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Crespo, Oliver E. - Lieut.

Lieut. Oliver E. Crespo, 26, U. S. Army Air Forces, C-47 pilot, veteran of 19 months overseas service, has arrived in Corsicana from the European Theater of Operations on a 25 day leave and will spend the holidays with his wife, Mrs. Mary E. Crespo, 418 West Fifth avenue.
Receiving his primary training at Corsicana Field, a member of class 43-a, arriving here in July 1942, Lieut. Crespo went overseas May 7, 1943.  He has participated in the Sicilian, Italian, French and Holland invasions.
"When we carried the paratroopers into Holland the people in the fields and villages were waving a greeting to us - we were flying very low and could se them clearly," the officer stated adding "these people made a deep impression on me - they were really glad to see us.

Holt, Zollie T. - Pvt.

IN FRANCE - Pvt. Zollie T. Holt, age 37, U. S. Army infantry, is somewhere in France, according to a letter received by his wife.  Entering the Army, April 6, 1944, Pvt. Holt trained at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas; Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, and was in New York before leaving for his overseas assignment.  Prior to entering the armed forces, Pvt. Holt was an employee of the Corsicana Cotton Mills for more than 19 years.   His wife and two sons, Jack and Zollie, Jr. reside at 718 South Main Street.

Frost, Clifford Alton - 2nd Lt.

MARINE OFFICER - Clifford Alton Frost, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charley C. Frost, Wortham, Route 1. has been commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps and assigned to active duty.  He is taking his operational training in Hollywood, Fla., after graduating from an advanced flight training school at Pensacola, Fla.  Lt. Frost graduated from Wortham High School and attended the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.

Haynes, T. G. - Sgt.

WITH 36th IN FRANCE - Sgt. T. G. Haynes, 31, is with the 36th Division fighting in France, according to information received by his wife, Mrs. Thelma Haynes, 923 West Fifteenth avenue.  Entering the service in February 1941, Sgt. Haynes has been overseas since April 1943.  He landed on the beaches at Salerno Sept 9, 1943 and participated in the Italian campaign.  He took part in the initial landings in Southern France August 15, 1944.  Prior to enlistment he was employed at the Vaughn Service station.

Carroll, Buddy Dorwyn - Pfc.

WOUNDED IN ACTION - Pfc. Buddy Dorwyn Carroll, 19, U.S. Army, Infantry, was slightly wounded in action, Dec. 15, in Germany, according to a war department telegram received by his parents Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Carroll of Angus.  A graduate of Richland High School in 1942, Pvt. Carroll entered the armed forces April 6, 1944, and arrived overseas in October.  A brother, Pvt. Loyd H. Carroll is stationed with the U.S. Army Air Forces at Larado Texas.

Jackson, Avery Tatum

COMMISSIONED - Avery T. Jackson, son of Lt. Col. and Mrs. John J. Garner, 617 South Eighteenth Street, Corsicana, has successfully completed his flight training at the Army Air Forces Pilot School, Luke Field Arizona.  At graduation, ceremonies August 30, he received the Army Air Corps silver wings and a second lieutenant's commission in the Army Air Corps. Reserve.  He received his preflight training at Santa Ana, Calif., and pilot training with Army Flying Units at Oxnard and Lemoore Fields Calif.  He attended Texas A & M College and Corsicana High School.

Holloway, Emery Green - Lieut.

SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE - Lieut. Emery Green Holloway, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Holloway, 1033 West Sixth Avenue, is serving with the U.S. Army somewhere in France.  Lieut. Holloway trained with a Tank Destroyer division at Camp Hood but was transferred to a supply division when he went overseas.  He served in North Africa before going to France.  He is a graduate of the Corsicana High school and attended Hillsboro Junior College before entering the armed services.  He has been overseas 14 months.

Bohmfall, Erwin F. - Lt.

RECEIVES WINGS - Lt. Erwin F. Bohmfalls, 20, has completed the advanced pilot course of the Army Air Force Training Command and was given his wings and commissioned a second lieutenant at graduation exercises held recently at La Junta Army Air Field Colo.  He was trained to pilot the Mitchell two-engine bombers.  He is the son of Rev. and Mrs. E. F. Bohmfalk, 304 North Fifteenth street.  Rev. Bohmfalk is the pastor of the First Methodist Church.

