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Name Notes
John F. Abraham Oakwood Cemetery; and Korea
James Ray Adams Obituary
Kirby Adams Black Brushie Prairie Cemetery
Robert Thomas "Bob" Alexander, Sr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Byron Gordon Allen St. Elmo Cemetery; & WWII & Korea
Larry Joe Allen Obituary; St. Elmo Cemetery
Richard Nolen Allen Oak Grove Cemetery
Minnie Lee Allmon and WWII and Korea; Obituary; WWII Veteran; Korea Veteran; Biography in The Men and Women in WWII from Navarro Co., TX
R. David Allbritton Obituary; Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Benjamin Doyle Anderson Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Jerry Anderson Info from Wm. Turner
Jimmie Anderson Killed in Action
Larry Layne Anderson Obituary
Jim Andrews info from Wm. Turner
Truman Armstrong Blooming Grove War Memorial
Alvin Ray "Bubba" Athey Obituary
Larry David Auerbach Biography & Obituary
Daniel William "Dan" Ashworth Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Billy Earl Aulds Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery
Jimmie D. Baggett Obituary; and WWII and Korea;
Fighting Men and Women of WWII
Dennis Michael Baker Obituary;
Oakwood Cemetery
Elmer Leon Baker Oakwood Cemetery
Floyd D. Baker Resthaven Memorial Park
George Herschell Baker Obituary; and WWII and Korea; Oakwood Cemetery
Rodney Bancroft Vets Honored Clipping
Bob Banks USMC - Info from Wm. Turner
Carroll Stanley Barr Resthaven Memorial Park; Military Article
Ronald S. Bartlett  
Luther Dee Batson Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery; Obituary; Korea Veteran
Billie D. Beasley Obituary
Lonnie S. "Budd" Beasley, Jr., Col. Obituary
Michael Eugene Belew Obituary; Midway Cemetery
Billy Ray Bell Blooming Grove War Memorial
James Floyd Bell Obituary
Vernon Lee Belton  
Larry Bunyan Bennett Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Gene Newton Berry and WWII and Korea
Vinson Biddy Obituary; Also WWII [WWII Bio] & Korea; Eureka Cemetery
Paul Lee Binford Oakwood Cemetery
David Wayne Bird, Sr. Obituary
Claxton Rufus Bivins Newspaper Clipping
James Doyle Black  
Douglas Alan Blackstone Resthaven Memorial Park
W. H. Blair, Sr Obituary
Norman Glen Blakeslee Obituary
Ronald Michael Blue Killed in Action, Memorial; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
William Frank Boldin Dresden Cemetery
James D. Bonner Dresden Cemetery
Ronnie Joe Bonner, Sr. Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
James E. Borkchum, Jr. Obituary; DFW National Cemetery
Howard Edward "Buck" Bostwick and WWII & Korea; WWII Biography
Jerald DeWayne Bottoms  
Victor Ray Boyd Rose Hill Cemetery
George Edward Brooks George Brooks
Cecil T. "Buz" Brown Obituary
Earnest W. Brown Killed in Action, Memorial
Donald Ray Brustrom Marker Photo at Liberty Hill Cemetery
John Louis Brustrom Marker Photo at Liberty Hill Cemetery; Also WWII
Elbert Daniel Buckner Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Oscar Dean Burleson Blooming Grove War Memorial; Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Roger Dale Butler Obituary
Joe Larry Byrd, Col. Obituary
Gary Maurice Byrnes Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
Charles Arthur "Chuck" Cagle Obituary; also Korea Veteran
James M. Callahan  
Curtis Cannaday Obituary
Denton Leon Cantrell Prairie Point Cemetery, Kerens, Navarro Co., TX
Riley Eugene Cantrell  
Larry Henry Gwynne Capehart Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery; CHS
Michael Leland Carney Rose Hill Cemetery
James W. "Jimmy" Carrigan Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Morris Carson Jr. Black Brushie Prairie Cemetery
Charles Kenneth "Kenny" Cartmill Obituary
Jerry Chandler Obituary
Robert Hood Cheney, Jr. Oakwood Cemetery
Zane Christie Killed in Action, Memorial
Jackie Lynn Coker Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Wayne Clark Collins, Sr. Obituary
Clyde Carlos Cobb Modrall Memorial Park
Hilary Daniel “Dan” Cobb, Jr Cemetery Marker at Dresden Cemetery; and Korea
David Gene Cofield Obituary
Jackie L. Coker Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Tommy Coker Blooming Grove War Memorial
Troy Orion Coker Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
Aden Ozell Colburn Eureka Cemetery also Korea Veteran
William Robert Coleman Dawson Cemetery
Charles Collier Blooming Grove War Memorial
Timothy Clifton Collums Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Gregory C. Conant Memorial
John Lee Conkle Obituary; DFW National Cemetery
James A. Cooper Obituary and Korea
Ronald Eugene Copley Dawson Cemetery
Leslie A. Cotton, Sr. Biography as Sheriff
Charles Hugh “Big Charlie” Cowart Obituary; DFW National Cemetery
Bobby Ray Cox Hamilton cemetery
and Korea
Pat Craddock Vets Honored Clipping
Ray Crawford Kerens Cemetery; and WWII and Korea
Donald Joe Cumbie Obituary; Marker Photo at Pattison Cemetery
Mitchell Lee "Mitch" Cummins Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
C. J. Curry  
Wayne Alan Curry Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Reynaldo Davila  
Randolph Joseph “Randy” Davila Obituary; Catholic Cemetery
Eddie Jay Davis, III Marker at Rice Cemetery
Johnny Vee Davis, Sr. Obituary
Wesley Stephen Davis US Air Force
Robert Louis Dawson Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
Albert Lee Dean Obituary
Charles Dennis Info from William Turner
Sam Thomas Dickson Obituary
William Curry Dobbs Obituary; Kerens Cemetery; also served in WWII and Korea; WWII Biography
Brian Robin Donahue Obituary
Jimmy Edd Driver Obituary; Corsicana High School Class of 1966
James Howard Duffield Obituary; Military Marker at Dresden Cemetery
Ray Loren Dunaway US Air Force
Completes Navy Training; Rose Hill Cemetery; BGHS 1955; Blooming Grove War Memorial

