World War I Veterans
of Navarro County, Texas


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Navarro County WW I Index


Name Notes
Buell K. Abbe Obituary; Richland Cemetery
Rolla Dewitt Abernathy Oakwood Cemetery
Charles Cary Adams Obituary;
Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Isaiah D. Adams Historical Marker, KIA, Obituary;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
James E. Adkins Rice Cemetery
James Arthur Airheart and WWII; Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Allen Bruce Albritton Prairie Point Cemetery
George Alford
Leslie Dee Alford Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Barney R. Allbritton Oakwood Cemetery
Charles H. Allen Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Charlie Allen Long Prairie Cemetery
Henderson A. Allen Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Henry Allen
William Alvin Allen Obituary; Long Prairie Cemetery
Perry Andrew Allison Historical Marker, KIA; Obituary;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Ben H. Allen Anderson Obituary; Richland Cemetery
Edgar Leslie Anderson
Edwin Albert Anderson Obituary of his wife; Oakwood Cemetery
George R. Anderson
James Pursley Anderson Obituary; Old Pursley cemetery; WWI Letter
Jim Anderson Obituary; Marker Photo at Long Prairie Cemetery
Leslie Edgar Anderson Richland Cemetery
Rufus Anderson
William Pannill Anderson Obituary; Rice Cemetery
Willdee Anderson
Chalmers Andrews
James Franklin Andrews
Leroy Andrews Historical Marker, Biography, KIA;
Obituary of his father
William Chalmers Andrews Obituary;
Marker Photo at Oakwood Cemetery
Henry A. Anthony
Wincey Monroe Ard Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Jack Armstrong Obituary
Louis James Armstrong, Jr. Woodland Cemetery
Sam Armstrong Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Charles Roy Arnett Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Thomas Jackson Ashmore Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
John Casey Atkins Obituary; Kerens cemetery
Charles Radford Atkinson, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Arthur Harrison Auld Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Amma Bain Obituary
William Bryan Baker Oakwood Cemetery
Sidney W. Barley Obituary
Denver Baker
Glenn Courtney Baker Obituary; St. Elmo cemetery
William Bryan Baker
Chester C. Baldauf Oakwood Cemetery
Jesse E. Baldwin
Charles L. Barker Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Samuel Miltom Barley Oakwood Cemetery
Clarence Barlow Oakwood Cemetery
William Jefferson Barnes Obituary;
Brushy Prairie cemetery
Patrick Barton
Robert Daniel Barton
William Herbert Beasley Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Joe McKinney Beck Marker Photo at Pattison Cemetery
Carl I. Ballew
Oscar Bancroft
Charles L Barker Obituary; Frost cemetery
James Luther Barnes
Cullen Wayne Barnett Obituary; Kerens City Cemetery
Otto Barrington
James Webster Basham Obituary; Campbell-Elrod cemetery
James Roy Beaird
William H. Beasley
Arthur Sidney Beavers Oakwood Cemetery
Frank Beene Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
Oscar Beggs Obituary; Kerens City Cemetery
Frank L. Belcher
Albert J. Bell
Carl Irwin Ballew Obituary; Richland cemetery
Clyde W. Bell Biography
Glenn A. Bell Biography
Johnie Bell Goodlow Cemetery
Thomas Bell
Daniel Alexandria Bennett Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Flaudy Griffin Bennett Obituary;
Ward Cemetery
John Bunyan Bennett Biography; Marker Photo at Pattison Cemetery
Joseph Hutchinson Bennett Biography-Obituary; Pattison Cemetery
William F. Bennett Marker Photo at David White Cemetery
Frank Colquitt Benson Historical Marker, Died in Service, Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Carlos Dawson Berry Obituary; Dawson Cemetery
George Washington Berry Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Aubrey Wayne Bibb Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Edwin Biddle
George Henry Biddy, Jr. Obituary
Peter Bigby Petersburg Cemetery
Albert Ernest Bittner Resthaven Memorial Park
Lemuel Elbert Black Dawson Cemetery
Edgar W. Blackburn
Joseph Calvin Blackburn Obituary; Long Prairie Cemetery
Percy Downard Blackburn Marker Photo at Oakwood Cemetery
Edgar Wright Blackburn, Sr. Oakwood Cemetery
Ben Franklin Blackmon Corsicana Mayor
William B. Blackmon and WWII
Eureka Cemetery
Robert King Blackshear Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Wiley Jackson Blackwood Kerens Cemetery
Walter Blair and WWII; Biographical Notes; CHS Class of 1912
Kelsie Ausbon Blakney Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Harley Ward Blalock Obituary; Bazette Cemetery
Andrew C. Blanford Pruitt Cemetery
July Blanford Pruitt Cemetery
Robert Lee Blankenship Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Alexander Blissett Biography
Tommie J. Blissett Biography
Edgar Bolen Biography
William Aust Bolt Historical Marker, KIA; Marker at Rice Cemetery - Buried in France
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Fred H. Bonner Information from D. Bonner [email protected] on 12/17/1997 [served with 5th Marines in WWII]
John Bonner Obituary;
Eureka cemetery
Charlie Clayton Boone Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Ratcliffe Boone Obituary
Kirby Joseph Bordelon Dawson Cemetery
James Henry "Jim" Born Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
James D. Boucher
Ruel Evans Bounds Rice Cemetery
Escar Carl Bowen Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
William Edgar Bowman Obituary; Frost Cemetery
Otho Cassius Bowmer, Dr. Obituary & Spanish American War; Oakwood Cemetery
Joseph B. Boyd
John Lee Bradley
Elmer Cicero Breland Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Homer Mitchell Brewer Killed in France; Photo of Marker at Oakwood Cemetery in Corsicana; Obituary
Charles A. Briethaupt
Eugene H. Brister
Audley Lee Brittain Obituary; Frost Cemetery
Benjamin Yancy Brittain Information from Sharon Ingle
Benjamin Yancy BRITTAIN was born Oct 30, 1895 in Corsicana.  His father was Jefferson Davis BRITTAIN who was also born in Corsicana, Jan 04, 1861.
9th Infantry; died Jul 18, 1918; buried at Arlington National Cemetery; Section 18; Site 4248: Find-A-Grave #
John Thomas "Jack" Brooks Obituary; Photos, & Military Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Zack Brooks Ceremony; Chatfield Memorial 1 Cemetery
Albert D. Brown Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Bob Brown Prairie Point Cemetery
C. T. Brown
Earl Lester Brown  at Rose Hill Cemetery
Harry V. Brown, Jr. Obituary; Richland cemetery
Levy Brown Memorial 2 Cemetery Chatfield TX
William Brown Memorial 2 Cemetery Chatfield TX
William David Brown Timothy Community Cemetery