Hopwood, Dan Lee - S-1-C

OVERSEAS - Dan Lee Hopwood, S-1-C, 19, enclosed the above photograph of himself taken in North Africa in a recent letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hopwood, Corsicana. Seaman Hopwood was employed by Western Union before joining the Navy in December, 1942.   He has been in North Africa one year this month.  Two brothers, Pvt. Roy Hopwood, is seeing action the Italian theater, and S. Sgt. E. M. Hopwood, Jr., is stationed in England.

Bickerstaff, Clyde - T-Sgt.

IN ENGLAND - T-Sgt Clyde Bickerstaff, U. S. Army Air Forces, radio-gunner, is now stationed in England according to information received by his mother, Mrs. Lula Bickerstaff of Dallas, formerly of Corsicana.  Sgt. Bickerstaff was heard in a broadcast from England last Sunday.  The radio-gunner was a reporter with the Corsicana Daily Sun when he enlisted in the armed forces several years ago.

Phinny, John A. - Pfc.

ARRIVES IN FRANCE - Pfc. John A. Phinny, 33, U. S. Army, infantry, has arrived safely over seas and is now serving in France according to information received by his wife, Mrs. J. A. Phinny, 929 North Thirteenth street.  He entered the service December 3, 1942.   Phinny writes that he hopes to see his two brothers, Sgt. Hugh S. Phinny and Pvt. Luther R. Phinny also with the combat troops in France.

Caton, Buel H. - Pfc.

IN ENGLAND - Pfc. Buel H. Caton with the U. S. Army Engineers, has arrived safely in England, according to a letter received from him by his family here.  Pvt. Caton entered the armed services Feb 22, 1944, and took his basic training at Camp Hood, Texas and Camp McCoy, Wis., and in New York.  He wrote that he was getting along fine.   His wife and four children and his father, T. B. Caton reside here.

Spencer, Thomas M. - Pfc.

RETURNS FROM ALEUTIANS - Pfc. Thomas M. Spencer, 24, U. S. Army,Infantry, veteran of 28 months service in the Aleutians, is now home on a 21 day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Spencer, 319 West Tenth avenue.  Entering the service Feb. 11, 1942, Spencer went overseas May 11, 1942.  He attended the Hillsboro high school. At the completion of his furlough he will report to Camp Swift for reassignment.

Franks, Marion - Pfc.

WOUNDED - Pfc. Marion Franks, 24, one of those who landed in France on D-Day, was wounded in the right arm and hand July 28, and is now home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Franks, Rice, on a 30-day furlough from McCloskey General Hospital, Temple.  Before entering the armed forces Pvt. Franks was employed in the Goldman store here.  After being wounded he was sent to England in October and to the States Oct.18, arriving at McCloskey October 23. Joining the army February 10,1940, he was at Camp Bullis, Texas; Fort Douglas, Utah, where he trained as a mountain trooper; Fort Benning, Ga.; and received training with airborne troops at Fort Sam Houston.  He served at Camp McCoy, Wis., in the winter of 1942 and took Ranger training in 1943, sailing for overseas where he was a military police five months in Ireland, and then invasion training in South Wales.  He was among those hitting the French coast in June.  His hand and fingers were paralyzed but are responding to treatment Nerves in the arm where spliced by the medical authorities.

Lynch, Tom - Sgt.

IN SOUTHERN ITALY - Sgt. Tom Lynch, 21, U. S. Army Air Forces, armored-gunner on a B-24, Fifteenth Air Corps, is now stationed in Southern Italy where he has completed seven missions over enemy occupied territory, according to information received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Young, Barry.  Entering the service February 1942, he has been overseas since August 1944.  Sgt. Lynch completed basic at San Antonio, attended armor school at Denver, Colo., and won his gunnery wings at Laredo.  He completed his crew training at Walla Walla, Wash.  A graduate of the Barry high school he also attended the Hillsboro Junior College.


White, Jack - Staff Sgt.

