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Known Civil War Veterans
Buried in Navarro County, Texas


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Name Information
Stephen Augustus Pace, Capt. Oakwood Cemetery
Sep 19, 1848 - Mar 1, 1921
Shirley W. Palmer Rice Cemetery
He has a head stone there, but it is not located above his grave because no one knows where in the cemetery he actually buried.

I have two of the records for Shirley W. Palmer for times he spent in service during the Civil War.  He served under Allum's Company, 5th. Georgia Infantry (State Guards) for one six month's time of duty. Serial number: 45574205.  The second tour of duty was with the: Company "K" (Fannin's) Georgia  Reserves. Serial number:45520380.  Each of these tour of duty were for six months each.
Information from Robert L. Palmer 7/2001

John Forsythe Parker Oakwood Cemetery
Co. D, 29th Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery Taylor County, GA
Information from Annette Keen
Biography, Obituary & Headstone Picture
Marion Jefferson Parnell Oakwood Cemetery
Sep 19, 1848 - Mar 20, 1937
William Parrish Cunningham Cemetery located behind State Home in Corsicana
1831 - 1915
Served in Texas Troops under Captain C. Fouty; Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains
James Thomas Patrick Richland Cemetery
May 14, 1845 - Sep 12, 1921
Enlisted Aug 5, 1863 in Company B, 5th Texas Brigade;
Pvt. Co. 20 TX Inf - (Info from Jimma Trawick)
H. W. Patterson Dawson Cemetery
Feb 4, 1842 - Sep 25, 1922
Company H, 4th Alabama Cavalry C.S.A.
William Franklin Patterson Lone Cedar Cemetery
May 22, 1842 - July 24, 1930
Company K. 19 Arkansas Infantry; C.S.A. marker on grave
Photo of Marker
William Little Patterson, Rev. Eureka Cemetery
Mar 7, 1846 - Feb 27, 1928
William Little Patterson was born in Jefferson County, GA to Robert Jackson Patterson and Sarah Elizabeth Lowry. He served in the Confederate Army in Co L, Cobb's Legion. He became an Associate Reformed Presbyterian minister, was a missionary to Texas. He founded the ARP Church in Eureka, Texas which was later renamed Patterson Memorial Presbyterian Church.
Entry at findAGrave.com | Obituary

Submitted by Doris Eaton
Benjamin Cherris Pattison Pattison Cemetery
Jun 5, 1847 - Jan 23, 1923
Private in Company E, 56th Regiment in Georgia. Captured at Benton, Tennessee, Dec 11, 1863
Cemetery Marker Photo
J. Pickens Payne Ward's Cemetery
July 2, 1836 - Feb 3, 1915
Enlisted under Captain Richard W. Cotton in Sabine County, June 1861; Sabine Volunteers
William Henry Percival Dresden Cemetery - section D
Oct 25, 1839 - Apr 7, 1891
18th Texas Calvary, Co. K
Information submitted by Suzanne Bordelon 7/2001
Jarred W. Perry Wadville Cemetery
10/18/1837 - 1/26/1897
Company D, Texas Regiment, Parson's Brigade
John Richard Perry Rose Hill Cemetery
Mar 27, 1850 - Sep 28, 1927
David Fort Persons Jimmerson Cemetery
Enlisted in McKie's Co., Morgan's Texas Cav., in the fall of 1861. He served throughout the war in Ark-La-Miss
[Information provided by Barbara Knox]
William P. Perteet Board Tree Cemetery
Feb 14, 1840 - Apr 18, 1921
Marker Photo
Joined the Confederate Army in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1861 at age of 30. Served in the infantry
Ole M. Peterson Oakwood Cemetery
Oct 13, 1844 - Nov 4, 1924
Enlisted Jan. 26, 1864, Company K, 12th Wisconsin infantry
John Thomas Petty Petty Family Cemetery
Sep 6, 1824 - Sep 26, 1909
Enlisted in San Antonio, Texas, May 30, 1861 in Captain McNelly's scouts
Robert Augustus Petty, Dr. Petty's Chapel Cemetery
Sep 9, 1840 - Apr 5, 1929
[Pension #40068]
Preston D. Petty Old Pevehouse Cemetery
Oct 1, 1841 - Feb 10, 1890
Moss's Company; Company E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment, Navarro Countains
W. L. Phillips Hopewell Cemetery
1848 - May 31, 1927
Pension #21953
Ira Pickering Old Chatfield Cemetery
Jun 19, 1834 - Sep 11, 1897
C.S.A. marker on grave

