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Known Civil War Veterans
Buried in Navarro County, Texas


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Name Information
James F. (or James T) Vaughn Oakwood Cemetery
Co. F. 3 Tenn. CSA
James Porterfield Vernon Prairie Point Cemetery
George Washington Vest Dresden Cemetery
Died: Aug 2, 1927
Company K, 17th Alabama Cavalry
Marker Photo
Pension #24306; Husband of America A. Vest (8 Aug 1853 - 15 Jul 1917)
Winfield Scott Waits Bazette Cemetery
Aug 29, 1847 - Jan 12, 1923
Pension #37708, Widow, Emeline, Received Pension #38764 CSA
George Beverly Walker, Sr. Oakwood Cemetery
Dec 17, 1844 - Mar 29, 1928
Company B., 13th Virginia Artillery CSA marker on grave
German, (Judge) Walker Rice Cemetery
Oct 29, 1832 - Oct 26, 1916
Captain, Company H. 6th Mississippi Regulars. From Shiloh, Mississippi
Lorenzo Dow Walker Dresden Cemetery
Sep 25, 1847 - Jan 13, 1941
Entered Service in 1864 in Company B 3rd Mississippi Regiment. He was in General Chalmer's Cavalry Brigade.
Photo & Marker at FindaGrave
William Walker Spring Hill Cemetery
Oct 17, 1825 Marion Co., GA - Jan 12, 1882 Spring Hill Navarro Co. TX
Grandfather of Spartan Berry, mayor and longtime public official in Dawson, 1871-1939.  Biography
Information Submitted by  Harold Walker Aug 2001
John Newton Walling Oakwood Cemetery
CSA – Third Arkansas, Boods Brigade
James Lanier Walton Oakwood Cemetery
Oct 22, 1836 - Jul 17, 1902
Company F of the 12th Texas Regiment, Parson's Brigade.
Later Served as Navarro County Sheriff:
Robert William Walton Oakwood Cemetery
May 19, 1834 - Feb 15, 1899
Enlisted July 17, 1861. He was in the 21st Georgia Infantry; Company I as the 1st Lt. under Colonel Mercer
George Washington Ware Hopewell cemetery
Oct 30, 1838 - Jul 18, 1900
John Chambers Warren Dresden Cemetery
Feb 7, 1817 -  Feb 1, 1897
Co. E 35 Regt-Miss INF C.S.A.
George Washam Frost Cemetery
1832 - 1904
Company H, 28th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers. He was an assistant sergeon
William Josiah Wasson Old Chatfield Cemetery
Aug 23, 1837 - Jul 20, 1904
Headstone reads: Admirable and beloved father, farewell. Not this perishing stone, but in the Book of Life, and the hearts of affected friends thy worth recorded. 
There is a Civil War marker at his stone and it's unreadable but may says  D   E  C  Vindice 1861-1865. The C could be a G.
Information supplied by Judy Brown [email protected]


Benjamin Franklin  Watts Campbell-Elrod Cemetery
Dec 1, 1842 - Feb 20, 1934
6th GA Calvary
Pension #50609

Obituary and Notes; Husband of Elizabeth Angeline (Boatfield) Watts
Joseph Andrew Watts, Rev. Dresden Cemetery
Aug 15, 1846 - Jul 19, 1925
Buoy's Battalion under Nathan Bedford Forrest


Jefferson Griffith Way Frost Cemetery
Dec 24, 1834 - Sep 10, 1908
George Militia
Info from Mary E. Childers
James M. Weaver Cemetery Info not given
Dec 12, 1848 - Nov 10, 1921
Company D. Colonel Terrell's Brigade. Was in the Battle of Mansfield, Yellow Bayou and others
James K. Polk Weaver Cosgrove Cemetery
Jun 15, 1843 - Oct 6, 1915
Company F. 35 TX Cav., CSA marker on grave
Milton Blanton Webb Richland Cemetery
Feb 7, 1836 - Oct 17, 1912
Pvt. Co. H. 11 TX. Cav.
Pension #13882

