Moss's Company
Company E, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment
Navarro County, Texas


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Unit History

This unit formed in late 1861 or early 1862 by Henry S. Crossland of Corsicana, TX.  This unit operated independently until April 16, 1862 at which time it joined another squad of about the same number commanded by C. T. Faine of Milford.  This union created a company of men which elects a Corsicana lawyer, Joshua Lucius Halbert, as captain and commander of the company.   Crossland becomes the 1st lieutenant and Faine is elected 2nd lieutenant.  The company is officially accepted into Col. Joseph W. Speight's infantry regiment on April 16, 1862 and serves the rest of the war as Company E with this organization, officially named the 15th Texas Infantry Regiment.

See John Spencer's The Confederate Guns of Navarro County for more information about this unit.


Men From Navarro County in Company E

Supplemental Information

Alexander, C. L. Private, age 30.  Died April 4, 1862 of typhoid
Alston, Thomas F. Corporal
Anderson, H. C. Private.  Enlisted Sept 19, 1863 in Navarro County
Andrews, Samuel P. Private, age 23
Andrews, W. W. Private, Enlisted Sept 26, 1863 at Velasco.
Biographical Sketch
Avery, B. Private, Enlisted abt March, 1864 at Corsicana
Baker, Isaac W. Private, Enlisted in Navarro Co. Feb 3, 1862, records show he re-enlisted in Capt Fouty's company but no muster roll entries show up for him in it.
Barlow, Wade Private, Enlisted May 12, 1863 in Navarro County.  Died June 2, 1864.
Barett, R. M. Private, Enlisted Dec 8, 1864 in Navarro County
Black, Henry Corporal, age 23.  He re-enlisted in Captain Winkler's company in April, 1862 (Company I, Fourth Texas Infantry).  He was wounded at the Battle of Second Manassas on August 30, 1862, and was discharged after that.
Black, Isaac Private
Boyd, David Private
Boyd, G. W. Private, Wagon Master; b: 8/1/1836 d. 2/13/1883 bur. White's Church Cemetery near Blooming Grove. Enlisted Williamson Co., TX under Capt. R.N. Calhoun age 26.
Brim, Linza B. Sergeant, later promoted to 1st Sergeant.
Brumblow, J. L. Private
Brumblow, M. V. Corporal, Enlisted Jan 18, 1862 at Dresden.
Burrow, G. A. J. Private, age 20
Byers, James M. Private, Enlisted March 16, 1862 in Navarro County
Byers, Jeddiah, E. Private, age 16, Transferred to another company on July 2, 1862
Caddell, J. D. Private, age 32, 5'6" fair complexion, hazel eyes, sandy hair, born in Alabama, occupation stock raiser.  Served one year and was then discharged by reason of having furnished a substitute (Stephen Crisner)
Campbell, William Private, age 35, 6' 1", dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair, born Clayton, Missouri, occupation farmer.   Discharged after serving his enlistment of one year and being overage.   Another entry shows him to be 41 years of age.
Cargile, James M. Private
Carroll, Nathaniel Henderson Private, age 16, Transferred to another company on April 1, 1862.
He served in Gregg's 7 Texas Regt. wife Mrs. F. E. pension 51092
[Pension #10714]
Clark, John D. Private / Captain.  b. 1831 d. 3/19/1911, bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX in the Daughters of the Confederacy Lot.  He was in bad health and was never able to command the company for more than two months.   Resigned June 1, 1863, though he had not served since June of 1862.
