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Lt. Col. Rufus H. Holloway

Lt. Col R. H. Holloway, born Jan 8, 1917, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Holloway, 1577 W. 3rd Ave., Corsicana, husband of Marjorie Mallory Holloway formerly of Columbus, Miss. (daughter of Army Officer).  He attended Corsicana High, Texas, A&M, College Sta. and West Point.  Volunteered June 11, 1939, assigned to Coast Art. Corps, 63rd and 4th Reg.  After 4 years in above regiment, transferred to AAF, training at Eastern Flying Com. Overseas 33 months in Panama Canal Area.  Battles and campaigns: Guam, Marianas, eastern Mandates, Iwo Jima, ground combat, air offensive, Japan.  Awards: Air Medal, Bronze Star, and DEC.  At present with Hq. AAF Wash., DC.


PhM 3/C Dan R. Skinner

PhM3/C Dan Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Skinner, 1415 West 4th Ave., Corsicana, Texas was born February 22, 1927, in Purdon, Texas.  Received his education in the public schools of Corsicana and the University of Texas at Austin and was a student when he volunteered for service April 14, 1945, at Dallas, Texas and was assigned to navy, Medical Corps.  Received his training at San Diego, California, U.S. Naval Training Center; U.S. Naval Hospital, Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif.; and U.S. Naval Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas.  He enlisted for two additional years service in February, 1946, and is now serving with the Medical Corps, Co., 36, U.S.N., New Orleans, La.


2nd Lt. Hubert G. Travis

2nd Lt. Hubert G. Travis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harve Travis, Route 3, Corsicana, Texas, was born November 8, 1918.  Received his education in the public schools of Corsicana.  Volunteered for service February 26, 1918, at Ft. McCellan, Alabama, and was assigned to Army Air Corps.  Trained at Missouri State College, Springfield, Mo., and Hondo A.A.F., Hondo, Texas.  Lt. Travis served in the United States from February 26, 1944, to the date of his discharge March 7, 1946.  He re-enlisted as Master Sgt. on April 29, 1946.  Now stationed at Evergreen, Ala., in recruiting.  His wife, Virginia R. miller Travis, resides at 1537 Bobolink Dr., Mobile Ala.


AM 2/C Clarence H. Travis

AM2/c Clarence H. Travis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harve Travis, Rt. 3, Corsicana, Texas, was born July 20, 1922.  Received his education in Corsicana Public Schools.  Volunteered for service October 7, 1942, at San Antonio, Texas, and was assigned to Navy, Air Corps.  He trained at U.S.N.T.S., San Diego, Calif., New Orleans, La., Norfolk, Va., and Norman, Okla.  Served overseas from October 1, 1944, to January 15, 1945, in Hawaii.  He received American Defense Service Ribbon and World War II Victory Medal.  Returned to the States January 15, 1945, and was discharged from service December 10, 1945.  His wife, Mrs. Pauline Haws Travis, resides at Barry, Texas.


T/5 Rodney M. Temple

T/5 Rodney McClellan temple, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Temple of Corsicana, volunteered for service in the Army on July 22, 1942, at Harlingen, Texas.  He was assigned to the 20th Armored Division, and trained at Camp Campbell, Ky.  In February, 1945, he was sent overseas, and served in the European Theater of Operations until August of that year.  He was stationed in Holland and in Germany, and saw action in the battles of the Ruhr Valley, Munich and Central Germany.  His awards are: Combat Infantry; Good Conduct, and three Clusters.  On November 24, 1945, he was granted an honorable discharge from the service.

T/Sgt. LaMont M. Temple

T/Sgt. LaMont M. Temple, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Temple of Corsicana, was born Jan. 9, 1915, and volunteered for service in the Army Air Corps, on Christmas day, 1941, at March Field, California.  He was assigned to the 9th Air Force, and trained at Sheppard and Brandley Air Fields.  Previously he has spent five years in the 12th Cavalry, from 1933 to 1938.  In March, 1944, he was sent overseas to Europe, where he served until August, 1945, participating in the air support of Europe, the Battle of Normandy, the Battle of Britain, and the campaign of Southern Germany.  He holds the Pre3sidential Unit Citation and the Good Conduct Medal, and was honorably discharged from service in November, 1945.


