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Rains, M. R. (Mrs) 23105 Husband: Napolean Bonaparte Rains  
Ramsey, E. J. (Mrs) Application Rejected Husband: Seaborn Thomas Ramsey Bur at Hamilton Beeman Cemetery
Ramsey, Mary A. 34060 Husband: Rufus Calvin Ramsey Bur. Rose Hill Cemetery
Oct 14, 1832 - Dec 9, 1907
Randle, George Washington 26350    
Rascoe, Gabriel Hardaman 5078   Garbiel Harrell Rasco [married Frances P. Halbert in Cherokee County (March 22, 1849) ]
Bur. Petty's Chapel Cemetery
Company A, Second Texas Calvary during the Civil War at Rusk, Cherokee Co, TX.
Rawson, Sarah E. 22065 Husband: Robert James Rawson Robert is Bur. Providence Cemetery
Aug 25, 1835 - Jun 2, 1912
Reagan, Eliza P. 05240    
Reddoch, Mattie A. 28757 Husband: James David Reddoch  
Reed, J. R. 47676   Bur. Dawson Cemetery
1833 - Mar 1, 1896
Company A., Jack Company, 1st. Frontier District
Reed, Mollie E. Ritchie 47276 Husband: Henry Washington Ritchie  
Reese, Hugh P. 11066    
Reeve, Richard 7644 Application is missing, but other records indicate application was made. Widow, Destamona, Received Pension #: 16178 Cryer Creek Cemetery
[no dates given]
Reeve, Destamona 16178 Husband: Richard Reeve
Pension #: 7644
Reeves, Martha Ann 12556 Husband: Throdrick S.  
Reeves, T. S. 8774    
Reno, Emma Elizabeth 38879 Husband: James William
Pension #: 10671
Rhoden, Nancy C. 30172 Husband: Blake Rhoden
Rice, L. W. 3146    
Richardson, C. V. (Mrs) 12084 Husband: George W. Richardson  
Richardson, General Lafeyette Application Rejected   Biography; Zion's Rest Cemetery
Richardson, Joseph Ames Trimble 11590   Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
1833 - Dec 26, 1906
Richardson, Mary E. 20243 Husband: Joseph Ames Trimble
Pension #: 11590
Ritter, John Melton 50668 Widow Willie R. Ritter, Received Pension #: 50821 Bur. Dresden Cemetery
Jan 31, 1842 - June 15, 1932
Ritter, Willie R. 50821 Husband: John Melton Ritter
Pension Number: 50668
Robinett, W. H. 08420 Application is missing, but other records indicate application was made  
Rodgers, L. W. T. 28642    
Roebuck, Aaron W. 28677   Wife is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery at Blooming Grove; one unmarked grave by her.
Rogers, Louisa A. 06574 Husband: William Rogers  
Rogers, Lucinda C. 28817 Husband: Stephen Lemuel Rogers Stephen Bur. Old Dawson Family Cemetery
July 4, 1832 - 1909
Lucinda died Jan 4, 1930
Rogers, M. A. (Mrs) 38357 Husband: William Alexander Rogers  
Rogers, Polly Ann 11068 Husband: John Allen Rogers Polly and husband are buried at the New Chatfield Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX
Rogers, Thomas Jefferson 12089    
Roney, William Thomas 24223   St. Elmo Cemetery
Aug 10, 1827 - Oct 15, 1927
Rouse, Narcissa 16179 Husband: John Quincy Rouse John Bur. St. Elmo Cemetery
[no dates given]
Company H., 3rd Florida Infantry
Rowe, R. J. 03145    
Runkle, J. M. 03147    
Runnels, John Calvin 14357    
Rutherford, George Samuel 28719   Bur. Cryer Creek Cemetery
May 27, 1830 - Aug 16, 1916
Lieut. Company K. 10th Mississippi Infantry, Later joined Mississippi Cavalry. He served under Bedfort Forest C.S.A.