DECORATED - Staff Sgt. Jack White, U. S. Army, has been awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action in France August 20, and the Purple Heart Decoration for wounds received in action in Germany September 20 according to information received from the war department by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe White, Richland.  He was hit in the leg and foot by shrapnel and is making normal improvement, according to the latest information received from a hospital in England where he was sent.  A veteran of 28 months overseas service, Sgt. White participated in the invasion of North Africa, France, Belgium and Germany.  He volunteered for service in January 1940.  A brother, Pvt. J. D. White is with the United States Marine Corps.

Jackson, Felix R. - Pfc.

IN NORTH AFRICA - Pfc. Felix R. Jackson, U. S. Army, stationed in North Africa, has recently been promoted to the rank of corporal, according to information received recently.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Jackson, Mildred, and is a graduate of the Mildred high school.  Enlisting in the Army in December 1941 he has been in North Africa since Feb. 1, 1943.  In letters to his parents he says he is getting along fine and enjoys reading the Semi-Weekly Light.  An older brother, Staff Sgt. Wm. C. Jackson, USMC, stationed at San Diego, Calif., is now at home on furlough.

Croft, William Jr. - 1st Lt.

RECEIVES AWARD - First Lieut. William Croft, Jr., 23, now stationed somewhere in England was recently awarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement" while participating in combat missions, according to information received by his mother, Mrs. Alma Croft, 329 South Thirty-first street.  A 1939 graduate of the Corsicana high school he received his wings Jan. 4, 1943 at Williams Field, Ariz.  He has been overseas for the past three months and is first pilot on a B-24.

DECORATED - First Lieut. William Croft, Jr., 24, U. S. Army Air Forces, B-24, pilot has completed in excess of 35 missions over enemy occupied continental Europe and has been decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters, according to a letter dated July 8, from somewhere in England, received by his mother, Mrs. Alma Croft, 329 South Thirty-first street.  He has been overseas since January 1, 1944.  A 1939 graduate of the Corsicana high school, Lieut. Croft received his wings at Williams Field, Ariz. January 4, 1943.

Hobbs, Richard L. - Capt.

Marine Corps Air Depot. Miramar, California, May 9 - Marine Captain Richard L. Hobbs, 24, fighter pilot, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Hobbs, of Rice Texas, recently arrived here after completing 101 missions against Japanese forces in the South Pacific.

Captain Hobbs was awarded the Air Medal for his exploits in the Bougainville campaign, during which he strafed an enemy destroyer and strategic gun positions at Kahili.  He completed three tours of combat duty while overseas with the well-known "Flying Deuces" Marine fighter squadron.  He was a first lieutenant when awarded the Air Medal and has since been promoted to captain.  Operating from Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville, which he had previously assisted in wrestling from the JAPS, he got his only Zero February 13, over Rabaul, while flying with the escort for dive and torpedo bombers.

"After the bombers had completed their mission, we were returning to our rendezvous when I spotted a Zero glued to the tail of a Corsair," said Captain Hobbs in describing the aerial battle.
"Immediately, I pressed the attack and squeezed off a long burst that ripped into the Zero's wingroots and cock-pit.  The pilot probably was hit because the plane nosed over and crashed into the water."
During a fighter sweep over Raubaul, Captain Hobbs had a taste of near disaster when his plane was so badly riddled by enemy bullets that he was obliged to withdraw from the aerial battle.

"The Jap pilots gave a good account of themselves that day," he said.   "My plane was pierced throughout the fuselage and wings by 20-mm. shells and smaller stuff.  Luckily, I eluded them by hiding in a heavy cloud bank.  I managed to fly the crippled plane home even though the instrument panel was shot up."
Captain Hobbs revealed that his most recent encounter with the enemy occurred during the Japanese thrust at Empress Augusta Bay on March 8.  He was in his plane, preparing to take off on a dawn patrol, when the first enemy shell plowed into the runway, sending shrapnel into the left wing and fuselage.

"I left the cockpit in a hurry," he said, "and jumped into a nearby hole, remaining there while 28 shells exploded on or near the airfield."  Captain Hobbs, a Texas A and M. College graduate, won his wings and was  commissioned at Corpus Christi, in December 1942.  He was promoted to his present rank last January.

Rutherford, Marlin H. - Master Sgt.