Earl Dwayne Eakin
Joe L. Edens Obituary
Earl Ellis Obituary, also WWII & Korea
Ray Ellis Blooming Grove War Memorial
William R. Ellis Blooming Grove War Memorial
James Mat Elrod US Army
Oakwood Cemetery; Corsicana High 1969
James J. Estes US AIR FORCE
Eureka Cemetery
John Vernon Fairchild, Sr. Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
Tim Gaylor Farmer US Marines
Dresden Cemetery
Robert Winston Faulk Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery; and WWII; and Korea
Dubart Fields  
Emmett Simmons Fortenberry, Jr. USMC
Obituary; Frost Cemetery
Marvin Ray Foster  
Robert E. Franklin Obituary
Bobby Eugene Frost Sunset Memorial Park, Chester, Chesterfield Co., VA
Also WWII and Korea
Leonard Hayes Fuller, Jr. Oakwood Cemetery
Percy Darwin "P.D." Fullwood II Obituary
Billy Jeff Gafford Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery; and Korea
Sloan G. Gallemore Obituary; and WWII and Korea; Old Chatfield Cemetery
Thera Wayne Gannon Dawson Cemetery
Garland Gantt Blooming Grove War Memorial
Tommy Gantt Blooming Grove War Memorial
David Louis Garland Obituary
Hugh Sidney Garland Obituary; DFW National Cemetery
John Joel Garner, Jr. Lt. and Korea; Info from Mrs. Peggy Garner Sept 16, 1999
Joseph Key Garner, Jr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Edward Lee Gazaway, Sr Obituary; & WWII & Korea
Wynell Gibson  
James Edward Gill Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
J. K. “Gill” Gilliam Obituary
Garry Frank Gobell  
Afton Goff Elm Flat Cemetery
Phil Gonzales First tour was in 1967 stationed at NKP, Thailand (in support of South Vietnam) -- second tour was '71-'72, stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon (HQ MACV) -  26-year career [1962-1988] in the U.S. Air Force.  Corsicana High School - 1959
Donald Wayne Gorden Obituary; Information from Joyce Gorden
Edward William "Bill" Gowan Obituary; Long Prairie cemetery
Tommy Joe Graham Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
William Altheus "Bill" or "Ziggy" Graham Obituary
Benjamin D. Grant Killed in Action, Memorial
Autry Green Killed in Action, Memorial
Robert Lee Greer, Sr. Obituary
Gordon Lawrence Griffin, Sr. Obituary; and Korea; Rose Hill Cemetery
Henry A. Grimmett
Served in Vietnam as a Red Cross Assistant Field Director, from October 68 thru April 69, then moved over to Utapao Air Base, Thailand til April 1970. Served in the US Air Force from 64-67 but not in the Vietnam area of action.  Submitted by: Henry A. Grimmett 2/2002
Jon Grimmett Memorial; Blooming Grove War Memorial
Walter Grimmett Obituary
Carl Mack Hagle Obituary; also WWII and Korea
James "Jimmy" Hale US Army; Obituary
Clifford Ray Hall Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
Hubert Edell 'Easy' Hall, USAF (Col. Ret.) Obituary
Oscar Leroy Hall  
William Rastus Hamilton, Jr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery; and Korea
Lewis H. Hammonds Info from Lewis H. Hammonds 7/1999
Leroy Hancock Petersburg Cemetery
Jesse L. Haney Marker Photo at Frost Cemetery
Billy James Hardin Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Dan Harris Obituary
Marshall  Larry Harris Obituary
William H. Hastings, Jr. Obituary; and WWII & Korea
Carl Dean Hatley, Jr. Blooming Grove War Memorial;
Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Richard A. Haufe Obituary; Resthaven Cemetery; and Korea
Leonard Henk Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
Lynn Heugatter Vets Honored Clipping
James Edd Hill Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery; Blooming Grove War Memorial
Coy Hinkle Obituary; Blooming Grove War Memorial; WWII Biography; Also WWII & Vietnam; Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Richard Hinkle Blooming Grove War Memorial
Donald Ray Holditch Obituary;
Blooming Grove War Memorial
Harold Brent Holley Post Oak Cemetery
Joe Hollifield Blooming Grove War Memorial
Clyde Dwayne “Bud” Hollingsworth  Dresden Cemetery; Blooming Grove High 1959; Obituary; Blooming Grove War Memorial
Donald L. Hollingsworth and Korea
Emery Green Holloway Obituary; WWII; Prairie Grove Cemetery
Seton Towns Holsey Obituary; and WWII; and Korea
Bobby R. Huggins Obituary
Garland "Bill" Hull Obituary
James Delino Hullett Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Tommy Hulsey Vets Honored Clipping
Brantley Humbert Humbert's Hickory House Article
Homer Dee Humphries, Jr Oakwood Cemetery
James Madison Ivie Obituary; Campbell-Elrod Cemetery
Warren Morris Glenn Ivie Obituary; Younger Cemetery
Jimmie C. Jackson Air Force Advisor VNAF 1966-67 Combat Controller 67 68;  Information from Jimmie Jackson Aug 2002
Larry Clark "Jake" Jacobs Obituary
Tom Allen James  
Freddie Joe Jeffers Marker Photo at Oakwood Cemetery
Thomas Jefferson, Jr.  
Michael Alfred Jenkins Birdston Cemetery
Donald Jock Vets Honored Clipping
Jerry L. Jones Blooming Grove War Memorial
Charles Johnson Obituary
Harold Richard "Rich" Johnson, Jr. Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
Joe Johnson Blooming Grove War Memorial
Michael Wayne Jones Prairie Point Cemetery
Morris M. Jones Obituary
Willie B. Jones  
Bryan Elmo Jordan III Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Willie Herman Just Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Joel Allan Keith Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery; also Korea
Donie Louis Kight, Sr. Obituary;
Dresden Cemetery
John Bernard "Kirk" Kirkpatrick Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Richard Cline Knight Obituary; Birdston Cemetery
Joseph A. LaFond, Jr. also WWII & Korea; Marker Photo at Liberty Hill Cemetery
Dale V. Lake Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Larry Moore Land Obituary; Marker Photo at Liberty Hill Cemetery
Beauford Shelby Lane Obituary at Dresden Cemetery
Vernon Larremore Jr. Obituary; Woodland Cemetery
Gary Wayne Lawrence Obituary; Dawson Cemetery
Ronald G. Lee Info from Crystal Lee 08/2005
Calvin David Lemons Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
William Samuel "Bill" LePoris Obituary
David Glynn "Buddy" Lewis Bazette Cemetery
Kenneth Lee Lidderdale Navarro Mills Cemetery; Also Korea
Bob Wayne Lindsey Obituary; Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
Jimmy Barrett Little Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery; & Korea
Teddy Dale Littlefield Obituary; Old Chatfield Cemetery
Donald Ray "Donnie" Long Obituary; Frost Cemetery
Jerry Long Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Robert "Bob" Lyman Obituary; Frost Cemetery
J. M. Madera Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery; and Korea
Danny K. Mahone Blooming Grove War Memorial