Carl P. Bruner

James Oliver Bruner Obituary; Long Prairie cemetery
Julius H. Bruner Biography
O. C. Bruner Biography
Max “Papa” Brustein Obituary; Hebrew cemetery
David Walter Bryan Oakwood Cemetery
Duff Bryant
John Bryant
Ollie Bryant Petersburg Cemetery
James Homer Bryson Obituary; and WWII
John D. Buchanan
Marvin Calhoun Burdine
Ellis William Burleson Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
J. H. Bruner
O. C. Bruner
John William Bunch Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Clyde S. Burney Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Bob Burns
Calvin Lafayette Burns Obituary; Richland cemetery
Claud Burns  Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery - Tex-Pvt 359 Infantry 90 Div; Obituary
Claude Burns
Ernest P. Burns
Frank Way Busby Frost Cemetery
Frank C. Butler Obituary; Younger cemetery
Crofford Cagle [picture on statistics page]
James Clyde Calahan Obituary; Oak Grove cemetery
Walter Hugh Caldwell Obituary; Oakwood cemetery;
graduate of Corsicana High School 1911 (Class President)
Johnnie Calhoun
Guy Callens Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
James Callens Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Lell D. Callens Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
James Rowland Callaway Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Thomas Campbell
Thomas M. Campbell Rose Hill Cemetery; Marker Photo
Ira P. Cardwell
Ama Carpenter
Appears as Arma in WWI Book
Biography & Obituary;
Marker Photo at Kerens Cemetery
Darious Talmadge Carpenter Photo of Marker at the  Prairie Point Cemetery; Entry
James V. Carpenter Biography
Purdom Carpenter Biography
Archie C. Carraway, Rev Oakwood Cemetery
Cleveland Samuel Carrington Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Alva Rhuel “Sach” Carroll Obituary; Kerens cemetery
Luther Henderson Carroll Oak Grove Cemetery
Robert C. Carroll
Thearon Andrew Carroll, Sr.
Thomas Edward Carroll Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
Zeno W. Carroll
Jesse Carruthers Biography
Randall (Jack) Carter Obituary;
Woodland Cemetery
Will T. Carter Memorial 2 Cemetery Chatfield TX
Robert Emmett Caskey Obituary;
Oakwood Cemetery
Loney Cephus Chatfield Memoiral II
Clarence Sylvester Chamberlin Draft Registration - DeSoto Parish, Louisiana
Noborne C. Champion
Graften Cheek Obituary; Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
Herbert J. Cheek Obituary; Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
Richard Floyd Cheney
Robert Lee “Bob” Childress Obituary; Catholic cemetery
Fontayne Clark Obituary; Kerens cemetery
James Melvin Clark
John Archie Clark
John Rufus Clark
Van Gordon Clark Historical Marker, KIA, Obituary
Samuel Clay Obituary; Pruitt cemetery
Robert “Bob” Cleeland Obituary
Prince Clifton
Clyff Ingram Coates Obituary; Kerens City Cemetery
James J. Cobb
William Henry “Mack” Cockerell Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
George W. Cockrell
Arthur Lee Colbert Woodland Cemetery
James Colbert Colbert Cemetery
Augustus Coleman Elm Flat Cemetery
Horace Coleman
James T. Collier
Alva Hill Collins Kerens City Cemetery
Claude Collins Biography
Gordon C. Collins Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
James Isaac Collins
James William "Jim" Collins Biography, Obituary & Cemetery Marker
John Andrew Collins Kerens City Cemetery
Owen Charles Collins Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Rube Collins Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
William Paul Conn
Robert Horace Connally Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Joe Conner
Alvah Raymond Cook Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Clarence Leonard Cooper Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
George Clarence Cooper Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery; Obituary
James E. Corbin
Jesse L. Cottongame Dawson Cemetery
Gettrell James Cottrell Dawson Cemetery
John Elias Covington Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
Elbert T. Cox
J. Campbell Coxswain
Jeff Thomas Coy Memorial 1 Cemetery Chatfield, TX
Floyd Coy Memorial 2 Cemetery Chatfield, TX
William Elmer Crane Oakwood cemetery
Buster Cranford (Col.) Historical Marker, KIA, Obituary/Biograpy

