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Known Civil War Veterans
Buried in Navarro County, Texas


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Name Information
Robert Caldwell Mabry Dresden Cemetery
Sep 23, 1836 - Oct 26, 1887
Pension #47107

Biography & Photo of Marker
David Maggard, Capt Grange Hall Cemetery
Aug 3, 1817 - Aug 15, 1903
Captain in Company C. of the 5th Mississippi Infantry. C.S.A. marker
[ See also, Maggard Family, Navarro County History, Vol 2, pg 242 ];
wife: Pernetia (7 June 1825 - 29 Aug 1887) son John also served.
Cemetery Marker & Biography
John W. Maggard Sr,
IOOF Cemetery, Denton, Denton Co., TX
[memorial marker at Grange Hall Cem, Navarro Co., TX]
Nov 12, 1846 - Jan 12, 1930
Henry Dewilder Mahoney Eureka Cemetery
Aug 1, 1841 - Sep 16, 1924
Color-bearer for Gen. Robert E. Lee at the surrendering at Appomattox in 1865
William Henry Mankins Long Prairie Cemetery
[no dates given]
Pension #24694, Widow Cornelia Mankins received Pension #45472
Robert Henry Marion Oakwood cemetery
Jan 16, 1841 - Jan 19, 1918
CSA – 2nd Mississippi Regiment
Widow Addie Martin Received Pension #45703, she died June 2, 1929
Joseph Taylor Marshall Marshall Cemetery
Sep 28, 1815 - Mar 28, 1892
Enlisted Aug 5, 1863 at Tehuacana, Texas in Company B., 1st Texas Regiment, 2nd Brigade under Col. J. F. Davis. Became 3rd Lt.
William H. Marshall Old Chatfield Cemetery
Aug 12, 1825 - Jan 19, 1894
Husband of Curicy Ann Upshaw/Marshall 
Pension # 03129;

Francis Marion Martin Oakwood Cemetery
Apr 1, 1830 - Jun 11, 1903
Captain of a Navarro County Volunteers. Joined Bass Regiment. Was Lt. Governor of Texas from 1882 - 1884
Biography & Obituary
William Marshall Massengale Grange Hall Cemetery
Oct 5, 1846 - Mar 15, 1888
Co. D. 5th MS  Inf. CSA
Info from Dana Stubbs
William Aven Massey Post Oak Cemetery
Fought in the Battle of Atlanta in Georgia
Info from Ray Massey
William Heath Massey White Church Cemetery
Feb 19, 1836 - Aug 28, 1902
Enlisted July 15, 1861 and served Co. B, 6 SC Inf. "discharged by authority of Med. Board Sept. 4 at Manassas." Enlisted May 12, 1862 Co. D, 1st SC Cav. He was reported present on the Nov. and Dec. Muster Roll of 1864. Wife Melissa A. Massey b. 16 Jul 1844 d. 5 Jun 1923 received pension #
...added by Dana Subbs, Jan 2002
John Nelson Matthews Eureka Cemetery
Oct 30, 1841 - Feb 10, 1925
Company A., 15th MS Inf
Pension #26318
Joseph Calvin Matthews Spring Hill Cemetery
1842 - May 14, 1914
Company D., 3rd. Tennessee Regiment, Walker's Brigade, wounded at Battle of Chickamauga
Pension #25905

