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Massengale, Marshall J. - Staff Sgt.

PROMOTED - Staff Sgt. Marshall J. Massengale U. S. Army now stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington, has just been promoted to his present rank and is in charge of the motor pool division of his company.  He is the son of W. M. Massengale, Eureka, and has been in the service three years. Nine months of this time was spent in the Panama Canal Zone.

Russell, Simpson I. - Pvt.

RECEIVES MEDAL - Pvt. Simpson I. Russell, U. S. Army, somewhere in the Pacific, recently was awarded a good conduct medal for active military service.  He entered the armed forces Nov. 6, 1942.  His wife, Mrs. Bessie Russell, resides at Roane, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Russell, resides at Roane and his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Russell, reside at 712 North Thirteenth street, Corsicana.  A brother, Pvt. Buford Russell, U. S. Army Engineers, has been on active duty for the past 17 months.

Miller, Roy - Sgt.

IN MARSHALL INVASION - Sgt. Roy Miller, U. S. Army Infantry stationed in the Hawaiian Islands for the past six months participated in the recent successful invasion of the Marshall Islands according to a letter received by his wife, Mrs. Flora Miller, 415 West Tenth avenue.  The sergeant said in his litter that "we are now in possession of the Marshall Islands" and that he was one of the first U. S. soldiers to put foot on Jap soil.  He said the battle was terrible but that he came through without a scratch.  He has been in the service three years.

Tomlin, Wallace I.

COMPLETES TRAINING - Wallace I. Tomlin, 17, U. S. Navy, s-2-c, has recently been on furlough after completing boot training at San Diego Calif.  A graduate of the Emhouse high school he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tomlin, Emhouse.  A brother, T-Sgt. Aubrey C. Tomlin and a brother-in-law, Second Lieut. Paul R. Bagget, are both with the United States Air Force.

Shivers, Edward Burnett - s-2-c

OVERSEAS - Edward Burnett Shivers, 18, U. S. Navy s-2-c, is now overseas somewhere in the South Pacific with the amphibian forces according to information received recently by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Willie Shivers 104 South Thirty-Fourth street.  A graduate of the Corsicana High School, he entered the services December 18, 1943.

Mabry, Fred (Buck), Jr.

VISITED RELATIVES - Fred (Buck) Mabry, Jr. USN, former resident of Corsicana, now on leave, Sunday was a guest in the home of his aunt, Mrs. J. H. Douglas, 921 West First Avenue.  His mother, Mrs. Joe D. Stewart, now resides at Dallas.  Stationed at New York, Mabry has seen two years of service in the Atlantic.  He attended the Corsicana high school.

Washburn, Charles W. - s-2-c

RETURNS TO BASE - Charles W. Washburns, S-2-C, U. S. Navy, has returned to his base at San Diego, after spending a ten-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Washburn, 1616 West Twelfth Avenue.  A graduate of the Corsicana high school he was attending Hillsboro Junior College when he entered the service in January 1944.  He is specializing in radio.

Hayes, Walter Jr.

RECEIVES SILVER WINGS - Walter Hayes Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hayes, 518 West Second avenue, has received his silver wings and graduated as a flight officer from the Advanced Two-Engined Pilot School, Pecos Army Air Field it was announced by Col. Henry B. Fisher, commanding officer.  He is a former student of the Corsicana high school.

Harris, Jerrell Max "Jerry" - c-1-c

ANNAPOLIS APPOINTMENT - Jerry Harris c-1-c, U. S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walker Harris, Streetman, has been nominated as a candidate to the U. S. Naval Academy by Congressman Luther A. Johnson of Corsicana.  A graduate of Streetman High School, and ex-student of Texas A. & M. College, Harris entered the Navy, Jan. 2, 1942, and has almost completed a seven months course in fire control school at San Diego, Calif.  He is a grandson of J. I. McCary of Richland and Mrs. S. T. Harris of Streetman.

Gaines, Oscar Derwood - s-2-c

VISITED PARENTS - s-2-c - Oscar Derwood Gaines, 18, U. S. N. R., has gone to San Diego Calif., for future service after spending a leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Gaines, Corsicana, Route [?].  He entered the Navy May 16, 1944 and took his first ten weeks training at Camp Wallace, Texas.  A former football player with the Mildred High School Eagles, Gaines graduated in 1943.