S/Sgt. Pace P. Payne

S/Sgt. Pace Perron Payne, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Payne of Corsicana, was born July 9, 1922, and in April, 1942, he enlisted in the 5th Air Corps of the Army.  He was given training at Camp Wolters, Sheppard Field, and Harligen Gunnery School, and after seven months' experience in the United States, he was sent overseas, on the first of December, 1942, to the Southwest Pacific Battle Area, where he lost his life in conflict only a few months later.  He saw action in New Guinea and New Britain, and served in 300 hours of operational flight missions in this part of the world.  Four and a half months after he left the homeland, he was wounded, and tow months later on June 26, 1943, he passed away.  His awards were the Purple Heart, Silver Star, Air Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.  The fatality took place on the island of new Britain.  He attended the public schools in Corsicana, and was employed as a defense worker before he volunteered to serve his country.


PFC 1/c Brown Lea Stevenson

PFC 1/c Brown Lea Stevenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Stevenson, Frost, was born Mar 27, 1906.  His wife is Mary Strain Stevenson of Electra.  Attended Frost Public Schools.  Entered service Dec 28, 1943, at Dallas.  Assigned to Army, Eighth Service Command.  Trained at Camp Wolters.  Served at Ft. Sam Houston; Camp John T. Knight, Oakland, Calif.; Camp Haan, Riverside, Calif.; Turlock, Calif., Vancouver Barracks, Wash.  Was discharged March 15, 1944.


S/Sgt John C. Stevenson

S/Sgt John C. Stevenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Stevenson, Frost, was born Apr. 18, 1916.  Attended N.T.S.T.C., Denton.  Volunteered Aug 17, 1942.  Assigned to A.A.F.  Trained as Sheppard Field; Buckley Field, Colo.; Harlingen, Texas.  Served overseas from Sept., 1943 to Jan., 1944, as gunner on Liberator Bomber in Pacific.  Flew 21 missions.  Plane shot down by Japs Jan. 8, 1944, at Kendari, Celebes, crashed and exploded.  Crew was never found or heard from.  Eye witness stated possibility of men being thrown clear.


T/Sgt William Edgar Stevenson

T/Sgt. William Edgar Stevenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Stevenson, Frost, was born Sept 10, 1918.  Attended Frost High School and N.T.S.T.C., Denton.  Volunteered Apr. 7, 1942.  Assigned to A.A.F.  Trained at Harlingen, Texas, and Wendover Field, Utah.  Overseas from Mar., 1944, to Sept, 1944, in European Theater as radio operator on Liberator Bomber in battles of S. France, Normandy, and Germany.  Received Air Medal with 3 Clusters, D.F.C., American Defense Ribbon.  Was discharged Sept. 18, 1945.


2ND/Lt. Thomas Fletcher Stevenson

2ND/Lt. Thomas Fletcher Stevenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Stevenson, Frost, Texas, was born Jan. 24, 1910.  Entered service Mar. 5, 1942, at Leavenworth, Kans.  Assigned to Army Medical Corps.  Trained at Camp Barkley, Texas. Served overseas from March, 1944, to Dec., 1945, seeing action in New Guinea and P. Is., and also in the occupation of Japan.  His company, 411 Medical Collecting Co., was awarded the Meritorious Service Unit Plaque for outstanding devotion to duty of exceptionally difficult tasks.  Was discharged Feb 2, 1946.


T/Sgt Robert Lynn Stevenson

T/Sgt Robert Lynn Stevenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Stevenson, Frost, was born Feb 10, 1921.  Attended N.T.S.T.C., Denton.  Volunteered for Army Air Corps Jan. 1, 1942.  Overseas from Oct., 1942 to Mar., 1943, as aerial gunner on a Flying Fortress, 303rd Bombardment ("Hells Angels") which flew first 200 hours over France and Germany; also a member of the Yard Bird Crew which fought off 26 enemy planes.  Lost his life returning from a mission to Lorient, France.  Awarded 2 Air Medals, Purple Heart.


S/Sgt George (Buster) I. Warren

S/Sgt George (Buster) I. Warren, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Stevenson of Frost, was born March 15, 1908.  His wife is Mary Stevenson Warren of Frost, Texas.  Attended Blooming Grove Public School and N.T.S.T.C. Denton.  Volunteered October, 1940 at Corsicana.  Assigned Army Air Forces.  Trained at Kelly Field, San Antonio.  He was awarded American Defense Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal and World War II Victory Medal.  Was discharged October 5, 1945.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Warren, live at Blooming Grove.