Alva Taylor "Dawson 75th" has dates of Nov 4, 1841 - May 19, 1914
Robert H. Matthews Spring Hill Cemetery
Nov 8, 1814 - Sep 2, 1894
Enlisted Aug 1861 in a company of active mounted riflemen. Beat #5, Navarro County, 19th Regiment Texas Militia
George Washington Mayo Prairie Point Cemetery
b: Jan. 17, 1833 in South Carolina, d: Jan. 14, 1913 near Kerens, TX.  He was married to Mary Jane Haynie, sister of John B. Haynie and William D. Haynie who both served in Melton’s Squad (Co. H, 13th TX Volunteer Infantry).  George came to Wadeville in early 1850’s and farmed north of Kerens for most of his life.
Henry Mayo, College Station (g-g-grandson)
William Lloyd McAdory Oakwood Cemetery
Oct 19, 1840 - Jan 24, 1913
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
C.S.A. marker on grave
Hugh McDuffie McAfee Prairie Grove Cemetery
Dec 21, 1821 - July 27, 1893
Biography | Service Records [.pdf
Private Company B Unit 11 Perrin’s Mississippi Calvary.  His oldest sun, Hilliard also served in this unit.  Hilliard is buried in Arkansas.  Marrieed Roseanna Toal on Jan 24, 1842 ....elw
Lost a leg during the war. ...Info from Eric Giles.
Service Records from J. B. Hall
J. J. McCallon Richland Cemetery
May 24, 1843 - Nov 8, 1901
Non-commissioned officer in army from Meigs Company of Tennessee
James Monroe McCammon Oakwood Cemetery
Mar 26, 1845 - Oct 1, 1911
Enlisted in Company C., 3rd. Alabama Cavalry C.S.A. under General Wheeler
Jeremiah Andrews "Jerry" McCants Old Chatfield Cemetery
Apr 7, 1837 - Jun 27, 1887
Private in 6th Georgia Infantry. C.S.A. marker on grave
Widow, Nellie Clay Edwards, Received Pension #32280
See also, McCants Family - Navarro County History Pg 209;
Cemetery Marker Photo
Joseph Hamilton McClung Frost Cemetery
Oct 7, 1842 - Feb 10, 1925

Son of John G. McClung and Elizabeth M. Hamilton, was born 7 Oct 1842 in Morgan Co. AL. He lived with his family there as well as in Franklin Co. AL. In Florence, AL he enlisted in the Confederate Army, serving as a Private in Company B, 27th Alabama Infantry, Hughes Regiment, Buford Brigade. Captured by the enemy at Fort Donelson, TN, he was imprisoned at Camp Douglas in Chicago, IL.


John Brown McClure Frost Cemetery
Mar 4, 1835 - Jan 15, 1929
Union Army from MO
Information from Dana Stubbs Feb 2002
William Houston McClure White Church Cemetery
Aug 18, 1832 - Jul 30, 1905
Civil War. Union. Co. M&E, 5th Reg't, TN Cav.
Enlisted for Civil War October 10, 1863. Company M&E, 5th Reg't Tennessee Cav. Discharged August 14, 1865, applied for Pension #1898, Panola County Mississippi with M.F. Wilson as character witness. M.F. Wilson, 63 years old, says he has known W.H. McClure about 45 years. (1847)
Info from Annette Y. Ditto
Charles Timothy McConnico Kerens Cemetery
Sep 6, 1847 - Mar 17, 1923 (or 1933?)
Captain Navarro County's 19th Brigade, Beat #7

Private , Company F, 2nd Texas Calvary
[additional info from Bob Jones - [email protected]]


William Hemphill McCrery Oakwood Cemetery
Aug 25, 1842 - Feb 4, 1893
Link to: Family Group Sheet