Rutledge, Mary Jane 29989 Husband: Lewis Henry Rutledge  
Sanders, W. M. 12092    
Scarborough, J. M. 40731   Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
1847 - 1927
Scoggins, L. M. (Mrs) 45893 Husband: James Russell Scoggins  
Scott, Ella 36950 Husband: Francis Freeman Scott
Pension Number: 25056
Scott, Francis Freeman 25056   Marker Photo at Rice Cemetery
Scott, J. Walter 23711   Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
Jul 6, 1840 - Jun 18, 1916
Commanded 19th Louisana Infantry
Scott, Jane Agnes 49049 Husband: Albert Valdidia Scott  
Scruggs, Tennie 41858 Husband: William Mat Scruggs
Pension #: 24524
Bur Dawson Cemetery
Scruggs, William Mat 24524   Bur. Dawson Cemetery
[no dates on marker]
21st Tennessee Cavalry
Seale, S. A. (Mrs) 43423 Husband: Lewis Issac Seale Lewis Bur. Baptist Cemetery near Bazette
1846 - 1907
Seever, William M. 09735   Biography; Service Records;
Bur Texas State Cemetery in Austin, TX
Sessions, Egbert G. 16170   Bur. Rice Cemetery
11/10/1840 - 10/1913
Company I, 4th Texas Infantry, Winkler's Company in Hood's Brigade.
Settle, James H. 11069    
Shelton, Joseph T. 22838   Jan 5, 1842 - Oct 6, 1921
ObituaryBazette Cemetery
Sherrard, Elizabeth J. 33965 Husband: George Emery Sherrard Obituary of George Emery Sherrard
Simpson, S. Evaline 50900 Husband: Eli A.  
Sims, Mattie F. 30142 Husband: William Franklin Sims  
Singletary, Agnes Antonia 43459 Husband: Madison Monroe Singletary  
Sloan, Lelia F. 46815 Husband: Alexander Calvin Sloan Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
3/31/1843 - 1/30/1906
1st Alabama Cavalry
Smith, A. A. (Mrs) 22189 Husband: Amos Lasley  
Smith, Andrew Jackson (Mrs) 43797 Husband: Andrew Jackson  
Smith, Clara 36743 Husband: John B. Smith  
Smith, D. B. 3152    
Smith, D. W. 22257    
Smith, Elender Ann 49225 Husband: Stephen Sparks Smith  
Smith, Eliza Jane 22073 Husband: Joseph Edward Smith  
Smith, Felix J. 3150    
Smith, Jim (James) Application Rejected    
Smith, John J. 13023   Bur. Grape Creek Cemetery
3/11/1835 - 4/26/1903
Served in Captain Ben McKie's Partizon Rangers in 1862. Served in Arkansas with other companies to form Morgan's Battalion.
Smith, Joseph W. 3154    
Smith, Mary C. 23627 Husband: Samuel Milton Smith  
Smith, S. Eugenia 42247 Husband: Simon Bolivar Smith  
Smith, Sallie C. 23865 Husband: Farquar Rice Smith  
Smyrl, N. C. 13020   Wife of John Kirkley Smyrl who is buried at Rose Hill Cemetey
Soape, Thomas H 22086   Bur. Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
11/13/1844 - 1/11/1923
Sparks, Mary Whitfield 47402 Husband: Titus Clark Sparks  
Speed, George W. 47193   Bur. Kerens Cemetery
4/11/1846 - 4/26/1942
Enlisted in Company B. in Stubbs Battalion, Col. Wood's Brigade. Was guard on Mississippi River
Spence, Elizabeth 16177 Husband: David Ulpon  
Spicer, Nettie 28363 Husband: Johnathan Yerkes Spicer  
Spikes, Andrew Jackson 22307    
Spurger, A. A. (Mrs) 3151 Husband: L. D. Spurger  
Starnes, Amanda M. 30394 Husband: James Russell Starnes  
Steagall, Lenora Application Rejected Husband: Thomas Gardner  
Steel, Sallie E. 29356 Husband: Romulus Augustus Steel Romulus Bur. Midway Cemetery
4/5/1838 - 5/1/1908
C.S.A. marker on grave
Biography, Headstone, & Letter
Stem, M. C. Garrett (Mrs) 50414 Husband: William Enoch Garrett  
Stephenson, Tymoxena 35962 Husband: John Cunningham Transcription
Stewart, B. N. 12090    
Stewart, Edward 823427 UNION ARMY   Transcription

Note the son Thomas Jefferson Stewart he was also in his fathers unit

Stewart, Harris 22445   Bur. Grape Creek Cemetery
6/4/1845 - 8/11/1917
Stewart, John D. 3153    
Stewart, Rachel A. 11586 Husband: Joab Stewart Image of Pension
Joab who went by Joseph Stewart. He came to Corsicana much earlier than Edward, if fact he is in the 1860 census. He married Rachel Thompson who's father J. J. Thompson is listed near by in the 1860 census. The pension states that Joab and Rachel lived in Kerens (Oak Grove) and just prior to Rachel applying for his pension sold their farm near Kerens. Joab and Rachel are buried in Kerens .... Info from: James A. Stewart  Lakewood, Ca
Stewart, Rebecca Jane 39262 Husband: Harris Stewart
Pension #: 22445
Stockard, Hiburnia 46753 Husband: William Newton Stockard Bur. Frost Cemetery
3/17/1814 - 9/8/1920
Stone, Mose L. 19742   Bur. Dawson Cemetery
1846 - 1926
Story, Daniel Monroe 3149   Bur Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
8/16/1831 - 10/2/1906
Company D. 20 Texas Cal. C.S.A.