Welch, Joe Robert - s-2-c

RETURNS TO SHIP - Joe Robert Welch, U. S. Navy, s-2-c, pictured above with his son, Robert Earl is now serving on an aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific after spending a 15 day furlough visiting his wife and son, 620 North Fourteenth street and his mother, Mrs. George Frederick, Blooming Grove.  He entered the service Feb 10, 1944, and has been stationed in the Hawaiian Islands.

Burleson, Van G. - Pvt.

INVASION VETERAN - Pvt. Van G. Burleson, 22, U.S. Army, participated in the recent invasion of the Marshall Islands, according to a V-mail letter recently received by his sister.  Mrs. W. D. Pillans, Streetman.  He was also with the troops occupying Attu and Kiska during the 1943 Aleutian campaign.  In the service since July 1943.   Pvt Burleson has been overseas since April 1943.  He attended Streetman high school.  Stationed in Hawaii prior to the Aleutian and Marshall campaigns he has now been returned to this base, according to latest information received by relatives.

McCulloch, Leamon Earl. (Cotton) - S. Sgt

PRISONER OF WAR - S. Sgt. Leamon E. (Cotton) McCulloch, 21, U. S. Army Air Forces, is a prisoner of war of the German government, according to a telegram received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leamon L. McCulloch, Purdon, Route No 1.  A veteran of 12 combat missions he was first reported missing over Poland Feb. 24, 1944.  He is an assistant engineer and waist gunner on a B-17.  A '42 graduate of the Blooming Grove high school, Sgt. McCulloch entered the service December 1, 1942 and has been overseas since November 1943, stationed in England.


Purdon Soldier Is Missing In Action

Staff Sergeant Lemon E. McCulloch son of Mrs. Clara McCulloch of Purdon is one of seven Central Texas reported missing in action as announced by the War Department Wednesday. He was in the Mediterranean area.


Garner, John Joel - Lieut. Col.

LIONS CLUB SPEAKER - Lieut. Col. John J. Garner, decorated with the Silver Star for gallantry in action at Salerno, Veteran of two wars, serving with the famous 36th Division for nearly a quarter of a century, was the speaker at the regular meeting of the Lions Club Tuesday.  Now home on leave, the officer will report to Ft. Sam Houston soon for re-assignment.  (Photo by Tessie Dickeson).

Patrick, William H., Jr. - 1st Lt.

An Eighth AAF Bomber Station, England, April 19, (Sphl)
-- A Flying Fortress, crippled when struck by the wing of a German plan in the recent attack on a war plant near Hamm, in northwest Germany, returned to base after surviving vicious Nazi fither assaults, heavy flack, and a fire in the bomb bay.
Just before "bombs away", a fire started in the electrical system of the bomb bay.  The pilot, 1st Lt. William H. Patrick, Jr., 618 West Fifth avenue, Corsicana, Texas, immediately opened the bomb bay doors and used the emergency release to drop the bomb load.  Two bombs, however failed to drop free of the plane.
S-Sgt. Edward T. Webster, 350 Lafayette avenue, Passaic, N. J. radio operator, walked out on the catwalk over the opened bomb bay doors and kicked one of the bombs loose and saw it fall toward the target.
But the other bomb resisted his efforts to loosen it so Sgt. Webster  steadied himself with one hand and lifted the bomb free with the other, letting it follow the first one down.
Then a flak fragment pierced the underside of the airplane's left wing and severed the control cables to the left aileron.  The combined efforts of Lt. Patrick and the co-pilot, 2nd Lt. Frank W. Laird, 1021 Eighth avenue Fort Worth, Texas were required to keep the plane under control and out of the prop wash of other Forts.
Twenty to 25 enemy fighters fitted with belly tanks like the American P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustangs, tagged along after the formation like a school of fish, apparently trying to convey the idea they were friendly escorts.  Suddenly they broke away, one by one and through their own flak, began attacking the group singly from dead astern and level.   One PW 190 bore down on Lt. Patrick's Fort firing as it came but rolled over and went beneath the Fort when only 100 years away.  A second PW 190 came in slightly above level and the the engineer and top turret gunner. Sgt. Anthony C. Tedali, 19, of 2885 Valentine avenue, Bronx N. Y. opened fire on it at 700 yards.
The Jerry came head-on, straight at the battered Fort, instead of diving underneath.   Either the fighter was trying to ram the bomber or it was out of control with the pilot dead or dying.  Just before it would have rammed head-on, the Fock Wulf's right wing went up lifting it inches above the Fort's vertical fin.  The fighters wing went down, clipping the left elevator of the Fort.  Then the fighter with a sizeable chunk of its wing tip torn off, passed directly under the left wing of the Fort and headed straight down in a spin, completely out of control, Sgt. Tedaldi claimed a "destroyed".
During the return home, Lt. Patrick had to leave his formation and follow below it to stay out of the formation's slip stream because he did not have adequate control to handle the big ship.  But he brought it safely back to its base.

