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Bills, Ralph Carmack

(Caption under picture) - Second Lt. Ralph C. Bills, aged 22, U.S. Airforce, bagged a Jap Zero plane in fighting in the New Guinea area ... Lt. Bills is a native of Navarro County, a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. (Pete) Bills of Spring Hill.  He is a graduate of Dawson High School and Texas A and M College and was with the State AAA offices in Bryan two years before joining the air force in November, 1941.

OAK LEAF CLUSTERS - First Lieut. Ralph Carmack Bills of Dawson has been awarded Oak Leaf Cluster in lieu of an additional award of the air medal by Lieut. General George C. Kenny, commander of the Allied air forces in the Southwest Pacific, according to a press dispatch of Thursday.
Lieut. Bills won his decoration for meritorious achievement while participating in an aerial flight over Hans Bay, New Guinea in April, 1943.  He had previously been cited and decorated for shooting down several Japanese planes late in 1942.
A graduate of Dawson high school and Texas A. and M. College, Lieut. Bills is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bills of Spring Hill.

Berry, WM. T

PEARL HARBOR, T. H., "When that bullet hit me it felt as if a bunch of bumblebees had been turned loose in my chest," reported Marine Private First Class William T. Berry, back from the Marshalls and now recovering in a Naval hospital here.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Berry of 207 Byine street, Houston, Texas, and formerly of Dawson, Texas, the young Leatherneck was a member of an aviation ground crew which landed in an amphibian tractor with the third wave. "Enemy sniper and machine gun fire was heavy as we crawled up the beach," he related.  "I was about ten yards from the water when a bullet plowed into the side of my chest.  It went right through and hit the Marine next to me.  I was lucky.  The slug just missed my heart, but the other Marine was killed instantly."
A corpsman helped the young Texan to an aid station where he received several pints of blood plasma.  "That's wonderful stuff", he grinned.  "IT saved my life.  I'm donating a pint of my blood as soon as I can.  They're welcome to all they want out of me."
Private First Class Perry originally is from Dawson where he attended Dawson high and won letters in football and basket ball.

Wood, Edgar - Sgt

Staff Sgt Edgar Wood, 20, U. S. Army Air Force, tail gunner on a B-24 Fifteenth Air Force stationed in Italy, has completed 50 missions over enemy occupied territory and is now en route home, according to information received by his mother, Mrs. E. D. Wood, 600 North Commerce street.  Sgt. Wood has been decorated with the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters for "meritorious achievements in aerial flight while participating in sustained operational activities against the enemy".  A 1941 graduate of the State Home high  school he entered the service in Nov. 1942, and has been overseas since May 1944.

Baldwin, Woodrow W. - Staff Sergeant

With the 37th Infantry Division Somewhere in the Southwest Pacific Area - Awarded the Silver Star for"gallantry in action" on Hill 129, Bougainville Island, Staff Sergeant, Woodrow W. Baldwin, 28, Richland, Texas, is congratulated after being decorated by Major General Robert S. Beighter, 37th Division Commander, as Colonel John D. Frederick , veteran Infantry officer, looks on.  Baldwin is an assistant Infantry platoon sergeant.

KILLED MANY JAPS - Staff Sgt. Woodrow W. Baldwin, U. S. Army, played an important part in the repulses of a Jap offence on Bouganville Island.  He was prominent in two actions and personally accounted for the death of a large number of Japs.  The son of William I. Baldwin, Richland, he enlisted in the regular army April 3, 1940.  Sgt. Baldwin went overseas May 1943, serving in the New Hebrides and Guadalcanal before landing last November with the 37th Infantry Division, first army unite to invade Bouganville.  He wears the Good Conduct Medal and the Combat Infantrymen Badge.

Bullock, Odis W. - Staff Sergeant

Staff Sgt. Odis W. Bullock, 27, now serving somewhere in Italy with the Fifth Army, has been awarded the Purple Heart Decoration, combat badge, good conduct medal, campaign ribbons, and battle stars, according to information received by his mother, Mrs. J. E. Bullock, 302 West Fourth avenue. Entering the service Sept. 1942, he has been overseas since Dec. 1945, he has been overseas since Dec 1943.  Sgt. Bullock was wounded in the hand.  He attended Richland high school.  A brother Travis Bullock, is serving with the Navy.

