged from the Little Rock, Arkansas hospital in February, 1863.  Was dropped from the muster rolls as dead.  No other information found.
England, W. E. Private.  Wounded.  No other information found.
Forgey, James H. Private, age 32.  Was wounded by an accidental discharge of a gun on June 20, 1863.  Recovered
Fouty, Clinton Captain, age 32, was born August 20, 1829.  He was wounded in the right thigh in a gunboat fight at Montgomery Landing, Louisiana on April 27, 1864.  This ended his combat duty in Louisiana and he was assigned to post duty in Houston for the remainder of the war.  Captain Fouty came to Texas from Pike County, Illinois in 1844 with his mother and step-father, Mr. Eleazor Nash.  At this time they settled in Red River County, but moved on to Pisgah Ridge in Navarro County in 1845.  In 1849, Fouty and Mr. Nash went to the gold rush in California, not returning until 1859.  On the trip to California, Fouty took a sword with him that he would later carry during the Civil War.  This sword has the name of the maker engraved near the handle - "N. P. Ames, Cabotville, 1847."   It is now in the possession of Captain Fouty's descendents in Navarro County.   Capt. Fouty died July 28, 1903 of TB and was buried in the Hopewell Cemetery near the town of Navarro, Navarro County, TX
Fouty Family Biography || Obituary
Freeman, Herod Lieutenant.  Wounded at the Battle of Yellow Bayou on May 18, 1864.  Resigned October 26, 1864.  In his notice of resignation he said that he had much experience in the cotton factories and could be of more service to his country working in them.  Notes in file indicate that he had high testimonials as a machinist.  He had a wife and three daughters
Gallimore, John C. Private, age 17, 5' 5", light complexion, light eyes, light hair, born Wilkinson County, GA.  Discharged on a certificate of disability (date unknown).  May have been from the Dresden area.   Another spelling of the name shown in the records is Gallemore
Goodman, David E. Private, age 24.  The Regimental  Returns of November, 1862 at Camp Nelson, Arkansas shows him to have died.
Goodman, George Private age 28
Green, John W. Private age 23
Guinn, Jesse H. Private age 18
Hall, Leonidas P. Private, age 23.  Discharged near Tyler, Texas on August 17, 1862 on a disability certificate
Hamilton, James Allen Private age 19.  Died October 30, 1864 at Camden, Arkansas.  Hamilton kept an interesting diary during his service.  It deals primarily with movement of the regiment, but is a valuable source of information on Company G
Hamilton, James H. Private, age 23, 6' 1", light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, born Arkansas, occupation farmer.   Discharged August 1, 1863 on a surgeon's certificate.
Harden, S. I. Private.  Captured.   Died Jan 10, 1863
Hawkins, Thomas Corporal, age 21.  Enlisted Dec 14, 1861 at Velasco
Higgins, Samuel Private, age 22.  Wounded in arm at Battle of Fordoche, La, on Sept 29, 1863.
Hiner, Joseph Private / Drummer, age 28, 6' 1", dark complexion, hazel eyes, black hair, occupation farmer.  Discharged August 3, 1863 on a disability certificate.
House, Colonel T. Private, age 21
Hughes, C. F. Private, age 23.  Captured May 18, 1864 at Yellow Bayou.  Died in Navarro County on Nov 12, 1864 while on sick leave.
Humble, George F. Private, age 27.  Present on all muster rolls
Humphrey, David N. Private, age 22.  Wounded in hip at Battle of Fordoche, La on Sept 29, 1863
Hunter, Joseph Sergeant, age 26
Lewis, R. G. Private, Enlisted July 10, 1862.   Discharged on surgeon's certificate of disability
Martin, James M. 2nd sergeant, age 23.  Had mumps while in service
McCallum, Hugh Private, age 34, 5' 7", dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, born in Scotland, occupation farmer.  Discharged on December 29, 1863 on disability.  Cause of disability: Had a leg broken twice, and veins burst.
McDonald, R. H. Private, age 19.  Left sick at Harrisonburg on Feb 24,1864.  The March 1865 Regimental Return shows him to be detached to the ordnance department.