AWARDED AIR MEDAL - Lt. Wm. H. Patrick, Jr., Flying Fortress pilot, somewhere in England, U. S. Army Air Forces, received the decoration of the Air Medal April 8.  A graduate of Corsicana High School, Lt. Patrick is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Patrick 618 West Fifth avenue.   The citation included: "For exceptionally meritorious achievement while participating in five separate bomber combat missions over enemy occupied continental Europe.  The courage, coolness, and skill displayed by this officer upon these occasions reflects great credit upon himself and the armed forces of the United States."

CORSICANA PILOT DECORATED - At an English AAF Bomber Base England - Captain William H. Patrick, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Patrick of 618 West Fifth Avenue, Corsicana, Texas, is being decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross by Col. William M. Reid, command officer of this heavy bomber group.  The citation accompanying the presentation of the award read in part: "...for extraordinary achievement while serving as pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress during combat missions over Nazi Europe.  The 22-year old pilot has participated in many of the Eighth Air Forces successful daylight bombing assaults on vital industrial targets and military installations in Germany and the enemy-held countries of Europe.  A graduate of Corsicana High School, he  attended the U. of Texas for two years. Captain Patrick was employed by the Beauchamp-Patrick Co., of Corsicana, as a book-keeper before joining the Army Air Force.


Parker, Eulin - T-5

T-5 Eulin Parker, 24, First Cavalry Division, Pacific Theatre of Operations was recently awarded the Purple Heart Decoration at a special ceremony according to a letter received from Innis P. Swift, Major General, U. S. Army Commanding, by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Parker, Purdon Route No. 1.
The letter follows:
Your son, T-5 Eulin Parker Headquarters First Squadron 12th Cavalry, was among those soldiers of this Division Decorated with the Purple Heart at a very impressive ceremony attended by the entire 12th Cavalry Regiment yesterday in commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the regiment's organization.  I had the pleasure of personally pinning the medal on your son and congratulating him on his fine work in our recent campaign.
"I take great pride in having T-5 Parker as a member of my command, both because of his ability as a soldier and his performance in combat, and his regiment shares this feeling with me.  I am glad to inform you that he is in fine health once again and has returned to regular duties."
Parker has been in the service since October 1941, and has been overseas since July 1943.   He is a graduate of the Purdon high school.

Cunningham, Dan B. - First Lieutenant

DECORATED - 15th AAF in Italy - First Lieutenant Dan B. Cunningham, 22, bombardier on a Flying Fortress operating from an advanced air base in Italy, is being presented the Air Medal "for meritorious service and achievement in serial flight" by Col. Paul L. Barton, left, group commanding officer.  Lt. Cunningham, son of Mrs. Maggie Blake, 1104 West 4th Ave., Corsicana, Texas, has flown 40 combat missions over Nazi-held territory, and has received the Oak Leaf Cluster to his Air Medal by order of Maj. Gen. Nathan F. Twining, commanding general of the 15th Air Force operating in Italy.  Lt. Cunningham, a member of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, attended Corsicana High and the University of Texas where he majored in International Trade Relations, prior to his enlistment in the Air Corps, Lt. Cunningham, recently promoted to the rank of first lieutenant, received his wings and commission at Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Deveny, Charles Albert, Jr.

