World War I Veterans
of Navarro County, Texas



Name Notes
Fred William Mabry, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Russell Dare Mabry Obituary
Ernest Maddox 1966 Scroll; Richland Cemetery
Thomas Smith Maggard Obituary & Marker Photo at Grange Hall Cemetery
Clarance D. Mann Biography
Clarence E. Mann
Franklin Cornelius "Frank" Mann Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Ralph Lee Mann Oakwood Cemetery
William H. Manville New Pursley Cemetery
Peter "Pete" Marino Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Leland Stanford "Lee" Markley Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Sydney Marks Obituary; Hebrew Cemetery
Richard Sam Marshall Obituary; Rice community
Allen F. Martin Biography
Thomas Massey Woods Cemetery
Walter Lee Massey Oak Grove Cemetery
Nathaniel Masters Black Brushie Prairie Cemetery
Charles Culous Matthews, Sr. Obituary; Dawson cemetery
Frank K. Matthews Obituary; Rice Cemetery
Herman Edwin Matthews Dawson Cemetery
Joshua Matthews Obituary; Dawson Cemetery
Robert Allen "Bob" Matthews Dawson Cemetery
Virden R. Mattingly Biography
Gerome Kirby Mayfield Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
John Charles Mayne, Jr., Major Information from Thomas J. Mowlam; bur in Oakwood in Unmarked Grave
August Pace Mays WWI Biography; Biography as Judge; Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Albert "Red" McBride Resthaven Memorial Park
Otto Young McBride Resthaven Memorial Park
Willie Lee McBroom Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Ernest Austin McBryde, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
LeRoy "Lee" McCain Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Eligah McCan Memorial 2 Cemetery Chatfield, TX
Charlie Holden McCarter Obituary; Hopewell Cemetery
Harry McCarter Woodland Memorial Park
Robert Arthur McCarter
Edward Farley McCarver Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Alva Tyree McCary Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Cecil Brian McCleary Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Robert Prince McClellan
John Blair "Johnny" McClendon Obituary; Richland Cemetery
Walter Lawrence "Jack" McClendon Obituary; Richland cemetery
Eugene McCluney Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery
Andrew McClung
Earl Monroe McClung Obituary; Kerens Cemetery
Marvin McClung Obituary; Kerens Cemetery
Van McConnell Obituary; Cade Cemetery
Roscoe McConnico Obituary; Kerens Cemetery
William L. McCorcle  
William Leonard McCorkle Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Francis Erwin McCowan Kerens Cemetery; also WWII Veteran
Herschel Porter McCowan Kerens Cemetery
Leamon L. McCulloch
Austin McDonald
Gideon Jackson "Gid" McDowell Obituary; Biography; Prairie Point Cemetery
Hubert McDowell Biography of his mother
Arnold McElroy Historical Marker, KIA
Gerald K. McClanahan Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery
John Blair McClendon 1966 Scroll
W. L. (Jack) McClendon 1966 Scroll
Van McConnell Cade Cemetery
Andrew Craig McClung Obituary; Kerens City Cemetery
Marvin McClung Kerens City Cemetery
Roscoe McConnico Obituary; Kerens City Cemetery
Herschel Porter McCown Obituary; Kerens City Cemetery
Perry Columbus McCullough Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Arnold McElroy A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Lee McGee Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Benjamin Edward McGehee A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme SacrificeHistorical Marker, KIA, Biography
William Lawrence "Bill" McGill Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Robert Lee McGlasson, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Macon Alfred McGlohen Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
William Claude "Big Mack" McGlothlin, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
M. C. McGraw
Raymond Carlysle McIver Obituary
John William McKanna Marker Photo at Grape Creek Cemetery
Allen McKinley
Thomas Jefferson McKinley Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Tolliver McKinley
John McKissack KIA; Birdston Cemetery
Robert Frank McLendon Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
T. P. McLendon Obituary
Cecil Levi McManus Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
James David McManus Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
E. C. McMillen Biography
Leroy McMillen Biography
J. Boyd McMillan
Dennis C. McNutt
Charles Clifton "Charlie" McQuiston Oakwood Cemetery
Rufus Horace McSpadden Cade Cemetery
C. Edgar McWilliams Biography as Judge
Bruce D, Meador Obituary
Richard Melear Obituary; Kearns Cemetery
Ethan A. Melton Biography, Obituary & Marker Photo,
Dresden Cemetery
George Washington Melton Obituary; Hamilton Cemetery
Griff Elder Middleton Biography
Clarence E. Miley Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Arthur C. Miller Memorial 2 Cemetery Chatfield, TX
Banks L. Miller
Bryan S. Miller
Dubart Miller, Dr. Oakwood Cemetery; Corsicana High Class of 1908
He was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French Government in WWI.  He married Cora Wills Miller, they had no children.

