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1st Lt. Robert Suttle Taylor

1st Lt. Robert Suttle Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor, Sr., Corsicana, was born June 8, 1913.  Attended Corsicana Public Schools and Texas A. & M., College Station.  Volunteered May, 1943, at Dallas.  Assigned to Army, Communications. Trained at Fort Monmouth, N.J.  Served overseas from Feb., 1944, in European Theater, with Hq. Co., 3118 Signal Sr. Bn., Supreme Hq. Allied E.F.  Received American Defense Service Ribbon and Victory Medal.  Was discharged March, 1946.


Gunners's Mate 3/c Francis Marion Taylor

Gunners's Mate 3/c Francis Marion Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor, Sr., of Corsicana.  was born Aug 11, 1909.  He attended Corsicana Public Schools. Entered service Dec 13, 1943, at Dallas.  Assigned to USNR, and trained at San Diego, Calif.  Served overseas from Feb., 1944 to Aug., 1945, in South Pacific-Saipan, Tinian, Peleliu, and Okinawa.  Received American Defense Services Ribbon and World War II Victory Medal.  He was discharged November 6, 1945.


T/Sgt John Bill Swink

T/Sgt John Bill Swink was born Oct 13, 1919.  Parents are Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor, Sr., of 1445 W 2nd St. Corsicana.  Attended Corsicana Public Schools.  Entered service mar. 12, 1942.  Assigned to Army Air Corps.  Trained at Luke Field, Ariz.; Camp Maxey, Texas; Ft. Sill, Okla,  Served 3 years, Air Corps, Luke Field, Phoenix, Ariz.; 9 months, Infantry, Camp Maxey, Paris, Texas; 5 months in Field Artillery, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  Received his discharge January 12, 1946.


Sgt William Nathan Tackitt

Sgt William Nathan Tackitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tackitt, Rt. 3, Wortham, was born July 30, 1923.  Received his education in Wortham Public Schools.  Volunteered August 14, 1941 in Corsicana.  Assigned to Army Air Corps.  Trained at Sheppard Field, Texas.  Served over seas from March, 1945, to July, 1945, in Trinidad (BWI), Italy, battles of N. Apennines, Po Valley and C. Europe.  Received American Defense Service Ribbon, World War II Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal.  He was discharged October 1, 1945.  His wife, Bettie Ruth Tackitt, resides in Wortham.

Sgt. James Tinkle West

Sgt. James Tinkle West, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. West of Corsicana, was born Aug. 25, 1915.  Attended Texas A. & M. College.  Volunteered Feb. 4, 1946, at Corsicana. Assigned to A.A.F. Flying Cadets, Class 43B.  Served Gulf Coast Training Command - A.A.F.  Eliminated from air cadets due to flight injuries.  Returned to ranks.  Received sharpshooter-Pistol-Expert Carbine-Marksman-Sbu Machine Gun-Medals, Air Crew member Wings, and Link Trainer Instructor Badge.  Was discharged Oct. 19, 1944.


Cpl J. C. Puckett

Cpl J. C. Puckett, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Puckett of Corsicana, was born Feb. 3, 1924.  Attended public school in Corsicana.  Entered service January, 1942, at Dallas.  Assigned to 4th Marine Division, 21st Prov. Co.  Trained in N.C. and San Diego, Calif.  Served 32 months overseas in South Pacific Area.  Received Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Ribbon and World War II Victory Medal.  He was discharged January 29, 1946.


PFC Otho W. Williams

PFC Otho W. Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Williams of Corsicana, was born August 8, 1917.  Received his education in Corsicana Public Schools.  Entered service April 8, 1944, at Dallas.  Assigned to Army, 78th Division, trained at Camp Robinson, Ark.  Served overseas from Oct. 14, 1944, to Apr., 1944, in European area participating in action in the campaigns of Rhineland and Ardennes.  Wounded Feb. 6, 1944.  Received Infantryman Badge.  Was discharged Oct. 27, 1945.


2nd Lt. Ben T. Delahay, Jr.