Cook, Thomas Private, Died July 1, 1862.
Crawford, N. C. F. Private, age 42, 5' 8", dark complexion, hazel eyes, black hair, born Knox County, TN, occupation farmer.   Discharged on disability on April 24, 1862.
Crisner, Stephen Private, age 51.  Enlisted June 17, 1862 at Velasco as a substitute for J. D. Caddell.  May have been from Brazoria County TX
Cunningham, Joseph K. Private, age 20.
Cummings, B. F. Private, age 38.   Discharged, overage, April 16, 1862.
Curry, John T. Private.  Name coud be Currey.  He assisted Captain Clark to return to Corsicana.
Davidson, David K. Private, may have been from Ellis County TX
Davis, J. C. Private, age 36
Davis, J. M. Private.  Discharged as overage June 21, 1862.
Davlin, A. J. Private
Donahoo, T. F. Private
Dunn, E. E. Private / 2nd Lieutenant, b. 4/15/1835 d. 11/9/1917, bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  age 27, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on Feb. 7, 1864.  He was present on all muster rolls except for one in July 1864 when he was on furlough.
Dunn, E. R. Private, age 39.  The records shows him to be discharged in 1862, but apparently he re-enlisted as he was in the hospital with a gunshot wound in 1864 from May 3 through May 23.
Eliott, George W. Private / 2nd lieutenant, b. 11/12/1830 d. 1/15/1917, bur. Grape Creek Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX.  Enlisted at age 30.  He also served at Velasco for 3 1/2 years.
Farmer, Peter E., Rev. Private, b. 11/2/1822 d. 1/24/1917, bur. White Church Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX.  Discharged as either overage. Also served in Navarro County Reserve Company under Captain B. F. Carroll, 19th Brigade, Texas Militia. (Biography)
Fite, Albert B. Private, age 35.   Discharged, overage
Fouty, M. Private, 4th sergeant, Occupation, stock raiser.
Frame, William L. Private.  Discharged as either overage or underage.
Freeman, Herod Private, Drummer, age 39.   Joined Fouty's company
Frey, J. M. Private
George, J. M. Private, age 30.  Discharged on disability in 1862.
Grady, James N. Private, age 19.  Died Jan 10, 1864.
Green, Benjamin Private, age 28.
Green, Jesse Private
Green, J. L. Private, Enlisted about July 3, 1864 in Navarro County
Green, Sebron Private, Enlisted May 1862 in Navarro County
Green, Solomon Private, age 29
Gregory, B. F. Private.  Enlisted Oct. 1864 in Navarro County
Grisham, Y. J. M. Private / 4th Sergeant, age 31
Guinn, Jesse H. Private, age 18, Re-enlisted in Captain Fouty's Company
Haynie, William D. Private / Quartermaster Sergeant / Served as a Captain of Volunteers., b. 4/29/1837  d. 10/14/1906, bur. Rice Cemetery, Rice, Navarro Co., TX.  Transferred to regimental staff as quartermaster sergeant.  Later served in Commissary  Department Texas and Louisiana 1861 - 1865
Hendricks, J. W. Private
Higgins, John Private, age 29
Hill, David Private, had only one eye.
Hill, W. W. Private
Hobbs, Nathaniel H. Private, Discharged, Overage
Houston, A. A. Private, age 19, 5' 7" fair complexion, gray eyes, light hair, born in Alabama, occupation stock raiser.   Discharged about Nov. 1862.
Ingram, James Jr. Private / Corporal, age 19
Ingram, James Sr. Private, age 31
Ingram, Richmond Private, b. 1/1/1847  d. 10/1/1879, bur. Ingram Family Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX. 