William Jarrell Mahoney Hamilton-Beemon Cemetery; and WWII and Korea
Jerry Wayne Marriott Obituary Houston National Cemetery
Samuel Roscoe Marrs Obituary; Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery
Gary Howard Martin Obituary; Marker Photo at Dresden Cemetery
George Albert Martin Obituary; Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Ronald Lynn Martin Killed in Action, Memorial
George Matthews Info from Houston McAdams 11/1999
William Lynn Matthews Military Biography
Willard David Mayo Obituary
Houston E. McAdams Info from Houston McAdams 11/1999
Kenneth Edward McAdory Obituary; Marker Photo at Pattison Cemetery
Robert Allen McCarter Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Wesley Gene McClintock Marker Photo at Younger Cemetery
Alvin McClure Blooming Grove War Memorial
Bobby Lynn McCurrin Resthaven Memorial Park
Samuel Waymon McDaniel, II Obituary; Hamilton Beeman cemetery; Killed in Action, Memorial
Donald Joe McDowell Oakwood Cemetery
William A. McGlohen and WWII, and Korea; (Served Stateside during Vietnam Conflict)
Bobby Harold McGraw Blooming Grove War Memorial:
Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Buddy McGraw Blooming Grove War Memorial
Joe Weldon "Buddy" McGraw Lone Oak Cemetery
Rodney Wilson McLauchlin Obituary; Corsicana High School Class of 1963; Resthaven Memorial Park
Kenneth B. Meador Killed in Action, Memorial; Obituary
Donald Earl "Don" Mershawn Obituary
Robert Michael Middleton Obituary; Eureka Cemetery
Leonard Lee Miller Obituary and Korea
Paul Douglas Minor Obituary; Hamilton Beeman cemetery
Leah Elizabeth Mitchell Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery;l and WWII and Korea
Windell Mitchell Rose Hill Cemetery; and Korea
Davis Theodoric Montfort, Jr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Emmett Dwight Montgomery Oakwood Cemetery
Durward Elworth “Bob” Moore Obituary; and Korea
Thomas Omer Moore, Jr. Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery; and WWII, and Korea
Richard D. Moorehouse  
Jim Morris Obituary
Alvin J. Murra Obituary
Ricky Darwin Murray Obituary; Hamilton cemetery
Van L. Neason, Sr. Obituary
Glenn Travis Nelson Obituary; Prairie Point Cemetery
James D. Nelson Blooming Grove War Memorial
Jerry Ray Nelson Modrall Cemetery
Tommy D. North Blooming Grove War Memorial
Darrell W. Northern Blooming Grove War Memorial
Larry Copeland Norwood Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Ronny D. Odom US. Army Medical Corps 6-65th Artillery 1967-1969
Samuel Arnet Oston Sr. Obituary
Bobby Darrell Owen Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery; And Korea
Robert Lynn "Bob" Owen Obituary
Walter Randall Parrish  
Johnnie Ray Parsons Obituary
Kenneth Ray Parsons Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Michael Crowe (Mike) Patrick Obituary
Phillip Earl Patterson Obituary
Johnny Ray Pattison Obituary; Pattison Cemetery; Blooming Grove War Memorial
Hubert Sidney Percival Obituary; Oakwood cemetery
Kennith Wayne Perry Eureka Cemetery
James Michael Phillips, Sr. Obituary; Calvary Cemetery
Billy Joe Pickett, Sr. Obituary;
Marker Photo at Board Tree Cemetery
Willie Lee "Will" Pickett Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery
Joe Dudley Pierce Info from Joe Dudley Pierce
[email protected]