Benton Crawford

Grover Crawford Biography; Obituary
Joe Crawford Biography
William Alexander "Bill" Crawford Obituary;
Military Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Henry Columbus Cray Obituary;
Cemetery Marker; Frost Cemetery
Jessie Crenshaw Obituary;
Buried at
Waxahachie, Ellis Co., TX
John Ward Crisp Obituary
Arthur James Crocker Obituary;
Cemetery Marker at Rose Hill Cemetery
Fletcher M. Crocker
William “Red” Croft, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Edwin R. Crotty Obituary
Samuel Franklin Crouch Historical Marker, KIA
Rose Hill Cemetery;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Marvin L. Crowe Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
Paul Everett Crowe Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
Ezra Alford Crowley Obituary; Bazette Cemetery
Hester Crowley Oak Grove Cemetery
Lester Bell Crowley Obituary; Rice Cemetery
William Henry Cruse Jr. Obituary;
Oakwood Cemetery
Nicholas W. Cullen Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
M. G. Cullum
Thad L Cullum
James Henry Cumpston Obituary;
Rose Hill Cemetery
William Frank Cumpston Obituary;
Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Guss Curry
Sam Thomas Curry Obituary;
Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
Wash Curry Black Brushie Prairie Cemetery
Richard C. Curtis, M.D.
Roy Pascal Dacus Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Charles Robert Daniel, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Jeremiah Augustus "Jere" Daniel, Sr. Obituary; Kerens Cemetery
Joseph Stephen Daniel, Jr. Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery;
CHS Class of 1917
Josiah Martin Daniel Historical Marker; Biography
Roderick G. Daniel Obituary
David Daniels Obituary
W. R. Daniels
L. B. Davidson Obituary; Samaria Cemetery
Cawles James Davis Obituary;
Younger Cemetery
Charlie F. Davis Obituary; Kerens Cemetery
Charles Albert Davis Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Charles C. Davis
Louis Martin Davis Obituary; Hebrew Cemetery
S. B. Davis Biography
Samuel N. Davis  
Solomon Davis
Thomas Jasper Davis Marker Photo at the  Prairie Point Cemetery;
Noble H. Davis
Walter Davis  
Albert B. Dawson Obituary; St. Elmo Cemetery
Floyd Allen Day Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Murphey Dean
Nathaniel Dean
Willie Dean
James Edgar Dearden
George Thomas DeChaume Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Felix Delafosse Biography & Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
Floyd Burleson Delafosse Biography
Ray Semion Deming Obituary;
Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Fletcher Durward Dennis Obituary; Cade cemetery
George S. Dewberry
Rosalia Diaz WWI Biography
Luther Elihu Dickey Historical Marker, KIA; Bio/Obit;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Conner Dickson
William Walter Dill Dresden Cemetery
Charlie James Dobbs
Milam Carlton Dobbs Kerens City Cemetery
Zenolia A. Dodd
Jack J. Dodds Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Robert Dexter Dodds Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Harry Dunham Dominge
Horace Brand "Jack" Donathan Obituary; Younger cemetery
A. H. Dorser
Jesse Lee Dorsey Obituary;
Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Roger A. Dorsey Marker Photo at Cryer Creek Cemetery
Horace Bishop Douglas Oakwood Cemetery
Jim Douglas