Tex Pvt Wauls TX Legion CSA.
Gabriel McCuiston Modrall Cemetery
Co. C 3 Mo. Inf. CSA.
William T. McCullough Post Oak Cemetery
Feb 4, 1841 - Jun 16, 1912
Company D. Arkansas Infantry CSA. marker on grave
William Walker McDonald Oakwood Cemetery
[no dates]
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
CSA. marker of grave
Pension #11063, Widow Ellen issued Pension # 20195, #25618
John Gideon McDowell Bazette Cemetery
Jan 20, 1848 - June 20, 1914
John Tresevant McDowell Rice Cemetery
Mar 21, 1833 - Sep 23, 1916
Received Pension #16175
W. J. McDowell Richland Cemetery
Confederate Soldier
Charles T. McElroy Dawson Cemetery
Jan 18, 1836 - Jan 30, 1900
Private in Co D of the 51st Regiment of the 51st Ala Cavalry and enlisted on 24 May 1862
John Milton McFadden Prairie Point Cemetery
Dec 4, 1848 - July 7, 1940
TX - Pvt Co E 13 Regt Inf Atry   C.S.A.
Pension #50247;
Marker Photo; Obituary
John M. McFadden Bazette Cemetery
May 12, 1819 Maury Co., TN - Jun 5, 1906
Enlisted Sept 15, 1861, Reserve Company, Beat #2 in Navarro Co., 19th Brigade under Captain J. A. Clayton; also Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains; CSA
James A. McGarity Hamilton - Beeman Cemetery
Jun 22, 1838 - Sep 22, 1911
Enlisted March 1862 in Company C, Georgia Legion, commanded by Col. Phillips in Longstreet's division of Gen. Lee's army. Was in Battle of Fredricksburg, Petersburg, Gettysburg and at Appomattox with Lee. Was captured twice and escaped both times. Was in battle at Gettysburg, Petersburg, and others
John Abraham McGee, Dr. Rice Cemetery
Nov 8, 1844 - Jul 1, 1905
Company A., 10th Texas Cavalry. CSA. marker on grave.
Navarro County History, Volume 6, pg 74
William Washington McGraw Grange Hall Cemetery
May 30, 1846 - Seo 7, 1914
Co I, 2 Mississippi Cavalry CSA.
Pension 22936 Widow, Nancy A.,  Received Pension #29253;
Link to Family Website;
Marker Photo & Biography
John C. McKenzie Hopewell Cemetery
Ashburry Fietus McKissack Birdston Cemetery
Jun 28, 1838 - Oct 31, 1908
Company F, 13th Ala Volunteers
Widow, Josie, Received Pension #25980
George Artermus McKissack Birdston Cemetery
Aug 6, 1844 - Jun 28, 1916
Enlisted in Alabama June 1861, age 17 in Company F. in 13th Regiment Alabama Volunteers. Was in the battle of Gettysburg and with Lee at Appomattox
Pension 29530, Widow, Mrs. S. E. McKissack, Received Pension: 29530
William A. McLean Oakwood Cemetery
1844 - Aug 31, 1919
Obituary; Daughters of the Confederacy Lot, C.S.A. marker on grave
Alexander Campbell\Copeland McMillan Oakwood Cemetery
May 2, 1825 - Nov 10, 1903
Lt. Company D., Bradford's 4th TX Regiment State Troops
Nail McMullan New Chatfield Cemetery
Oct 20, 1846 - Nov 6, 1932
Marke Photo
Mark J. McMullan Old Chatfield Cemetery
Feb 24, 1815 - Nov 4, 1888
Major in Confederate Army; C.S.A. marker on grave.
Husband of Annie B. (8/9/1819-2/17/1890)
Robert M. "Bob" McMullan Old Chatfield Cemetery
Mar 24, 1846 - Nov 12, 1926
C.S.A. marker on grave
Obituary |
Death Certificate
Anderson Mitchell McMurry New Chatfield Cemetery
1828 - 1907
Pension #8775; Widow, Mary E., Received Pension #16161
William Thomas McNair Oakwood Cemetery
1845 - Dec 15, 1913
Company C., 5th Texas Cavalry under Capt. Clough
Pension #13881
Dutton T. McAnally Rice Cemetery
Sept 4, 1842 - May 8, 1907
See Notes for Dutton T. McAnally
James McQueen Old Chatfield Cemetery
C.S.A. Marker on grave
Gabriel McQuiston Modrall Cemetery
1828 - 6/3/1915
Pension #12083
John Mordaci McWilliams Prairie Point Cemetery
Oct 5, 1846 - Nov 21, 1900
Runaway from home at age 16 and enlisted in Alabama Cavalry from Wilcox County;
Photo of Marker
William Vines Meador Hopewell Cemetery
Oct 10, 1832 - Dec 16, 1871
2nd Lt. in Captain Clenton Fouty's Company, 15th Regiment. Enlisted at Velasco, April 12, 1862, Age 29.
A. J. Meazelle Kerens Cemetery
Apr 24, 1834 - Jan 23, 1888
Enlisted July 1861 in Beat H. 7th Navarro County, 19th Brigade under Captain McConnico
James A. Megarity  ( See James A. McGarity)
Elijah Green Melton Dresden Cemetery
Jan 20, 1822 - Jan 17, 1875
Enlisted Aug 1861 in Capt. B. F. Carroll's Reserve Company, Beat #6, 19th Texas Brigade.; also Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains
William A. Melton Old Duncan Cemetery (now Zion’s Rest)
Nov 13, 1798 - Mar 18, 1873
Captain; Texas & Mississippi Legislature
Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains; Navarro County History Vol 6, pg 133; Biography
William B. Merrell Salem Cemetery
1829 - Feb 3, 1912
CSA Co. G 13th Texas Calvary
Amos C. Metzgar Cryer Creek Cemetery
Feb 5, 1825 - Oct 10, 1903
Enlisted April 1861 in Company E., 1st Pa. Infantry, Union Army
Family Chart published in Navarro Leaves & Branches; Vol 25, #2
Cemetery Marker Photo
J. B. Middlebrook Grape Creek Cemetery
Apr 14, 1847 - Feb 19, 1925
Enlisted from Newton County Georgia, in Georgia's Cavalry
James  Degraffenreid  "Jim" Miles Prairie Point Cemetery
11/17/1834 - 10/21/1917
[Pension #23763]
Photo of Cemetery Marker
John Hector Miller Frost Cemetery
1/28/1827 - 5/11/1909
Pension #3131
John L. Miller, Judge Oakwood Cemetery
Dec 5, 1821 - Aug 19, 1907
Also served as County Chief Justice, County Judge, and Presiding Justice of Navarro County.
Biography (Judge, Mayor)
Joshua Edward Miller Spring Hill Cemetery
[no dates on marker]
Company D. 20 Alabama Infantry. C.S.A. marker on grave
Pension 29765, Widow Nancy, Received Pension 31589