Additional information from his great grand daughter: Patti Stewart. 3/1999.
Company K, 4th Regiment, Texas Infantry of the Confederate Army. Enlisted July 11 1861 art Athens TX.  Husband of J. E. Pickering &
Husband of Sara Jane (Wilson) Pickering

John Pickett Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Dec 20, 1835 - Dec 17, 1932
Texas 4th Regiment, Hood's Brigade under Captain Winkler in Hood's Brigade
[See Biography in Navarro Co. History, Volume 2, pg 401]
John Hawkins Pike Oakwood Cemetery
1843 - Jul 5, 1909
[Widow, Mary Frances, Received Pension #46751. She died 1/5/1931]
John Chism Pillow Kerens City Cemetery;
Photo of Headstone;
Company C. 20 Texas Cav. C.S.A.
Nat Pinkston Obituary
William Nelson Pittman, Capt. Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
May 24, 1822 in AL - d. May 27, 1879 in Navarro Co, TX
Capt.  Co. D., 3rd Batl, Mississippi Infantry 
Family Bible shows him to be born in Alabama, other sources have claimed NC.

Info from John Pittman 12/30/1999;
Info from Dana Stubbs 2/20/2002
Robert H. Polk Chatfield Cemetery per obituary; Marker is at Wortham Cemetery
Jul 22, 1848 - Apr 4, 1934
Enlisted in the Confederate army at Hope, Arkansas
William Alexander Polk Oakwood Cemetery
Feb 14, 1844 - Jun 22, 1908
In April 1861, he joined the Confederate Army as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Tennessee Infantry of Hardaman Co.  In Jan 1862, he transferred to Co. E 7th Tenn. Cavalry of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forest's Brigade.  Captured near Nashville, interned in Camp Douglas Prison, Chicago until June 1865. Married Martha Moseley in 1866.
[See Navarro County History, Volume 2, pg 161]
Robert J. Pollard Spring Hill Cemetery
1841 - 1917
CSA Wise Co., Co. 9 Texas Infantry
William Thomas Pollard, Dr. Oakwood Cemetery
1 Arkansas Infantry C.S.A.
James R. Pollock Oakwood Cemetery
1845 - Apr 4, 1938
Pension #13472;
John Wesley Pope Prairie Point Cemetery
Aug 12, 1832 - Dec 9, 1905
CSA - Enlisted in Company A, Captain Duff's Regiment, Bee's Brigade
Photo of Cemetery Marker
Adren Ford Posey Prairie Point Cemetery
Feb 18, 1830 - Jan 7, 1913
CSA - Enlisted in 1863 in Company E, 34th Texas Cavalry and served until close of the war
Photo of Cemetery Marker
W. J. Poster Oakwood Cemetery
Company H. 48 Tenn. Infantry C.S.A.
James Mathias Powell Richland Cemetery
May 5, 1848 - Jan 11, 1912
Pvt. Co. C 9 Ark. Inf - C.S.A.
Widow Received Pension #24768

Info from Jimma Traweek
Martin Alexander Powers Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, TX
Died 1913
Pension 21947
Thomas Wilburn Prater Dawson Cemetery
Jan 15, 1842 - May 5, 1928
Pension #24241, His Widow Received Pension #39039, she died in 1934
Ancestory.com Entry
James Holden Presley Oakwood Cemetery
Dec 1845 - Sep 30, 1907
Alabama Cavalry
Silas Henry Presley Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
May 3, 1847 - Nov 4, 1921
Co. E. 5. Ga. Inf. C.S.A.
Pension #27813
Wyman Adair Price Prairie Point Cemetery
1836 - 1919
CSA - Pension #31989; Widow Received Pension #36313
Eli Thompson Priest Oakwood Cemetery
C.S.A. Company B, 17th Texas Infantry
Jacob David Pryor Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Jul 17/1840 - May 10, 1922
Co K, 15 Mississippi Infantry CSA
Elijah Pugh Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
1840 - 1899
Co. H. 20 Tex Cav. C.S.A.
John Pugh Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Jan 2, 1839 - Dec 25, 1889
Widow, Mary, Received Pension #27094
George P. Pursley Ward Cemetery - unmarked grave

