Halbert's Company
Company E, 15th Texas Infantry Regiment
Navarro County, Texas


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Unit History

Abt 1861 Henry S. Crossland of Corsicana, TX formed a squad of about 54 Corsicanans and Navarro Countians to serve as infantry in the CSA.  The squad operted independently until April 16, 1862 at which time it joined another squad of about the same number of men commanded by C. T. Faine of Milford.  This union created a company of men that elected a a young Corsicana lawyer, Joshua L. Halbert, as captain and commander of the company.  Corssland then became the 1st lieutenant of the company, and Faine is elected 2nd lieutenant.  The company is officially accepted into Col. Joseph W. Speight's infantry regiment on April 16, 1862, and the Corsicanans served the rest of the war as Company E. with this organization officially named the 15th Texas Infantry Regiment.

Some confusion exists between the 15th Texas Infantry Regiment, of which the Navarro Countians were a part, and the 15th Texas Dismounted Cavalry, which had no Navarro County men in it and was assigned to Deshler's Brigade, Cleburne's Division.   The 15th Texas Infantry served principally in Texas and Louisiana, while the 15th Texas Dismounted Cavalry served east of the Mississippi River.  Deshler's Brigade did have one famous Navarro County citizen in it, however, Roger Q. Mills.


Men From Navarro County Texas who Enlisted in Company E

Supplemental Information

Anderson, Patton Private, age 40, was present on all of the muster rolls up to Feb. 24, 1864, when he was left sick at a camp near Harrisonburg, LA.  He was killed at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864.
Beebe, Riley Private (could be Riley, Beebe), listed as missing Nov 30, 1863
Bruton, William Private, age 21, received a furlough from March, 1865 to April 21, 1865
Bryant, James M. James Melvin Brayant;
Private, Wounded in the leg and thigh at the Battle of Fordoche, LA on Sept 29, 1863.

James was the son of William Newton Bryant, originally from Bertie County, N.C. They traveled through Cook County, Ill., where James was born, then stayed in Missouri for a few years before coming to Corsicana, Texas. He had at least two sons: Walter and Rufus H., and at least one daughter, Myrtle. He is buried in Cosgrove Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas.