Info from Jimma Traweek
Abraham Perry Webster Bazette Cemetery
Sep 7, 1845 - Feb 6, 1933
Corp. - Company A., 8th Miss. Regiment
Pension #42202 - Obituary
John Thomas Webster,  Capt. Prairie Point Cemetery
Aug 1829 - May 18, 1906
Andrew George Weems Old Chatfield Cemetery
Aug 9, 1840 - Sep 9, 1931
Pvt. Co. K. Ala Cav, CSA
Additional Info from Judy Brown 8/15/1999
Biography, Cemetery Marker & Obituary
Darius Scott Welch Rose Hill Cemetery
Jan 25, 1834 - Dec 2, 1904
Enlisted in Hemphill in 1863, Served under Captain J. M. Burrough's Company. Was in Shelby's Company
Husband of Catherine (Gowan) Welch
Michael Welch Old Melton Cemetery

My great great great grandfather Michael Welch was a civil war vet and is listed in John Spencer's books on Navarro County Vets...You have him down as settling in Texas in 1860. He actually settled here in Navarro Co near Dresden in 1844 when Texas was still a republic...came from Greene Co. Missouri with a wagon load of kids. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the old Melton cemetery between Blooming Grove and Dresden.
Tim Campbell 1-1999

Benjamin Isaac Wells Prairie Grove Cemetery ||
Biography, Obituary, Headstone Dedication

33rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment
"Leake Rebels"
Co. "F" - Leake County, Mississippi

Note:  Due to a transcription/handwriting error, B. I. Wells' name appears as B. "J" Wells on some rosters. The 33rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment was organized in early 1862. B. I. Wells' Service Record indicates he enlisted February 22, 1862.
CSA, stone placed Summer of 2001

E. James West Grange Hall Cemetery
Jan 22, 1827 - Mar 3, 1902
Co. G. 1st MS Lt. Arty CSA
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Info from Dana Stubbs
John West Grange Hall Cemetery
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Company E of Parson's Brigade
Samuel Houston West New Chatfield Cemetery
Mar 21, 1845 - Feb 21, 1916
C.S.A. marker on grave
Pension #23629; His Widow Drew Pension #31226
George Middleton Westbrook Prairie Point Cemetery
Aug 17, 1844 - Dec 14, 1923
CSA - Enlisted in 1861 at Corsicana in Dr. Mackey's Battalion, Parson's Brigade of Cavalry


John Wesley

(or Jackson?) Westbrook

Prairie Point Cemetery
May 1, 1837 - Nov 21, 1916
Dr. Mackey's Company of Morgan's Battalion of Parson's Brigade of McKie's Company Company F, Morgan's Texas Cavalry in Navarro Co., TX;

also Halbert's Company Company E, 15th Texas Infantry Regiment Navarro Countains

Moses F. Westbrook Dresden Cemetery
Nov 17, 1834 - July 25, 1920
Lucius Theodesius Wheeler, Major Oakwood Cemetery
1832 - 1911
Enlisted March 10, 1862 age 30 at Navarro County.  as a 1st Lt. in Capt. B. D.  McKie's CompanyCompany F, Morgan's Texas Cavalry, Bass' Regiment and Morgan Battalion. Promoted to A.A.Q.M. (Acting Quartermaster) ; Was promoted to Major. Discharged May, 1865
Obituary & Cemetery Marker
S.R.D. / S.R.P Westmoreland Dawson Cemetery
Sep 25, 1844 - Nov 6, 1904
Enlisted 1862 in 19th TX Cavalry under Col. Nathaniel Burford
William Thomas Westmoreland Dawson Cemetery
Oct 12, 1840 - Oct 3, 1922
Enlisted in 1862 in 19th TX Cavalry under Col. Nathaniel Burford
Biography & Diary of W. T. Westmoreland
E. White Oakwood Cemetery
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot
Harvey White Oakwood Cemetery
Feb 20, 1827 - Dec 5, 1915
Pension #24850
William Redric  White Cosgrove Cemetery
Jun 21, 1834 - Sep 23, 1908
Company C. 19th TX Cavalry
C.S.A. marker on grave
Pension #18656