IN FRANCE - Master Sergeant Marlin H. Rutherford, 30, U. S. Army ordnance, is now in France with the invasion army according to a letter recently received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Rutherford, 1802 West Second avenue.  He says that he is feeling fine and that "we are still keeping them rollin'." Sgt. Rutherford has been in ordinance since March 1941, and has been overseas for the past 19 months with a heavy automatic maintenance company as general supervisor of mechanics.  He has been awarded the Good Conduct Medal and certificate for meritorious conduct, fidelity, and efficiency in exact performance of duty in the military service of the United States Army while at War.

Lumsden, James Frank - Major

IN SICILY INVASION - Major J. F. Lumsden, U. S. Air Forces, Corsicana, participated in the invasion of Sicily, according to letters received by relatives here.  "It was quite a show, came through O.K., and now that Italy is about to fold up, maybe I can see Europe or at least Rome." the Major writes.  Lumsden was with the American Air Lines flying a passenger plane from New York to Boston when he re-entered the service.   He received his wings at Kelly Field, attended Rice Institute and Centenary and is a graduate of Corsicana High School.  He is a nephew of Lowry and Boyce Martin.

Lumsden, J. Frank - Lieut. Col.
DECORATED IN FRENCH INVASION - Frank Lumsden, U.S. Army, headquarters, troop carrier group, stationed somewhere in England, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross "in recognition of heroism and extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight against the enemy on the nights of 5 and 6 June, 1944, and during the daylight hours of 6 and 7 June 1944," according to a copy of the citation received by an uncle, Boyce Martin, Corsicana.
Col. Lumsden was reared in Corsicana and was a captain and star athlete at Corsicana High School, later attending college.  He has been in the U. S. Army Airforces for several years and prior to being recalled to active duty, was a pilot on a civilian airlines route several years.
The citation further stated:
"During the initial phase of military operations in Northern France, XXXXXX served with unusual distinction as troop carrier aerial leaders.  The courage skill and technical proficiency displayed ***** brilliant leadership of fleets of unarmed and unarmored troop carrier aircraft at minimum altitudes and air speeds, over water, through unfavorable weather conditions, and into the face of determined enemy opposition where no evasive action was possible, resulted in the effective and eminently successful dispatch of airborne troops and equipment upon critical pin-point, objectives effectively to discharge missions of importance to the opening phase of military operations on the continent.'
Col. Lumsden has been overseas 15 months.
The citation was issued by command of Lieutenant General Brereton.

McGlothlin, William C., Jr.

WEST POINT GRADUATE - Among the cadets graduating from the United States Military Academy this June is William C. McGlothlin, Jr., son of Mrs Roma D. McGlothlin of Corsicana.   Receiving his appointment to West Point from Representative Luther A. Johnson, Sixth Texas District.  William graduated from Kemper Military School, Boonville, Mo. During his first class year here, he was made a cadet lieutenant.  He turned out for football and was captain of the Army Boxing team that won the Eastern Intercollegiate Boxing Tournament this year.  When graduated, he will be commissioned in the Air Corps.

Simcik, John C. - 1st Lt.

SIMCIK IS CAPTIVE - First Lt. John C. Simcik, 23, who was reported missing in action Aug 28 in France, now is a prisoner of the German Government, his parents Mr. and Mrs. John C. Simcik, of 916 North Twenty Seventh street, were informed Nov. 30.  Lieutenant Simcik, who was with the army engineers, entered the service in March, 1942, and had been overseas since March, 1944.  He is a graduate of Waco High School.

McGill, William L.

William L. McGill above, is now on leave of absence in order to undertake a special war mission for the American Red Cross.  He has been assigned to overseas duty.
In an announcement issued at Austin recently, Governor Coke Stevenson said: "The American Red Cross has asked the State of Texas to release the services of Mr. McGill in order that he may be sent on an important war assignment.  This is the type of request which can hardly be refused, although for the time involved, the state will be deprived of the services of a most valuable public service."
"As Mr. McGill goes on duty, it will be source of pride to the state to have him carry the formal title of State Defense Coordinator for Texas - on leave for this particular purpose - and there fore, I shall not designate anyone to succeed him," the governor said.
In a letter to the board and the president of the University of Texas, Governor Stevenson said: "I take this opportunity to congratulate the University on the significant contribution which it has made to the state and to the nation's war effort in providing Mr. McGill's services."
It was also announced that at McGill's request the leave of absence from the University had been approved by the Department of Journalism by President Homer P. Rainey and by the University Board of Regents.
The University of Texas assigned McGill to duty in the Executive Department of the state on February 1, 1940, as a representative of the institution in a statewide resources program.
McGill is a graduate of the Corsicana high school and the University of Texas.  His mother, Mrs. J. W. McGill 1451 West Second avenue Corsicana, is now temporarily residing at Austin.