Enlisted at age 45, Discharged for overage.   (Seems to be in error as this would be about 1892, I am not sure what info is in error.)

Other information shows: Enlisted August 1861 in Captain Marion Martin's Company. Beat #3, Navarro County 19th Brigade.

Ingram, Washington Private, age 19
Jackson, H. L. Private
Jester, Charles Wesley Private / 1st Sergeant / acting Sergeant Major, b. 4/3/1841   in Illinois d. 4/2/1909 in Navarro Co., TX, bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  Enlisted at age 20, Was promoted to acting Sergeant Major of regiment on May 25, 1864.  He was the son of Levi and Diadema (McKinney) Jester.   Married M. Eliza "Lisa" Rakestraw on 25 November 1868 in Navarro Co., TX.
Johnston, Samuel C. Private, age 26.   Re-enlisted in Captain Fouty's company, but the muster rolls of that county do not show him.
Jones, J. W. Private, age 45, 5' 10", dark complexion, gray eyes, born in Missouri, occupation farmer.
Jones, W. R. Private, age 16.  Appointed drummer April 12, 1862, but was discharged as underage April 16, 1862
Kerr, D. G. Private / Post surgeon, age 36.   Was a Navarro County doctor.  Discharge, overage. Ingram Cemetery
Kerr, J. N. Private
Kerr, Joel A. Private / Sergeant
Knutson, Christopher W. Private, age 20.   Re-enlisted in Fouty's company, but no record exists of him in that company.
Knutson, David Private, age 23
Lamp, Samuel Private, age 30.  Could be from Freestone County
Lee, Hiram E. Private, age 20.   Re-enlisted in Fouty's company, and though he does not appear on their muster rolls, he was killed fighting with Co. G., 15th Texas Infantry on September 29, 1863 at the Battle of Fordoche, La.
Lembey, Francis M. Private / Musician, age 19
Mayo, George W. Private, Transferred to the artillery
McCall, M. L. Private, age 27
McCauly, William Jasper Private;
McCaulley, William Jaspar – (CSA), 13th Texas Infantry Regiment, Co.E (Moss’s Company, the “Navarro Countains”). b.8/23/1845 in LA; d.4/2/1925. Married "Elizabeth Smith" (b.9/14/1848 in TX; d.7/15/1928) on 7/5/1865 in Corsicana, TX. His father was a minister in Sabine Co., LA in 1847. Enlisted on 9/1/1863 (or on 11/23/1863, according to the War Dept.) and he served until the war was over. Reported as absent with leave as of 10/10/1864 for forty days. No later record of him was found. Moved to TX by 1870 and to Indian Territory by 1900. He was in jail at Ardmore during the 1900 census (reason unknown). According to 1910 Stephens Co., OK census, living in the Parks Township at that time (107-107). He filed for a pension on 6/9/1915 (# 1049). Elizabeth filed for an OK CSA pension following his death (application # 6070, reel # 16). Buried in the Old Velma cemetery. Sources: * Headstone
Source: Confederates Buried in Stephens County, Oklahoma
McFadden, John M. Private, b. 5/12/1819  d. 6/5/1906, bur at Bazette Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX, Enlisted at age 39, Discharged as overage. Enlisted Sept 15, 1861, Reserve Company, Beat #2 in Navarro County, 19th Brigade under Captain J. A. Clayton.
Meador, A. J. Private, age 27.  Died Oct 13, 1862
Meador, Clement Private, age 61, 5' 8" fair complexion, blue eyes, gray hair, born South Carolina, occupation farmer.
Meador, D. L. Private, age 30
Meador, Elijah T. Private; Son of Clement Meador, Died of disease on Oct 13, 1862.
Meador, J. J. Private (could be Jeremiah Meador, son of Clement?)
Meador, Joel Private; Discharged
Meador, John Griggs Private, age 34; b. 14 March 1828 in North Carolina, d. 29 April 1880
Meador, Thomas W. Private, age 34 (could be Thomas William Meador, son of William Meador)
Melton, Elijah Green Private / Lieutenant, b. Jan 10 (cem recs shows Jan 20) 1822, d. Jan 17, 1873, bur. Dresden Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX.  5' 7" fair complexion, black eyes, black hair, born Green Co., AL, occupation: stock raiser, Discharged as overage.   Married Mary Elizabeth Howard.
Melton, William A. Captain, b. Nov 13, 1798 in Milledgeville, GA.   Relinquished command of the company in 1862.  Died March  15, 1873 near Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  Buried Old Duncan Cemetery, now called Zions Rest Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX.  Married Sarah Jane "Sallie" Meador (which may explain why there are so many Meadors in this regiment ..elw) on 19 October 1820.  He was the son of Elijah Melton.  Served in the Texas Mississippi & Texas Legislatures.  See also "Navarro County History, Vol 6, pg 133)
Morrison, M. C. W. Private
Moss, H. C. 1st Lieutenant / Captain.  Commanded the company for most of its service after June 1862.
Murphy, G. W. Private
Myers, Z. L. Private / Sergeant, age 27
Neal, James F. Private, age 23.  Enlisted in Fouty's company and is shown as a sergeant
Neal, William A. Private, Transferred to Company A.
Newman, Martin Private, age 33.  Discharged
