Caleb Pinkney Green, Sr.
Navarro County, Texas


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Caleb Pinckney Green, Sr. Nancy Bryant

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Green Family Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX


Green Family Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX



Caleb Green married Nancy Bryan the 12 Sept 1839 in Franklin co, GA, by Daniel Mosly J.P., page 74.


Family Outline
Submitted by: Barbara  Galbreath, 21 July 2000

CALEB (Pinkney*) GREEN

b: 1817 SC
d:  22 May 1871 Navarro Co., TX
buried on old Green home place in Navarro Co., TX
[ Caleb and Nancy Green Cemetery ]
married: 12 Sep 1839 in Franklin Co., GA
by Daniel Mosly, J.P., page 74.



b: 1819 Georgia
d: 17 Oct. 1899 Navarro Co., TX
 buried on old Green home place in Navarro Co., TX 
Parents: Father:  unknown
           Mother:  Mary J.  (_?_) Bryant
            b: 1803 Ga.  d: 1873 - aged 70 yrs. in Navarro Co, TX
            & buried on old Green homeplace.




                1) M- WILLIAM  GREEN

                b: abt. 1842 DeKalb Co., AL
                d: supposedly prior to 1868   Walker Co., AL*
                Served in the Civil War.


                2) M- ROBERT  GREEN

                b: abt. 1843 DeKalb Co., AL
                d: supposedly prior to 1868 Walker Co., AL*
                Served in the Civil War


                3) M- BENJAMIN G.  GREEN

                b: 22 July 1846 DeKalb Co., AL
                d: 04 Jan 1910  TX
                Served in the Civil War
                Probate Record File No.0252,  7 March 1910 Trinity Co., TX
                married 1: 1868* in Walker Co., TX
                (Mary) Amanda Sandlin
                b: abt. 1850, Walker Co., AL
                d: ca. 1883 probably in Navarro Co., TX
                Parents: Daniel Sandlin and Margaret Mary Ann Sandlin

                Known Children:
                Ida, Robert, Erastus, Daniel, (Amanda), Nanny, & Nellie
              married 2: 29 November 1883 in Navarro Co., TX
                Nancy Reeves
                b:  Dec. 1848 in Mississippi; d: Texas
                Parents: Noah and Margaret Reeves  

                Known Children:
                Tee (?) b: Feb 1888 Texas
                1910 Trinity Co, Tx Census shows dau, Rachel 7yrs old


                4) M- SAMUEL  GREEN

                b: 08 July 1847(1848*) DeKalb Co., AL
                d: 24 April 1929, Cove, Polk Co., AR
                buried in Buffalo Cemetery, Cove, Polk Co., AR
                *1900 Ark Census states July 1847; Death Certificate shows July 1848 with
                informant name of Mrs. Rebecca Green, (2nd Wife).
                married 1: abt. 1868 probably in Walker Co., AL* (courthouse fire*)
                *1900 Ark census states 31 yrs married & 1910 AK census states 43 yrs

                Elizabeth Sandlin
                b: 21 Apr (*Feb) 1848, Walker Co., AL        
                d: 28 Aug 1913, Cove, Polk Co., AR
                buried in Buffalo Cemetery, Cove, Polk Co., AR
                *tombstone marking has month of birth as Apr but has also
                been  broken and damaged before; also chalk etching prior to damage.
                1900 AR census shows month of birth as February.
                Parents: Daniel Sandlin and Margaret Mary Ann Sandlin

                Known Children: 
                Robert Daniel, George Dallas, Mary Ida, William C.,
                Nancy Isabelle, Adaline Sarah, Lanie E*, & Jack.
                married 2: 31st Dec 1922 in Polk Co., AR.
                to Mrs. Rebecca (_?_) Hays.
                No known children.


                5) M- ALONZO JACKSON  GREEN

                b: 08 Nov 1851 DeKalb Co., AL
                d: ca Mar 1884* Navarro Co., TX
                buried on old Green home place in Navarro Co., TX
                cemetery listing of tombstone shows 32 yrs, 4 mos.  

                married: Ellender J. Farmer in Texas
                b: 16 Aug. 1854 AL, possibly Marshall Co.
                d: 3 September 1931 Navarro Co., TX;
                buried in Old Green home place in Navarro Co., TX
                Parents:  John J. Farmer and Rutha Sylvania French  

                Known children:
                Johnnie, Kiley, Alvin, Lonzo Lincoln, & Calep Green.
                Ellender went by "Ellen"
                married 2-  4 Dec. 1884 in Navarro Co., TX
                to Reason Wade Reeves
                Known children:
                Cora J., Annie M., Nancy B., & Willie L. Reeves.