[Navarro County Pedigree Charts #136-A]

James Millon
(or Milton) Pursley
Old Pursley Cemetery
Sep 15, 1830 - Dec 17, 1914
Pension #23330
John Royer Putman Liberty Hill Cemetery
Mar 12, 1841 - May 14, 1911
Enlisted Jan 30, 1864 at age 24. Served as 2st Sgt. under Captain R. J. Irving from Blanco County, TX., 3rd. Frontier District, B. G. McAdoo commanding officer.  (Putman Family Website states he fought for the Union Side)
James R. Rainwater Oakwood Cemetery
Feb 1, 1841 - July 14, 1894
Enlisted May 1861, private in H. A. McPhail's Company. In Beauregard's Cavalry 23rd. Brigade. Became 4th Sgt. under Captain R. Loggins. General Saylee, commanding officer, Jan 5, 1863
George Anderson Rakestraw Grape Creek Cemetery
Nov 7, 1824 - Jan 5m 1912
Company G, 19th Texas Brigade
Rufus Calvin Ramsey Rose Hill Cemetery
Oct 14, 1832 - Dec 9, 1907
[His Widow, Mary Adaline Thompson., Received Pension #34060];
See Navarro Co. History, Vol 2, pg 53
Seaborn Thomas Ramsey Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Mar 7, 1837 - May 23, 1888
Company E. GA Cav; Cobbs Legion, CSA
Isaac H. Randall Oakwood Cemetery
Jan 2, 1840 - Nov 9, 1890
Company H., 3rd Illinois Cavalry in the Union Army
Henry/Heshrop M. Randolph, Maj. Dawson Cemetery
Nov 22, 1831 - Oct 17, 1918
Enlisted July 1864 in Company A., Parker's Company, 1st Frontier District, under Capt. Witt.
William Ogden Rankin Oakwood Cemetery
Mar 5, 1845 - Jan 21, 1920
Enlisted April 22, 1862 in Corsicana for three years, in Halbert's Company Company E, 15th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains, Col J. E. Harrison, commanding officer Capt. J. L. Halbert.

Biography & Obituary

Gabriel Hardaman Rascoe Petty's Chapel Cemetery
Company A, Second Texas Calvary during the Civil War at Rusk, Cherokee Co, TX.
Pension #5078