Story, Laura Benton (Mrs) 30898 Husband: Isaac Adkins Story Isaac Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
1838 - 1898
Stough, Cytha 38917 Husband: John William Stough
Pension #: 37196
Cythia Samantha Rogers
3 September 1853 - 26 October 1934
Dresden Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX: Section E
Stough, John William 37196   John William Stough
C.S.A. Co I 59, Ala Inf
29 November 1845 - 28 February 1923
Dresden Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX Section E
Stovall, John Henry 3148 Wife, Mary E, Received Pension Number: 19170 John Bur. Marshall Cemetery, In a pasture abt 1 mi S.E. of Corbet
Company F. 35 Miss. Infantry C.S.A.
Stovall, Mary E. 19170 Wife of John Henry Stovall. He Received Pension #3148  
Stuart, Lizzie 49736 Husband: William Elisha Stuart  
Summers, Louis 22630   Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
Died: 3/19/1928
Company H [or A?], 8th Georgia Infantry - C.S.A.
Sumner, M. A. (Mrs) 7646 Husband: R. T. Sumner
Pension Number: 3155
Sumner, R. T. 3155    
Tadlock, Susan Emily 23967 Husband: Robert Joshua Tadlock Both Bur at Dresden Cemetery
Talley, C. H. 24099   Columbus H. Talley
Bur. Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, Navarro Co., TX
1838 - 1924 (dates on marker differ)
Biography & Obituary
Talley, Kate Persons 46468 Husband: James Talley Note: Could be James Bardeen Talley, Brother of Columbus Talley
Tankersley, S. J. 29365   David White Cemetery, Pisgah Ridge
1843 - 1918
[Pension #29363 or 29365]
Tarver, Julia F. 28268 Husband: Henry Frederick Tarver  
Taylor, Benjamin Mitchell (Mrs) 32260 Husband: Benjamin Mitchell Taylor  
Taylor, Cassie 22913 Husband: Simeon Taylor  
Taylor, M. A. (Mrs) 24713 Husband: John Lewis Taylor  
Taylor, Simeon 3156    
Taylor, W. H. 27202    
Tekell, M. C. (Mrs) 28253 Husband: Joshual Star  
Terrell, A. D. 28600   Bur. Campbell Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX
Died 2/16/1931
Terry, Frankie Jane 51686a Husband: William Coleman Terry
Pension #: 46929
Terry, William Coleman 46929   Bur. Cade Cemetery
9/9/1845 - 1/25/1936
Thacker, Holius Dixon 16160    
Thomas, W. S. 05082    
Thompson, Mary 25548 Husband: John Neal (recheck)
John Bur. Cryer Creek Cemetery
5/8/1835 - 4/16/1916
Thompson, Mary Ann 22548 Husband: William Franklin Thompson  
Thompson, Sarah 50025 Husband: Robert Johnston Thompson Obituaries for R. J. & Sarah Thompson;
Buried at Dresden Cemetery
Thornton, Sallie 50917 Husband: William B. Thornton  
Thorp, Joseph Paul (Mrs) 51417 Husband: Joseph Paul Thorp received Pension #: 46922 Mollie Meachum.  married in 1872, see Navarro County History, Vol 2, pg 212
Thorp, Joseph Paul 46922 Widow Received Pension #: 51417 Bur. Old Chatfield Cemetery
1847 - 1934
C.S.A. marker on grave
Toal, Mary A. 19940 Husband: Charles Toal Mary Ann (Lovorn) Toal is buried in the Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, Navarro Co., TX; Obituary
Townsend, James Andrew (Mrs) 46898 Husband: James Andrew Townsend James is bur. Oakwood Cemetery
8/7/1836 - 12/7/1918