Cpl. James Guy Turner

Cpl. James Guy Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Turner, Corsicana, born Apr. 20, 1925.  Volunteered May 19, 1944.  Assigned to Army, Airborne, team, 517th Combat (Parachute Inf. known as "Battling Buzzards") which fought with great valor during Ardennes Campaign.  Served overseas Jan., 1945 to Aug., 1945, in E.A.M.E. Theater.  Received ATO; E.A.M.E. with 3 Bronze Stars (France, Belgium and Germany); Airborne Combat Inf. Badge; Expert Rifleman's Badge; Presidential Citation; Purple Heart; Croix de Guierre.  Was discharged Nov., 1945.

Pvt. Leslie Ray Turner

Pvt. Leslie Ray Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Turner, Corsicana, born Oct 29, 1923.  Volunteered Feb. 18, 1943.  Assigned to Army, 3rd Armored Div.  Served overseas from July to Dec., 1944, in E.A.M.E. Theater.  Participated in Northern France and Rhineland campaigns.  Seriously wounded Dec. 17, 1944, while driving tank in Battle of Bulge.  Was left lying beside his tank and has never been seen since.  Awarded ATO; E.A.M.E. with 2 Bronze Stars; Expert Rifle Badge; Expert Mechanics Badge; Distinguished Unit Citation; Purple Heart.


S/Sgt Raymond Carl Scott

S/Sgt Raymond Carl Scott, husband of Mrs. Grace Scott, 1700 N. 15th St., Waco, was born April 13, 1917.  Attended Dawson Public Schools.  Entered service Jan 18, 1941, at Fort Worth.  Assigned to Army, U.S. Field Art.  Trained at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and Camp McCoy, Wis.  Served eight months overseas in Ireland and England.  Received E.A.M.E., Theater Ribbon, American Defense Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, World War II Victory Medal.  Was discharged December 1, 1944

S/Sgt. Duran E. Summerall

S/Sgt. Duran E. Summerall was born June 17, 1918, husband of the former Jimmie Lou Rascoe of Corsicana.  Attended Corsicana Public Schools.  Volunteered Oct 12, 1940.  Assigned to Army, 36th Division.  Trained at Camp Bowie, Camp Blanding, and Camp Edwards.  Served overseas from April, 1943, to July, 1945, in invasions of Italy and S. France and battle of Cassino.  Received Pre-Pearl Harbor Ribbon, European Theater Ribbon with 5 Stars and Arrowhead, American Defense Ribbon Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal.  Was discharged July 31, 1945.

T/Sgt. Joshua P. Rascoe

T/Sgt. Joshua P. Rascoe, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Rascoe, Sr., of Corsicana, was born July 6, 1915.  Attended Corsicana Public Schools.  Entered service Oct 17, 1942, at Dallas.  Assigned to Army, 96th Division.  Served overseas from July, 1944, to June, 1945, in Leyte, Philippine Islands, and Okinawa.  Received American Defense Service Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon 2 Battle Stars, 2 Arrowheads, Good Conduct Medal, Philippine Liberation, Ribbon and Victory Medal.  Was discharged August 23, 1945.


Sgt. Romia Lee Rasoce

Sgt. Romia Lee Rasoce, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Rascoe, Sr. of Corsicana, was born Oct 2, 1918. Attended Corsicana Public Schools.  Entered service June 21, 1944, Assigned to Army 20th Armored Divsion.  Trained at Camp Wolters and Ft. McClellan.  Served overseas from Dec., 1944, to Mar., 1945, in France and Germany.  Awarded E.T.O.I. Battle Star; Combat Badge; Good Conduct; Presidential Citation; Purple Heart.  Paid the Supreme Sacrifice March 31, 1945, while under going treatment for wounds received the day before in action.


Lt. W. M. Taylor, Jr.

Lt. W. M. Taylor, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor of Corsicana, was born May 21, 1916.  Attended Texas A&M.  Volunteered July 8, 1941.  Assigned to Army Air Corps.  Served overseas from Sept., 1941.  Assigned to Army Air Corps.  Served overseas from Sept 1941, Sept., 1944, on Philippine Islands.  Reported missing May, 1942.  P.O.W. at Camp #2, Davao, Mindanao, Philippines 1942-1944.  Lost his life on Japanese freighter, transferring American prisoners to Japan when it was sunk Sept. 7, 1944.  Purple Heart was awarded.


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