COMMISSIONED - Charles Albert Deveny, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Deveny, 1723 Woodlawn avenue, received his degree in meteorology at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California Tuesday and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps.  Charles graduated from Corsicana High School in 1941, as valedictorian of his class making an average of 97 1/2 for the entire four years while in high school.  He attended Hillsboro Junior College and majored in mechanical engineering, while there he made the highest average in the Engineering Department.  Attending the University of Texas, he was also an honor student there, and his name appeared in the highest group on the honor roll, ranking in the top one percent.  While in school at the University, Charles volunteered for service in the Army Air Corps.  He was sent to the University of New Mexico to study premeteorology.  After completing this course, the Government sent him to the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, for further study in advanced meteorology.  Lieutenant Deveny will spend a few days at home with his parents before being sent to his next assignment.

Meador, Louie H. - Cpl.

DECORATED - Cpl Louie H. Meador, 25, 36th Division, has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal according to information received by his wife.  Mrs. Eunice Meador 600 North Ninth street.
The decoration was awarded for 'heroic achievement in combat on February 22, 1944 in Italy.  During enemy artillery fire on the battalion fire direction center and a road leading to Battery A, the communication wire running along the road between these two points was broken.  Immediately on being notified of this, Cpl. Meador, although he was a battery wireman and not responsible for battalion lines, went out into the shelled area to repair the break. During more than two hours of continual shelling, he worked unceasingly finding and repairing each new break in the line.  Because of his voluntary action at great personal risk communications between Battery A and the Fire Direction Center was [un]interrupted and there was no delay in fire missions."
The son of Mr. and MRs. L. E. Meador, 420 West Nineteenth avenue, he entered the service in Nov. 1940 and has been overseas since 1942.  He is now somewhere in France.   Cpl. Meador attended the Mildred high school.

Hamilton, Marvin E.

IN THE NAVY - Marvin E. Hamilton, 18, former Corsicana Daily Sun newsboy, is in the U.S. Navy and is stationed at Mare Island, Calif.  He entered the service in February 1944.  He attended Corsicana high school before moving to Arizona where he lived when he enlisted in the navy.

Bivin, Caxton R. - Sgt.

VISITED HOME - Sgt. Caxton R. Bivin, Battery A, 133rd Field Artillery, 36th Division, Fifth Army in Italy recently received a week-end pass and visited interesting places in Rome including Vatican City.  Sgt. Bivin has escaped injury thus far, according to a letter to Mrs. Bivin who resides here.  The sergeant was federalized with the local Texas National Guard units in November, 1940, and went overseas, April 1, 1943 landing at Salerno Beachhead Sept. 9, 1943.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bivin, 1201 West Thirteenth avenue, Corsicana.

Almond, Walter M. - Sgt.

WOUNDED TWICE - Sgt. Walter M. Almond, Dawson, U. S. Army, husband of Mrs. Josephine Almond of Dawson Route 2, was wounded June 12 and Nov. 11, 1944, with the famous Ninetieth Division.  He is back with his division.  Sgt. Almnd has been awarded the Oak Leaf Cluster award.  A recent package received by Mrs. Almond contained German articles including a dagger, a purse containing coins, four medals and parts of uniforms.

Wilson, William L. - Col.

DECORATED - Col. William L. Wilson, 42, U. S. Medical Corps is pictured above as he was being decorated with the Legion of Merit in Washington recently.  The son of Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Wilson, 2012 West Collin street, the officer was the honor student in the graduating class of Baylor Medical School, June 1926.  He entered the service immediately following graduation.  Visiting his parents here two weeks ago., Col. Wilson has since been assigned to foreign service.  The citation for Col. Wilson follows: "For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service.  As Medical Staff advisor of the Commanding General, Service of supply and later as Chief of the Hospitalization and Evacuation Branch, Headquarters, Army Service Forces, he displayed tireless energy, great resourcefulness and military attainment of high order in solving with sound judgment perplexing problems of hospitalization and evacuation of members of the armed forces.  Through his tact, professional efficiency and devotion to duty, he laid the ground work through which our troops are being hospitalized and evacuated efficiently from the theaters of operations.  His exceptional common sense, devotion to duty and loyal services were of inestimable value to the Commanding General, Army Service Forces."  His wife and two children reside in Washington.