Tomlin, Aubrey C. - T-Sgt.

In an impressive review ceremony conducted at the Chatham Army Air Field, Savannah, Georgia, the Commanding General of the First Bomber Command, Brigadier General Caleb V. Haynes, presented Technical Sgt. Aubrey C. Tomlin of Emhouse, Texas with a bronze Oak-Leaf Cluster in lieu of an additional Air Medal.  The citation for this award spoke of "participation in aerial flights on combat operational missions which were of a hazardous nature.  Flights in which enemy opposition was encountered or during which an area was traversed where enemy anti air craft fire was effective or where enemy fighter patrols were habitually encountered.  Previous recognition that he has received makes his record one for emulation; his accomplishments are a credit to himself and the Army Air Force."
A veteran of twenty-five heavy bomber strike sorties in the South West Pacific Theatre, Sergeant Tomlin's outfit was stationed at Henderson Field on Guadalcanal in the Solomons.   Operating from this base, Tomlin in his capacity as aerial radio operator and gunner, made several bombing attacks on Japanese installations at such points as Velia Lavella, Bougainville, Burks, and Nauru.
Prior to entering the armed services, Sergeant Tomlin attended Baylor University, Waco, Texas.

Leonard, George Jr. - Staff Sgt.

Staff Sgt. George Leonard, Jr., 421 West Collin street, has recently flown his 50th mission as a waist gunner in a 15th Air Force Flying Fortress Squadron operating from an advanced base in Italy and has arrived in the United States, according to information received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Leonard, Sr.
Entering the service in September 1942, Sgt. Leonard received his gunner's wings at Kingman Ariz. going overseas in May 1944.  He has participated in aerial attacks on enemy installations in Germany, France, Austria, Italy and the Balkan countries.
Sgt. Leonard has been authorized to wear the Good Conduct Medal, the European-African and Middle Eastern Theatre of Operations Campaign Ribbon with two Battle Stars and the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters.
His wife, Sgt. Jerry Leonard, WAC, is now stationed at Ft. DeMoines, Iowa.  Previous to entering the service he was employed by the North American Aviation Co., in California.

Smith, Vernon L. - Sgt.

Sgt. Vernon L. Smith, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Smith, of 1405 North Thirteenth street and husband of the former Miss Doris Mitchell, who resides with her parents at 2807 Speight avenue, were informed Nov. 30, by the war department that Sgt. Smith has been missing in action over Germany since Nov. 16.  He has been in the army air corps since his graduation from Baylor university on May 9, 1942.  He has served as a radio gunner on a B-24 in Italy since Sept. 17, 1944.

Pittillo, James Mack - Pfc.

Pfc. James Mack Pittillo, 20, was slightly wounded in France Nov. 16, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mack Pittillo, of 2605 Colonial avenue, were informed by the war department Thursday.  Private Pittillo is a graduate of Waco High school and a former student of Baylor university.  He entered the service in May 1942, and was stationed at the University of Nebraska with the ASTP for nine months as an interpreter, before going overseas in September of this year.  He is now serving with the Seventh Army in France.

Note: (1902-1962)buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Waco, McLennan Co., TX

Herrera, Frank - T-5

T-5 Frank Herrera, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Florentino Y. Herrera, 406 North Fifth street has been missing in action since November 10 in France, a telegram from the war department informed his parents.  Herrera is in a medical detachment and has been overseas since April 25, 1944.

Williams, Otho - Pvt.