Butler, N. H. Sergeant, ag3 28, on Feb 24, 1864 he was placed on detached duty in the arsenal at Marshall, TX and was still on duty there in March 1865.
Carr, John Private, age 23
Clayton, Morgan Private, age 15.  Was a substitute for J.A. Clayton.   Morgan died on June 15, 1862
Clayton, William Private, age 17
Couchman, George W. Private, age 20
Cronkrite, Lewellen Private, age 31.  At one time was in the regimental band.   Cronkrite made a suggestion to General Herbert for filling projectiles with a flammable liquid, entirely separate from the powder, but "sure to ignite at the moment of explosion."  He gave more detailed instructions on April 11, 1862 to the authorities.
Crossland, Henry S. 1st lieutenant, age 45.  Resigned on December 13, 1862 because of health.
Cull, James S. Private, age 24.  The March, 1865 regimental return shows that he had been detailed in the quartermaster department.
Dobbs, Thomas M. Private, age 32, 6' 0", sallow complexion, gray eyes, dark hair.  Was a farmer.  Discharged on disability at Camp Daniel August 4, 1862.
Fowler, Jonathan Private, age 24.  Served in the commissary department for a short time. [Obituary]
Fugett, George W. Private, age 20
Fuller, E. G. Private, Enlisted July 18, 1862 in Corsicana.  Missing March 30, 1863.
Graham, George H. Private, age 19
Graham, James T. Private, age 21
Griggs, William Private, age 33, 5' 11", dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, born Hancock Co., GA, occupation farrier.  Discharged May 12, 1862 with spinal cord problem.
Halbert, Joshua L. Captain, age 28, occupation Lawyer.  Bur at Oakwood Cemetery in Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX
Obituaries and Photo
Harris, Claiborn Private, age 36
Harris, John B. Private, age 36.  5' 6", dark complexion, gray eyes, black hair, occupation farmer.  Discharged at Camp Daniel, TX because of general ill health on Aug 4, 1862.
Hayes, Alvis Private, age 24, Died April 21, 1862
Haynes, T. J. Private / Assistant chief of staff, age 37.  Was appointed assistant chief of staf by Act of Congress on April 16, 1862
Highnote, J. H. Private, enlisted June 19, 1862 in Corsicana
Highnote, N. B. Private, enlisted June 19, 1862 in Corsicana
Hooper, Lewis Private, age 38.  On the Nov / Dec 1863 muster roll he is shown as "on furlough" until discharge can be obtained.
Hunter, William Private, age 32.  Shown on a Certificate of Prisoner of War on June 3, 1865
Ingram, Richard Sergeant / Private, age 27.  Detailed as hospital nurse April 7, 1863.  Left sick at Alexandria, LA on Dec 20, 1863.  He was still absent on the Jan / Feb 1864 muster roll.
Jetton, James H. Private / Sergeant, age 23.  Appointed sergeant of his squad on March 24, 1862, but was reduced to the ranks at his own request.  Present for duty through Feb 1864.  Wounded at Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864
Lasley, Jacob Private, age 31.  Was sick in quarters in Nov 1863, and was sent to the hospital in LA in June 1864
Maiden, James Private, age 37.  The regimental return for March 1865 shows him on duty in the Pioneer Corps.
McCarter, Andrew J. Private, age 17,  5' 5", fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, born in Mississippi, occupation schoolboy.  Discharged at Camp Daniel TX on Aug 4, 1862
McCarter, William J. Private age 30 (name could be McCarty, W. J.)
McElwee, William H. Sergeant / 2nd lieutenant, age 30.  Appointed 2nd lieutenant on Jan 17, 1863.  The regimental return for March 1865 shows him to be present for duty.  He had been captured at the Battle of Yellow Bayou, LA on May 18, 1864, but had been exchanged at Red River Landing on July 22, 1864.
McKinney, William M. Private, age 32.  Killed at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864
Nelson, John E. Private, age 17.  Died June 7, 1862
Parks, Lewis Private, Enlisted July 10, 1862 at Dresden.  Died at Camp Nelson, Arkansas Nov 21, 1862.
Pearse, John A. Private / Musician, age 32.  Discharged at Camp Daniel, TX near Tyler because of general bad health on August 4, 1862
Persons, David Corporal, age 19.  5' 6", fair complexion, light eyes, light hair, born KY, occupation farmer.  Discharged at Camp Daniel, TX Aug 4, 1862 because of general ill health
Rankin, J. S. Private, age 50, 5' 8", ruddy complexion, blue eyes, white hair, born Harrison Co., KY, occupation farmer.  Discharged on march 6, 1863 on Certificate of Disability.
Rankin, W. O. Private.  Sometime in may or June, 1863 he was detailed on to a boat to go down the Atchafalaya Bayou in LA.  Rejoined the company on Feb 10, 1864
Reed, Francis M. Private age 16.  Present on all muster rolls through Jan / Feb 1864