                6) F- MARY  J. GREEN

                b: ca.1853 DeKalb Co., AL
                d: 13 May 1877 aged 27 yrs. Navarro Co., TX
                buried on Old Green home place in Navarro Co., TX
                married 1: J. * Morgan (place unknown) before 1870.
                b: ca. 1842 Ala.; d: before 1876 probably TX
                *one reference notes name as James M. Morgan.

                Known children:
                Andrew Jackson, Samuel Houston, & Lulu Morgan
                married 2: Reason Wade Reeves on 30 June 1876 at the home of
                Mrs. Nancy Greene in Navarro Co. Tx.; certified by J. J. Farmer, MG
                (Bk 2,p.398).   **No known children

                Reason Wade Reeves
                b: 25 May 1855 Scott Co., MS.; d: 2 Feb 1937;
                buried in old Green homeplace in Navarro Co., TX
                He married second Ellender J., the widow of Alonzo Jackson Green.
                Note: name is also shown as Wade Reason Reeves.
                This researcher is unaware which way is exact full name.
                He is the son of Noah & Margaret Reeves.


                7) F- NANCY ANN (GREEN) Wood-Berry - Photo

                b:  Jul 8, 1858 Walker Co., AL
                d:  Mar 30, 1943 Death Certificate
                buried: Brushie Prairie Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX
                married: (1) Nov 5, (or Aug?) 1872 in Navarro Co., TX
                to Charles D. Wood.  &  (2) William Albert Berry
                Known children:
                W.R., Spruce M. Wood, Charles E. , Luther Jefferson Wood  (Obituary), &
                Virginia Lee (Wood) Berry [bur at Dresden, married James Edward Berry, s/o William
                Albert Berry & his 1st wife Essie G. (Garner) Berry bur at Pvt Cemetery
                 in Liberty Hill Park, Navarro Co., TX]


                8) F- SARAH E.  GREEN

                b: ca. 1859 Walker Co., AL


                9) M- CALEB PINKNEY  GREEN, JR.

                b: 22 June (Jan*) 1862 Walker Co., AL
                d: 30 May 1913 Navarro Co., TX
                buried in Prairie Grove Cemetery in Emmett, Navarro Co., TX

                *1900 Tx census lists DOB as Jan
                married: Jan 1881 in Limestone Co., TX
                to Mollie Othello Williams
                Parents:  Henry Thomas and Martha Jane (Thomas) Lindsey-Williams.

                George Issac, Martha Adalaide, Benjamin William, Mary Annie,
                Henry Thomas, Sam Houston, Claisa "Clara" Othella, Joseph Martin,
               Alice Modena, Blanch, Charles Pinkney, & Sue Dell Green.


                10) M- JOHN GREEN

                b: 11 Jan 1864, Walker Co., AL
                d: 08 Apr 1884, Navarro Co., TX
                 buried on old Green homeplace in Navarro Co., TX

                NEVER MARRIED.


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Census Data
1840 Franklin Co, Ga, p.306, list Caleb Green: 1m (20-30); 1f (15-20)

1850 DeKalb Co, Ala, p.346, list Caleb Green: 33/SC; Nancy, 30/Geo; William, 8 Ala; Robert, 7 Ala; Benjamin, 5 Ala; Samuel, 2 Ala.

1860 Walker Co, AL, p.954, list Caleb....adds Jackson, Mary , Nancy W., Sarah E., and Mary Bryant 62 yrs/ GA 

Walker County had a courthouse fire so earlier marriages cannot be obtained.

1870 Navarro Co, Texas,p110, lists Caleb, his children and husbands or wives.
Family#317, PO: Dresden, TX
Caleb Green, 52/farmer/Ga; Nancy, 14; Sarah, 12; Caleb, 8; John, 6; J.Morgan (James?), 28 and Mary (Green), 16; Sam, 21, and wife, ? S., 21; A.J. (Alonzo Jackson), 18, and wife, Ellen -(nor) J. (Farmer), 16 --- all born in Alabama.

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