IN ENGLAND - Pvt. Otho Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Williams, Corsicana, Route 3, has landed safely in England, according to a message received by his parents.  Pvt. Williams entered the service April 6, 1944 and trained at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Ark.; Camp George G. Mead, Md., and Camp Pritchett, Va., before going overseas.  Before entering the services he was employed by a roofing company in Houston.  His wife and two sons, Chester and Jerry Dan, reside at 621 South Fourteenth street, Corsicana.   He attended Corsicana High School.

Watkins, George Alvin

COMMISSIONED -- George A. Watkins, son of Mr. and Mrs George W. Watkins of Corsicana, Texas, received his wings recently when he graduated as a second lieutenant from the Marfa AAF Pilot School, it was announced by Col. Donald B. Phillips, commanding officer. Lieutenant Watkins was commissioned upon completion of his course in training in twin-engine planes. He was assigned here from Polaris Flight Academy, Lancaster, California. Lieutenant Watkins graduated from Emhouse high school in 1939.

INJURED IN CRASH - Second Lieut. George A. Watkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Watkins, Emhouse, was one of three seriously injured when a B-24 Liberator Bomber crashed while attempting an emergency landing near Colorado Springs Saturday night.  Five of the eight man crew were killed.  A 1939 graduate of the Emhouse high school, Lieut. Watkins recently received his wings and was commissioned at the Marfa AAF Pilot School.

Willis, John Claud

SUB VET OF TWO WARS - John Claud Willis, 50, petty officer, first class, USN, recently visited relatives in Corsicana and neighboring communities on furlough from his duties as an instructor in New London, Connecticut, submarine base and school.  After serving four years on a submarine during the time of World War I, he was recalled two years ago by the Navy from his job with an oil company in California.  Willis formerly resided in Corsicana.  He wears Asiatic and African campaigns, a victory, life-saving, and expert rifleman bars.  He visited his sisters, Mrs. W. E. Watwood, Corsicana; Mrs. A. Howard, Ennis, and Mrs. E. L. Martin.  Angus and brothers H. A. Willis, Mexia, and Scott Willis, Corsicana.

Hamilton, Wm. W. - Capt.

BADLY BURNED - Capt. Wm. W. Hamilton, 26, tank forces, seriously burned and wounded May 12, while fighting with Gen. Joe Stilwell's Chinese American forces in North Burma is now getting along fine at a general hospital in India according to a letter received from her husband by Mrs. Patricia McGlothlin Hamilton.  The letter was dated May 16.  The captain said that the nurse was writing the letter he was getting along fine and there was nothing to worry about.  The officer has been overseas for the past eight months serving in the China-Burma-India theater of operations.

Collins, Richard

PROMOTED - Richard Collins, 18, U. S. Navy, has been advanced to petty officer third class, according to information received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Collins, Gainesville.  He has been in the Navy over a year and is a radar man aboard ship in the Pacific Theater of Operations.  His parents, before their marriage, were residents of the Navarro community.

Bunch, Houston (Chuck) - Sgt.

MARINE HOME - Sgt. Houston (Chuck) Bunch, United States Marine Air Corps. has returned to the States after overseas duty, according to a telegram and telephone message received by his wife here.  Sgt. Bunch entering the services in March, 1942, and has been overseas for the past 26 months.  He will be home on furlough within a few days.


PROMOTED - Cpl. Houston Bunch, U. S. Marine Air Corps. has recently been promoted to the rank of sergeant, according to information received here.  After completing special training at A. and M. College, Sgt. Bunch was sent to Hawaii where he has been stationed since September 1942.  His wife, the former Miss Allie Mae Shipp resides in Corsicana.  He is the son of Charles Bunch, Oglesby, Texas. Sgt. Bunch attended the Corsicana high school prior to his entering the service in March 1942.

Howard, Jack D. - Pvt.

OVERSEAS - Pvt. Jack D. Howard, U. S. Army Medical Corps, has written his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Howard, Corsicana, that he has arrived safely in England and is doing fine.   Prior to entering the service April 23, 1943, he attended the Corsicana schools and was employed at the Corsicana Cotton Mills. Pvt. Howard entered training at Camp Barkeley but was stationed at Camp Bowie before leaving for overseas duty.  In his letter the soldier expressed much pleasure at meeting another Corsicana boy, Lynn Moses. Pvt. Howard's wife and baby son, Jackie Gene, are making their home at Kerens with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Tapley, for the duration.