Captain in Texas Troops
Treadwell, George A. 34815
  Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
1/28/1837 - 8/13/1906
Tucker, J. F. 29643
  Bur. Campbell Cemetery
11/11/1843 - 2/14/1927
Enlisted 1863
Tullos, James Alexander 46709   Bur. Frost Cemetery
10/13/1844 - 1930
Company E. Seventh Texas Cavalry in Sebley's command


Tullos, Lula 48096 Husband: James Alexander Tullos  
Vannort, Sallie J. 30204 Husband: William Rollin v  
Vaughn, James Foley 03157    
Vaughn, Tabitha J. 16159 Husband: James Foley Vaughn
Pension #: 03157
Vaught, Columbus W. 19763    
Vest, George Washington 24306   Bur. Dresden Cemetery
Died: 8/2/1927
Company K, 17th Alabama Cavalry
Vicks, Malisa 22694 Husband: Nathaniel Steen Vicks  
Waits, Emiline Josephine 38764 Husband: Dr. Winfield Scott Waits
Pension Number: 37708
Waits, Winfield Scott -  Dr. 37708 Widow Received Pension #: 38764 Bur. Baptist Cemetery near Kerens
8/29/1847 - 1/12/1923
Walker, German 22300    
Walker, Mary A. 24440 Husband: William Harvey Walker  
Wallace, Laura J. 03158 Husband: Joshua G. Wallace  
Walling, John Newton 23630    
Walters, Martha Jane 13021 Husband: James M. Walters  
Warden, John James 03160    
Warden, Mattie J. 45398 Husband: John James Warden
Pension Number: 03160
Ware, S. A. (Mrs) 13019 Husband: John Henderson Ware  
Ware, Sarah V. 24966 Husband: George Washington Ware  
Watkins, Fannie Kent 47574 Husband: Sandy Boyd Kent  
Watson, David Duncan 3159    
Watterson, J. L. Application Rejected    
Watts, B. F. 50609 Wife: Elizabeth Angeline (Boatfield) Watts Benjamin Franklin Watts;
Bur. Campbell-Elrod Cemetery
1842 - 2/20/1934
Watts, Jacob Andrew 25067    
Watts, Mary E. 41111 Husband: Jacob Andrew Watts
Pension Number: 25067
Watts, Matilda C. 19169 Husband: Benjamin Franklin Watts  
Weaver, Mary L. 28459 Husband: John Simeon Weaver  
Webb, Ann 22015 Husband: Milton B. Webb
Pension Number: 13882
Webb, Milton B. 13882   Bur. Richland Cemetery
2/7/1836 - 10/17/1912
Webster, Abram Perry 42202 Widow, Ann, Received Pension Number: 22015 Bur. Baptist Cemetery
9/7/1845 - 2/6/1933
Company A., 8th Mississippi Regiment
Webster, Minnie C. Application Rejected Husband: Abram Perry Webster
Pension Number: 42202
Weems, Andrew George 24383    
Welch, Darius Scott 3163    
Wells, B. I. Application Rejected    
Wells, Susan E. 6568 Husband: Columbus Wells  
West, S. H. (Mrs) 31226 Husband: Samuel Houston West
Pension Number: 23629
West, Samuel Houston 23629 Widow Drew Pension Number: 31226 Bur. New Chatfield Cemetery
3/21/1845 - 2/21/1916
C.S.A. marker on grave
Westbrook, J. W. 3162    
White, Harvey 24850   Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
2/20/1827 - 12/5/1915
White, Rachel Emily 40170 Husband: James Madison White  
White, Rebecca E. 10712 Husband: Ezekial White  
White, William R. 18656   Bur. Cosgrove Cemetery
6/21/1834 - 9/23/1908
Company C. 19th Texas Cavalry
C.S.A. marker on grave
White, Zach 13880    
Whitfield, J. J. 12091    
Whorton, Mattie S. 50536 Husband: James Tennison Whorton Bur. Rose Hill Cemetery