Also Served in the Mexican War

Robert James Rawson Providence Cemetery
Aug 25, 1835 - June 2, 1912
His Widow Received Pension #22065
Nicholas Cabell Read, III Oakwood Cemetery
abt 1843 - Oct 18, 1884
O. Redden, Dr. Old Chatfield Cemetery
[no date given]
Lost CSA Graves;
This doctor is known to have been a soldier by all his neighbors; was with the Texas Troops.
Francis Marion “Doc” Reed Salem Cemetery
Nov 27, 1845 - Feb 8, 1908
J. R. Reed Dawson Cemetery
1833 - Mar 1, 1896
Company A., Jack Company, 1st. Frontier District
Widow, Mary, Received Pension #47676
Thomas Reese Prairie Point Cemetery
Apr 22, 1841 - Aug 7, 1928
Texas Ranger; Confederate Veteran of Company A of the 12th Texas cavalry, Parson's Brigade
Biography & Obituary
William Lewis Reese Dresden Cemetery
b. Mar 2, 1823, in Perry Co., AL - d. Feb 10, 1875
Husband of Mary Jane McGee
Enlisted June 1861 Evans Guards, Co. K, 13th Regiment
Richard Reeve Cryer Creek Cemetery
Mar 23, 1836 - Mar 7, 1903
His Widow, Destamona, Received Pension #16178
Moses Steven “Uncle Jack” Reeves Birdston Cemetery
1844 - Jun 22, 1931
T. L. Rehy Liberty Hill Cemetery
Sep 8, 1841 - Aug 23, 1917
Marker has "Confederate Veteran"
L. W. Rice Dresden Cemetery
Dec 2, 1827 - July 29, 1905
Captain Winkler's Company I, 4th Regiment, Navarro County Rifles - Later in Hood's Brigade.
General Lafayette Richardson Zion's Rest Cemetery
Sept 28, 1847 - Nov 26, 1943
12th Brigade Texas Troops
Husband of Barbara A. Richardson
Biography & Obituary
Joseph Ames Trimble Richardson (Rev.) Oakwood Cemetery
1833 - Dec 26, 1906
Pension #11590
George Ridley Providence Cemetery
July 31, 1841 - Mar 4, 1889
Terry Riley Zions Rest
Oct 3, 1832 - Sep 14, 1889
Enlisted in 1861 in Company of Cavalry, 24th Brigade, Dewitt County, TX
John Melton Ritter Dresden Cemetery
Jan 31, 1842 - Jun 15, 1932
Pension #50668, Widow Received Pension #50821
Hawkins G. Roberts Oakwood Cemetery
Dec 10, 1838 - Nov 5, 1902
1st Sgt. in Texas 12th Cavalry. In the battle of Shiloh and others.
James Tilman Roberts Ward Cemetery
Pvt. COR 18 Texas Cav. C.S.A.
William Wirt Bonner  Robinson Eureka Cemetery
CSA Army in charge of wagon train  hauling cotton to Brownsville;
Source: The Bonner Family History; Sue Bonner Thornton; The Texian Press; Waco, 1972. Submitted by Mike Bonner
Absalom W. Roebuck Rose Hill Cemetery
Dec 7, 1845 - Feb 18, 1933
Wife is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery at Blooming Grove; one unmarked grave by her.
Pension #28677
John Allen Rogers New Chatfield Cemetery
May 14, 1823 - Feb 26, 1901
Mason - C.S.A. marker on grave - Service in Alabama.  Biography;  Wife Polly received  a Confederate Widows Pension
Link to: Family Website.
Stephen Lemuel Rogers Old Dawson Family Cemetery
July 4, 1832 - 1909
Pension #28817 approved for his Widow, Lucinda C.. She died January 4, 1930
Stephen L. Rogers Bazette Cemetery
Ark Cav. C.S.A.
Cemetery Marker
James Albert Rogers Dresden Cemetery
Dec 20, 1848 - Feb 27, 1918
Enlisted in 1861 in Victona County, in 24th Texas Brigade in "Victona Blue"
William Thomas Roney St. Elmo Cemetery
Aug 10, 1827 - Oct 15, 1927
Pension #24223
J. H. Ross, Sr. Cosgrove Cemetery
Jul 22, 1836 - Oct 19, 1925
4th Corp'l in Beat #7 in Navarro County's 19th Brigade, under Capt. L. D. McConnico
Samuel Edward Ross Kerens Cemetery
May 4, 1848 - Sep 9, 1919
2nd Corp'l Beat #4, Navarro County's 19th Brigade.
John Quincy Rouse St. Elmo Cemetery
Jan 23, 1842 - Oct 7, 1908
Company H., 3rd Florida Infantry.
His Widow, Narcissa (Surles) Rouse, Received Pension #16179
John Stuart Russell, Sgt. Grange Hall Cemetery
Jun 5, 1838 - Apr 3, 1926
Company H., Tennessee Cavalry
John S. and L. F. (Levi Frances) Russell are brothers and they are the sons of Hily Russell also buried at Grange Hall. They served in the Civil War on the Union side.
Info from Dana Stubbs

Cemetery Marker Photo, Obituary & Biography
Levi Frances Russell Grange Hall Cemetery
John S. and L. F. (Levi Frances) Russell are brothers and they are the sons of Hily Russell also buried at Grange Hall. They served in the Civil War on the Union side.
Info from Dana Stubbs
George Samuel Rutherford Cryer Creek Cemetery
May 27, 1830 - Aug 16, 1916
Lieut. Company K. 10th Mississippi Infantry, Later joined Mississippi Cavalry. He served under Bedfort Forest C.S.A.
Pension #28719
John Wesley Phillip Rutherford Rice Cemetery
3rd Sgt. 16th Alabama Infantry; He migrated with his family to Rice, Texas after the war from Lawrence County, Alabama. Cemetery Marker lists him as "J. W. P. Rutherford"
Info from Sunni Evan Montgomery - Birmingham, Alabama. Added July 2003

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