Peden, George S. - Pvt.

Pvt. George S. Peden, 30, infantry U.S. Army, was seriously wounded in action in France on July 13, according to a message from the War Department received by his sister, Miss Mary I. Peden, Route 2, Barry.  Pvt Peden is the son of Jim Peden of the Barry community.   He enlisted in May 18, 1942 and had been overseas about six months.

Howard, Haywood E. - Staff Sgt.

Staff Sgt. Haywood E. Howard, 23, U. S. Army, Infantry, was seriously wounded in action in France Sept. 12, according to a telegram from the war department received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Howard.  Corsicana, Route No. 5.  Entering the service Sept 8, 1943, he has been overseas since March 1944.  Sgt. Howard attended the Mildred high school and prior to entering the service was employed at Freeport.

Stockard, Charles Frank. - Staff Sgt.

Staff Sergeant Charles F. Stockard, Purdon, Texas is now entering his second year of flying bombing missions to enemy targets in Continental Europe from a Ninth Air Force bomber base in England.  One year ago, Sergeant Stockard, engineer-gunner on his Marauder bomber, flew his first bombardment mission to an enemy objective.  Since then he has flown on 60 pre-invasion missions to targets in Holland, Belgium, and France.   He took part in the recent bombardments which severed important transportation links in Northern and Central France.
For his part in the aerial bombardment, he has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Army Air Force's highest award, and the Air Medal with two Silver Oak Leaf Clusters.  He was also recently commended by Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh Mallory of the Allied Expeditionary Air Force for "skilled and determined effort against difficult and well defended targets."

Staff Sgt. Charles F. Stockard, 20, recently stationed with the 9th Air Force somewhere in England, has arrived home on furlough  and is visiting his father, Jim Stockard, Purdon.  A gunner on a B-26 Bomber, "Shooting In," Sgt. Stockard is a veteran of 76 missions over enemy territory.  He says he will never forget the two missions he completed on D-Day.  He has been decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.  A nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Taylor, Corsicana, he is a graduate of the Purdon high school.

Frederick, Jackie D.

BOMBARDIER - Aviation Cadet Jackie D. Frederick, son of Mrs. Madge Howard of Dawson, was graduated from the Bombardier School, Deming Army Air Field, Deming, N. M., on August 21, and was presented with the coveted silver wings, symbolic of the aeronautical rating of a bombardier, and commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the Army of the United States.  Lt. Frederick attended the John Tarleton Agricultural College at Stephenville.  Prior to his advanced training at Deming Army Air Field, he completed an intensive preflight course at Santa Ana, California.

Slaughter, Claude Jr.

Claude Slaughter, Jr., 16, U. S. Merchant Marine, recently visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Claud Slaughter, Sr., 411 West Eleventh avenue, on his return from a trip to England.   Previous to entering the service five months ago he attended Junior High school.   He rejoined his ship at Galveston.

Davis, Lowell K.

BOMBER PILOT - Airplane commander of a four-motored Liberator bomber, 1st Lt. Lowell K. Davis, of Purdon, Texas is receiving the second Army Air Force training at Harvard, Nebraska, which will prepare him for over seas service as a member of a heavy bombardment combat team.  Lieutenant Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Davis of Purdon, is a graduate of Purdon High School, John Tarleton College and Texas A. and M. College.   He entered the service at Dallas on March 15, 1941.  Lieutenant Davis received his flying training at Hemet, Mather Field and Moffett Field, California, and Albuquerque. New Mexico.  The pilot is learning additional heavy bombardment combat techniques as leader of his B-24 crew.

15th AAF In Italy, Aug 16, - Lowell K. Davis, 27, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Davis of Purdon, Tex., flight leader in a heavy bomber squadron, was recently promoted to the grade of captain.
Captain Davis has piloted his B-24 Liberator "The Guardian Angel" on 26 missions, fighting his way through flak and Nazi fighters to hit such vital targets as oil refineries at Ploesti, Rumania and aircraft factories at Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
He won his wings at Mather Field, Calif., in November 1941.  Captain Davis is a graduate of Purdon high school and Texas A. and M. College class of '40 and has been in the Air Forces since March 1941.