1846 - 1929
Wilkinson, Lizzie 47534 Husband: Isaac Newton Wilkinson Isaac Bur. Dresden Cemetery
6/22/1840 - 9/3/1920
Willeford, M. D. 9085    
Willeford, M. J. (Mrs) 6569 Husband: A. J. Willeford  
Williams, A. J. 18204   Dresden Cemetery
Feb 29, 1847 - July 24, 1916
[ Obituary
Williams, George Washington (Mrs) 41590 Husband: George Washington Williams Grange Hall Cemetery
1844 - 1921
[Pension #41590 approved for his widow which was his second wife. His first wife, Cassie, died in 1899]
Williams, Henry Thomas 3161 Wife: Martha Jane (Thomas) Lindsey-Williams. Her first husband Arthur Jones Lindsey was killed in the CSA. C.S.A. Arkansas 2nd Inf. Co. G
12 Mar 1832 - 4 Nov 1916
Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, Navarro Co. TX
Williams, J. R. 18205   Notes: died on 2/26/1923 in Olney, Young Co, TX and is buried in True Cemetery, Young Co TX
Williams, James R. 40839    
Williams, M. A. (Mrs) 50729 Husband: Mereman Rogers  
Williams, M. Jane 41294 Husband: Hardy Brook Williams  
Williams, Martha J. 24935 Husband: Robert Jackson Williams  
Williams, Martha Jane 33538 Husband: Henry Thomas Williams
Pension Number: 03161
Martha Jane (Thomas) Lindsey/Williams
Dec 1841 - 14 Aug 1923
Prairie Grove Cemetery, Emmett, Navarro Co. TX
(no marker)
Williams, Mary A. 14355 Husband: William Williams  
Williams, Octavia Alice 34712 Husband: James Madison Williams James Bur. Richland Cemetery
5/9/1840 - 1/19/1913
[His Widow, Octavia, Received Pension #34712, she died April 1927]
Williamson, W. J. 25599    
Wills, John Murphy Vaughn, MD 42699 Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
Wills, Julia Lacy 51147 Husband: John Murphy Vaughn Wills
Pension Number: 42699
Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
3/17/1847 - 3/8/1933
Georgia Troops. He was a prisoner of war in Ohio
Wilson, Amanda E. 16208 Husband: William Oscar Wilson  
Wilson, C. H. 5819   Bur. Cryer Creek Cemetery
11/5/1840 - 3/18/1912
Enlisted in the war from Cass County
Wilson, J. Mac 10172   Bur. Frost Cemetery
1832 - 1912
Winn, David Hinchey 25027   Bur. Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
2 Lieut. Company C, 50th Tenn Infantry C.S.A.
Witherspoon, Hezekiah Ford (Mrs) 43271 Husband: Hezekiah Ford Witherspoon See Navarro County History, Vol 2, pg 214

H. Ford is Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
1834 - 1894
Surgeon in Stonewall Jackson's army

Wooldridge, C. J. Application Rejected    
Wooten, W. R. Application Rejected    
Workman, R. C. Abernathy (Mrs) 43913 Husband: Charles Dickson Abernathy  
Wright, Andrew J. 12558    
Wright, Eva Lois 41873 Husband: Robert James
Pension Number: 37398
Wright, Robert James 37398    
Yarbrough, Lucy 45454 Husband: Thomas Yarbrough
Pension Number: 30106
Yarbrough, Sarah M. 35300 Husband: John Tildie Yarbrough
Pension Number: 22462
Yarbrough, Thomas 30106 Widow, Lucy, Received Pension Number: 45454 Bur. Oakwood Cemetery
12/21/1842 - 4/25/1922
Yearout, W. L. 14358    
York, James S. 3164    

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