Parish, William Private, b. 1831 d. 1915, bur. at Cunningham Cemetery, located behind the State Home in Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  Enlisted at age 29, Re-enlisted in Fouty's company and though he is not shown on its muster roll he is known to have been wounded in the hand and had two fingers amputated at the Battle of Fordoche, LA on Sept. 29, 1863 while fighting with Co. G. 15th Texas Infantry, Fouty's Companyu.). 
Peevehouse, Preston D. Private, b. 10/1/1841  d. 2/10/1890, Bur. Old Pevehouse Cemetery, Navarro Co.., TX.  Enlisted at age 21, Discharged April 20, 1862.
Peevehouse, N. Private; (I assume this is Nelson Pevehouse, brother to Preston.  Preston named a son, which died as an infant, Nelson.
Peirce, David W. Private
Petty, F. M. 3rd Lieutenant / 1st Lieutenant, age 35.  Became ill about April 9, 1862 and was furloughed home.  Never returned, apparently discharged.  Petty was a Navarro County doctor.
Pickeren, H. W. Private, age 21
Pickeren, W. Private, age 23.  Died Oct 1, 1862 of typhoid
Pierce, Hugh Private
Pierce, J. K. Private.  Got a 30-day furlough on March 9, 1865
Pierce, Lewis Private / Corporal
Pierce, Robert Private
Price, J. H. Private.  Got 50-day leave in 1864
Pursley, William H. 2nd Lieutenant / 1st Lieutenant.   Present on March 1865 muster roll
Rushing, J. N. Private, age 18
Scott, H. A. Private
Scott, Henry B. Private / 2nd Lieutenant, age 24
Self, John R. Private, age 37.  Discharged overage
Smith, John W. THis man may have joined Captain Fouty's company, though he is not on the muster roll.  He is shown as having been captured at the Battle of Pleasant Hill Louisiana, April 9, 1864, Fouty's company was in this battle.
Smith, William A. Private
Starnater, Robert Private
Stroder, William Henry Private, Son of John Stroder.  age 22, 5' 6" dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, born in Adams County, Illinois, occupation farmer.  Discharged February 11, on a disability, but re-enlisted Nov 21, 1863.  On the November / December 1863 muster roll he is shown as sick in Navarro County, having been thrown from a horse about December 15, 1863.  Recovered and was on duty at the mouth of the Red River on July 10, 1864.
Thomas, John Private.  Discharged as overage, but apparently re-enlisted as he is shown as on duty in March, 1865 looking for deserters in Ellis County
Thompson, J. J. Private, Enlisted about February 4, 1864.
Thompson, W. W. Private, age 30
Tindle, J. C. Private, Left Company E and joined Burford's regiment of cavalry
Troup, Florney Private, age 16.  Was on duty guarding bridges and ferries right up to April 1865.
Walling, J. D. Private, age 35, 5' 8" fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, born in Tennessee, occupation carpenter.   Discharged because of illness.  May have been from Dresden.
Walton, Jesse S. Private / Sergeant, age 22.   Re-enlisted in Fouty's company, but the muster roll show no record of him
Welch, Gideon R. Private, age 21, 6' 0"" dark complexion, gray eyes, black hair, born in Green County, Missouri, occupation farmer.   Discharged with kidney and liver problems.
Western, Ames L. Private, age 36.  Discharged as overage
White, James M. Sergeant, age 23
White, J. H. Private, Enlisted at Navarro County on July 3, 1864
White, Osborne S. Private, age 37, 6' 0" light complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair, born in South Carolina, occupation farmer.   Discharged because of a lung condition.
Whittenburg, J. N. Private, Enlisted in Navarro County on April 26, 1865.  Apparently was assigned to Company E from some other unit
Willis, W. E. Private, b. 5/22/1833  d.8/28/1873, bur. Campbell Cemetery. enlisted at age 40, Discharged as overage. also: Beat #1, Navarro County 19th Brigade, under Capt. Elisha Bishop
Wilson, J. J. Private
Wilson, John Wesley Private age 23.  Got a fractured rib December 14, 1863.
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Wilson, Lott Corporal, age 30
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Wilson, Paul Albert Private.  Went into the hospital July 10, 1864
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Wilson, Samuel Private, age 65, 5' 11" light complexion, blue eyes, gray hair, born KY, occupation farmer.  Discharged about March 21, 1862 on account of age.
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Wilson, Thomas J. Private, age 37, Discharged
Cemetery Marker & Biography
Wilson, William T. Private, b. 5/23/1828  d. 3/6/1898,  buried at Grange Hall Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX. Served one year in 3 companies - Melton, Moss, and Bates.  Was stationed at the mouth of the Brazos River. Discharged.  Enlisted at age 36.
Wolf, William Private.  Died at Velascco Oct 8, 1862
Wood, Virgil L. Private, age 33.  Transferred to the artillery about Jan 9, 1863.
Woodward, W. H. Private
Woody, John F. Private, age 28, 5' 5" dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair, born in Bastrop County, Texas, occupation Farmer
York, A. J. Private
York, F. M. Private, Enlisted at Corsicana on Nov 23, 1863
York, J. S. Private
York, Nathan A. Private, age 21
York, Richard G. Private, age 35.  Discharged on account of age, but re-enlisted and served right up to April, 1865.  Was the regimental gunsmith for about three years.