Jimmy Pinales

Blooming Grove War Memorial
Jerry F. Poarch Obituary
Loyal Edwin "Buddy" Poe, Jr. Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Brice Albert Powell, Jr. Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, TX; And WWII and Korea
Billy Joe Pritchett Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
James Don Quinn Obituary; DFW National Cemetery
Grover Earl Raney Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Jerry Dave Redden Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Billy Jack Redwine Midway cemetery
Michael Jack Reed Obituary
Donald Loye Richardson Killed in Action, Memorial; Obituary
Jimmie Lee Richardson Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park
Whitcomb Roger Riley Marker Photo at Black Hills Cemetery
Roy L. Roberts, Jr. Cemetery Marker Photo
Walter Eugene Roberts Obituary;
Memorial 2 Cemetery Chatfield TX
Victor Romo Obituary; and Korea
James Pete Rost Blooming Grove War Memorial
Marion Gene Rousey Oakwood Cemetery
Jan Ellison  Rudder Obituary
Johnny Wayne Ruffin Rice Cemetery
Reynaldo "Ray" Ruiz Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
William A. Runnels, III Obituary
Johnny M. Russell Info from Johnny Russell
[email protected]
Kay Russell, (Capt.) Link to: Biography; Link to: Biography2
David Holland Rutherford Obituary
James T. Rutherford US Marines from 1960-1968
Son of Thomas B. & Effie Spurlock Rutherford; info from James T. Rutherford 12/5/2001
James Thomas "Jamie" Ryan Marker Photo @ Rose Hill Cemetery; Also WWII & Korea
Leonard Jay "Lynn" Sample Obituary; DFW National Cemetery
Bascom Lynn Sanders, III Obituary
Milton Ray Sandifer Obituary; DFW National Cemetery
Joseph Stanley Satagaj Obituary; and Korea
Joe W. Scott s/o Carl & Ima Scott of Corsicana.  Navy, He served abord the USS Forrestal when the Forrestal fire occurred on July 29 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin;  Photo; Info from his daughter, Regina Scott-Jordan
Ronald Glynn Sears Obituary; and Korea; Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery

Roger Seely

Blooming Grove War Memorial
Ted A. Schafer US Army - Info from Wm. Turner
Gary Lynn Scott Marker Photo at Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Roger Frank Seeley Obituary; Pattison Cemetery
John Louis Shea Obituary
Thomas Earl Shields Oakwood Cemetery
Emery Miller Sims Midway Cemetery
Leslie "Les" Skews, Lt. Col. Obituary; and WWII and Korea
Harry Ernest Skinner Military Marker at Frost Cemetery; also WWII & Korea
Stephen Douglas Skinner Served honorably in the regular USAF from 1961 to 1965 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the early part of Viet Nam
William Thomas Slater III Obituary
Donald "Don" Smirl Obituary
Burvin Terry Smith Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Chuck Smith Obituary
Dennis Darrel Smith Obituary
Joseph Ewing Smith Killed in Action, Memorial; Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Lindsay Almon "Boy" Smith Obituary; Roberts Branch Cemetery, Jack Co., TX
Marvin Marion Smith Obituary; Marker Photo; Military Marker Photo; and Korea Veteran;
Robert Lee Smith  
William Donald "Bill" Smith, Jr. Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
Brinkley Snowden Jr. Obituary
Donald Lafayette Soape Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Roy Kenneth Southard, Jr. Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery
Larry Gene Spence Obituary
Verne Fredrick St. Mars Obituary; Rice Cemetery
James Gilliam "Jim" Stoehr Dresden Cemetery