Rogers, J. L. Private, Enlisted June 17, 1862 in Corsicana
Scales, Edmund M. Private, age 21
Smith, J. E. Private / Sergeant.  Enlisted June 17, 1862 in Corsicana.   Was wounded in the arm at the Battle of Fordoche, LA. Sept. 29, 1863.  Killed at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864
Smithey, W. J. Private, age 18 (could be Smithers, William J.).  Wounded at the Battle of Yellow Bayou, may 18, 1864.
Talley, James 2nd lieutenant / 1st lieutenant, age 25.  The regimental return for March 1865 shows him to be present.  He had been listed as a prisoner of war at one time.  He led the attack of Company G (Fouty's Co.) at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864, Fouty having been wounded the month before.
Thomas, Lucius J. Private / Sergeant, age 26.  The regimental return for March 1865 shows him to be acting commissary sergeant for the regiment
Wagner, Jacob Corporal / Musician, age 26
Westbrook, John (May have been Westbrooks) private, age 35.  Killed at the Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864
White, Henry Private, age 26.  Died June 20, 1862
Wilson, Thomas J. Private age 27.  Present on all muster rolls.
Zacharie, James M. Private, age 28, 5' 10 1/2", sallow complexion, gary eyes, light hair, born Orleans Parish, LA, occupation stock raiser.  Discharged August 17, 1863 with a permanent physical disability - hernia on both sides.
Men From Ellis County Texas who
Enlisted in Company E
The following Ellis County men Company E., 15th Texas Infantry enlisted at Milford, Texas on March 24, 1862
Adams, W. J. Private, age 46
Berdiue, V. E. Private, age 27
Blayton, Edward Private, age 24
Bostwick, H. G. Private
Caldwell, Hugh L. Private, age 21. Wounded at Yellow Bayou on May 18, 1864
Caldwell, L. B. Private / Sergeant, age 19
Carter, Champe Private, age 21.  Wounded Sept 29, 1863 at Fordoche, LA
Carter, P. E. Private
Carter, Richard E. Private, age 19. Wounded at Yellow Bayou
Dunning, James E. Private, age 19
Faine, C. F.(or C. T.) Lieutenant
Fenwick, Edward Private, age 52
Fenwick, Richard C. Private, age 17
Groves, James S. Private, age 24
Groves, J. N. Corporal, age 20
Hilburn, Edwin A. Private, age 18
Hilburn, Robert L. Corporal, age 26
Jackson, Benjamin F. Private, age 21.  Wounded Sept 29, 1863 at Fordoche, LA
Jackson, Thomas B. Private, age 19
Jones, James P. Private, age 27
Kiser, John B. Private, age 37.  Died July 22, 1862
Malone, Josiah, J. Private, age 27.  Severe leg wound Sept 29, 1863 at Fordoche, LA
Mantooth, George W. Private, age 18. Nov 16, 1863 was wounded and died
McCrory, Andrew J. Private / Corporal, age 27.  Wounded at Yellow Bayou
McElrath, John P. Private, age 35.  Killed or died in LA
Miller, Aaron M. Sergeant, age 32
Miller, Felix Private, age 22
Miller, Lafayette C. Private, age 18
Miller, Martin W. Private, age 20
Rector, Jesse Private, age 16
Reid, C. W. Sergeant, age 32
Rino, David Private, age 34
Robinson, Thomas J. Private, age 24
Sturges, Robert P. Private, age 20
Men From Other Counties who
Enlisted in Company E
Carter, E. H. Private.  Place of enlistment now shown.  Wounded Sept 29, 1863 at Fordoche, LA
Carter, J. H. Private Enlisted in LA.  Wounded at Yellow Bayou
Dean, F. M. Private / Sergeant.  Enlistment not shown
Graham, W. J. Private.  Enlisted at Hillsboro June 7, 1863
Groves, W. F. Private.  Enlisted Tehuacana Springs, TX (Limestone Co., TX) Wounded at Yellow Bayou
Groves, W. H. Private.  Enlisted in Limestone County at Tehuacana Springs.  Wounded in LA by a minie ball that tore away his third finger on the right hand and impaired the middle and little fingers
Hooper, William Private.  Enlisted Aug 8, 1862 at Camp Daniel, near Tyler
Hulse, Frank Private age 15.  Enlisted March 15, 1862 at Galveston.   Appointed musician April 16, 1862, but was subsequently discharged and dropped from the muster roll on Jan 2, 1864.
Hulse, Joshua Private, age 49.  Enlisted at Galveston March 21, 1862
Kuttner, James H. Private, Enlisted May 15, 1862 at Camp Speight
Lashley, F. J. Private
Magahr, T. W. Private (also T. K., also might be Maghn).  Captured at Murfreesboro Dec 21, 1862.  Appears on a roll of prisoners at Camp Douglas, Illinois on March 31, 1863.
McCarter, A. Private
Pipin, Henry S. Private, Enlisted at Camp Daniel, near Tyler August 20, 1862
Ramsey, Charles Private.  Enlisted July 16, 1862 at Tehuacana Springs
Ramsey, Thomas Private.  Enlisted July 16, 1862 at Tehuacana Springs
Rogers, Isaac Private, Died May 8, 1865 in hospital at Houston (May have been discharged)
Walker, A. J. Private.  Enlisted Goliad, TX April 14, 1862

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