Crawford, James N. - Pfc.

ARRIVES IN ENGLAND - Cpl. James N. Crawford, U. S. Army, has written his mother, Mrs. R. L. Crawford and Peggy Roberson, Corsicana, that he has arrived in England and is doing fine.  He states that it is a very pretty country.  Cpl. Crawford is a '43 graduate of the Corsicana high school.  Entering the Army in July 1943, he received his training at Camp Wolters before leaving for overseas duty.

WOUNDED IN ACTION - Mrs. Nora E. Crawford, Corsicana Route 3, has received a telegram from the war department stating that her son, Pfc. James N. Crawford, infantry U. S. Army, had been seriously wounded in action in France on July 12.  Pfc. Crawford is a graduate of the Corsicana high school and entered the services in July 1943 and has been overseas about seven months.  He landed in France on D-Day according to information received earlier by his mother.  He was recently awarded the expert infantryman's badge.

Kessinger, Fred Jr. - Seaman First Class

TELLS OF LEYTE FIGHTING - Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kessinger have received a message from their son, Seaman First Class Fred Kessinger, Jr. stating that he was a member of the invasion forces on Leyte Island on the second day that it has been rough going since that time, and that it had been days and nights since they had had any sleep.  His parents had not had direct word from him in six weeks.
In his work with a communications unit, Seaman Kessinger stated a that a young Filipino boy had been a valuable assistant even though he knew very little English, and that he had expressed a desire to return to America with him.
Seaman Kessinger, who has been in the South Pacific for more than a year, is the grand-son of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Kessinger.

Kessinger, Charles W.

WINS WINGS - Charles W. Kessinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Cosigner, 822 West Thirteenth Avenue, has successfully completed the Army Air Forces Advance Flying School training at Williams Field, Chandler, Arizona.  He has been appointed a flight officer in the Army Air Corps.  He is a former student of North Texas Agricultural College, Arlington, Texas.

Onstott, William Carl - s-2-c

VISITING PARENTS - William Carl Onstott, 18, s-2-c, USN, stationed at San Diego, Calif., is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Onstott, 2126 West Thirteenth avenue.   Prior to entering the service Nov. 30, 1943, he attended the Hubbard high school.   He returns to duty at San Diego, January 27.

Patch, Alexander M. - Major

INVASION COMMANDER - Gen. Alexander M. Patch (pic above) commands the Allied force attacking southern France.

Benson, William F. - Pfc.

DECORATED - Pfc. Wm. F. Benson, Artillery, 36th Division, has been awarded a Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement in combat, June 18, 1944, in Italy, according to a citation received from Major General John E. Dahlquist, commanding general, by Mrs. Lela Benson of Corsicana, mother of the soldier.  The citation said that Private Benson, a volunteer member of a forward observer detail traced a liaison line shattered by artillery and small arms fire 600 yards over open terrain constantly subjected to fire, repaired the line and returned to his observation post, thereby relieving pinned down units.  He has been in the armed forces since local Texas Guard units were mobilized in November 1940.

Jordan, Wiley E. - Sgt.

VISITING HOME - Sgt. Wiley E. Jordan, 22, United States Marines, is visiting his sister, Mrs. W. L. Harris, 812 South Commerce street, after spending 34 months in the Pacific area.  He will report back to El Centro, Calif., for re-assignment after the expiration of his leave.  Sgt. Jordan is the son of W. W. Jordan, Donie, Texas, Route 1, and formerly resided at Acquilla, Hill county Texas.  The Marine participated in many of the important engagements.

Dean, William A. - Commander

LED "FIGHTING TWO" ON FIRST MANILA RAID - Comdr. William A. Dean of Houston, Texas, is squadron leader and ranking ace of the Navy's Squadron Two which participated in the first air assault on Manila Sept. 21.  Before the Manila raid he had destroyed 11 Jap planes.  Markings at right on his plane are for fighter bomber and strafing sweeps against the enemy.