Photo of Grave Site; Link to: Photo of Joshua Miller
William Harvey Miller Kerens Cemetery
Nov 15, 1835 - Jan 21, 1916
Obituary; Was a prisoner of war
[Widow, Vitula Miller, Received Pension #46491. She died Aug 1935]
Nathaniel J. Mills Oakwood Cemetery
1834 - 8/30/1908
First Lt. of Co I, 4th Texas 


Roger Quarrls Mills Oakwood Cemetery
Mar 30, 1832 - Sep 2, 1911
Texas Legislature 1859-60
Colonel 10th Texas Infantry C.S.A. 1861-65
Member of Congress 1873-92
U.S. Senator 1889-1899
Biography || Historical Marker || Obituary
Alonzo Scott Mitchell Oakwood Cemetery
Nov 12, 1843 - May 31, 1933
Obituary || Pension #44053
Robert Alexander Mitchell Frost Cemetery
Oct 23, 1847 - Jan 9, 1893
Enlisted in the State Militia of Georgia. Served until close of war
David Alexander Moncrief Bazette Cemetery
Oct 27, 1829 - Oct 13, 1905
Pension #5236 CSA
h/o Sarah Katherine “Kate” (Gresham) Moncrief
Peter Terrell Montfort Old Chatfield Cemetery
Jun 6, 1822 - Jun 23, 1893
C.S.A. marker on grave
M. B. (or W.B.) Montgomery Oakwood Cemetery
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
Propser King Montgomery Eureka Cemetery
Jan 1, 1836 - Jan 22, 1896
Enlisted in William T. Withers Regiment Company E., Louisiana Artillery. Was Orderly Sgt. and in Battle of Vicksburg
George E. Moore Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, TX
Mar 26, 1843 - Feb 4, 1914
Served in the Infantry, was at the Battle of Vicksburg and many others. Served under General Lee and Stonewall Jackson
[Wife Martha Jane 1/7/1849 - 11/10/1925 also bur Prairie Grove Cem.]
Reuben Gardner Moore Frost Cemetery
May 20, 1843 - May 16, 1920
Company E., 41st Mississippi Regiment under Capt. Longstreet and General Bragg. Was wounded and taken prisoner
William Thomas Moore Dawson Cemetery
Sep 8, 1844 - Mar 18, 1923
Company H. 19th Tennessee Cavalry. C.S.A. marker
John C. Morgan Family Cemetery between Corbet and Oak Valley TX
Nov 2, 1844 - Sept 29, 1924
Joined Company K, 8th Regiment, Rowan County, North Carolina in 1861. Wounded at H. Harrison. Captured 1865 at Appomattox
M. M. Morrison Oakwood Cemetery
1829 - 1893
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
C.S.A. marker on grave
William Morrow Oakwood Cemetery
[no marker]
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
C.S.A. marker
Adoilphus E. Morse Oakwood Cemetery
1843 - 1914
Last Confederate Airman
Thomas R. Moseley Dresden Cemetery
1830 - May 15, 1908
Co. E. Morgans Reg TX Cal
Cemetery Marker
Seaborn M. Mosley 1831 - Jul 20, 1903
He died at Angus, TX. There is no marker in the cemetery. This information taken from his death certificate in the courthouse
Pension #3134, Widow Received Pension #18209
John Asbury Murph State Cemetery in Austin
John was a Frost, TX resident, former member of the 6th Alabama Cav. Co. A.  Came to Texas in 1891.
John Calvin Murphey Liberty Hill Cemetery
Feb 25, 1833 - Feb 28, 1907
Enlisted at Camp Kyle on 8/10/1861. Served as 2nd. Sgt. in Capt. William Christian's Company A, 2nd Regular Infantry. Ashbel Smith, commanding officer.
Photograph of Cemetery Marker