  • Lowell Key "LK, Key" Davis
  • Mar 24, 1917 - Jul 13, 1993
  • Cook-Walden Capital Parks Cemetery & Mausoleum, Pflugerville, Travis Co., TX

Burns, John Max - Cpl

PROMOTED - Cpl John Max Burns, U.S. Army Air Forces, stationed somewhere in England, has been promoted to the rank of sergeant, according to information received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Burns, Pursley.  Sgt Burns enlisted in the Air Corps in September 1942.


  • died before 2016 per his borther's obituary
  • s/o William Morris "Willie" Burns, Sr & Clara Otie (West) Burns buried at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery, Retreat, Navarro Co., TX

Tanner, Geral Eldred. - PFC & Pratt - Pvt.

Pfc Geral E. Tanner, and Pvt. Pratt, both of Corsicana, are pictured above with two Arab boys in Morocco. North Africa.  Mobilized with the National Guard in Nov. 1940, they received training at Camp Bowie, Texas, Camp Blanding, Fla., and Camp Edwards, Mass.   Tanner writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tanner, Purdon, that he is getting along fine but has not seen his brother, Tech Sgt. Vastine B. Tanner, who has been in North Africa since November.  They passed within 200 yards of each other in different outfits but failed to meet, he writes.  He said prisoners captured seemed very happy and there was no need of guards to hold them.  Tanner said the prisoners had been told that New York was being bombed every night.


Freeland, Joe D. Jr. - Tech Sgt.

MISSING - Tech. Sgt. Joe D. Freeland, Jr. U.S. Army Air Forces, Dawson, has been missing in action since February 25, according to information received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Freeland.  Graduate from the Dawson high school in June, 1941, he immediately enlisted in the Air Corps. Completing gunnery training at Pyote Army Air Base, he received his wings at Dyersburg, Tenn.  In foreign service since October, 1943, Sgt. Freeland was stationed with the Fifteenth Air Force in Italy.


SEE ALSO: T-Sgt. Freeland To Be Buried In Dawson Friday

Baldwin, James E. - Pvt.

WOUNDED - Pvt. James E. Baldwin, 22, U. S. Army, was wounded in action in Italy April 9, according to a telegram from the War Department received by his wife, Mrs. Pauline Baldwin, Corsicana, Route No. 1.  He entered the service January 29, 1943 and has been overseas since May 1943.  A veteran of the North African, Sicilian and Italian campaigns he was wounded at Cassino.  A brother, Pvt. Lloyd H. Baldwin, U. S. Army Air Forces is stationed in New Guinea.  They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Baldwin, Richland, Route No. 1.  The father served 14 months overseas during World War One.

Pvt. James E. Baldwin, 22, U.S. Army engineers, is now in France according to information received by his wife, Mrs. Pauline Baldwin.  A veteran of the African, Sicilian and Italian campaign, he was wounded in the fighting in Italy and was awarded the Purple Heart Decoration.  Entering the service January 22, 1942, Pvt. Baldwin has been overseas 16 months.  He has never seen his year-old daughter Marylin Louise.

With the Fifth Army, Italy - On duty with a beach patrol unit near the Fifth Army front in Italy, Private James E. Baldwin, 182 North Main street, Corsicana, Texas, removes barbed wire entanglements installed on the beach by the Germans.

Adams, Clarence J. - Major

An Eighth air force bomber station, England - Major Clarence J. Adams, 29, of Port Neches and Corsicana, Texas has been awarded the Second Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal Equivalent to the third award of the medal, for "courage, coolness and skill" displayed on bombing attacks over Germany.  The flyer is a command pilot and squadron commander in the Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress group commanded by Colonel Frank P. Bostrom of Bangor Maine.
Major Adams is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Adams of 109 Marion St., Port Neches, and his wife Sarah C. Adams lives at 502 West Fourth Avenue, Corsicana.  Prior to entering the army air forces in January, 1942, he was the owner of Lacks Auto Supply Co. in Port Neches.  The pilot is a graduate of Baylor University and is a member of Delta Sigma Pi and Pi Gamma Mu fraternities.