Information from: Elizabeth Settle Haney 6/2002
Jerry J. Miller
John Dewey Miller Obituary; Cade cemetery
Will Murphy Miller Navarro County History, Vol 1, pg 153
Chester Minyard Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Thomas Irwin Minze Obituary; Hopewell cemetery
Allin Fowler Mitchell
Joe Mitchell Chatfield Memorial I Cemetery
Ordway H. Mitchell Obituary;
Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Robert Ernest Mitchell Obituary; Frost Cemetery
Everett Edwards Moles Obituary; Birdston Cemetery
Everett Gurley Moles born in Kerens, TX; Edgewood Cemetery
Robert Gerald Molloy Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
John Shelby Molloy Biography & Obituary
Louis Constantine Molloy Biography & Obituary
Haywood Montgomery Hester Grove Cemetery
Julius S. Montgomery
Roark Montgomery and WWII, Biography & Marker Photo
Ernest E. Moore Obituary
Freeman "Pete" Moore Obituary; Kerens Cemetery
James Quinton Moore Marker Photo at Kerens Cemetery
James Henry Moore Jim Moore, one of the Emmet soldier boys
John S. Moore Woodland Cemetery; and WWII
John Stanford Moore Biography & Obituary
Thomas Edward Moore Obituary
Wiley Fletcher Moore Obituary; Frost Cemetery
Raymond Wilson Morgan Biography
Bell R. Morris Prairie Point Cemetery
Bennie Adam "Ben" Morris Oakwood cemetery
Louis C. Morris Historical Marker, KIA;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
John K. Moser Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Ford Weatherspoon Morrow, Sr Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Leland Mills Morton Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
William V. Mowlam Information from Thomas J. Mowlam
Ralph Lee Munn
Willie Jeff Murphey
Henry C. Murphy Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
John William Murphy, Jr. Obituary; Richland cemetery
Luther T. Murphy
Will Neal Rose Hill Cemetery
Sterling Roger Neblett
Richard Davis Neece Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
James Roy Neeley Obituary; Younger cemetery
Earl Homer Newton, Sr., Dr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
R. M. Nichol
William Herbert Curtis "Bert" Nicol Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Albert Persival Nicholson Obituary;
Oakwood cemetery
Van Virgil Nicholson Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Emil Frances Nieper Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Frank D. Nixon Biography
Henry Irvin Nixon Biography
Calvin N. Noble
John E. Northcutt Obituary; Rice cemetery
Houston Norville, Pvt. Dawson cemetery
Jones Taylor Norwood Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
William Howard Norwood Oakwood Cemetery
Percy Nowell Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Roy Nussbaum Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Buford Hunter Nutt
John Calvin O'Daniel Obituary
Floyd Odem
John Russell Oden Marker Photo at Navarro Mills Cemetery
Roy B. Odom Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
William Joseph Oliver Obituary; Birdston Cemetery
Irba Thaxton O’Mara Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Archie Adolph Omberg Biography & Cemetery Markers at Frost Cemetery
Lucius Victor Omberg Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Byron  C. Onstott Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
Henry Grady Orand Obituary; Richland Cemetery; 1966 Scroll
William Phillip Orme Obituary;
Rose Hill Cemetery
Howard Banks Orr Obituary; Brushie Prairie Cemetery
Luther Martin Orr Brushie Prairie Cemetery
Thomas Elmer Orrell Rose Hill Cemetery [no marker]
Fred Bedford Owen, Dr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
George W. Owen, Sr. Obituary; Marker Photo at Pattison Cemetery
John Robert Owen Obituary; Cryer Creek Cemetery
Melvin W. Owen Biography
Valentine Owen  
Walter Beden Owen Biography; Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
William Galloway Owen Biography & Obituary;
Kerens cemetery
Ernest Owens Brushie Prairie Cemetery
Oliver W. Owens Obituary; Dawson Cemetery
Richard C. Owens Biography
Walter Edgar Owens Birdston Cemetery
Alvin Eugene Page Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
James Edward Page Jr. Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery;
WWII Biography
James Uriah Page Obituary; Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Fitz Hugh Palmer and WWII; Frost Cemetery; Marker Photo; Obituary
Robert T. Palmer Frost Cemetery; Marker Photo
Henry Hiram Panton Biography, Obituary & Marker Photo; Oakwood Cemetery
Robert Taylor Pardee, Jr. Obituary; Woodland Cemetery
James Coleman Parker Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
James Bedford Parks Oakwood Cemetery
Ernest Marion Parnell Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Louis Lee Parum WWI Biography; Obituary; Frost Cemetery
W. F. Parum Biography
Clinton Fouty "Clint" Paschall Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
John George Patry Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Milner Hubert Patterson Hamilton Beeman Cemetery
Waller Clements Payne Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Frankie (Prince) Pease Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Roy Edward Peebles Obituary; Hamilton Cemetery
Ennis G. Pennington
Gairy Pennington
Guy Pennington 1966 Scroll
Will Pennington
Hubert Sidney Percival Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Anthony Milton Permenter Biography
Charles Lafayette Permenter Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Thomas J. Perry Obituary
Thomas Elmore Peters Link to: Find-A-Grave; Modrall Cemetery
Ole Buck Peterson Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
William A. Petris Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Clyde Petty A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