Joseph Hill Murphey Liberty Hill Cemetery
Mar 1832 - 1888
Penn Calvery - CSA
Photo of Cemetery Marker
A. M. Murray New Chatfield Cemetery
M. M. Murry Oakwood Cemetery
[no dates given]
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
"Confederate States of America" on grave
Henry Clay Nash, Sr. Richland Cemetery
Nov 23, 1835 - Oct 12, 1917
Enlisted in 14th Texas Volunteers in 1861 under Capt. Ryan;
Pvt. Co. E. 4th Texas. Inf.  (Info  from Jimma Traweek)
Andrew Pierce Neese, Dr. Frost Cemetery
Nov 5, 1839 - Sep 9, 1919
Info from Diane Richards
Jefferson Wise Nelson Old Chatfield Cemetery
May 1834 - 2/26/1911
Private Company E, 12th Regiment Texas Cavalry, Parson's Brigade.
C.S.A.  - Cemetery Marker & Obituary
John Glenn Nelson Oakwood Cemetery
1840 - 6/17/1915
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
C.S.A. marker on grave;
Pension #24368; Widow, Mrs. N. A. R. Nelson, Received Pension:31566
David Crockett) Newcomb Oakwood Cemetery
May 25, 1844 - Oct 4, 1923
C.S.A. marker on grave
Pension #21928; Widow, Lovey Jane, Received Pension #42143;
G. M. Newman Oakwood Cemetery
[no dates given]
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot; C.S.A. marker on grave
W. B. Newman St. Elmo Cemetery
Died May 6,  1931
Pension #22176
William A. Newton Long Prairie Cemetery
Dec 19, 1835 - Jan 1, 1934
Pension #40799
J. B. Nice Old Chatfield Cemetery
1845 - Feb 17, 1925
C.S.A. marker on grave
John Thomas Nichols Cosgrove cemetery
Jan 27, 1848 - Sep 29, 1919
George Noble Long Prairie Cemetery [assumed buried here]
CSA-Morgan’s Texas Calvary  1st wife Rutha (Prather) Noble  2nd wife L. A. (Hemphill) Noble married Sep. 29, 1898  Divorced at time of death
John Robert Noble Dresden Cemetery
Mar 27, 1843 - Dec 19, 1936
Enlisted as a Private in Company C, 7th Regiment, 1st Mississippi Partisan Rangers. Has C.S.A. marker on grave.
Link to Family Website;   Photo, Home, Uniform
William Pittman Noble Long Prairie Cemetery
Dec 5, 1830 - May 13, 1893
h/o Eliza Noble
1st Sergeant Co. I 20 Texas CAV C.S.A.
Franklin W. Norton Oakwood Cemetery
Nov 2, 1844 - Jan 26, 1933
Served 1 year 1861-1862 in Company H under James Mabry in the Alabama Militia from Barbour County. Lost arm and was discharged in Tennessee in 1862
Ben Norvell Old Chatfield Cemetery
Lost CSA Graves
Eugene Norvell Ward's Cemetery
Mar 21, 1846 - Mar 24, 1895
Enlisted 1863 at Nacogdoches, TX, Company D. under Captain C. C. Grayson, 3rd. Brigade. Was a courier on General Wharton's staff in Louisiana
Samuel J. Norvell Rice Cemetery
1/20/1829 - 7/5/1912
Pension #16175
Theodore Dubose Norwood Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Feb 23, 1847 - Dec 3, 1924
Pension #21934;
Obituary; Cemetery Marker Photo
Jacob ODell Oakwood Cemetery
Apr 27, 1839 - Apr 6, 1911
William N. Oden Liberty Hill Cemetery
Apr 12, 1848 - Aug 25, 1904
Enlisted 1864 in Company B, 1st Alabama Regiment
Archie E. Odom Oakwood Cemetery
Dec 18, 1834 - Dec 23, 1918
Pension #24322; Widow, Malina, Received Pension Number: 35595
Francis Marion Onstott Dawson Cemetery
Apr 4, 1842 - Nov 23, 1876
Civilian marker;  Notes