DFC RECEIVED BY MAJOR C. J. ADAMS, FORTRESS PILOT - An Eighth Air Force Bomber Station, England - Pictured above after receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross is Major Clarence J. Adams, 29, of Port Neches and Corsicana, Texas., squadron officer in the 490th bomb group a B-17 Flying Fortress unit of the Eighth Air Force, commanded by Colonel Frank P. Bostrom of Bangor, Me.
Major Adams received the award while serving as lead pilot on heavy bombardment attacks against targets in France and Germany.  Brest, France and Berlin, Germany were two of his most successful missions.  The citation read:
"Major Adams demonstrated outstanding airmanship while commanding his formations in successful attacks against Brest, France and Berlin, Germany despite the dangers of adverse weather on one mission and heavy anti-aircraft fire on each occasion."
The airman has flown over twenty combat missions.  Among them have been several attacks on chemical plants at Ludwigshaven, Marshalling Yards at Hamburg and oil refineries at Misburg..
Besides the Distinguished Flying Cross, Major Adams holds the air medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Adams of 109 Marion street.  Port Neches, and his wife, Sarah, lives at 502 West Fourth Avenue Corsicana.  Prior to entering the army air forces in January 1942, he owned the Lacks Auto Supply Store in Port Neches.
The 490th Bomb group is a unit of the Third Bombardment Division, the Division cited by the President for its historic England Africa shuttle bombing of Messerscmitt aircraft plants at Regensburg, Germany.

Martin, Charles Devore

Charles Devore Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Martin, 1716 Sycamore, has completed one of the most intensive courses in the Army Air Forces Training Command and has received his wings as a glider pilot and appointment as a flight officer at the "Home of the Winged Commandos" at SPAAF, Lubbock.  Flight Officer Martin is a graduate of the Corsicana high school, attended A. and M. College and Texas Tech.  His wife is the former Miss Dorothy Louise McCarter of Corsicana.  They have one child.

McCulloch, William S - Pvt

IN ENGLAND - Pvt. William S. McCulloch, 24, U. S. Army, infantry, is now stationed somewhere in England, according to information recently received by his wife.   Entering the service April 24, 1944, he trained at Camp Hood Ft. George G. Mead, Maryland, and was in New York prior to leaving for his overseas assignment.  Pvt. McCulloch had previously been employed by the American Well and Prospecting Company.   His wife and two sons, Jerry and James, reside at 414 North Twenty-First Street.


Four Corsicana fliers are civilian pilot instructors at Corsicana Air Activities of Texas.   Army Air Forces primary school.  The are pictured above Carl W. Ashworth, 29, 1541 Fourth Avenue, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ashworth, Angus; William R. Binford, 29, son of Mrs. W. W. Binford, 403 West Fourth Avenue; Harry U. Bruton, 1410 West Fourth Avenue; Gerald O. McClung, 32, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. E. McClung.  Ashworth, Binford and McClung are graduates of the Corsicana high school.  The instructors have been flying from two to ten years.

Corsicana Air Activities

Elkins, Leonard A. - Staff Sgt.

MAKES RECORD - Staff Sgt. Leonard A. Elkins, U.S. Army, with eighteen months service, has made an excellent record.  Now stationed with the Weapon Platoon, rifle company, 90th infantry division in California, he not only holds a good conduct medal but has qualified as an expert with a rifle, carbine, pistol, machine gun and other weapons requiring high technical skill.  A graduate of Corsicana high school, he is the son of the late H. K. and Nola Elkins, 1220 West Twelfth and a Half Avenue.

WOUNDED IN ACTION - Tech. Sgt. Leonard A. Elkins, U. S. Army, infantry, was seriously wounded in action in France June 14, according to a telegram from the War Department received by his mother, Mrs. Nola Elkins, 1220 West Twelfth and a half avenue.  Sgt. Elkins has been in the service for two and a half years and overseas for six months.  He attended Corsicana high school.

Knight, Paul L.