James E. Phillips Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Jim Phillips Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Oscar Herbert "Doc" Phillips Info from Nolan D. Forshaw
Walter Dunn Phillips Obituary;
Historical Marker, KIA; Rose Hill Cemetery;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Carroll Lee Pickering Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
George Rollen Pickett, Capt Board Tree Cemetery
J. R. Pickett Biography
Robert Lee Pickett and WWII
John Allen Pierce Obituary
Newell Alvin Pierson Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; Purdon School 1911
Lucian Albert Pinkston, Jr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Bertram Van Piper Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Charles M. "Charlie" Pipkin Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
John Walton Pittman Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Bert Taylor Polson Obituary; Younger Cemetery
Ernest Clifford Pond 1966 Scroll; Obituary; Richland cemetery
Frank Pool
Joe Pool Historical Marker, KIA
Frank Poole
Joseph H. Poole
Louis Posey
Leon Clyde Poston
Earl Powell Obituary; Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Edward W. Powell Goodlow cemetery
Elbie Powell Obituary; Goodlow cemetery
Henry Segrist "Sig" Powell

Biography & Obituary
Lonnie L. Powell Biography & Obituary; As Judge
Tommie Powell
John Oscar Pratt Obituary; Marker Photo at Oakwood Cemetery
Jessie Harmon Price Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
Thomas Jackson "Jack" Price Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
C. A. Prince Biography
Ernest R Prince Biography; Oakwood Cemetery
Frankie Prince, (Miss) Biography
Fred Douglas Prince Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Jasper "Shug" Prince Biography; Obituary
William Thomas Prince Obituary; Biography; Oakwood Cemetery
J. T. Pruitt Navarro Mills Cemetery
Verous C. Pruitt Goodlow Cemetery
Clarence Clifford Puckett Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Cleo Sullivan Pugh Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
Lawrence Aubrey Purifoy Marker Photo at Prairie Point Cemetery
James Lewis Pyle Hamilton cemetery
William Lawson Rackley Marker Photo at Pattison Cemetery
William Roe Radney Dresden Cemetery; Obituary
Walter F. Raley (died in US Service, Troup I - 312 Calvary;
Bur. Brushie Prairie Cemetery)
Thomas Charles Ramsey, Jr. Obituary; Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Charles D. Rankin
Lawrence Daffan "Sadie" Ransom Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Thomas William "Tom" Ransom Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Charlie Luel Rash Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
James John Ratliff Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery; Obituary
Wesley Mock Rawles Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Jack Henderson Rawson Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Alex Edgar Ray Obituary; Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Chester Pannell Ray Obituary; Kerens Cemetery
Forest William Read Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
James Worthy Ragan Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
William Henry "Billy" Reagan Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Frank Eastland Reames Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Hubert Earl Redden Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Edgar B. Reed Rose Hill Cemetery; Marker Photo
Francis Leroy "Frank" Reed Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Eaven Azer Reeder Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
John Miller Reid Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
William Thomas "Will" Reid Obituary; Marker  Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
John Remonte
Y. A. Reynolds
J. G. Rhodes
Frederick C. Rice Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Sam W. Rice
Willie B. Rich Marker Photo at Pattison Cemetery
Clyde O. Richards, Sr. Oakwood Cemetery
Oliver Richardson
Richard Lee "Rich" Richardson Obituary; Liberty Hill Cemetery
Louis Richie African-American Section - Dresden Cemetery
Bedford Forrest Ricketts Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Ailous Vivion Riles Cheneyboro Cemetery
David Love Riley, Jr. Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Marcus Levy Riley Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Maroin E. Riley
Moman Knox Riley Obituary; Pattison Cemetery & WWII
Henry Gorman Ritchie, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
John William Ritter Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
Rawl Rufus Ritter Obituary; Dresden Cemetery; Tex-Pvt US Army World War I
Willie R. Roberson Obituary; Woodland Cemetery
Clyde Elmer Roberts Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Newton Suttle Roberts Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
William C. Roberts Obituary; Dawson Cemetery
David B. "Dave" Robertson Dawson Cemetery
Jesse M. Robertson Obituary; Dresden Cemetery; Tex-Pvt Sup Co. 388 Infantry
Murandy Robertson Woodland Cemetery
Thomas Jefferson Robertson Obituary; Dawson Cemetery
Wiley Durwood Robinson Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
William Allen "Willie" Robinson Richland Cemetery
William Lee Robinson, Dr. Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
Irvin W. Rogers Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Joe Rogers
Clayton Ross Woodland Cemetery
John H. Ross Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Roy Raymond Rogers Obituary
Samuel J. Ross
William Andrew Ross
Alvie Lee Ruffin Rice Cemetery
Claude Jenkins Ruffin, Sr. Rice Cemetery
Walter Raymond Russell, Dr. Capt. Sr. Obituary; Younger Cemetery; Spanish American War
Whittie Russell Cheneyboro Cemetery
Claude Benjamin Rutherford Grange Hall Cemetery
Claud Boyd Ryburn Biography; Obituary; Oakwood cemetery

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