Born in IL
James Tennison Whorton Rose Hill Cemetery
May 16, 1846 - Dec 20, 1929
Widow Received Pension #50536 
Obituary; Find-A-Grave
Isaac Newton Wilkinson, Dr. Dresden Cemetery
June 22, 1840 - Sept 3, 1920
[His Widow Received Pension #47534

Son of James and Agatha Ann (Willis) Wilkinson. Isaac Newton (IN)

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles Company H second lieutenant. Married his first wife Sue Hust in TN. and his second wife Sara Elizabeth (Clark) Wilkinson 1892 Navarro Co, TX.

Cemetery Marker Photo

Milton Alexander Wilkes Dawson Cemetery
Jun 21, 1834 - Nov 16, 1909
Served in Tennessee under General Forrest & Col. Duncan Brown Cooper
A. J. Williams Dresden Cemetery
Feb 29, 1847 - July 24, 1916
Obituary || Pension #18204
David Hooks Williams Grange Hall Cemetery
Jun 15, 1825 - Sep 29, 1916
Served Co. K, 13th  MS Infantry
Submitted by Dana Stubbs

Note: Hooks was his mother's maiden Name (info from Jim Martin)
George Washington Williams Grange Hall Cemetery
1844 - 1921
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Pension #41590 approved for his widow which was his second wife. His first wife, Cassie, died in 1899
Henry Thomas Williams Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, TX
Enlisted May 5, 1862 at Pine Bluff Arkansas in Company G 2nd , Arkansas Infantry
C.S.A. marker on grave
Pension #3161; Widow, Martha Jane, Received Pension #33538
J. R. Williams Oakwood Cemetery
1847 - 1925
J. R. Williams died on 2/26/1923 in Olney, Young Co, TX and is buried in True Cemetery, Young Co TX - Pension #18205; Notes
James Madison Williams Richland Cemetery
May 9, 1840 - Jan 19, 1913
Pvt. Co. K. 1st. TX. Cav.
[His Widow, Octavia Alice, Received Pension #34712, she died April 1927]
Weldon J. Williamson Oakwood Cemetery
1829 - 1926
W. E. Willis Campbell Cemetery
May 22, 1822 - Aug 28, 1873
Beat #1, Navarro County 19th Brigade, under Capt. Elisha Bishop also
Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains
John Murphy Vaughn Wills, MD Oakwood Cemetery
Mar 17, 1847 - Mar 8, 1933
Georgia Troops. He was a prisoner of war in Ohio
Pension #42699 || Family Photograph
Andrew P. Wilson Grange Hall
Jan 11, 1842 - Mar 26, 1885
Enlisted June 1864. Was in Company I of the 137th Illinois Infantry. Became Lieutenant in the Union Army
George W. Wilson Cryer Creek Cemetery
Nov 5, 1840 - Mar 18, 1912
Served in the AL Militia
Enlisted in the war from Cass Co., TX
Pension #5819
J. Mac H.  Wilson Frost Cemetery
Nov 3, 1832 - Feb 27, 1912
[Pension #10172]
James Calvin Wilson Oakwood Cemetery
Jan 13, 1842 - Nov 10, 1920
(birth year is wrong on marker)
Company C., 12th KS Infantry
John Wesley Wilson Grange Hall Cemetery
Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains;
Marker Photos & Biography;