McMillan, James E. - Pvt.


GRAVE OF A MARINE - Pictured above is the grave of Pvt. James E. McMillan, 19, son of Mrs. Alma Womack, 501 North Commerce Street, killed in combat somewhere in the Southwest Pacific, January 2, 1944.  He volunteered for service October 20, 1942, while a senior in the Corsicana high school. The picture was sent by the Marine's mother by Capt. James G. Triebel, U.S.M.C. and shows only a small part of the well cared for cemetery.   The name of the Corsicana Marine shows plainly in the photograph on the cross in the foreground at the left of the guard.



KILLED BY JAPS - Pfc. James E. McMillan, 19, U. S. Marine, was killed in action in the Southwest Pacific area, according to a telegram received by his mother, Mrs. Alma Womack, 501 North Commerce street. Volunteering October 20, 1942, while a senior in Corsicana High School, he sailed for foreign duty in June, 1943. The time or place of the death of the Marine was not disclosed in the message received Thursday night. Surviving are his mother, a half-brother, Gene Allen Womack, Corsicana; grandfather, G. E. Ewing, Sr., and four uncles, W. G., J. F. and H. J. Ewing, all of Corsicana, and G. E. Ewing, Jr., U. S. Army, Sheppard Field.



GRAVE OF A MARINE - Pictured above is the grave of Pvt. James E. McMillan, 19, son of Mrs. Alma Womack, 501 North Commerce Street, killed in combat somewhere in the Southwest Pacific, January 2, 1944. He volunteered for service October 20, 1942, while a senior in the Corsicana High School. The picture was sent [to] the Marine's mother by Capt. James G. Triebel, U.S.M.C. and shows only a small part of the well cared for cemetery. The name of the Corsicana Marine shows plainly in the photograph on the cross in the foreground at the left of the guard.


  • A copy of article with picture printed pg 391 of the Navarro County History Volume III
  • Added Feb 20, 1998


Pfc. J.E. McMillan Body Is En Route Home For Burial
The body of Pfc. James Ellis McMillan, 19, son of Mrs. Alma Womack, 501 North Commerce street, is en route home for reburial from the Pacific area, according to a telegram received by the mother.
McMillan enlisted in the U.S. Marines Oct. 21, 1942, and was killed in action Jan. 2, 1944, at Cape Gloucester, New Britain. He was a senior in Corsicana High school when he enlisted and was in combat duty from Oct 9, 1943 until his death, engaging in campaigns in New Guinea and Cape Gloucester. He received the Purple Heart, Asiatic-Pacific campaign medal, World War II Victory medal decorations.
Surviving are his mother, a half-brother, Gene Allen Womack, Corsicana; grandfather, G.E. Ewing, Sr., Corsicana; and four uncles, G.W., H.J. and J.F. Ewing, all of Corsicana, and G.E. Ewing, Jr., Burbank, Calif., and other relatives.
Funeral rites will be conducted from the Corley Funeral chapel with burial in the Hamilton cemetery but definite time has not been determined pending arrival of the body.
Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light - Friday, Jan 14, 1949
Submitted by Karen Rost

James E. McMillan Funeral Services Tuesday P. M.
Funeral rites were held at Corley chapel here Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 for Marine Pvt. James Ellis McMillan, 19, son of Mrs. Alma Womack, 501 North Commerce, who was killed on Jan. 2, 1944, in the first Marine drive in the Southwest Pacific.
Burial was in the Hamilton cemetery, with James A. Bease, minister of the Tenth Avenue Church of Christ, conducting the rites. The National Guard and American Legion conducted full military honors, with Legionnaires acting as
McMillan entered the service on Oct 21, 1942. He had been awarded the Purple Heart, World War II Victory Medal, and the Asiatic-Pacific medal.
Survivors, in addition to his mother, include a half-brother, Jean Allen Womack; grandfather, G. E. Ewing, Sr.; four uncles, G. W., H. J., J. F. Ewing, all of Corsicana, and G. E. Ewing, Jr., Burbank, Calif., and other relatives.