Men From Other Counties in Company E

Unless otherwise indicated all of the following 67 men were privates.  Where the city or county of enlistment is shown on the records, it is indicated.  Most of the others enlisted at Velasco.
Abbott, Lemuel  
Abbott, T.  
Baker, Little B. Sergeant, age 22
Barekman, Alexander age 20
Barnett, J. Freestone Co., TX
Bird, M. H.  
Black, William age 19
Boyd, Robert H. Anderson Co., TX
Brown, Hiram  
Calvert, Robert age 24
Danzy, William age 35
Davis, J. E. Died 1864
Davlin, John  
Donaho, Blackston B. age 19
Esty, John E.  
Floyd, J. V. Grimes Co., TX
Gleisner, Charles Ellis Co., TX
Green, J. G. Died July 11, 1864
Griffin, John F.  
Harris, A. A. age 29, Limestone Co., TX
Hassell, John  
Hodge, James B.  
House, J. M. Ellis Co., TX
James, B. H. Grimes Co., TX
Keaton, Alphonso C. age 34
Keele, James  
King, Elijah G. age 21, Orange Co., TX
King, Rial  
Lamb, Abe. Freestone Co., TX
Lamb, John age 25, Freestone Co., TX
Lamb, Thomas age 21, Freestone Co., TX
McCall, R. W.  
McCollum, Hugh Ellis Co., TX; died Aug 21, 1862
McNeil, Hector Grimes Co., TX
Miller, Frederick P. bugler, age 24
Moore, W. H. Grimes Co., TX
Morgan, Allen age 19
Munson, A.  
Padget, Lewis B. age 35, Died Jan 23, 1862
Patterson, James D. age 23
Ranson, J. R.  
Richmond, W. Rusk Co., TX
Rodgers, P. J.  
Rosss, James H. age 25
Saunders, J. S.  
Sellers, Theoli Ellis Co., TX
Sloan, Robert D. age 35, Limestone Co., TX
Smith, Samuel W. Matagorda Co., TX
Stewart, A. T.  
Strang, Isham  
Tankersley, George W. age 25
Tankersley, James A. age 20
Tankersley, Jesse E. age 22, Died Jan 4, 1862
Tinney, A. J. age 21
Weaver, James P. age 17
Weaver, John R.  
White, George W. age 21
Whitsett, Calvin S. age 26; Died Jan 24, 1862
Wilsmer, J. J. Brazoria Co., TX
Wilson, Albert age 20
Worley, Z. T.  
Wright, Andrew H. age 25
Wright, George W. Palestine Co., TX; Died May 24, 1864
Wright, Sampson Palestine Co., TX
Wright, W. Anderson Co., TX

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