Submitted by: Dana Stubbs
Lott Wilson Grange Hall Cemetery
Aug 7, 1831 - Aug 29, 1872
Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains, Corporal, age 30.
Marker Photos & Biography;
Submitted by: Dana Stubbs
Paul Albert Wilson Grange Hall Cemetery
Jan 11, 1842 - Mar 26, 1885
Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains, Private, went into the hospital July 10, 1864. Probably the same as A. P. Wilson.   (served on both sides ?)
Marker Photos & Biography;
Submitted by:
Dana Stubbs
Samuel Wilson Grange Hall Cemetery
Aug 14 1797 - ??
Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains;  Private, age 65, 5’11, light complexion, blue eyes, gray hair, born in Kentucky, occupation farmer. He was discharged about March 21, 1862 on account of age.
Marker Photos & Biography;
Submitted by:
Dana Stubbs
Thomas J. Wilson Grange Hall Cemetery
Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains;
Cemetery Marker & Biography;
Submitted by: Dana Stubbs
W. O. Wilson Oakwood Cemetery
[no dates given]
Daughters of the Confederacy Lot - CSA. Marker
William T. Wilson Grange Hall Cemetery
May 23, 1828 - Mar 6, 1898
Served one year in 3 companies - Melton, Moss and Bates. He was stationed at the mouth of the Brazos River. Moss's Company, Co. E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment; Navarro Countains;
Cemetery Marker & Biography;
Submitted by: Dana Stubbs
Clinton McKamey Winkler Oakwood Cemetery
Oct 19, 1821 - May 13, 1882
Captain of Company I of 4th TX Regiment, Hood's Brigade of Northern Virginia. Wounded at Battle of Gettysburg
Historical Marker || Biography || Obituary
David Hinchey Winn Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
2 Lieut. Company C, 50th Tenn. Infantry CSA.
Pension #25027
Hezekiah Ford Witherspoon, Dr. Oakwood Cemetery
1834 - 1894
Surgeon in Stonewall Jackson's army

See Navarro County History, Vol 2, pg 214
Widow Received Pension #43271

Andrew F. Wood Oakwood Cemetery
Sep 8, 1844 - Feb 19, 1914
Confederate Army four yrs - Co. I, 14th Ala Regiment. Was in Battle of Yorktown
Enoch L. Wood Oakwood Cemetery
Jul 3, 1841 - May 20, 1917
Alabama Troops
Francis Peyton "Frank" Wood Oakwood Cemetery
Biography as Judge
Hugh H. Wood Brushy Prairie Cemetery
Company I, 36th TX Cavalry
Cemetery Marker Photo
Milledge Hannibal Woolf Oakwood Cemetery
Aug 17, 1847 - Aug 31, 1945
Company E., 2nd Florida Infantry Reserves for 12 months. He was in the Battle of Natural Bridge.

He raised the company in Monticello, Jefferson County, FL stated in his pension record as May 15, 1864 and served as its Captain, his service ending May 13, 1865. Capt. Barwick's own son, I. E. Barwick, also served in the unit, known as Company F, 1st Florida Reserves. Both of these Barwicks later moved to central Florida and I. E. is considered the founder of Wildwood. Capt. Barwick and his son are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Wildwood, FL  ... L. Kelley, g.g.g.grandson 10/2002