Bruce, Herman - Cpl.

CORPORAL BRUCE RECEIVES AWARD OF BRONZE STAR - Cpl. Herman Bruce, 26, Battery A, 133d Field Artillery Battalion 36th Division U. S. Army, has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for gallantry in action, according to a citation signed by Major General Fred L. Walker, U. S. Army, commanding, received by his mother, Mrs. Lena Bruce, 639 North Thirteenth street.
The citation reads: "For gallantry in action on January 25, 1944, in Italy.  The increased intensity of enemy artillery and mortar fire forced the froward observer party which was supporting the 143rd Infantry Regiment, in an attack on a strategic river line to seek shelter behind a dug-in-tank.
Observing a wounded soldier exposed to the fury of the shelling, Corporal Bruce unhesitatingly left his position of safety and crossed the shell torn area to aid the soldier. After treating the profusely bleeding wounds, he began carrying the man to an aid station when a shell exploded behind him, seriously wounding the officer in command of the group.
He assisted in carrying the officer to the safety of the dug-in tank, then returned to the first wounded man and carried him to the aid station.
By his selfless deeds, Corporal Bruce was instrumental in saving the lives of two wounded men."
Cpl. Bruce was a member of the National Guard when it was mobilized and federalized in Nov. 1940, and has participated in all the major battles of the Italian campaign.  He attended the Corsicana high school.

Holley, Harold Rivers - Pfc.

OAKLAND, Calif., July 15 -- (Spl) - Marine Private First Class Harold Rivers Holley of route 5, Corsicana, Texas has been returned to the naval hospital where he is convalescing from a tropical ailment contracted in the Pacific.
The Corsicana Leatherneck was among the Marines who wrestled the Roi island from the JAPS last February and told here how he and a buddy survived the concentrated machine gun fire when they were pinned down by JAPS in a hanger on the Roi airstrip.
Holley said he and his companion Marine Private First Class Sal L.  Castro of San Leandro Calif., were caught in the hanger while Jap machine gunners "poured a hot fire into our shelter for about ten minutes.  He hugged the dirt, however, and were not hit."
He added that "those were the longest ten minutes I ever spent.  Machine gun bullets were kicking up dirt and splintering things right and left.  Sal and I expected to get it any second but luck must have been with us."
When the firing subsided the two Marines scratched their way through the sand and crawled to safety.
Young Holley entered the Marine Corps in May, 1943, after graduating from Corsicana high school and attending the University of Texas for a year.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. U. R. Holley, live at Corsicana.

Edmundson, Noel W. - T-Sgt.

T-SGT EDMUNDSON, FORTRESS GUNNER, GETS DECORATION - An Eighth Air Force Bomber Station, England -- Technical Sergeant Noel W. Edmundson, 21-year old engineer and top turret gunner on an Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for "extraordinary achievement" while on heavy bombing attacks of German military and industrial targets and in support of Allied ground forces.
The flyer, pictured above in flying clothes, also holds the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Edmundson of Route 1, Rice, Texas.  A graduate of Rice High School, he was a machinist for American Manufacturing Company of Fort Worth.   He enlisted in June, 1942.  After extensive training in gunnery at Las Vegas, Nev., he was granted his silver wings.
Sgt. EDMUNDSON is a member of the group cited by the president for its historic bombing of the Muhlembau aircraft assembly plant at Brunswick, Germany.  This group also participated in the Third Bombardment Division England-Africa shuttle bombing of Messerschmitt aircraft assembly plants at Regensburg,  Germany, in August, 1943, for which the entire division was awarded the presidential citation.

Homer L. Wood
Apr 6, 1919 - Jun 29, 1942


Pfc. Home L. Wood, 24, 31st Infantry, anti-tank company, reported missing in action May 7, 1942 shortly after the fall of Corregidor is now presumed to be dead, according to a letter from the war department to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey H. Wood, 214 East First avenue.

Volunteering for foreign service, Pvt Wood left for duty in the Philippines March 13, 1941. He attended the Corsicana schools and was working at the mechanics trade when he entered the service.



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