Phillip A. Story

Blooming Grove War Memorial
Charlie Manning Stringer Obituary; Hamilton-Beeman Cemetery
Luther "Bug" Bennett Sutton, Jr. Obituary
Ronny Wayne Tally Obituary
Harold Jean Tanner info from Harold Jean Tanner
Lester (Les) Earl Tarkington, Jr. Obituary; and Korea
Stephen Booth Tarkington Obituary; Prairie Point Cemetery
Wilburn Leao Teakell Obituary
James Claude Thigpen Obituary; Resthaven Memorial Park; Corsicana High School Class of 1957
Dennis Arthur Thomas  
Larry Don Thomas Obituary
Raymond Thomas Obituary and Korea
Rick Thompson Vets Honored Clipping
Robert M. Thurston Information from Becky Thurston
Frank Tincher, Sr. Obituary; and Korea
Harry Ronald Traw Obituary
Henry L. Turn Killed in Action, Memorial
Marcus Vernon Turner Obituary; Birdston Cemetery
William R. Turner USAF 1966-70
Information from Richard Turner
Robbie Lee Urquhart, Jr Obituary
Fidencio "Felix" Valdez Obituary
Dennis Duane Vandygriff Obituary; Rice Cemetery
James Venable Vets Honored Clipping
James Leland "LV" Vernon Obituary; Prairie Point Cemetery
James Alford Walker Obituary; Dresden Cemetery
William Timothy "Tim" Walter Obituary
David Lee Wansley Obituary;  Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen, Texas
Allen K. Ward USAF - Info from Wm. Turner
Dickie Ward USMC - Info from Wm. Turner

Bobby Doyle Warren

Blooming Grove War Memorial
Carlos Warren Awarded Medal; 1966 Class of Blooming Grove High School;
Blooming Grove War Memorial
Don C. Warren Obituary
James R. Warrington Served from March 1969 to March 1970
Gary Winston Watkins Killed in Action, Memorial;
Vietnam Biography;
Blooming Grove War Memorial;
Marker Photo at Rose Hill Cemetery
Grady E. Watkins  
John Watson, Jr. Obituary
John Cleveland Watson Info From Richard Watson
Randall Gail Watson Obituary Corsicana High School Class of 1968
Richard Earnest Watson Info From Richard Watson
Guendell Watts Dresden Cemetery and Korea
Vernon Gene Watts info from Daryl Gene Watts
Howard Clark Wear Rice Cemetery; Also WWII & Korea
George Sterling Weatherby Obituary; Marker Photo at Oakwood Cemetery
Jerry Richard Weatherby Obituary; and Korea
Keith Weaver Vets Honored Clipping
Kenneth Jay "Ken" Webb Obituary; Rose Hill Cemetery
Ronald Glade Westbrook Obituary
Linzie B.. Wheat, Jr. Obituary
Kenneth Ray White Obituary; Dawson Cemetery

Ray Whitener

Blooming Grove War Memorial
James Hardy Wilbanks Obituary; Oakwood Cemetery
James "Jim" E. Willett Obituary
James Aubrey Willhelm Obituary;
Rose Hill Cemetery
Dennis Leslie Williams Obituary
Mike Wisdom Vets Honored Clipping
Roger Thomas Womack Obituary; and Korea
Joe Don Worsham Obituary
Ruddy D. Young  
Gary Youngblood Navarro County History Vol II, pg 197
Son of  former Corsicana Mayor, Sue (Davis) Youngblood

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