GUNNERY GRADUATE - A graduate this week of the Harlingen flexible gunnery school who qualified as an expert aerial triggerman after six weeks of intensive training and now wears the silver wings of a Gunner-Technician-Sergeant is Paul L. Knight, son of Mrs. Fannie Knight, Navarro.  He was promoted to sergeant and received his diploma and wings at brief exercises held here and unless held over to serve as an instructor, will depart immediately to join a combat crew aboard a U.S. bomber.

White, S. E. Jr.

SHIP SURVIVOR - S. E. White, Jr., fireman, 1-c son of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. White Sr., returns to San Francisco for reassignment in the U.S. Navy after a 20 day leave spent with his parents at Navarro.  A graduate of Navarro High School in 1941, White has served 15 months of which were in the Pacific area with headquarters at Pearl Harbor.  He has been with the Naval air transport service, boat engine maintenance.  White was on the SS Henry Bergh that was sunk May 31, 1944, on the rocks off Fatallones Islands, 30 miles from San Francisco.  The Victory Ship had 1,500 crewmen, navy personnel and others en route home, many from the naval battles in various Pacific theaters.  No one was lost in the crash and the attendant several house before all were finally rescued by other craft.

Murchison, John L - Lietu.

IN SOUTH PACIFIC - Coast Gurad Lieut. John L. Murchison of 212 North Thirtieth Street, Corsicana, Texas is pictured aboard a Coast Guard-manned vessel, on which he serves as executive officer somewhere in the South Pacific.  His ship is aiding in the island hopping advances against the Japs.  A graduate of the University of Texas, Lieut. Murchison previously served aboard a cutter in the North Atlantic.  His wife is the former Helen Holmes of Corsicana.  They have a three-year-old son, John Jr.

Blackmon, Curtis Jones - Fireman First Class

IN SOUTH PACIFIC - Fireman First Class Curtis Jones Blackmon, 20, U.S. Navy is now stationed somewhere in the South Pacific Theatre of Operations and is getting along fine, according to information received by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Blackmon, Corsicana.   Prior to entering the service February 10, 1944, he attended the Corsicana high school.  He has been overseas since April 1944.

Peacock, George - Pfc

IN THE ARMY - Pfc George Peacock, 21, U.S. Army is now stationed at Camp Claiborne, La., for training.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Peacock, Powell.  His wife, the former Miss Virginia Walker resides in Corsicana.  Prior to entering the service Dec. 14, 1942, he attended Phillip's Chapel school.

Falk, Arnold C.- First Lieu.

WINGS PRESENTED - First Lieu- Arnold C. Falk, 212 Thirteenth street, student officer Class 44-G, has completed training at Lubbock Army Air Field, the twin-engine "Bobcat" base, and was presented with silver wings at graduation ceremonies held August 4.


Moore, Sam G., Jr. - Staff Sgt

OVERSEAS - Staff Sgt. Sam G. Moore, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam G. Moore of Frost, writes that he is in Italy and is the best of health.  He seems to be going places and seeing things.  One day he ate breakfast in North Africa, dinner in Sicily and supper in Italy.  He is a first engineer on a Flying Fortress.  In Tunis he saw Herber Gallmar's and Charles Hearn's names in a state book, both are in the 36th division, and are from Italy, Texas.  Sgt. Moore is a 1941-42 graduate of the Frost high school and enlisted in the Air Corps November 29, 1942.  He received his training at Amarillo Army Air Field, Amarillo; Consolidated Aircraft Factory, Burbank, Calif.; Las Vegas Army Air Field, Las Vegas, Nevada; Walla Walla Army Air Base, Walla Walla, Wash., and at Herrington Kansas.  He has been overseas since December 1943.


Frost Turret Gunner  Missing Over Reich
Sgt. Sam Moore, Jr., bomber upper turret chief gunner, U. S. Army Air Forces. is missing in action according to a telegram received
Friday by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Moore of Frost. The message said he was missing over Germany.
Sgt. Moore, former well - known football player and captain of the Frost High School team, graduated from Frost High School in 1942.