Pleasant Lee Worsham Pattison Cemetery
Dec 15, 1838 - Feb 7, 1901
2nd Lt 56th Alabama Rangers CSA
Marker at Pattison states he is actually buried at Alma, TX
Biography & Marker Photo
Andrew Jackson  Wright Kerens Cemetery
July 25, 1844 - Aug 2, 1924
Joseph D. Wright Liberty Hill Cemetery
Nov 16, 1838 - Feb 18, 1918
Enlisted August 1861 in Capt. R. H. Matthew's Company, Mounted Riflemen. Beat #5, Brigade Texas Militia
John M. Wright Hopewell Cemetery
Oct 15, 1832 - May 5, 1908
Feb 1864, age 33. Was 1st Sgt. in Capt. Earheart's Company in 1st. Frontier Brigade from Wise County; 
Dresden's Texas Cavalry, Company I, 19th Texas Cavalry
Robert J. Wright Dawson Cemetery
Jul 31, 1837 - Feb 7, 1926
Enlisted April 2, 1862 at Dresden as 3rd Lt. in Captain Samuel Wright's Company, 18th Regiment of Texas Cavalry, under Col. Burford. He furnished his own horse and equipment;
Dresden's Texas Cavalry, Company I, 19th Texas Cavalry;
Samuel Wright Liberty Hill Cemetery
Oct 27, 1816 - Nov 1, 1887
Enlisted April 2, 1862 in 19th Regiment Texas Cavalry. Furnished his own horse, value $130 and equipment valued at $25.00.  Served as Chief Justice of Navarro County Aug. 1 1865 - Aug. 1, 1866. Born Oct. 27, 1816, he lived at Spring Hill before becoming judge. Served as a captain in the 19th Regiment Texas Cavalry, was ousted as judge by union troops for being an obstacle to reconstruction.  He died Nov. 1, 1887 and is buried at Liberty Hill.
Robert S. Wyley New Chatfield Cemetery
1848 - 1900
C.S.A. marker on grave
[See also Navarro Leaves & Branches - May 1993]
John Tillman "Tildie" Yarbrough Frost Cemetery
born 1844, Spartanburg Dist, S. Car; Died 5 May, 1918 in Frost, TX.  Beene Bros. were the mortuary.

J. T. YARBROUGH enlisted at about 17 yrs of age on 07 Dec. 1861 from Fayette Co., Alabama.  He was in the 26th Alabama, Co. D., and was in nearly all major battles of the war.  He was wounded in action along Rappahonnack River on 7 Nov. 1863, admitted to #9 Hospital on 10 Nov 1863 and transferred to 1st Alabama Hospital the next day.   He was sent with his 26th for 60 days furlough to accompany prisoners to Andersonville Prison, GA. Then he was back in action.  He was wounded at Jonesboro (Keenesaw Mountain while fighting under Gen. Johnson) on 28 July 1864, with wounds to left thigh; middle third and left leg, middle third. Admitted to Floyd House Hospital in Macon, Georgia on  1 Aug 1864.  Paroled in Columbus MS on 30 May 1865. (Most of the above is taken from John's CSA pension application).  You can see he fought the entire time of the war. John T. married Sarah M. Ellis, 20 Oct. 1869 in Fayette Co., AL and came to Texas in 1899 and settled around Ellis/Navarro Counties.  He must not have a tombstone.
Winnie Yandell, OK (added 4/29/2001)

Cemetery Marker Photo

Thomas Yarbrough Oakwood Cemetery
Dec 21, 1842 - Apr 25, 1922
Pension #30106; Pension #45454 approved for his Widow Lucy
Allen Young Dresden Cemetery
abt 1840 - Jul 13, 1918
Company E., 6th Mississippi Infantry CSA;
h/o Soloma C. (Harris) Young married Nov. 28, 1866 Mississippi  (some sources say Sara Harris)  Allen's daughter Cora Connolly’s application for miiltiary headstone says Enlistment date Aug. 24, 1861- Discharge Mar. 1, 1865
Cemetery Marker Photo
John Young White Church Cemetery
May 12, 1836 - Jan 7, 1888
Joined Company F but transferred to Company B 16th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, serving with his brothers.  This commanded by Col. Carnot Posey. In 1862 Col. Posey became a Brigadier General and the brigade carried the name "Posey's Brigade", for the rest of the war.  Information from Dave Renfrow, Levelland, Texas
Obituary & Service Notes
Robert Alexander Younger Younger Cemetery
Aug 16, 1830 - Aug 2, 1867
Was a 1st Lt. in Captain Samuel Wright's Company, 19th Regiment at Dresden, TX
Dresden's Texas Cavalry, Company I, 19th Texas Cavalry; Listed as Robert A. (Cemetery Records list as Robert V.)

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