Meador, James R. private, age 40, 5' 8", dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair, born in North Carolina, occupation farmer.   Enlisted March 7, 1862.  Discharged on a certificate of disability
Meador, William V. 1st sergeant / 2nd lieutenant, age 29.  In 1862 had special duty on Brigade Board Inspectors.  Resigned on account of health Dec 30, 1863.
Melton, James M. Private, age 24
Melton, Obadiah M. Biography; Private, age 26
Melton, William Private, age 21.  Enlisted Jan 21, 1862.  Died in Navarro County Sept 15, 1862
Michael, Henry Private, age 21.  Enlisted Nov 6, 1861 at Velasco.  Wounded at Battle of Fordoche La on Sept 29, 1863.   Dropped from the muster roll on the March 1865 Regimental Return.  Name shows on a prisoner of war list August 15, 1865
Miller, George C. Private, age 20.  Enlisted Nov 6, 1861 at Velasco
Mitcham J. P. Private, age 26.  Present on all muster rolls
Moore, David Private, age 40.  Present on all muster rolls
Nash, H. C. Private, Enlisted Jan 25, 1864.   Regimental Return of March, 1865 shows him on detached service in Tyler
Neal, James F. 3rd Sergeant, age 23
Nobles, Thomas Private, age 26.  5' 9", dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, born in Alabama, occupation farmer.   Discharged because of a sore foot that was caused by an ax wound before he entered the service
Nobles, W. F. Private, age 17.  Enlisted May 21, 1862.  Discharged as a minor June 28, 1862.
Pleasants, W. A. Private, Enlisted in Navarro County June 30, 1862.  Appears on a roll of prisoners of war at New Orleans May 26, 1865.  Paroled at Shreveport June 17, 1865.
Presley, William Private age 22
Purtel, Daniel Private, age 28.  Died June 28, 1862
Ray, J. G. Private, age 31
Ray, William G. Private, age 19
Reagan, William A. Private, age 16.  Wounded at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864.  Regimental Return of March 1865 shows that he left on a 37 day furlough starting March 9, 1865
Reed, J. B. Private.  Present for duty on all muster rolls
Ross, James H. Corporal, age 25.    March 1865 roll shows him on detached service in the quartermaster department in Shreveport
Saint, Reuben Corporal, age 40.  March 1865 roll shows him in the hospital at Rusk
Shedden, William Private, age 38
Smith, J. C. Private, age 18
Smith, Nathan S. Private, age 17
Spence, David M. Private, age 21
Spivey, Peola P. Private, age 19
Stroder, Alexander 5th sergeant, age 27, 5' 8", dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, born Illinois, occupation farmer.   Discharged in 1864
Stroder, F. M. Private, age 19
Stroder, John W. Private / Corporal, age 23   Present on all rolls
Storey, T. H. Private.  Enlisted July 10, 1862 in Navarro County.  Wounded in Louisiana Nov 3, 1863
White, A. J. Private.  Enlisted in Navarro County April 1, 1863
White, Harvey 1st lieutenant, age 34.   Wounded at the Battle of Mansfield, La, April 8, 1864
White, T. E. Private, age 31.  Present on the Jan / Feb, 1864 roll.  Wounded at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864
White, William R. Private, age 29 (could be 21).   Detailed to the regimental commissary  Dec 25, 1863.  May have been wounded at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864
Wile, J. P. Private, age 19.  Died Sept 24, (1863-1864) in Alexandria, La
Williams, John D. Private, age 19.  Enlisted Jan 19, 1862 in Navarro County
Williams, John Private, age 21.  One of the original members of the company.  Believed to be different person from the John D. Williams above
Wooten, Rorston Private, age 29, 5' 11", fair complexion, brown eyes, brown hair, place of residence, Ellis County, TX.   Reported missing at Marksville, La
Wright, Joseph S. Private, age 22.  Enlisted Nov 26, 1861 at Velasco.  Transferred May 15(?) to Burford's regiment.  This was the 19th Texas Cavalry, Navarro County had a company of men in this regiment

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