Butler, Bobby Lee - Seaman 2-c

COMPLETED RADIO SCHOOL - Bobby Lee Butler, seaman, 2-c, Corpus Christi Naval Base, has finished the radio school and is now engaged in radio work in the general office of the main naval base.  Seaman Butler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Burleigh Butler of Corsicana, finished Corsicana High School in May 1943, and entered the U.S. Navy June 24.  Due to his high grades in the radio school, Seaman Butler had an opportunity of being an instructor in the school, but choose the post in the general office.  He is a grandson of Sam H. Butler of Corsicana.

Moore, Wilmer (Pete) Cpl.

Cpl. Wilmer (Pete) Moore entered the armed service at Camp Wolters from which he was sent to Camp Stewart, Ga., and placed in the cost artillery anti-aircraft corps.  From there he was transferred to his present station near Boston, Mass. Cpl. Moore recently married Miss Mazel English of Corsicana, who is now with him.  Before entering the service, he was in the Wolens Stores, and Mrs. Moore worked for the Interstate Theaters here.

Hewitt, John R.

COMMISSIONED - Aviation Cadet John R. Hewitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Linnie Donnell, 2512 Chestnut street, Fort Worth, was graduated from Deming, N. M. Army Air Field, "border Bombardier school" of the Army Air Force Flying Training Command February 5, and commissioned a second lieutenant.  Lieut. Hewitt attended the Blooming Grove high school.
[note. killed in action]


John R. Hewitt Is Missing In Action

Flight Officer John R. Hewitt, nephew of Mrs. Ruby Ellis of Blooming Grove, has been reported missing in action over Germany since Sept. 12  according to a telegram received by Mrs. Ellis Tuesday from Adjutant General Utio. F.O. Hewitt graduated from Blooming Grove High School in 1937.


Flight Officer John Ralph (Red) Hewitt, 26, of Blooming Grove, was killed in action, Sept. 12, 1944, during a B-17 raid over Madgeberg Germany according to a message received during the week-end by his aunt, Mrs. Ruby Ellis of Blooming Grove, with whom he resided before going to the Army.

A previous message had advised relatives he was missing in action Sept. 12.  A bombardier of a B-17 bomber, he had received the Air Medal decoration and other honors.  The information related during the week-end by the war department came from the International Red Cross.  A graduate of Blooming Grove high school, he was employed at the AAA offices at the courthouse prior to his enlistment in the Air Forces before Pearl Harbor.  Survivors include his mother Mrs. Lennie V. Donnell, Fort Worth; aunt Mrs. Ellis, Blooming Grove; grandmother, Mrs. J. O. McSpadden, Sr. Blooming Grove; uncle, J. O. McSpadden, Jr., Corsicana; two brothers, Charles Hewitt artillery, U. S. Army, England, and Billy Hewitt, U. S. Army; a half brother in Fort Worth, and other relatives.

The Corsicana Daily Sun - Friday, September 29, 1944
Submitted by Diane Richards



Terry, Henry F. - Pvt.

IN ENGLAND - Pvt Henry F. Terry, 19, U. S. Army, ordinance, is now stationed somewhere in England.  The son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Terry, Corsicana, Route 4, he entered the service in April 1943, and has been overseas since September 1943.  He attended the Zions Rest School.

Chilton, Andrew L. - Major

DECORATED - Major Andrew L. Chilton, 25, Fort Worth, P-38 Lightning Group operations officer, has been awarded the Air Medal for meritorious service in aerial flight in the completion of ten operational sorties or the equivalent thereof, over enemy occupied Europe."  Stationed at an Eighth AAF Fighter Station, England, Major Chilton's wife, Jane Jester Chilton and daughter Mary reside in Corsicana.

Chandler, Tom S. - Pvt.

PRISONER OF JAPS - Pvt. Tom S. Chandler, U. S. Army Air Forces ground crew, is a prisoner of war of the Japanese government and is being held at Philippine Army Prison Camp No. 1. according to information on a postal card received by his mother, Mrs. Ethel Chandler, Streetman, Route No. 1.  This is the first direct word the mother has received from her son since he has been a prisoner.  Answers to printed questions on the card were type written and said: "I am interned at the Philippine Military Prison Camp No. 1, My health is good.  I am not under treatment.  Please let the folks know I am well.  Please see that sister and the girls are taken care of.  Please give my regards to J. K. Webb."  The card bore the signature of Chandler in his own handwriting.  Chandler entered the service in October 1940 and prior to sailing for foreign duty November 1941, he was stationed at Hamilton Field, Calif.  A native of Navarro county, he was a member of the Streetman high school graduating class of 1938, and a member of the high school football team.