2nd Lt. Ben T. Delahay, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Delahay, Sr., of Corsicana, was born May 6, 1918. On Nov. 20, 1940, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps, for one year's service, which lengthened to 5 years.  Trained at Dodd Field, Ft. Sam Houston, and Randolph Field, where he served 21 months as aeroplane mechanic and training flight dispatcher in the 44th School Sqdn.  He attended T.D. O.C.S. at Camp Hood, and later by request was transfered to the 96th infantry, 381st Regt.  From Aug., 1944, to March, 1945, he served overseas in Hawaii and the Philippines, taking part in the first invasion on Letye, after which he was hospitalized and returned to the States, and released from active duty, Sept., 1945.  He is now studying law at Harvard University.  Awarded Comb. Inf. Badge, Phil. Lib., 2 Stars.

Lt. Col. William A. Delahay

Lt. Col. William A. Delahay, elder brother of Ben Delahay, Jr., enlisted in the Army Air Corps in July 1940, at Dallas.  He entered Flying School at Tulsa, Okla., and from there went to Randolph Field.  He was graduated as a 2nd Lt. from Kelly Field.  He served in the U.S.A. until Nov., 1942, when he took 15 B-24 crews via South America, Ascension Is., Central Africa and the Middle East, to India, where they joined the 7th Bomb. Group.  He flew the "Rangoon Rambler", which was exhibited in Dallas, to India, and made his first 12 missions in it.  He has a total of 480 combat hours in 57 missions during 26 months, in Burma and surrounding places.  In June, 1946, he was listed to sail from N.Y. for Germany.  Decorated with D.F.C., Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters.

S 2/c James N. Brinkley

S 2/c James N. Brinkley, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brinkley, Corsicana, Texas, was born November 1, 1918.  Received his education in Dallas Schools.  Volunteered for service, July 6, 1940, at Dallas, and was assigned to Navy.  Trained at San Diego Naval Training Base.  Served overseas from October, 1940, to October, 1942, in Pacific Area aboard U.S.S. Boise participating in Battles of Coral Sea and Solomon Islands.  He served at Pearl Harbor, Dutch East Indies, Bombay, India and Solomons Islands.  Seaman Brinkley paid the Supreme Sacrifice October 12, 1942, in action at Sea.  The Purple Heart was awarded.


Sgt. Lawson L. Wade

Sgt. Lawson L. Wade, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brinkiley, Corsicana, Texas was born Aug. 25, 1914.  Received his education in Dallas Public Schools.  Was a member of national Guard 4 years before he volunteered Nov. 24, 1940, and was assigned to Army, 36th Division.  Trained at Camp Bowie, Texas, and served overseas from April, 1943, to June, 1945, in E.A.M.E. Theater, participating in battles of Salerno, Italy.  Sgt. Wade was reported missing in action September 13, 1943, but was a POW of Germans for 19 mo.  Good Conduct Medal, American Defense, World War II Victory Medal, and Area Ribbon with 1 Battle Star.  He returned to the States June 11, 1945, and was discharged September 14, 1945.


Ens. William B. Estes

Ensign W. B. Estes, born Sept. 26, 1925, in Texas, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Estes, 641 West Collin St., Corsicana, educated at Sam Houston Grammar, Corsicana High School, and University of Texass, Austin; he volunteered for service on November 5, 1942, at Austin, Texas, and was assigned to the United States navy, R.O.T.C. Branch, trained at the united States Navy V-12 Unit, at Austin, Texas.  He served in the United States from July 1, 1943, to November 26, 1944, and overseas from November 27, 1944, to June 28, 1946, in Asiatic-Pacific.  Ensign W. B. Estes was honorably discharged on the 11th of August, 1946.


Ens. Andrew F. Huff

Ens. Andrew F. Huff, son of Mrs. Beula Huff, Box 863, Corsicana, Texas.  Born October 7, 1924, educated at Robert E. Lee Grammar, and Corsicana High School, and the University of Texas, Austin.  He volunteered for service on November 20, 1942, at Austin, Texas, trained at N.R.O.T.C., University of Texas, served in the United States 3 years and 2 months, and overseas 3 months, in Asiatic South Pacific Area.  He was awarded: American Campaign Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon, and World War II Victory Medal; commissioned Ensign U.S.N.R. on Feb. 20, 1945.  At present he is with U.S.S. Cone (DD-866).


Pfc Zollie F. Holt

Pfc Zollie F. Holt, born April 2, 1908, husband of Effie M. Holt, 2518 Park Row, Corsicana, attended Corsicana High School, entered the service on April 6, 1944, assigned to the Army Inf., trained at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Ark., and Fort Meade, Md.  Overseas in England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg in battles of: Ardennes, Huertgen Forest and Belgian Bulge.  He was killed in action in Butzenbach, Germany, near Aachen, Belgium, Jan. 24, 1945.  Pfc Holt received the following awards: Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, and Presidential Citation.  Besides his wife, he left two sons.