Bolaver Franklin Dozier Obituary; Lone Oak Cemetery
John T. Drain Marker Photo at Marshall Cemetery
David Wyatt Draper
Garrett Bartlett Drummonds CHS 1917
Charles "Charlie" DuBose Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
John DuBose Birdston cemetery
Louis Emmet Dugger, Judge Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Chester E. Duke, Sr.
Lewis Newton Dunagan Biography
Claud Arnold Duncan Biography
Samuel Lafayette Duncan Biography
Schuyler C. Duncan
Robert Chatham Dunham Eureka Cemetery
Edgar F. Dunton
George Melton Dycus Obituary; Campbell-Elrod Cemetery
Jessie George Dyer Obituary; Rice cemetery
Gus H. Eagan
Benjamin Franklin Easterling Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Arlie Leroy Edwards Dawson Cemetery
Clyde Edwards
John L. Edwards
Jefferson Riley Eldred Obituary
Elmer C. Elkins Biography
Van Jackson Elkins Obituary;
Oakwood Cemetery
King Fount Elliott Biography & Obituary;
Oakwood Cemetery
Amos Dunn Ellis Obituary; Rice Cemetery;
He was a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Navy in World War I.
Estes Ellis Obituary; Younger cemetery
Moses Ellis
Samuel Evans Ellis Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Walter Ernest Ellis Historical Marker, KIA, Biography;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
William Burleson "Burlie" Ellis, Sr. Obituary;
Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
George Henry Epps
Robert Epps
Clarence Owen English Obituary
Edwin Edgar English Obituary;
Biography & Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Tinzy English
Edgar L. Epps
William F. Erwin Biography
Albert T. Evans
Jesse James Evans Hamilton Beeman Cemetery
John Leonard Evans
William Denton Everett Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
Robert Otto Ewey
George William “Bill” Ewing Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Haden Henry Farmer Dawson Cemetery
Robert Lafayette Farmer, Jr. Obituary; Younger cemetery
Horace Faulk
Cornelious Harrison Fendley Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
R. T. Ferguson Biography
Ted Bransford Ferguson Obituary
Clyde Fetty Historical Marker, KIA, Biography
Rufus Fetty  
Amos Fields Marker Photo
Emmett L. Finley
Percy Howell Finly Kerens Cemetery
George Culberson Fitch Obituary; St. Elmo cemetery
Kit Carson Fitch Obituary; St. Elmo cemetery
Jack Hayes Fite
George W. Fitzgerald
Martin Van “Vannie” Fitzgerald Rice Cemetery
William Davis Flanagan Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Kansas Flowers, Mrs.
John Herman Fondren Obituary; Dawson Cemetery
Cert Fort Obituary; Marker Photo at Kerens Cemetery
Arris Leslie Foster Died while in service; Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Marvin Bishop Foster, Sr. Obituary; Black Hills cemetery
Henry I. Fox
Roderick Eldridge Frederick Biography
Wayne Bascom Frederick Biography
Kinsey French Gardner Zale French, bur at Raleigh Cemetery
"Died in U.S. Service" (26 Jan 1897 - 29 Sept 1918). Cemetery Marker Photo
Renick Raymond Frey Oakwood Cemetery
Clinton William “Billy” Frost Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Egbert Paul Columbus Fulton Historical Marker, KIA, Nav. Co. Hist. Vol II pg 31;
Obituary & Cemetery Marker at Rose Hill Cemetery;
A Few Brief Facts Concerning The Navarro County Boys Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
Willie Furbow

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