Moore, Doyle C. - Sgt.

AWARDED PURPLE HEART - Sgt. Doyle C. Moore, 27, U. S. Army, Infantry, wounded in action in France August 25, and now in a hospital in England, has been awarded the Purple Heart Decoration,according to information received by his father Buford Moore, Corsicana.   Route No. 3.  Taking part in the initial landings on the Cherbourg Peninsular D-Day, Sgt. Moore entered the service in November 1941 and has been overseas since September 1943.  He has also been awarded the Rangers Badge and the Combat Infantryman's Badge.  At one time his outfit was at the front in France for 67 days without rest.  Sgt. Moore writes his relatives that he is getting along fine and expected to rejoin his company soon.

Petty, Alvin E. (Jack) - Pvt. / Sgt.

GREETINGS FROM INDIA - Pvt. Alvin E. Petty, 20, U. S. Army Air Forces, now stationed in India sends Season's Greetings to his mother, Mrs. Levie, 408 West Tenth Avenue, in the form of an attractive V-mail Christmas card.  Decorated with characters incident to the season with the inscription "Seasons Greetings - The United States Army Forces - China - Burma - India" - THe card also carried a Christmas verse.  Prior to entering the service two years ago, Pvt. Petty worked in Corsicana as a mechanic.

PROMOTED - Recently promoted to the rank of sergeant, A. E. (Jack) Petty, 20, U. S. Army Air Forces, is now serving somewhere in India, and has been overseas for two years.   The above picture was taken in India.  The son of Mrs. A. E. Petty, 408 West Tenth avenue.  Sgt. Petty attended the Corsicana public schools.  In a recent letter he expressed appreciation to his friends for the Christmas packages and letters he received.

Burns, Jack W. - Pfc.

IN ENGLAND - Pfc. Jack W. Burns, U. S. Army, has arrived safely somewhere in England according to information received by his parents.  Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burns, 1216 West Twelfth avenue.  In a recent letter he told of the customs of the country saying "everything is very different from Corsicana but every effort is being made to make the Yanks feel at home."  The soldier reports the U. S. soldiers anxious "to do their part in helping to get the job done by taking a crack at the enemy."  He also urged everyone having a relative or friend overseas to write regularly as the soldiers are very much disappointed when they do not hear from home.

Rice, Eugene E.

RECEIVES WINGS - Eugene E. Rice, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Rice, Corsicana, received his silver wings recently when he graduated as a second lieutenant from the Marfa, Texas, AAF Advanced Two-Engine Pilot School, it was announced by Col. Donald B. Phillips, commanding officer.  The new pilot, completed a course in training in twin-engine aircraft.  He was assigned here from Marana Basic Flying School Marana, Arizona.   A former student of Corsicana Senior High School, he graduated in 1940.  The Pilot School at Marfa is a station of the AAF Training Command history's largest educational system.

Taylor, Jackson L. - Cpl.

OVERSEAS - Now located on the India-Burma battle front in an airborne battery, Cpl. Jackson L. Taylor was a member of the Texas National Guard here and went to Camp Bowie in Brownwood with the 36th Division when it was federalized.  He was selected as one of the best cannoneers in the division and was on convoy duty in South American waters for almost a year.  Then he was returned to a year.  Then he was returned to Camp Stewart, Georgia, before being sent to the India-Burma front.  Cpl. Taylor was in the distribution department of the K. Wolens Stores before the war began.

Thornell, Charles M. - Pvt. 1st Class

RIFLE RANGE COACH - Private First Class Charles M. Thornell of Corsicana, takes time out from his duties to practice what he teaches Leatherneck recruits at the Marine Corps base, San Diego, Calif. Private First Class, Thornell's wife, Mrs. Juanita Thornell, lives at 520 West Fifth Avenue.


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