Capt. Remus L. Jones

Capt. Remus L. Jones, born Sept. 8, 1914, son of Mrs. P. S. Travis, Rt. 2, Corinth St., Denton, husband of Winifred Jones, 1311 Solano St., San Antonio, attended Corsicana High School and Business College.  Joined National Guard Feb. 11, 1931, and volunteered for service Nov. 25, 1940; was assigned to the Army 36th Div.; trained at Camp Bowie; served in the United States 32 months; overseas 28 months; in France, Germany, and Austria.  Battles: S. France, Rhineland, Naples-Foggia, RomeArno, and C. Europe.  Awards: Bronze Star Medal, American Def., E.A.M.E. Medal, 5 Stars, Division Commendation, and Victory Medal.  Capt. Jones was honorably discharged Nov. 3, 1945.

Notes: Remus Jones Biography Page; CHS Class of 1934

T/Sgt. John C. Willis

Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Willis, Corsicana, Texas.  T/Sgt. John C. Willis was born Feb. 3, 1921.  Volunteered for service Oct. 17, 1940, at Corsicana, assigned to Army, 2nd Division.  He served overseas in the European Theater, and paid the Supreme Sacrifice at Brest, France, Aug. 31, 1944.  Was awarded American Theater Ribbon, European Theater Ribbon, Combat Inf. Badge, Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Ribbon and Purple Heart.


Sgt. Scott H. Willis, Jr.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Willis, Corsicana, Texas.  Sgt. Scott H. Willis, Jr., was born June 16, 1919.  Volunteered for service Oct. 22, 1939, at Corsicana, assigned to Army, 3rd Div.  Trained at Ft. Crockett, Texas; Camp Davis, N.C.; Camp Haan, Calif.; Camp Hood, Texas.  Served overseas in Hawaiian Islands, France, Austria and Germany, and received American Theater Ribbon, American Defense Service Ribbon, European Theater Ribon, Asiatic Theater Ribbon, Good Conduct and Victory Medals.  Was Discharged Dec. 3, 1945.


S/Sgt Howard E. Willis

Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Willis, Corsicana, Texas.  S/Sgt Howard E. Willis.  Was born Dec. 12, 1923.  Entered service Oct. 15, 1943, at Corsicana, assigned to Army, 24th Div., and trained at Camp Fannin.  Served overseas in New Guinea, P. Is., and Japan.  Wounded May 5, 1944.  Received Combat Inf. Badge, Purple Heart, Asiatic Theater, Philippine Liberation, Victory and Good Conduct Medals, Arrowhead, 5 Campaign Stars.  Discharged Jan. 17, 1946.


1st Lt. Harvey J. Ferguson

1st Lt. Harvey J. Ferguson, husband of Sue Carroll Ferguson, Corsicana, Texas, was born April 9, 1924.  Received his education in the public schools of Brownwood, Texas.  Volunteered for service August 6, 1942, at San Antonio, and was assigned to Army Air Corps.  Trained at Randolph and Kelly Fields, Texas, St. Joseph. Mo., Barry Field, Tenn., and was commissioned July 9, 1945.  Served overseas from April, 1945, to March, 1946, in all theaters.  Principal overseas duty was in Italy, Africa, and Iran.  Lt. Ferguson returned to the States March 17, 1946, and is now serving 1455th AAF Base Unit, Great Falls, Mont.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ferguson, reside at 1800 Ave. D, Brownwood, Texas.

Pfc. Walter V. Knight

Pfc. Walter V. Knight, born Nov. 9, 1909, son of George G. Knight, Route 1, Corsicana, married Margie M. Pope, 312 N. 12th St., Corsicana.  He attended Corbet Grammar and High Schools, entered the service on Nov. 29, 1943, at Camp Wolters, was assigned to the Army 514th F. A. Bn., trained at Ft. Lewis, Wash., and Ft. Bragg, N.C., served in the U.S., 10 months, and overseas 11 months, in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Rhineland, Ardennes, C. Europe, and N. France.  Awards: E.T.O. Medal, 4 stars, Occupation Ribbon, Victory, and Good Conduct.  He served as wire and telephone man, also operated switch board, and was honorably discharged Oct. 27, 1945.



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