Hopwood, Roy M. - Pvt.

Pvt. Roy M. Hopwood, 26, with the 36th Division, has been overseas over two years and has participated in all of the campaigns in which this famous division made history.  The son of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hopwood, 1101 North Commerce street, he was a member of a local.   National Guard Unit when mobilized and federalized in Nov. 1940.  He attended the Corsicana high school and prior to enlistment was in the employ of the Thomas Electric Company.  Two brothers in the service are: Cpl E. M. Hopwood, QMC, now serving in France, and Dan Lee Hopweed, s-1-c, U. S. Navy, in North Africa.

Holditch, Murray W. - Tech. Sgt.

DECORATED - Tech. Sgt. Murray W. Holditch, 20, U. S. Army Air Forces, has been awarded the Air Medal for exceptionally meritorious achievement during bombing missions over Germany and occupied Europe according to information received from an Eighth AAF bomber station somewhere in England.  Top turret gunner on a Flying Fortress, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Holditch, Blooming Grove.  Prior to entering the service Sgt. Holditch was employed as a ship yard worker.

Moore, Aubrey Lee, Col.

NOMINATED GENERAL - Col. Aubrey Lee Moore, 42, U. S. Army Air Forces, of Hubbard was nominated Friday by President Roosevelt to be a brigadier general, according to Associated Press dispatches from Washington.  A native of Emmett, Navarro county, General Moore graduated from Hubbard High and Texas A. & M. College.  He entered the U. S. Army Air Forces in 1926 and at the present time is overseas, stationed at Calcutta, India.   He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Moore of Hubbard.  General Moore frequently visits friends and relatives in Corsicana.  His wife resides at Hillsboro.


DECORATED - Brig. Gen. Aubry L. Moore recently awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, in a simple ceremony at Headquarters of the 10th USAAF, is pictured above as Major General Howard C. Davidson, commanding general of the Tenth, presents the award.   Gen. Moore, chief of staff, is a native of Navarro County being born at Emmett.   A graduate of A. & M. College, he received his wings and commission as a second lieutenant in 1928.

General Moore Is Now Commander Goodfellow Field

SAN ANGELO. Jan. 14—(AP)—In a colorful ceremony participated in by Maj. Gen. James P. Hodges, commanding the flying division air training command at Randolph Field, Gen. Aubry L. Moore, native of Emmett, Navarro county, recently of Williams  Field, assumed command Tuesday of Goodfellow Field here.  He succeeds Col. John E. Gullette, commanding officer since July, 1946.

The field was recently reactivated and 90 officers and 475 enlisted men already have arrived.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - Wednesday, January 14, 1948


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Gorman, Jesse Albert - Pvt.

ARRIVED OVERSEAS - Pvt. Jesse Albert Gorman, U. S. Army Infantry has arrived safely overseas and is now somewhere in France according to letters received by his wife, Mrs. Juanita Gorman of Corsicana.  A letter was received last week telling of arriving in England and this week another letter said he was somewhere in France.  A machinist at the American Well and Prospecting Company before entering the armed Forces March 6, 1944, Pvt. Gorman at one time was a barber.  His wife and two small children reside here while his mother, Mrs. R. M. Gorman is a resident of Roane.

WOUNDED IN ACTION - Pfc. Jessie A. Gorman, 28, U. S. Army, infantry, was seriously wounded in action in Germany December 21, according to information from the war department received by his wife, Mrs. Juanita Gorman, 124 Maie Avenue.  Prior to entering the service March 6, 1944, he was employed at the American Well and Prospecting Company.   His mother, Mrs. R. M. Gorman, is a resident of Roane, where he attended school.

Frederick, John Watts Jr.

J. W. Frederick, Jr.
J. W. Frederick, Jr. F1/C, son of Mr. and Mrs. Watts Frederick, is now one of Uncle Sam's Seabees.  He joined the Seabees in July, and was stationed at Camp Peary, Virginia for several months. He is now stationed at Fort Hueneme, California. J. W. graduated from Blooming Grove High school last May and was an honor student.

Blooming Grove Times - December 24, 1941

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