Dresden's Texas Cavalry, Company I, 19th Texas Cavalry Private, age 20,22.  He enlisted initially on April 2, 1862 at Dresden, but was discharged on Aug 11, 1862 on a surgeon's certificate.  He re-enlisted on March 10, 1864 at Spring Hill.  He was 5' 9" tall, had blue eyes, light hair, and was a stock raiser.

John H. Onstott Liberty Hill Cemetery
(Has civilian marker) Notes

Dresden's Texas Cavalry, Company I, 19th Texas Cavalry
Sergeant, age 27.  He was 5' 8" tall, had blue eyes, light hair and was a farmer.  He was born in Washington County Arkansas.  He served as 2nd sergeant until October 1, 1863, and was then appointed 1st sergeant.

T. B. Onstott Dawson Cemetery
(buried Dawson; unmarked) newspaper verification Notes
Lewis Bolaver Outlaw White Church Cemetery
Sep 26, 1829 in Tennessee - Oct 5, 1907
Texas Cavalry - also served as a Texas Ranger
Biography Page
George Washington Owen Pattison Cemetery
Oct 8, 1846 - Aug 6, 1912
C.S.A. Private in Bradford's Corps of Scouts and Guards;
Navarro County History, Volume II, pg 247 incl photo.
John Wade Owen Cryer Creek Cemetery
b. 1821 in Randolph Co., AL died at Barry, Navarro Co, TX.
John Owen came to Texas in a covered wagon with his young wife and family in the late 1840's. The family settled near Athens in Henderson county. John served in the 20th TX Cavalry Co. E. (and later co. F) as a sergeant during the Civl War. John was the minister of the Primitive Baptist Church for many years. He is buried in the Cryer Creek cemetery, along with grandson Johnny W. Phelps and other family members.  


Preston Owen Jimmerson Cemetery
Aug 28, 1844 - Sep 22, 1910
Furnished beef 1862-1864. Enlisted in Company A under Captain Warren Johnson's Battalion, Texas Army
See: Navarro Leaves & Branches Sept 2003, pg 14
William L. Owens Rose Hill Cemetery
William Preston Owen Ward cemetery
Mar 7, 1830 - Dec 21, 1904
Civil War 18th Tx. Calvalry Co. K

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